Definition of Salesperson:

  1. Supplier (used as a neutral substitute).

  2. People who sell goods and services to other companies. The success of a salesperson is usually measured by the number of sales made in that particular sale and the person's ability to buy people. In some cases, when a seller is hired by a company, compensation may increase or decrease due to the number of goods or services sold.

Synonyms of Salesperson

Saleslady, Shop assistant, Negotiator, Saleswoman, Assistant, Salesman, Salesgirl, Seller, Sales representative, Agent, Representative, Sales assistant

How to use Salesperson in a sentence?

  1. You always want to hire good sales people who understand people and know how to market their product quickly and efficiently.
  2. In the showroom, John McCormick was an excellent salesman, with three experienced sales people working with him.
  3. The sellers were very good and they gave me good ideas for getting into the business.
  4. The salesperson is very successful because he has an extraordinary ability to explain in detail the benefits of the product he sells to the customers and he can often use this ability to close the sale.

Meaning of Salesperson & Salesperson Definition