What Does It Mean When Your Left Ear Rings?

What does it mean when Your Left Ear Rings? Well, according to research, ringing in the ears either on the left or right has two meanings. One is spiritual & the other is medical. So are you interested in knowing the meaning of ringing in your ear? If Yes, so do check it out & see what ringing in your left ear means.

What Ringing In Your Left Ear Means?

First things first: Ringing sound in the ear either in the left one or right one has two types of meanings:
1. Medical: According to doctors, ringing in your ear is referred to as a condition called Tinnitus which is a multi-factorial in etiology.

2. Spiritual: Whereas, according to spirituality, ringing in your left ear or either in your right one has further different meanings.

What is Tinnitus & its Causes?

Tinnitus is not specifically a disease, in fact, it’s just a common symptom that starts to occur in your inner ear. Causes of tinnitus are due to many reasons such as:

viral infections Meniere’s disease
fluid in your ears hyperextension
due to any damage tumor or loss of cochlear hair cells in your inner ear
Ear Infection Neck or head injuries
Medication Loss of Hearing
Ear Bone Changes Blood Vessel Disorders
High Music Tumors in Head or around ears
Caffeine Alcohol
Even a common cold can also give rise to tinnitus when it affects the tympanic membrane of your ear resulting in a mild ringing sound.

Tinnitus can also become dangerous if not treated or taken care of properly. Continuous ringing in your ear may lead to a lack of sleep over a longer period or one can have unnecessary stress. So that’s why it requires to be attended to seriously to get treated properly.

Spiritual Meaning when your Left Ear Rings:

As we’ve discussed earlier, there’s a spiritual meaning as well related to the ringing in your ears. So to check whether the ringing, buzzing, or hissing sound in your ear is spiritual or not, you should visit your doctor for a proper check-up.

If everything seems to be fine even after a proper check-up & you didn’t feel any difficulty or pain, then it’s surely a spiritual sign that you’re hearing. It basically means that the spirits are watching over you & by making these ringing sounds in your ears, they’re actually telling you that they’re with you. Sounds a bit horrible!

Ringing in your left ear is basically associated with the messages regarding your life on Earth. Particularly ringing in the left ear is further related to the physical world but it also has some relations with the spiritual world as well!

It is said that ringing in your left ear means that someone is backbiting about you. It can be your friends, your enemies or anyone from your relatives which is considered a bad thing.


Sometimes it’s also said that some bad energy or spirit is trying to communicate with you through these ear ringing in order to either harm you or anyone else near you or to spread evilness in the world.

Symptoms of Tinnitus:

Typically with tinnitus, you hear different kinds of sounds in-ear such as:

Ringing Sound Buzzing Sound
High-Pitched Sound Whooshing Sound
Some White Noise Temporary or Permanent Hearing Loss
Change of Hearing Whistling
Chirping Screeching
Musical Sound Buzzing Sound
roaring Pulsing Sound

Diagnosis of Tinnitus:

To diagnose your tinnitus, it’s very important to visit an audiologist or ENT specialist immediately before it gets too late. After visiting, Your doctor will then generally diagnose your tinnitus according to your symptoms after identifying the causes or will ask you about your medical history or after an examination of your head, neck & ears including some ordinary tests as well.

So the first & foremost test is the hearing exam.

1. Hearing Exam: Probably, In this test, you’ll be taken into a soundproof room where you’ll be given some headphones to wear. Through these earphones, some specific sounds can be transferred to one ear at a time.

Then after that, you’ll indicate whether you’ll be able to hear a sound or not & then your results will be compared to the other normal results according to your age to identify the actual problem in your ear & to see whether you’ve tinnitus or not.

2. Movement Exam: In this test, your audiologist or your doctor may ask you to do some movements like eye movement, neck or head movement, legs, arms, to clench your jaws & so on. During this procedure, if your tinnitus gets worse, these movements play a very important role in identifying underlying disorders if you have any or some other medical issues that must need treatments.

3. An Imaging Test: This test is basically a CT scan or MRI to reveal any tumor or problem near your ear causing tinnitus. This test helps the doctors to assess pulsatile tinnitus if they have, to show blood vessel changes near your ears, or see whether there is an underlying medical disorder that became the cause of tinnitus.

4. Clicking Sound Test: Contraction of muscles around your ears or inside of your ears can cause a loud clicking sound in the form of bursts which usually lasts for a few seconds or a few minutes.

5. A Low-Pitched Ringing: During this process, doctors usually identify the condition for producing low-pitched sounds which are also known as Meniere’s disease. If you have tinnitus, it can become very sharp or loud before vertigo.


Vertigo is a condition or can say a sensation in which a person feels that he/she or the surrounding environment or people near him/her are moving or revolving. If it’ll become severe, you may find difficulty in doing your daily tasks.

6. Hissing or Rushing: While exercising or changing your position, you may feel a fluctuation of sound in your ear, especially at the time of lying down or when you stand up.

7. Heartbeat Test: This test is basically done to notice whether you have pulsatile tinnitus or not. To find out this, doctors usually check if you have blood vessel problems like aneurysm, any kinda tumor, high BP, ear canal or Eustachian tube blockage, etc… as these problems can make the sound of heartbeat louder in your ears or simply say these problems can increase the sound of heartbeat in your ears.

8. High-Pitched Sound: Feeling a very high-pitched buzzing or ringing sound in your ear when exposed to very sharp noises can also become a reason for causing tinnitus which usually lasts for a few hours.

Along with this, if you’re having a hearing loss problem too, it shows that you’re having permanent tinnitus. These high-pitched ringing sounds are unable to be treated if you can’t avoid listening to high-pitched sounds or avoid taking those medicines which became the cause of this problem.

Complications during Tinnitus:

If you have tinnitus, you may feel sudden complications in you.
For example:
· Stress
· Headache
· Dementia
· Sleeping Difficulty
· Anxiety
· Depression
· Lack of Concentration
· Fatigue
· Emotional Instability
· Exasperation
· Discomfort

Treatment for Tinnitus:

The treatment of tinnitus usually depends on whether it is caused by underlying conditions or exposure to loud noise. If the reason is an underlying condition, then it’ll become easier for the doctors to treat your tinnitus but if not then the audiologists use non-medical therapies to reduce unwanted noises to treat tinnitus.

Here are some examples to treat tinnitus caused by underlying conditions:

· An Ear Trumpet or Hearing Aid: If the reason for your tinnitus is noise-induced or due to age-related loss of hearing, then these ear trumpets or hearing aids are fantastic for you to improve your problem or symptoms.

· Removal of Earwax: Sometimes the accumulation of wax in your ear can also become one of the reasons causing tinnitus as this wax is too hard to remove naturally. So in order to remove the blockage in your ear, doctors remove this wax to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.

· Treating Blood Vessel Problems: As we’ve discussed, blood vessel problems can also cause tinnitus, so to treat these problems doctors usually require you proper surgery, medication, or some other kinda treatments to reduce it.

· Change of Medicines: Regular intake of medicines such as Aspirin, Antibiotics, or NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) can become the reason to cause tinnitus in your ear.

So to treat your tinnitus, you should need to avoid taking these drugs or can switch to other medications after consulting the doctor.


Sometimes Tinnitus can be reduced or eliminated spontaneously without any problem at all, but in some cases, it doesn’t no matter whatever the cause is.

Medication for Tinnitus:

Usually, medicines can’t cure tinnitus, but yes they can be used to reduce the severity of symptoms or complications. These drugs were prescribed to you by your doctors to relieve you from symptoms, and to treat depression, anxiety, fatigue, or underlying conditions that usually accompany tinnitus.

Medicines like: Antibiotics, anti-depressants, Benzodiazepine, Anti-Anxiety, Dexamethasone & Misoprostol were suggested by doctors to treat tinnitus.

Spiritual Meaning when Someone is thinking about You:

Popularly there’s an old saying, by people of old ages that if you feel any ringing or burning in your ears, then it means that someone is thinking about you. So the question comes that is it true or not? Well, it may or may not.

It depends actually that whether these energy cords are strong or not or do they lie in between you & the person whose talking about you. If you’re having a ringing in your left ear, then it can be a bad sign for you, like someone is gossiping or talking bad about you.

If you feel sudden tiredness, depression, or feeling low then it means that someone is trying to drain energy from you via these cords or is dragging you down.

: In Short:

Energy Cords are the invisible energy strands that help to connect other places, things & people with you. These strands don’t interact with you in your consciousness but during the time of unconsciousness or sub-consciousness.

How to get rid of Spiritual Ringings:

If someone is trying to communicate to you through energy cords or if any spirit is trying to communicate with you & you feel depressed, tired, low, or scared, then the most effective & only solution to that is to forgive.

As forgiveness is the key to happiness, healing & freedom. So try to forgive those persons who are trying to communicate with you or try to bring some inner peace in your life or lead yourself more towards God so then you’ll be able to free yourself from those evil spirits & ear ringings.


Does Ringing in Left Ear a Serious Problem?

Yes, it may or may not be. Generally, it depends on your condition. If you’re having constant ringing in your ear then it may lead to depression, anxiety, fatigue, loss of hearing, etc… which is not the right thing & sometimes tinnitus can also become severe if not treated properly. So yeah, it’s a very serious problem.

Why Does Ringing in my Ear lasts for a Few Seconds?

Usually, when tinnitus occurs, most people feel ringing in their ears for at least a few seconds or a few minutes at a time but sometimes for a few hours as well.

What Does it mean when I hear a sudden Pitched Sound?

It means that you’re having tinnitus if you hear a constant pitched sound in your ear which doesn’t come from any outside source. Tinnitus is typically not a disease but a sign of underlying problems & this high-pitched sound can only be heard by the person having tinnitus.

How to stop the Heartbeat sound in your left ear?

For this usually, sound therapy is recommended by doctors or audiologists to prevent these whooshing or heartbeat sounds in your ears. Some noise-suppressing devices such as white noise machines may be suggested to you by doctors to relieve your ear from these noises or sometimes an AC or a fan may also help to prevent these noises.

Can Depression cause Pulsatile Tinnitus?

Well, Yes depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders can become the reason cause pulsatile tinnitus as all these problems are correlated with tinnitus. So when these problems get worse they can also increase the chances of tinnitus to get worse.

Does tinnitus cause a lack of sleep?

Yes, tinnitus can cause a lack of sleep. Doctors found that people with tinnitus or ringing in their ears are unable to sleep well due to which sometimes insomnia can also occur & can also make your tinnitus worse.

What’s the Most Successful Treatment for Tinnitus?

The most successful & effective treatment for tinnitus is to avoid using headphones, listening to high-pitched or background music & CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

When to See a Doctor for Tinnitus?

Whenever you feel some symptoms like constant ear ringing, dizziness, vertigo, hearing loss, or any heartbeat-like sound in your ears it means you should have to go to the doctor for a proper check-up.

How Does Tinnitus feel alike?

If you have tinnitus, you may feel loud, soft, pulsing, steady, buzzing, whooshing, high-pitched or chirping sounds in your ear.

Does Tinnitus can be cured?

Honestly, tinnitus can’t be cured but also it doesn’t last forever. Doctors or audiologists usually provide some treatments or remedies to make your symptoms less noticeable or provide some devices to stop the noise.


If you suddenly feel any ringing or buzzing sound or any other symptoms like that in your ears either in the left one or right one you should probably go to an ENT specialist or an audiologist for a proper check-up to see the problem in your ear to prevent the arousal of tinnitus or any future problems like that.

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Tinnitus is a condition in which you hear ringing or other disturbances in one or both of your ears. The noise you hear when you have tinnitus is not created by an external sound, and it is typically not audible to others. Tinnitus is a frequent issue. It affects 15% to 20% of the population, with elderly folks being the most affected.


Supernatural beliefs are traditional ethnic qualities shared by classes of women regardless of region or religion, practically all of which trace back to archaic Greece when science could not solve issues.

It’s similar to the sensation of ringing in the ear. When your ears ache, it is considered that someone is surely talking about you behind your back. Sometimes it’s just important to hear what your ears sound like because it’s widely assumed that if your right ear itches, someone is gossiping about you. If your left ear is itching, it means that someone is speaking negatively about you.


Tinnitus is defined as the sensation of hearing, whistling, ringing, or other noises. They can be high or low in pitch, have a variety of sound styles, and affect one or both ears. It might be caused by high blood pressure, ear blockages, head trauma, or even worry.

Tinnitus is not a disease and cannot be treated, however, how uncomfortable it is. Most people get used to it and learn to deal with it. Ignoring it rather than focusing on it may provide relief. It is also suggested that treating tinnitus symptoms such as sleepiness, anxiety, and hearing issues is beneficial.


Many people believe that depending on the ear, there is additional spiritual significance. If your left ear starts ringing at night, it means that someone is worried about you. Some believe that a ring in the ear foretells negative comments from others, according to an old tradition.


Ringing in the ears is said to be produced by someone thinking about you, which can be irritating or unexpected.

Across cultures, there is a popular idea that when someone is thinking or chatting about you, your ears begin to ring.


Many people believe that depending on the ear, there is additional spiritual significance. If you use this to respond to a ring in your ears, you may be able to better grasp the messages you get when your earrings. This is alluded to in one of the people’s statements. Ringing in the left ear is considered to bring good luck, but only at night.

The saying “left is larger than right in the dark” aptly sums it up. If your left ear begins to ring at night, it signifies that someone is worried about you and is conversing with you.


Other interpretations of ear ringing include the assumption that a loved one in the Spirit realm is thinking or attempting to connect with you. Though this communication can take various forms, a ringing in the ear may signal a message from your Spirit Guides.

As a result, if you pay attention to a ringing in your ears while keeping this in mind, you may be able to create a stronger relationship with your Spirit Guides. So, if you notice a ringing in your ear, pay great attention. Your Spirit loved ones and Spirit Guides are attempting to grab your attention.

Some people see this as a sign that your Guardian Angel is sending you a message.

Conversations with your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides might be much more delicate than you are accustomed to. Our guides provide us with a succession of cues and clues, frequently in the form of bodily sensations such as ringing in the ears.


Many people think that spiritual importance is determined by which earrings. If you pay attention to the ringing in your ears while keeping this in mind, you may be able to have a better grasp of the signals you receive while your ear is ringing.

Ringing in the left ear is considered auspicious in ancient tradition, but not if it occurs during the day.

This indicates that ringing in the left ear at night is considered fortunate. When you get ringing in your left ear at night, it implies that someone likes you and speaks well of you. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about slander or rumor.

Others say that hearing a ringing in your left ear indicates that someone is discussing or thinking about you in practical ways, such as at work or throughout your daily routine.

Someone is speaking or thinking about your ideology, ideas, or higher moral or philosophical concerns, according to the ringing in your right ear.