Weight Gain Shakes For Females

Weight Gain Shakes For Females help to increase the weight easily and efficiently in a healthy way if consumed along with balanced diet and exercise plan. Shakes rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats allow a rapid increase in weight. Although shakes are delicious and easy to consume so they are the best way to gain weight.

weight gain shakes for females

How to Make Weight Gain Shakes For females At Home

Protein, carbohydrates, and fats are three crucial components to consider while making homemade weight gain smoothies. These three things may help you fast increase your calorie intake. Putting on weight requires ingesting more calories than your body can burn in a day.

Adding a mass gainer protein powder to a homemade weight gain drink is a simple, inexpensive, effective, and tasty approach to enhance calories.

Home Made Weight Gain Shakes For Females

Three of the greatest homemade weight gain smoothie recipes are shown here. These recipes provide a good foundation for a pleasant drink that also has a lot of weight-loss potentials. You may play around with them and add other toppings to suit your preferences.

1. Homemade Mass Gainer Shake With Triple Chocolate

Chocolate milk is a popular post-workout drink among many individuals. It also makes sense to utilize it as the liquid in a protein shake in certain instances. You may use dark chocolate, full milk, and two scoops of Chocolate Fudge Brownie N-Large2 in this recipe.

Some people prefer to add a few tablespoons of almond butter for added taste and creaminess, as well as to increase the calorie and protein content.


To make a rich, creamy, and tasty homemade chocolate mass gainer smoothie, combine the following ingredients in a blender:

1. 16 oz. fresh whole milk

2. 1 tbsp almond butter or peanut butter

3. 2 oz. bittersweet chocolate

4. 1 protein powder sachet

5. half a cup of ice

2. Homemade Protein Shake with Cookies and Cream

Use Vanilla Cupcake N-Large2 for this cookies and cream option; it will work well. The vanilla flavor adds sweetness and lifts the milk.


All you have to do now is combine the following ingredients:

1. 12 oz. fresh whole milk

2. 2 oz. heavy whipping cream

3. 1 protein powder sachet

4. 2 biscuits

5. Half a cup of ice

The milk and cream with the protein powder provide additional protein and fat. Adding the cookies for texture and taste might make it even more delicious; however, keep your expectations in check. Keep in mind that N-Large2 already provides a healthy quantity of calories and fat.

3. Homemade Weight Gain Shake With Chocolate Banana And Peanut Butter

This shake is a popular mix that produces a smooth, creamy texture that will satisfy your hunger while also assisting you in gaining weight.

Combine the following items in a blender:

1. Almond milk, 1 cup

2. Peanut butter, 1 tbsp

3. A single banana

4. 1 protein powder sachet

5. Half a cup of ice

Protein Weight Gain Shakes For Females

1. Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Banana Protein Shake

Ingredients Of 2 Servings

1. 12 cup water (360 mL), or your favorite yogurt or milk

2. a quarter cup of peanut butter (60 g)

3. 1 scoop protein powder (chocolate)

4. 1 tablespoon cocoa powder (dark chocolate)

5. 2 frozen bananas


In a blender, combine all of the ingredients and blend until smooth.


Nutrition Info

1. Calories 522
2. Fat 19g
3. Carbs 49g
4. Fiber 8g
5. Sugar 21g
6. Protein 45g

2. Peanut Butter Banana Protein Shake


  1. 8 ounces of skim milk

  2. A single banana

  3. 1 tablespoon of peanut butter

  4. Whey protein powder (two scoops)

Instructions For Making

Blend the ingredients in a blender until smooth. You may also add more peanut butter and whole milk to this protein smoothie to make it a higher-calorie weight gainer. This recipe’s nutrition is calculated using 2 scoops of whey protein mix and a medium banana.

This smoothie would have about 600 calories if made with full milk instead of skim milk and an extra tbsp of peanut butter.

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving

1. Calories 498
2. Protein 58g
3. Carbs 44.3g
4. Fat 11.2g

3. Avacado Chocolate Protein Shake


1. 1/2 avocado, ripe (I used Hass)

2. 2 tsp cocoa powder (unsweetened)

3. 1 scoop protein powder (chocolate)

4. 3 tbsp plain Greek yogurt (fat-free)

5. 2 tsp Stevia – adjust sweetness to taste

6. A quarter teaspoon of cinnamon

7. 1 and 1/4 cup almond milk (unsweetened)

8. Ice (1/2-3/4 cup)


In a blender, purée all of the ingredients until smooth. Serve with a piece of avocado and a sprinkling of cinnamon on top. Enjoy!

Nutritional Facts

1. Calories 310
2. Total Fat 16 gm
3. Saturated Fat 1.9 gm
4. Cholesterol 0 mg
5. Sodium 250 mg
6. Carbohydrates 15.5 gm
7. Fiber 8 gm
8. Sugar 4 gm
9. Protein 27 gm

4. Strawberry Mango Protein Smoothie

This Strawberry Mango Protein Smoothie is simple, healthful, and tasty, with a calorie count of about 280.


1. A third of a cup of protein powder, gently mounded

2. 1/3 of a banana

3. 4 spinach leaves, stems removed

4. A tablespoon of peanut butter

5. 8 strawberries, whole and frozen

6. Berries OR 1/3 cup frozen mangos

7. 1 cup of water


1. In a blender, combine all ingredients and mix for 30 seconds to a minute. (It will mix better if you put them in the sequence stated above.)

2. With a spatula, scrape down the sides. Blend again until smooth. Over-blending will make it foamy, so don’t overdo it.

3. Pour into a 16-oz glass and serve.

4. Rinse out your blender immediately.

High Calories Weight Gain Smoothies For Females

1. Smoothie Made With Carrot Cake And Other Healthy Ingredients

1. To begin, here’s a recipe for a smoothie that’s quite out of the ordinary. I’m sure most of you associate smoothies with fruit and berries.

2. This, however, is not the case. Instead, we’ll create a rich, spicy carrot cake smoothie that tastes just like the real thing.

3. The basis of the smoothie is made up of Greek yogurt and almond milk. A typical carrot cake taste may be achieved by including fresh ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg in the recipe.

4. In addition, it contains a whole banana, as well as a few walnuts, which means that it will leave you feeling satiated and full.

5. Carrot smoothies are high in nutrition.


1. Greek yogurt in half a cup.

2. There is around 1/3 cup of walnuts.

3. The fruit of one banana

4. 1 pound of carrots (chopped)

5. Fresh ginger, 1/4 tsp (grated)

6. A pinch of cinnamon per serving

7. A little nutmeg, please

8. Vanilla essence, about a teaspoon

9. Almond milk, one cup

Calories Per Serving

The following are the calories per serving:

1. Calories in one serving 522
2. Weight in grams of fat 26g
3. Protein 20g
4. Carbohydrates 58 grams
5. Fiber content 11g
6. Sugar content 32 grams per serving

2. Smoothie With Coconut, Almonds, And Spinach

Always a good time when you make a green smoothie. When you’ve got one in your hands, people might be a bit perplexed. You’ll be surprised how much people questioned you before they gave it a go.

Smoothies made with green ingredients are often flavored with a variety of tangy, fruity, and floral tastes. A nutty taste and a creamy texture are expected from this green smoothie recipe. The almond milk provides the smoothie with its nutty basis.

The fiber-rich pumpkin seeds, on the other hand, are what will round out the taste and make you feel full. Blended greens with a coconut-almond smoothie


1. 1 mug of coconut cream

2. The fruit of one banana

3. Almond butter, 2 tbsp

4. 2 tbsp. of pumpkin seeds.

5. 2 cups of spinach

6. 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

7. Ice cubes in half a cup

Calories Per Serving

The following is the calories per serving:

  • 802 calories.

  • 68 grams of fat

  • Weight: 16 g of protein

  • 46 grams of carbohydrates

  • 16g of sugar

3. Smoothie Made With Blueberries And Other Fruits And Vegetables

This protein-packed blueberry smoothie is a refreshing departure from the usual fruit concoction. Protein powder, oats, and Greek yogurt are all included in this meal. There are a wide variety of protein powders on the market.

You should keep a few things in mind when you’re purchasing protein powders. Look for sugar-free and vegan options. You can’t go wrong with this protein powder. Aside from the fact that it does not include any animal products (including eggs), it is also free of gluten and dairy, as well as soy.

4. Smoothie With Blueberry Protein


1. Blueberries: 2 cups of the berries

2. Oat milk in half a cup

3. Spinach in half a cup

4. A quarter of a banana

5. The vanilla protein powder is 1 tablespoon.

6. Half a cup of Greek yogurt

7. Rolled oats in half a cup

Calories Per Serving

The following is the price per serving:

1. Calories 567
2. Fat 5.1 grams
3. Protein 34 grams
4. Carbs 104 grams
5. Fiber content: 14g
6. Sugar 50g


To gain weight, you must consume more calories than your body can burn in a day. Adding a mass gainer protein powder to a homemade weight gain smoothie is a quick, cheap, effective, and pleasant way to boost calories. The recipes provided are a fantastic starting point for a tasty drink with a lot of weight-loss potentials.

How To Maximize the Benefits Of This Weight Gain Smoothie

The easiest way to include this weight gainer smoothie into your diet is as your fourth or fifth meal. Because you’ll still be eating breakfast, lunch, and supper, you’ll be able to achieve a calorie surplus this way.

Between breakfast and lunch, lunch and supper, or after an exercise, this is the optimum time to eat it. It’s ideal for refueling after a strenuous exercise since it includes enough protein to repair muscles, carbs to restore glycogen, electrolytes, and salt.

Artificial Weight Gainer Supplements

How To Include Weight-Gain Supplements Into A Well-Balanced Diet

A powder supplement for weight gain would be better paired with milk than water, although it can be mixed with water. You can use dairy milk or plant milk like almond, soy, or oat milk.

This is to add more calories, but they are also much more palatable when made with milk rather than water. Those who are new to weight gain supplements may want to start slowly, especially if they aren’t used to feeling full.

For the first few days, start with 12 servings and gradually increase your doses as directed on the label.

Weight-gain supplements and shakes should be consumed in between meals, after a workout, and before bedtime. According to some nutritionists, you should consume a source of protein – around 20g – every three hours to achieve muscle growth.

Make sure you eat three meals (or six small ones) per day and that your diet is high in protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. You should start relying less on weight gain supplements and protein shakes once you’ve reached your target weight.

A word of caution: you must exercise as well. If you don’t exercise, adding carbohydrates, calories, and protein to your diet via food or a weight gain supplement will cause you to gain fat rather than muscle.

Categories Of Weight Gainer Supplements

Weight Gainer Supplements are divided into three categories.

1. Protein Shakes

You don’t have to be afraid of drinking a protein shake to gain weight. Protein powders are a tried-and-true technique to build muscle to even the slenderest of frames, whether you’re already underweight or just wish to bulk up.

Protein smoothies for weight gain are readily accessible and come in a variety of flavors and varieties, usually in the form of a ready-to-mix powder. Whey protein, which is produced from milk, is the most popular protein powder for weight gain.

Other varieties such as casin (also derived from milk), beef, soy, pea, rice, and oat protein are also popular. Complete proteins are protein powders obtained from animal sources, which means they include all of the necessary amino acids your body needs to create muscle.

Protein powder from vegan sources is an ‘incomplete protein,’ meaning it only contains part of the amino acids; you’ll need to supplement your diet with the other amino acids to achieve the best muscle-building benefits.

You may easily do this by ensuring that you consume lots of alternative vegan protein sources daily, such as nuts, beans, oats, or soya.

2. Creatine

Extra creatine, such as that found in shakes, can help you gain body weight over time by allowing you to work hard for longer periods. Creatine is a substance that occurs naturally in the human body.

It’s mainly produced in the liver before being transported in the blood to the muscle cells where it gives you short, intense bursts of energy and strength which helps your body work hard during exercise.

Most people get it in small amounts from their diet (except vegans, for whom there are no natural dietary sources of creatine) (except vegans, for whom there are no natural dietary sources of creatine).

Supplementing with creatine can cause some initial weight gain, which comes from your muscles holding more water than usual. This is only temporary and goes away in a couple of weeks.

To gain a significant amount of weight, you need to ingest far more calories than you usually would. This can be difficult to do just through food alone – especially if you have a small appetite.

Some people in search of significant mass gains turn to foods like ice cream or cheese- but be warned! While they will make you gain weight, these foods can flood your body with sugar or fat which will sabotage your health goals. 6

Designed specifically for weight gain, mass gain supplements tend to be packed with carbohydrates and calories, ideal if your goal is to gain weight. They allow you to take in hundreds of calories in just a few gulps.


The ingredients in mass gainer powder are similar to those in protein shakes, but they also contain a lot of carbohydrates, usually in the form of maltodextrin (a starchy derivative of wheat, rice, or corn).

Ingredients including pulverized linseed, tapioca, and sweet potato are often used. Although vitamins and minerals are occasionally included, mass gainer supplements for weight gain have one thing in common: they’re high in calories.

What Is The Best Way To Gain Weight For Women In 10 Days?

I don’t believe anyone, female or male, can gain a significant amount of weight in ten days. However, you can establish a muscle-building habit.

Step 1: Break your habit of undereating. If you can’t finish a large piece in one sitting, eat it multiple times.

Step 2: Improve your diet by including more fruits, vegetables, meat, and brown grains while eliminating chocolate and pizza. You may, however, enjoy a cheat meal once a week.

Step 3: Begin tracking your weight on the first day.

Step 4: Workout at least three times a week, focusing on heavy lifting rather than low-intensity, no-sweat exercises.


A weight-gain smoothie is best consumed as your fourth or fifth meal. It’s perfect for refueling after a difficult workout since it contains enough protein to repair muscles, carbohydrates to replenish glycogen, and electrolytes and salt to replenish electrolytes.

A weight-gain powder supplement would be better coupled with milk than water. The most popular protein powder for weight gain is whey protein, which is made from milk.

How To Increase Your Weight

Creating a calorie surplus, or consuming more calories than your body absorbs, is the most significant factor in gaining weight.

  • If you want to gain weight gradually, aim for 300-500 calories more each day than you expend. This should result in a weekly weight increase of 0.7-1 pound.

  • If you want to gain weight quickly, go consuming 700-1000 calories more each day than you expend. This should result in a weekly weight increase of 1.7-2 pounds.

  • Use this calorie calculator to determine your daily maintenance calorie consumption. This will give you a general idea of how much maintenance you’ll need.

  • Note: If you’re on a weight-gain diet, make sure you exercise often to prevent gaining a lot of weight.

Things To Avoid When Gaining Weight

Aside from incorporating the recommendations outlined above into your daily routine, there are certain things you must avoid to achieve a steady weight gain. They’re listed here.

1. Do not overindulge in stress to your detriment. Stressing out may slow things down.

2. When trying to acquire weight, it’s recommended to avoid smoking and drinking since they both suppress the appetite.

3. Don’t go on a diet of junk food simply because you’re thin and want to put on weight quickly! It may assist you right now, but in the long term, it will do you more harm than good.

Things To Keep In Mind When Gaining Weight:

1. In the same way that weight reduction is not a miracle, gaining weight is not either. A long-term process needs persistence and motivation on your part.

2. A healthy weight gain does not happen in a matter of days or weeks but rather takes months or even years. Maintain a regular schedule, and you’ll notice a subtle shift in your life.

3. Utilize every morsel that you consume. Even tiny servings of high-calorie foods like peanuts or almonds may make a difference before sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

People usually ask the following questions.

1. What’s the most calorific beverage?

Baskin-Robbins sells a milkshake drink called the Heath Bar Shake that is modeled after the Heath candy bar. In Men’s Health Magazine, it was labeled “The Unhealthiest Drink in America,” owing to its high-calorie content. The shake has a calorie count of 2,310. The smoothie has a whopping 73 distinct components.

2. Is it possible for someone who is already thin to put on weight?

To help you gain weight while you’re underweight, here are some healthy options:

  • Regularly consume food. If you’re underweight, you could find that you’re more likely to overeat.

  • Choose nutrient-rich meals.

  • Try some smoothies and shakes

  • Drink responsibly

  • Make every mouthful count

  • Top it off.

  • Treat yourself once in a while

  • Exercise.

3. Do calorie-dense smoothies have any effect?

A weight gain smoothie is a great approach to ensure that you’re getting all the nutrients your body requires. It is possible to gain weight using weight gain shakes, but it is recommended that you take them in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise rather than entirely depending on them.

4. What is the most caloric supplement drink?

Weight Gaining or Maintaining Drink: The Highest Calorie BOOST 530 calories and 22 grams of protein per 8-ounce serving in this nutrient-dense, high-calorie, high-protein nutritional drink help you gain or maintain weight.

5. Which fruits are the most calorically dense?

Here are four foods that might help you put on weight, all of them are fresh fruits.

  • Bananas. To acquire weight, bananas are a great option.

  • Avocados. The nutritional profile of avocados is very outstanding.

  • Coconut flesh. It’s no secret that coconuts are good for you, and they’ve garnered a lot of popularity because of that.

  • Mango.

6. Which fruit has the most calories per serving?

Dates are the most calorically dense fruit. Dates come in a variety of forms. Medjool dates have high-calorie content. Dates are a delicious fruit that is high in sugar.

7. How do weight gainers increase the weight?

Products that are rich in calories, carbs, and protein are known as weight gainers. You may gain weight by adding these goods to your diet, but they are not better than eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.


If used in conjunction with a balanced diet and activity plan, Weight Gain Shakes For Females can help you gain weight quickly and safely. Shakes high in carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids help you gain weight quickly. Shakes are the best approach to gain weight because they are delicious and easy to consume.

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