Vector marketing reviews

Vector marketing reviews: Overall, 4.4 out of 5 stars have been given to Vector Marketing based on more than 6,764 anonymous employee reviews. But Vector Marketing, a direct selling business, hires teenagers and young adults to market Cutco knives to their loved ones and friends.

Vector marketing reviews

Vector Marketing:

Generally speaking, Cutco Corporation, an Olean, New York-based cutlery maker, owns VectorVector marketing, a direct selling subsidiary firm, and the domestic sales division of the company. However, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was the location of the company’s founding in 1981.

However, the business sells through individual sales agents who conduct one-on-one demonstrations, usually home visits, to offer Cutco cutlery. Due to its business tactics, the corporation has come under fire and been sued.

Consequently, he has been charged with running a multi-level marketing business. Most of Vector’sVector’s salespeople are independent contractors rather than employees, and the company has been sued multiple times for its compensation structure and treatment of these individuals. Salespeople are typically young and recruited from high school or college.


Don Freda established Vector Marketing Corporation in 1981 in Glenolden, Pennsylvania as the sole distributor of Cutco Cutlery goods produced by the Alcas Corporation. However, it immediately rose to the top of Cutco’s best-selling items. Alas, which had split from its former parent company Alcoa in 1983 and had sales problems, also acquired it in 1985.

Alcas became Cutco Corporation in 2009, and VectorVector became its domestic sales division. Vector Marketing recorded sales of $273.8 million during the year.

Vector Marketing Reviews 2021:

The following are some reviews of vector marketing for 2021:

1. Even while I cherished my time at VectorVector and the numerous friends I made and experiences I had there, I also understand that many people find this profession challenging. It requires a lot of labour, and as most jobs are commission-based, it may seem the effort expended is not compensated by the pay earned during periods of more incredible difficulty or lower sales volume.

As an assistant manager, I occasionally worked 70-hour weeks and even field calls while away from the office. I made roughly $2 per hour as a full-time assistant manager with no personal sales calls. However, I had worked myself to burnout. However, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that the knowledge I gained from doing that work taught me far more than any amount of money could ever provide.

Although not every employee achieves the same degree of success, this position offers a fantastic possibility for advancement and financial gain worth exploring at least once.

2. I accepted this position because I needed a job! I was new to the area, and no typical occupations were available when COVID sent our nation into chaos.

More than just a paycheck, Vector Marketing gave me the chance to profit from my efforts and taught me how to maximize those efforts.

You must bring your sincerity, wants, and plans—but most importantly, be teachable—and allow Vector Mktg. to improve your life.

:white_check_mark: Summary:

Everyone starts at Vector Marketing as entry-level salespeople. Their representative’s schedule appointments and present CUTCO cutlery to potential customers through individual demonstrations. We can do it at the client’s home or online at the client’s.

Vector Marketing Lawsuit:

  • In 1990, the Arizona Attorney General filed a lawsuit against VectorVector. However, after seven years of state actions against Vector’s Tucson manager, Arizona and Vector reached an agreement on a settlement. As part of the settlement, VectorVector consented to refrain from misrepresenting its compensation mechanism.

  • Wisconsin ordered VectorVector to stop using dishonest recruiting techniques in 1994, forcing the business to halt hiring there temporarily.

  • Students Against Vector Exploitation was co-founded in 2003 by a recruit who had sued VectorVector after they had found the company to have violated New York labour regulations (SAVE).

  • Alicia Harris brought a federal class action lawsuit against VectorVector in 2008. However, Harris claimed that by neglecting to pay employees proper compensation and forcibly pressuring workers to do business with the company, VectorVector broke Californian and federal labour laws.

  • Harris v. Vector Marketing Corporation was settled in 2011 for $13 million by VectorVector.

  • In a 2014 complaint, a girl claimed she had been sexually abused severely by one of her clients while employed by VectorVector. She accused the company of failing to give her the necessary training to stop the incident.

  • When employees filed lawsuits alleging they were not compensated for their training, the corporation agreed to a $6.75 million preliminary settlement in 2016 for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act in California, Florida, New York, Illinois, and Michigan.

  • A division manager filed a class-action complaint against Vector in September 2017 because the company was using unfair labour practices by continuing to classify him as an independent contractor despite his position. It prevents him from receiving overtime compensation. According to the lawsuit, division managers are the highest-ranking group of employees that are not formally recognized as Vector employees.

:white_check_mark: Summary:

There are a few lawsuits against Vector Marketing. Because VectorVector misrepresented its compensation system, the Arizona Attorney General sued the company in 1990.

What Are The Important Facts About Vector Marketing?

However, Cutco Cutlery is sold by vector marketing. Additionally, they employ recent high school and college grads who are paid a percentage for the products they market. You see yourself as an independent Vector entrepreneur in your capacity as a representative. Vector Marketing is set up and allows for the use of knives and other products in-home demonstrations.

Information about vector marketing Details
Type Subsidiary
Industry Direct selling
Founded 1981
Head Quarters Olean, New York

Business Model Of Marketing:

Newspaper advertising, word-of-mouth marketing, posted advertisements, letters, and different online media have all been used by direct selling company Vector Marketing to increase sales.

The Los Angeles Times asserts that VectorVector falls under the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) definition of a multi-level marketing business because they conduct person-to-person sales of their goods.

Vector, however, counters that they use single-level marketing and do not fall under the FTC’s definition of "businesses. Generally, that involves selling products to family and friends and recruiting others to do the same." Lower-level employees do not profit monetarily from those they hire.

Despite paying millions of dollars to settle claims alleging unfair hiring practices, the company is not a pyramid scheme because it genuinely sells a product. [11]


The organization occasionally hires salespeople from high schools and college campuses in the US and Canada by falsely representing the school’s involvement. To market Cutco items (mostly kitchen knives) to clients, generally their friends and family members, salespeople work as independent contractors.

Policies of Vector Marketing:

The remuneration policies of vector marketing have also drawn criticism. Previously, vector marketing required sales agents to make a refundable security deposit to get a set of knives for demonstrations.

Additionally, the procedures have been altered, and security deposits are no longer required from representatives. Knives are presented as prizes and loans to salespeople in recognition of their “Fast Start” sales accomplishments. Independent contractors who work for Vector Marketing are not paid for the time spent attending training classes.

:white_check_mark: Summary:

However, CUTCO® is sold by vector marketing, a single-level direct sales business. At the beginning of CUTCO Corporation’s existence, CUTCO® was sold by hundreds of small independent businesses. To become one of such independent vendors, Vector Marketing was established in 1981.

Why Do Folks Believe That Vector Is A Con?

Vector Marketing is allegedly a scam that targets impressionable but aspirational college students. But according to some stories. So what is the source of these allegations of fraud involving Vector Marketing?

Is Vector Marketing a scam? However, we are a legitimate business, is the reply? Vector sales representatives’ hiring and onboarding processes are open and transparent, and Vector Marketing is NOT a sham. We have all the solutions for you if you have any questions or doubts.

Here are some typical myths about them and the reality behind them:

1: Myth/Truth:

MYTH: Since Vector Marketing is a "get-rich-quick" pyramid scheme, it is a fraud.

The TRUTH is that Vector Marketing is a pyramid system in no way, shape, or form. The sales and marketing part of Cutco is called Vector Marketing. Vector reps are not in charge of finding new agents or procuring goods or services.

Vector salespeople work as independent contractors, setting their schedules and having the power to decide how much money they make, thanks to a guaranteed base salary and commissions collected on each sale.

Also, not a “get-rich-quick” strategy is vector marketing. Success as a Vector rep is not assured, and it might require a lot of effort and commitment.

2. Myth/Truth:

MYTH: Because it engages in multi-level marketing, Vector Marketing is a fraud.

The REALITY: Vector Marketing, however, is not a multi-level marketing firm. The Direct Selling Association recognizes Vector Marketing as an authorized member and a single-level, direct-to-consumer marketing business.

Additionally, sales representatives in a multi-level marketing business earn money by finding new sales prospects. In contrast, Vector Marketing’s sales reps make a living by directly selling Cutco’s World’s Finest Cutlery to customers.

3. Myth/ Truth:

Myth: To gain money, you need to persuade your friends and family to buy CUTCO items, making Vector Marketing a rip-off.

The TRUTH: Vector reps have a guaranteed base salary, and they are urged to go out and reach their own sales targets. However, we never want our representatives to feel as though they must be aggressive or forceful with their customers.

4. Myth/Truth:

MYTH: Since it’s impossible to give presentations if you can’t enter people’s homes, Vector Marketing is a hoax.

The TRUTH is that Vector Marketing offers several options for representatives to provide presentations without ever leaving home. There is no obligation for in-person presentations; nonetheless, some reps prefer to do them that way. (Edit: Because of COVID-19, ALL of our representatives currently give presentations only online.)

Vector Marketing Work From Home:

Yes. You have a job. Making up your schedule and working the hours you choose is primarily done online using a zoom meeting, and you may also complete the entire training process with zoom.

Important facts about vector marketing Details
Benefits The capacity to develop and the accountability to complete the WorkWork independently and on your schedule.
WorkWork from home Yes
Salary Yes! Even if nothing sells, you still get paid!

Is Vector Marketing Good:

Selling knives, kitchenware, and other Cutco products are how independent contractors with the legitimate direct sales company Vector Marketing make their money. In order to hire college students as sales agents to sell to family and friends, the corporation uses “job interviews.”

How to Quit Vector Marketing:

You need to do a few actions in order to leave a vector marketing job. We’ve included these steps for your comfort:

  • Write a resignation letter first, making sure to include your full name, ID number, and the date when your employment will cease.
  • Give it to your manager and ask for a copy to be sent by email to the human resources division of the business.
  • You must write a letter, keep a copy of it, and send a copy to the human resources department through email or postal mail. Ask for a written confirmation of receipt if you don’t get one immediately away.

Frequently asked questions:

There are some frequently asked questions related to the topic " Vector marketing reviews " are as follows:

Q1: Is Vector Marketing a trustworthy business?

Indeed, we are a legitimate business. On the other hand, Vector Marketing is NOT a con, and we are upfront and clear about the whole Hiring and onboarding process for Vector sales representatives from beginning to end.

Q2: Is it worthwhile to work for VectorVector?

Generally speaking, VectorVector performs an outstanding job of training its new employees during the onboarding process. I have never worked in a position where employees’ requirements were outlined. Sincerely, I had a positive experience. Vector is a beautiful company that genuinely cares about its products and sales.

Q3: Vector Marketing: Is it a Ponzi scheme?

Vector asserts that it is a single-level direct selling marketing organization rather than a multi-level marketing firm. The company sells a product contrary to what its critics allege. Hence they are not a pyramid scam.

Q4: How much do you profit from VectorVector?

At Vector Marketing, the average expected annual compensation, including base pay and bonuses, is $124,161, or $59 per hour. At the same time, the median yearly wage is predicted to be $117,349, or $56 per hour. A Sales Engineer at Vector Marketing earns $268,894 per year in salary, while a Receptionist makes $35,000 per year.

Q5: Is it possible to profit from vector marketing?

You can only gain money if you sell something; even then, the amount you are paid is modest. Nevertheless, you must attend meetings when they also take your checks. It is a “no pressure” sales company, even though it is primarily dependent on sales. Since even just demonstrating the goods earns you money. However, some of it is commission.

Q6: Does Vector Marketing belong on my resume?

However, you may list an excellent location to develop experience and abilities on your resume if you are interested in business or marketing.

Q7: What is the base beginning salary?

In addition, we provide a base salary guarantee for any appointment that qualifies. Second, regardless of whether you make any sales, you will always get paid for each qualified assignment you finish.

Q8: How long is training in Vector Marketing?

You will participate in an initial training course at your local office that lasts two or three days. You can get further details about upcoming training opportunities and dates from your manager.

Q9: Can I pay to train with VectorVector?

There is no fee for instruction. It’s unpaid.

Q10: In how many court cases is Vector Marketing a party?

But eight lawsuits have been filed against VectorVector. One of those instances occurred after a girl was drugged and subjected to a client’s severe sexual ■■■■■■■. Additionally, each sale you make will give Vector’sVector’s deals managers a cut of your revenue.

Q11: What do workers at VectorVector do?

Scheduling meetings with potential customers using personal contacts and referrals. Processing orders and giving possible buyers product demonstrations of Cutco. Serving the demands of present customers. In-person or over-the-phone performance reviews with management during meetings.

Q12: Does Vector Marketing use cold calling?

Your phone people to try to sell them things.

Q13: How should one be ready for a vector interview?

Tips for Your Interview in Few Words

  • Try to look your best! Wear your best business attire. However, we’re not suggesting you go out and buy anything new.
  • Consider taking notes.
  • Log into your interview on a laptop or desktop.
  • To avoid feeling rushed, allow yourself 5 to 10 minutes extra upon arriving.
  • Enjoy yourself, unwind, and be yourself!

Q14: Does Vector Marketing work with criminals?

Criminals are not allowed.

Q15: Is vector marketing simple to do?

It requires a lot of labour, and as most jobs are commission-based, it may seem as though the effort expended is not compensated by the pay earned during periods of more incredible difficulty or lower sales volume. As an assistant manager, I occasionally worked 70-hour weeks and even field calls while away from the office.

Q16: Is Vector Marketing an honest company?

They are a well-known MLM fraud, and posts against them are shared on forums like r/antiMLM. Vector Marketing won’t pay you as much as a work-study position or a job paying the minimum wage. They enjoy establishing themselves on college campuses and taking advantage of students.

Q17: Does Cutco pay for training?

I am not being paid for training.

Q18: What does the company VectorVector do for students?

High school and college students are employed by Vector Marketing to market Cutco knives to their friends and family (Top Knife Brands – Long Lasting Knife Creators). They recruit young individuals to work for them on social media with the promise of an easy $17 per hour and experience that will look good on a résumé.

Q19: Does Vector Marketing help people get jobs?

They hire nearly anyone, and the hiring procedure consists of a group interview where you are essentially asked if you are motivated by money or not.

Q20: How long is an interview with Vector Marketing?

Your initial interview lasts about an hour.

:beginner: Conclusion:

The annual sales division of the cutlery maker Cutco Corporation, based in Olean, New York, is called Vector Marketing, a direct selling subsidiary firm. We are a reliable business. Vector sales representatives’ hiring and onboarding processes are open and transparent, and Vector Marketing is NOT a sham.

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