Toothpaste Tablets

Toothpaste tablets consist of traditional toothpaste formula, without using water or sometimes fluoride in their composition. These tablets when chewed in the mouth and get mixed with the saliva, turn into toothpaste. To prevent land pollution because of empty toothpaste tubes, Lindsay McCormick came out with the idea of making the toothpaste tablets.

1. Who invented Toothpaste Tablets?

:black_small_square: Lindsay McCormick, a former TV producer invented the toothpaste tablets. The unique idea of toothpaste tablets came into her mind when she was traveling because of her work.

:black_small_square: She noticed that a number of traveler toothpaste tubes have been dumped by her during the time of one year. These tubes add to environmental pollution.

:black_small_square: So, while thinking about alternatives for toothpaste tubes, she came out with the amazing idea of chewable toothpaste tablets. Bite toothpaste bits is the company that made the idea into reality in the year 2019.

2. Toothpaste Tablets how to use?

:small_orange_diamond: Toothpaste tablets are used as an alternative to the toothpaste tubes. They have the same composition as do the normal toothpaste but some toothpaste tablets don’t have fluoride for teeth whitening - as the ingredient.

:small_orange_diamond: One toothpaste tablet is placed in the oral cavity and chews the tablet until no bits are left when the tablet mixes up with the saliva within the mouth cavity.

:small_orange_diamond: Use the wet brush and brush your teeth in the same way as it is used for normal toothpaste. They can be used to clean the veneers teeth as you will be more concerned about this if you come to know that how much do veneers cost.

:small_orange_diamond: Foam of toothpaste tablet is spitted out just like the normal toothpaste only making the difference that the oral cavity is not washed with water as you normally do after brushing your teeth.

:small_orange_diamond: Coating is left on the teeth so that teeth absorb required minerals from the toothpaste tablet. You can use mouthwash tablets also, as you know the importance of mouthwash rinse for oral hygiene.

2.1. Composition of Toothpaste tablets

Toothpaste tablets or toothpaste pills are consisting of the same ingredients as do the normal toothpaste tubes. Here is the list of essential components of Toothpaste tablets with fluoride:

:white_check_mark: Component :white_check_mark: Function
:small_blue_diamond: Microcrystalline cellulose Adhesive and moulding agent
:small_blue_diamond: Sodium bicarbonate Plaque removal
:small_blue_diamond: Sodium lauroyl glutamate Foam formation
:small_blue_diamond: Silica Whitening and teeth cleansing
:small_blue_diamond: Magnesium Stearate Binding and thickening agent
:small_blue_diamond: Aroma To add flavor
:small_blue_diamond: Xanthan gum As binder
:small_blue_diamond: Stevioside As sweetener
:small_blue_diamond: Citric acid Removes smear layer
:small_blue_diamond: Sodium fluoride Strengthens teeth enamel
:small_blue_diamond: Eugenol – clove oil Prevents toothache

2.2. Packaging of toothpaste tablets

  1. According to the studies, each year, about 450 million to one billion empty toothpaste tubes are being wasted in the United States.

  2. These tubes are made up of Aluminum or plastic. If you don’t know that is aluminum a metal or something different, for your knowledge it’s the metal used to make sheets and containers.

  3. These empty tubes that are tough to recycle as they are not composed of biodegradable mass add to the land pollution.

  4. Easy solution for this is the zero waste toothpaste tablets that are available in glass jars and recyclable material.

  5. Here are two examples of containers that are used to pack the toothpaste tablets:

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: 1. Etee’s chewpaste

  1. These tablets are available in a glass jar that has a steel lid. When the jar is finished, you can order a refill.

  2. Refill orders will be delivered to you in form of compostable pouches or cardboard boxes.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: 2. Georganics toothpaste tablets

  • These are effervescent cleansing tablets with a spearmint flavor that are delivered in form of a reusable glass jar.

Summary :pencil2:
Toothpaste Tablets are invented in 2019 as an alternative to toothpaste tubes to avoid land pollution because of empty tubes. They are being available with or without fluoride in their composition and are no-waste products.

3. Toothpaste tubes and Toothpaste Tablets

Dr. Lawrence Fung, the founder of silicon beach dental, says that the toothpaste tablets are a better substitute to the typical toothpaste in terms of sustainability.

As Toothpaste Tablets have been invented as an alternative to the traditional toothpaste tubes, to prevent the landfill because of empty tubes, so they share the same ingredients.

3.1. Difference

:small_orange_diamond: Unlike the toothpaste tubes that have water as an ingredient to impart the creamy texture, toothpaste pills don’t use water.

:small_orange_diamond: Traditional toothpaste has water so there is a need for preservatives to prevent the decomposition that occurs because of hydrolysis in the presence of water.

:small_orange_diamond: Toothpaste tablets are water-free, so there is no need for preservatives or stabilizers while forming the toothpaste tablets.

:small_orange_diamond: Toothpaste Tubes cause the landfill in contrast to the toothpaste tablets, which have zero part in adding pollution to the environment.

3.2. Similarities

  1. Both are used for teeth whitening purposes.

  2. There is the same ingredient composition used in both the toothpaste tubes and toothpaste tablets.

  3. As far as concerned to the addition of fluoride in the composition of Toothpaste Tablets, toothpaste tubes are also available as fluoride-free formulas.

  4. Some people fear that fluoride may be toxic for the health and so they prefer fluoride-free toothpaste formulas.

  5. High amount of fluoride is toxic, that is the reason that toothpaste is not swallowed and spitted out. The same is the case of toothpaste tablets with fluoride.

  1. However, if you are using fluoride-free toothpaste or toothpaste pills, you should be more concerned about oral hygiene.

  2. Fluoride strengthens the teeth enamel and hence helps you to avoid teeth discoloration. It also helps in remineralization of teeth.

  3. To maintain oral hygiene, when you choose to use fluoride-free formulas, use low sugar and low acid diet with plenty of water. Less fast food consumption, such as McDonald’s or Five guys will be better for oral hygiene.

  4. By serching in detail thst how much water should you drink a day, you can easily calculate the required amount of water to maintain the salivary pH to prevent tooth problems.

3.3 Toothpaste tablets with fluoride

:small_blue_diamond: Although fluoride prevents discoloration of teeth and helps to remove the plaque by protecting the enamel, yet some people are not easy with fluoride formulas.

:small_blue_diamond: Especially the children below 6 years should not be using the fluoride formulas for brushing the teeth as if they swallow it, maybe proven as harmful.

:small_blue_diamond: Moreover, because of the no-water composition of toothpaste tablets, there is mostly no addition of preservatives.

:small_blue_diamond: But preservatives are necessary for prolonging the shelf life of products, so toothpaste tablets without fluoride may have a shorter shelf life.

:small_blue_diamond: FDA requires the determination of shelf life while forming a product, but here is a relaxation that it’s must go thing for fluoride formulas.

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4. Best Toothpaste Tablets

Here is a list of with or without fluoride Toothpaste Tablets along with their ingredients and properties:

:white_check_mark: Brand :white_check_mark: Property :white_check_mark: Additional constituents
:small_orange_diamond: Bite fresh mint toothpaste bits Best overall, no plastic Coconut oil, xylitol
:small_orange_diamond: T series chewable solid toothpaste Lemon & lime flavor Vit-B6, vit-E, vit-C xylitol, aloe extract, paraben-free
:small_orange_diamond: MANORICH all-natural toothpaste tablet Rosemary and green tea flavor, Gluten-free, vegan-free,
:small_orange_diamond: Archtek toothpaste tablet mint Best in budget, mint flavor Natural cranberry extract, xylitol
:small_orange_diamond: Listerine’s ready! Tabs Mint flavor, harder than others, sugar and alcohol free
:small_orange_diamond: Hello activated charcoal whitening toothpaste tablets Best charcoal, Available on amazon and ULTA Charcoal, peppermint oil, tea tree oil
:small_orange_diamond: SpacePaste toothpaste to go Antimicrobial, reduces plaque Xylitol, cranberry extract
:small_orange_diamond: Chewable gentle whitening toothpaste tablets Best whitening toothpaste, available on amazon and ETSY Baking soda
:small_orange_diamond: Unpasted zero waste toothpaste tablets No preservative, Available on well earth goods
:small_orange_diamond: Denttabs toothpaste tablets Best with the fluoride Available on amazon Fluoride
:small_orange_diamond: Crush & brush toothpaste tablets Mint flavor
:small_orange_diamond: Georganics mouthwash tablets Mouthwash tablets, NaHCO3, menthol and spearmint flavor

5. Chewtab Toothpaste Tablets

Chewtab Toothpaste Tablets are fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate tablets with a peppermint flavor.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Ingredients of Chewtab toothpaste tablets

  1. Xylitol
  2. Natural Peppermint flavor
  3. Stevia
  4. Quillaja Saponaria extract
  5. Calcium phosphate
  6. Calcium stearate

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Properties of Chewtab toothpaste tablets

  1. Fluoride-free
  2. Sodium lauryl sulfate
  3. Peppermint, cinnamon, and vanilla flavors
  4. No-silica product – silica is associated with abrasion
  5. Useable with an electronic toothbrush
  6. Xylitol acts as a moisturizer

6. Bite toothpaste tablets

Toothpaste tablets from the Bite company have certain qualities, making them different from other brands.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Properties of Bite Toothpaste Bits

  1. Plastic free
  2. Fluoride alternative – n-HA (nano-hydroxyapatite)
  3. Environment friendly
  4. 100% vegan
  5. Gluten-free
  6. Multiple flavors – mint, charcoal, berry
  7. Four-month supply jars

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How to use?

  • Place one tablet in your mouth
  • Bite properly to resolve the bits
  • Brush with a moisturized tooth brush
  • Spit out the foam of toothpaste

Frequently asked questions

Toothpaste tablets are an amazing alternative for traditional tablets as they are eco-friendly. Some questions regarding the toothpaste tablets have been answered below:

1. Do dentists recommend toothpaste tablets?

  1. Just after the invention of toothpaste tablets in 2019, toothpaste tablets have gained much popularity as an eco-friendly toothpaste source.

  2. But doctors recommend these tablets as a toothpaste source only when there is no option to use traditional toothpaste.

  3. Major drawback of toothpaste tablets is that the toothpaste may not reach all the teeth because of unreliable distribution and they will not be cleaned properly.

2. Do mouthwash tablets work?

  1. Just like the toothpaste tablets, mouthwash tablets are also available. They are more reliable as compared to the tablets because mouthwashes have nothing to do with the brushing of teeth.

  2. They are easily portable mouthwash sources and can help you keep your mouth smelling good and refreshing wherever you go.

3. Do Toothy Tabs replace toothpaste?

  1. “Lush” cosmetics company of united states manufactures toothpaste tablets with the name of “Toothy Tabs”.

  2. Company claims that these tablets are as effective as the traditional toothpaste tube and can be reliably used as an alternative.

  3. Toothy tabs are not containing fluoride as an ingredient and are available in multiple flavors.


:small_blue_diamond: Toothpaste Tablets were invented in 2019 when she noticed that a lot of empty toothpaste tubes add fodder to the earth. Bite company manufactured toothpaste tablets for the first time.

:small_blue_diamond: They are small pills of 60 or more units per pack and do not involve any kind of plastic to be wasted that will cause a landfill.

:small_blue_diamond: Toothpaste tablets are available in fluoride-free formulas and also with the fluoride same as traditional toothpaste.

:small_blue_diamond: Dentists recommend using toothpaste tablets only when there is no availability of traditional toothpaste tubes as they consider these tablets unreliable because of uneven distribution within the mouth.