What is Amazon's Digital Charge?

What is Amazon’s digital charge? A $9.99 Amazon digital services charge is usually for the Kindle Unlimited service. A $99 Amazon digital services charge may be for Amazon Prime users. At the conclusion of the free trial period, Amazon Prime goes directly into an annual subscription and is charged at $99 automated for another period.

Amazon digital charge

:small_blue_diamond:From your Desktop, visit your Amazon account and click on “Your Account” in the Accounts and Lists dropdown. Select “Your Payments” and then click the “Transaction” tab.

:small_blue_diamond:From your mobile device, visit your Amazon account and click on “Your Account,” scroll down to “Your Payments,” and select the top tab “Transactions.”

The following are common scenarios for unknown charges:

  • An Amazon Prime yearly subscription was renewed. For more information, go to Manage Your Prime Membership.

  • A bank has placed an authorization hold for recently canceled or changed orders. When you place an order, Amazon contacts the issuing bank to confirm the validity of the payment method. Your bank reserves the funds until the transaction processes or the authorization expires, but this isn’t an actual charge. If you canceled your order, the authorization would be removed from your account according to your bank’s policies. To remove an authorization, contact your bank to clarify how long they hold approvals for online orders.

  • An order was placed by a family member, friend, or co-worker with access to your card number.

  • Additional cards are associated with the credit or debit account.

  • A back-ordered or pre-ordered item shipped.

  • A gift order shipped.

  • An order placed outside Amazon. com using AmaWhy are you seeing AMZN DIGITAL on your credit or debit card report?

  • And what is Amazon Digital charge?zon Pay. Amazon Pay orders begin with ‘P01’ and are followed by 14 digits. Check your Amazon Pay Account for your order history. For further assistance with any Amazon Pay transactions, see the Amazon Pay Help pages.

  • An order was split into multiple shipments or sent to multiple shipping addresses.

Note: This appears on your statement as separate charges.

Here are two important questions:

  1. Why are you seeing AMZN DIGITAL on your credit or debit card report?

  2. And what is Amazon Digital charge?

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers - most people are confused by the concept.

So, we’re here to explain it all and stop you from blocking Amazon from future transactions.

This is how it goes:

What are Amazon Digital Services?

:small_blue_diamond:You can order almost everything from Amazon - from a new garden tool or interior additions to digital products, like movies, e-books, or audiobooks. The latter falls under the umbrella of Amazon Digital Services.

Let’s look at them in detail:

Amazon Prime Video

:small_blue_diamond:Amazon Prime Video is a streaming platform for video content such as movies, TV shows, sports, live events, etc. These contents can be viewed on any compatible smart device, from TV to phone.

:small_blue_diamond:This, however, is not your typical service - it allows you to view content from other platforms. There are more than 100 of the so-called Amazon Prime Video Channels. For example:

  • HBO

  • Cinemax

  • Showtime

  • Starz

  • CBS All Access

  • Hallmark Movies

:small_blue_diamond:With a Prime subscription, you get access to all content on Amazon Prime Video at no additional charge.

Kindle Unlimited

:small_blue_diamond:Kindle Unlimited is a dream come true for all digital bookworms. It offers unrestricted access to over two million ebooks, thousands of audiobooks, and even magazine subscriptions. Kindle services charge a monthly subscription, but there is a 30-days free trial period for new users.

Amazon Audible

:small_blue_diamond:Amazon Audible offers audiobooks in different languages, podcasts, audio tracks that, for example, help you sleep better, and more.

:small_blue_diamond:Depending on the plan you opt for, there you will have to pay for membership. You can also run a 30 days trial period to get a feel of the service before you commit.

Amazon Music Unlimited

:small_blue_diamond:You access over 75 million songs in HD, millions of podcasts, stations, and well-curated playlists. All content is ad-free, and you can also download it for offline listening without an added Amazon digital downloads charge.

Devices that support Amazon Music Unlimited include:

  1. Smart TVs

  2. Android devices

  3. Apple devices

  4. PCs

  5. Alexa-enabled devices

  6. Some cars

  7. Amazon Kids+**

:small_blue_diamond:Children between three to 12 years can access premium age-appropriate content in the form of books, movies, games, TV shows, and educational apps. Parents can filter out any content they are not comfortable with, set screen time limits, and fix educational goals.

Amazon Drive

:small_blue_diamond:Amazon Drive is a cloud-based storage service. It allows you to store files, photos, and videos safely. As a first-time user, you get the first 5GB for free. You’ll, however, need to pay a subscription if you need more space.

What is Amazon Digital Charge?

:small_blue_diamond:To simplify, Amazon charges you for using their service.You will be charged monthly or annually, depending on your preference. All services have a 30-day free trial. Prime members might get discounts or free access to some of the services.

:small_blue_diamond:The typical charge for Amazon Digital Service apps is $0.99. But, for example, Kindle users will have to pay a persisting $2.99 fee. Let’s tackle the rest one by one:

Amazon Prime

:small_blue_diamond:After the 30 days free trial period of Amazon Prime, you can choose to pay $12.99 monthly or $119 annually. Other options include Prime Student Monthly at $6.49 and Qualified Government Assistance at $5.99 monthly.

All charges are tax inclusive.

Amazon Prime Video

:small_blue_diamond:Prime members get access to the service without paying an extra Amazon service charge. Other users will have to pay $8.99 monthly(tax inclusive).


You’ll need a separate subscription for Amazon Prime Channels.

Kindle Unlimited

:small_blue_diamond:To gain access to the service, you will have to pay an Amazon service charge of $9.99 per month, or $119.98 annually. Tax included.

Amazon Audible

:small_blue_diamond:Both Prime members and non-members must pay a subscription fee to gain full access to Audible materials. You’ll have to pay between $7.95 monthly and $229.50 yearly, depending on the plan you choose and the available credits.

:small_blue_diamond:The credits are perks that come with the different digital services. One credit equals one premium selection title of your choice to keep. The more credits you have, the more premium titles you can own.

Amazon Music Unlimited

:small_blue_diamond:Prime members pay a discounted charge of $7.99 monthly and $79 yearly to gain access to Amazon digital music goods. The rest will need to pay $9.99 monthly.

Amazon Kids+

:small_blue_diamond:Prime members get a discount on Amazon Kids+ subscriptions. There are four different plans, each with an additional charge for Prime members and Non-Prime members. You will be charged anything between $2.99 monthly and $99.00 annually, depending on the plan you choose and any existing subscriptions.

Amazon Drive

:small_blue_diamond:Prime members stand to enjoy this service more as it gives them unlimited high-resolution photo storage. Everyone with an Amazon account also gets 5GB worth of space for free. You’ll have to pay more for additional space.

Are There Any Free Amazon Digital Services?

:small_blue_diamond:Unfortunately, no. But, there are two cases where you can avoid the Amazon digital charges. The first is during the free trial period. It usually lasts 30 days, but it can be up to 90 days, as is the case with Amazon Music Unlimited(terms and conditions included).

:small_blue_diamond:The second is when the user is an active Prime member. But, as mentioned earlier, this only includes some of the services.

Wrap Up

To sum up:

:small_blue_diamond:An Amazon Digital charge is the fee you pay for services and non-physical products. These include music, e-book, movies, etc. It will show up on your credit or debit card report as AMZN DIGITAL. The price depends on whether you’re a Prime member and the subscription plan you choose.

So, don’t be freaked out by it! It’s all for good measure.

Amazon Digital Services Charge:

Exactly what are the charges?

  1. The Best Ways To Prevent Amazon Digital Services Charge

  2. Amazon Digital Services Charge: Illegal Purchases

  3. How do I cancel my Amazon electronic solution?

  4. There are some solutions provided right here

  5. Amazon Digital Services Charge: Amazon. com’s Finest Toll-Free/800 Consumer Contact Number

Major information about Amazon digital charge services

  • Amazon. com Digital Services Inc. operates as an electronic business firm. The Company retails online items such as publications, software programs, computer games, electronic devices, apparel, furniture, food, playthings, jewelry, and other associated products.

  • Amazon Digital Services is a component of Amazon. An unidentified amazon. com charge of $0.99 is typical for applications.

  • A persisting $2.99 fee is usually the Prime Members’ month-to-month charge for the Kindle Spare time registration for one kid. A $6.99 fee is for Kindle FreeTime is for approximately four children.

  • A $9.99 Amazon. com digital services charge is typically for the Kindle Unlimited service.

  • A $99 Amazon digital services charge may be for Amazon. com Prime. At the end of the free trial duration, Amazon Prime goes right into a yearly subscription and also is billed at $99 automatically for the next period.

  • An $8.75 Amazon Digital Services charge may be for the Hulu app after the trial duration is over. You could have attempted Hulu through Amazon and accidentally enrolled in automobile-renewal’s membership solution.

  • Other possible reasons for the fee: download of a video game, software program download (TurboTax, PhotoShop, Microsoft Office, etc.), pre-ordered a publication, Amazon TELEVISION subscription, MP3s, video acquisition, Subscribe & Save recurring purchase, digital magazine subscription (after totally free trial), Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited. Looking at the setups on the “Manage Your Material And Tools” page could be practical.

  • It may additionally be a cost for a complimentary book if you really did not adhere to the guidelines when borrowing from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. For the guide to be totally free, you need to have a paid Prime account or a 30-day trial actually, borrow from an actual Kindle, as well as click the Borrow button rather than Buy.

  • Keep in mind that downloading and installing video gaming cards like XBOX live comes up with the cost; however, it doesn’t reveal up on your electronic orders. So, looking in your Digital Orders area will certainly not always help to know exactly what the charge is for.

The Best Ways To Prevent Amazon Digital Services Charge

  • To stop problems in the future, make certain you have a functioning email associated with your Amazon. com account. When Amazon. com’s electronic purchase is made on that account, you will certainly be informed by e-mail.

  • An additional pointer for avoidance – enter into your Amazon. com account and also shut off the 1 click checkout, in addition to the 1 click check out for digital content. The one-click is activated by default, so if somebody (youngsters?) purchases something, it goes right to your bank card. If you switch off the 1 click, there are much more steps to visit buy so the youngsters cannot do it.

  • Amazon will certainly cancel the subscription and reimburse the money if somebody in your household authorized up for something by the blunder.

  • An order could have also been put by a family member or buddy with access to your credit card number.

  • Likewise, a bank might have placed a hold for just a recently canceled order. Your bank might have booked the funds up until the consent ends, yet this isn’t a total fee.

Amazon Digital Services Charge: Illegal Purchases

:small_blue_diamond:Normally an unknown Amazon digital charge is a crash. Nonetheless, it does periodically occur that these charge card charges are deceptive. A person could have been “hacked” your account and also bought.

:small_blue_diamond:You want to call your bank instantly if you think scams after having actually discovered on your financial statement unapproved costs from “Amazon Digital Services.” They would explore the Amazon digital services charges and inform you if they were illegal.

Amazon Digital Services Charge: Amazon. com’s Finest Toll-Free/800 Consumer Contact Number

:small_blue_diamond:This is Amazon. com’s finest contact number, the present real-time waiting for hold, as well as devices for missing throughout those phone lines to obtain the best to an Amazon. com representative. Because 1,820,712 consumers like you utilized this get in touch with details over the last 18 months and offered us responses, this phone number is Amazon. com’s Ideal Phone Number.

:small_blue_diamond:Typical issues attended to by the consumer treatment device that responds to contact us at 888-280-4331 consist of Technical and also Solution Assistance, Order problems, Terminate or Adjustment Account, Account Concerns, Payment Concerns, as well as various other customer care concerns.

:small_blue_diamond:The Amazon. com telephone call facility that you call right into has workers from Arizona or Washington or North Carolina, or India and also is open 24-HOUR, 7 days inning accordance with clients. In total amount, Amazon. com has five contact numbers. It’s not constantly clear exactly what is the very best means to speak to Amazon. com reps, so we began assembling these details constructed from tips from the consumer area.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding What is Amazon’s digital charge?

Q1: How do I cancel my Amazon electronic solution?

Amazon runs lots of solutions like digital solutions. To cancel or quit these services, you can contact them through the mail or any toll cost-free number. First, you need to review very carefully the termination as well as the subscription policy. Because it could be altered from time to time.

Q2: What is the Amazon Digital fee?

If you notice an Amazon digital charge, it’s likely from one of these services, such as a one-off or monthly cost for certain features. Any digital charges on your Amazon account will appear under your transactions, and these fees range from $0.99-to $119.

Q3: How do I dispute a digital charge on Amazon?

Go to your Account Activity, and then sign in. On the Account Activity page, find the appropriate order or transaction, and then click Details. On the View Order Details page, click File/View Claim. Enter information about the transaction as prompted.

Q4: What is Amazon digital payment?

Digital wallets offer shoppers a more convenient way to manage the payment cards they carry in their wallets every day. Instead of retyping card details every time they shop, customers can store the details of each of their payment cards in a digital wallet and pay by referring to a saved payment card.

Q5: What is a 4.99 Amazon Digital charge?

The first time you order whatever product that button is for, they REFUND you $4.99 and charge you the amount of the product you purchased. From then on, you only pay for the product. You can set up how much of an item you want to order when you push the button (1 bottle, case, etc., or 2 bottles, circumstances, etc…).

Q6: How much is Amazon music per month?

As a Prime member, you can join Amazon Music Unlimited for $7.99/month for a monthly subscription or $79/year for an annual subscription. Non-Prime customers pay $9.99/month.

Q7: What is the difference between Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited?

Amazon offers two streaming options: Prime Music and Music Unlimited. Amazon Prime Music is free and included with Prime memberships. At the same time, Amazon Music Unlimited is a premium service that costs $7.99 a month for existing Prime members (or $9.99 a month for those who aren’t Prime members).

Q8: How do I contact Amazon about an unknown charge?

To report suspected fraud or unauthorized access to your account, don’t hesitate to contact us toll-free at 866-216-1075.

Q9: Why is Amazon taking money out of my account?

Amazon takes money out of your account when you order something because it has to pay for the ordered items before shipping them. They put back money into your account when you return an item because then they get their money back.

Q10: Can Amazon charge your card without permission?

A merchant can’t legally charge your credit card without your permission, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the merchant has to get an authorization form for every charge. There are several ways to get a customer’s permission, and your signature is frequently sufficient authorization.

Q11: Can Amazon charge your card?

Note: If you place an order for an item sold by Amazon with a credit card, we won’t charge you until the order enters the shipping process. If you place an order from one of our third-party sellers, the seller may charge your card at the time of purchase.


You see, if you use Amazon to purchase a large volume of digital services, then you will receive Amazon digital charges. But, if you don’t, then you won’t receive these charges. That is, essentially, the only way to avoid these charges.

To ensure that unwanted charges never happen, however, it helps to turn off the “1-Click Purchase” function and to, if needed, refund certain items.

In the end, if you use Amazon, you will be dealing with Amazon digital charges. Fortunately, these charges are pretty simple, and more often than not, you won’t even notice them.

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