We Care For Your New Carpets

With so many different carpet cleaning methods, it all comes down to how the person prefers and what condition the carpet is in. Everything will work out, and choosing the best carpet cleaning methods will bring it all down. An educated and knowledgeable decision-maker. Basically, there are two main ways to clean carpets i.e. carpet steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

How to steam clean

Carpet makers are considered to be one of the best ways to clean carpets. Also known as the hot water extraction method, it can be done by a portable unit or truck-mounted unit, which is a better choice later. This is an ideal way to clean extremely dirty carpets.
carpet cleaning
The cleaning solution, which is first applied to the carpet, is then washed with warm water. Because it involves a lot of work, cleaning. It takes 24 hours to dry, but the intense heat leaves the carpet free of bacteria, ■■■■■■, mold, and dust particles.

Dry cleaning method

There are several variations of this method, and what are the best ways to clean carpets?

  • Foam method - A machine ignites foaming shampoo applied to the carpet to absorb dirt. It is then left to dry and then emptied of dirt and circulation. The carpet dries quickly, but there is something left.
  • Bonnet Cleaning - Next to the steam cleaning method, this is a great way to clean carpets and it’s very popular. Carpet cleaning is applied to absorb all dust and dirt. It then travels to the spinning bonnets of the spinning machine. Bonnets can also be made of synthetic materials.
  • Powder method. A semi-moist powder is applied, which absorbs dirt into the carpet. It is allowed to dry and then emptied. It dries the carpet quickly, although there is still some left.


If you want to find the best carpet cleaning method for your particular carpet, ask your local carpet cleaning specialist. Not all carpets are the same. Some have different types of textiles that are forming to complete the carpet and may require different techniques to clean the carpet. For example, a Persian carpet should be very careful and you should call and as a Persian carpet expert. There is no carpet cleaner that has just started working.