Top 10 Best Tools for T-Shirt Printing

The prints add an individual classiness, elegance, and style to your ordinary shirt. While the t-shirt business gears up, you require commercial T-shirt printing equipment. Fortunately, there are many distinctive kinds of accessories and printers which they could purchase, however, the standard equipment is all the same.
1.Sublimation Printer
It is an amazing investment as you can utilize it for mugs, t-shirts, and cell phone cases, etc. This way, you can stay assured of an exponential increase in the product line-up. If you want, you can utilize the Ricoh GX700 printer with the bypass tray for the 13x19 inch paper. This sublimation printer comes in handy to print tees with bigger prints.

2.The Heat Press
The T-shirt maker must have the heat press as it is the most relevant piece of tee printing equipment. While picking the right one, there are 2 major alternatives to keep in mind. A majority of individuals begin with the manual heat press as they are inexpensive to purchase. This simple machine has a heated place that offers the heat required for transferring the design onto your t-shirt.

3. The Screen
Are you planning to go for screen printing? You will require some screens. These will be utilized for making stencils, & by the stencils, you will transfer ink onto the garments, thereby printing many designs on them. You can build a bit yourself, however, the most perfect thing would be to get the screens from the store. In case the T-shirt maker decides to build his/her screen, consider utilizing aluminum for making the frame since it is more durable.

4. Emulsion
As the screen is light-sensitive, you will require emulsion for taking care of that. It is a liquid substance that is applied to the screens for reducing their light-sensitivity. Generally, it gets applied to the screen before utilizing it. The Emulsion’s hardening (while it is exposed to light) is what produces stencil. Moreover, applying the chemical substance is also easy. However, you will require a specific tool to that, the squeeze or scoop coater is the most usual.

5. Exposure Unit
After you apply the emulsion on screens, you will require a way for curing the liquid, and that is where this tool comes into the picture. By putting screens in an exposure unit while printing your Custom t-shirt, you permit light for passing through them, & it is this light that cures the liquid. For a kick-start, the medium-sized exposure unit will be sufficient.

6. Vinyl Cutter
This tool is used for creating the transfers at home while you are doing the small quantity orders or while you need to knock shirts out hurriedly. In this case, Graphtec CE6000 cuts the 15-inch vinyl rolls. You can also do multiple colors with vinyl by layering it. However, you wish to limit it to 3 layers. Or else, it begins to be quite thick on your t-shirt.

7. Dryer
The screen printing process’s final stage is drying. A nice dryer is among the most significant pieces for t-shirt printing equipment as the drying procedure cures the ink & sets it into the fabric. Without a good dryer, you won’t be able to enhance the turnover time & build the Custom t-shirt printing business. Not only is it an affordable tool, but as per your budget, you can also downgrade or upgrade the dryer.

8. Ink
It is among the most crucial materials utilized while making any sort of printing. After all, how can you view the design if not for your ink? There are distinctive ink types utilized for printing including water-based or plastisol inks. For t-shirt printing, you will require solvent ink. They are offered in different colors. For starters, you can avail of primary colors such as white, black, blue, yellow, or red.

9. Alignment Tools
You will surely require some type of alignment tool for getting the prints straight and centered. Moreover, use Tee Square It to align the full-back and front prints. Another best tool for alignment is a logo grid that works wonders for tiny chest logos which are printed in the pocket area. Again, with these sorts of tools, you can go more affordable or even update to the laser system which will take a lot of guesswork out of the scene.

10. Transfer Paper
While novice printers buy the t-shirt printing equipment, they usually commit the error of assuming that every transfer paper is the same. However, it is significant that you purchase the most suitable paper for the printer & consider the fabric’s image and color which you are printing. There are distinctive papers accessible for laser and inkjet printers, so ensure to check that you buy the right one.

So, here is the checklist of the top 10 required tools for tshirts printing

With the above-mentioned items in the checklist, you have the complete t-shirt design kit package. Wish to sell your t-shirt on a reputed platform? Choose Designhill as the portal has plenty of opportunities for an aspiring artist within you. This website gives you a perfect chance to sell your customized tees so that your ideas are worn and appreciated by a lot of people.