What are the Rules in winter? Find out the Expert's Advice

November is on its way to the end. It’s been a month. But it’s not like winter. Meanwhile, the cloudy sky has been the last two days. The sun has not yet become comfortable in the morning. Sometimes i’m going to run a fan. Someday, it will be warm again, even if it is a little bit hot. Experts say that in such weather, there is a high chance of getting allergic problems, including cold fever. There is also the corona. And so if you’re healthy, you have to follow a few things. For example,

  1. Get up every morning, be it a morning walk or yoga in an open place, but in the morning, you have to remember that the weather is a bit cold, so don’t miss the fat shirt, hat etc. Don’t let the whole thing cool down.

  2. Start the day with a healthy diet, start with a bowl of rice, a slice of rice or a mug with 2-4 amond almonds. These are some things, but not just winter, but all year long.

  3. Take breakfast in half an hour to 40 minutes. Avoid milk tea in the morning. Any protein ingredients such as milk, eggs or molds, as well as vegetables or salad, should be associated with hole gran serials (root, oats, dalia).

  4. Keep a single day on the diet

  5. If half the amalki is not available on a daily diet, it contains a large amount of vitamin C that improves immune system by keeping the immune system good. Eat the juice of The Amalki or the raw one.

  6. Winter is the season of vegetables, so make the plate colorful with plenty of vegetables and salad. But of course, you must get it from the market and wash it thoroughly. Kitchen Garden, which will be available from the house, will have a good heart and a good taste.

  7. After eating rice in winter, there is a slight sleep iness but many people have it, it is a habit. Because the rice is only brought to the daily routine.

  8. Winter means the sweetness of the nalen gur. A survey in Bengali has found that diabetic scents are not controlled in large part, mainly because of the sweet ness of the sweet, so don’t break the rules for them to eat sweets, make them sweet with a little bit of sugar, but it must be under sugar control. Or you can make it with a stick.