Dental Care for Adult Without Insurance

Dental services are a bit expensive if you have dental insurance then it is well and good but if you don’t have then don’t worry there are some good charitable organizations available that help people to get these services at an affordable price or in some cases free of cost. The organization provides dental care for adults without insurance and those who are disabled, aged (64 or above) medically fragile. Give smile back is an organization which provides free of cost dental service to those who are affected by domestic and sexual violence.

dental care without insurance

Dental Care for Adult Without Insurance

Dental care is a part of life. You need to go to the dentist for a regular checkup and any treatment. Dental care is an expensive procedure, dentists charge 1000 dollars for the required treatment. Not all individuals have health insurance that pays their dental expenses. According to research, nearly 45 million Americans don’t have dental insurance and as the inflation increases, day by day the dental care charges are higher twice in a year than how a person can afford dental care expenses?

The good news is dentist providers know how people struggle with such kind of problem and because of that, they took some steps to make it easier for the patients. There are some ways through which a patient can save his money in their regular or often treatments.

Tips to get dental care at discount prices:

  • Dental schools

    A dental school is a good option for adult patients who required treatment dental care at a low price. The dental school has its dental clinics or affiliate dental clinics where their graduate student practice by treating real patients under the supervision of licensed experts. Their fees are much lesser than the matured experienced dentists.

  • Take participate in the research trial

    You can take part in the clinical trial. New research is always looking for people who want to participate in the study. You can research and check out which trial is targeting your problem area and you can take an appointment accordingly.

    These trials are mostly free of cost, by taking part in the clinical trials you can get out of your pain without paying any single penny.

  • Government funded dental clinics

    Government has dental clinics that are specially funded by the govt for the people who have no insurance or who cannot afford clinical charges.

    In America there the many clinics which provide this facility to their patients. There are kinds of payment structure which defines to the patients accordingly like charging low, fixed price, or sliding fees.

    The sliding fee structure can be set according to the patient’s income. If his income is higher then he charged a high price and if his income is low then he charged a low price.

  • Free dental clinics

    Free dental clinics are established in the state where a large number of dentists, ■■■■ surgeon, and ■■■■ hygienist work as a volunteer. These doctors provide free services to their patients who are economically weak and have no dental insurance, but the resources of a charitable organization are typically limited.

free dental clinic

Here are some charitable organizations that have a tremendous approach to working not only for adults but for children as well to protect their ■■■■ health.

  • The children dental center (TCDC)

  • National children ■■■■ health foundation

  • Project: dentist care

  • Give back a smile

  • National foundation of dentistry for the handicap

  • Smiles for a lifetime

  • Christian’s smile

Doctors say: prevention is better than cure it is better to take care of your ■■■■ hygiene by your self therefore, you cannot get into big trouble.

  • Upfront your financial situation

    Some doctors see low economic side patients on yearly basis and treat them even free of cost. If you have been visiting a dentist for a longer period and you discuss your financial conditions and unaffordability against dental services so, the doctor himself and maybe he refers you to the other doctor who has this facility for their patients.

  • Membership discounts

    A Membership facility is another way to facilitate patients who have no dental insurance. It is a kind of insurance but not the insurance you don’t need to pay any monthly premium or deductibles, no waiting period, or annual maximums.

    By getting a membership card patients can get discounts on dental services according to their requirements.

    Additionally, if it sounds good for you then you can get more information by clicking the link below.

  • Loan for dental services

    You can take a loan for your expensive dental treatment. This facility can help you immediately in case of an emergency. Before taking a loan make sure that you have to pay back within the deadline time.

Summary: without insurance dental services are a bit expensive although, there are some ways through which these expensive treatments become affordable or in some cases, it would be free of cost.

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Where can I go to avail of these benefits?

After knowing all the tips which can help an uninsured patient to get dental care services and treatments at an affordable price, now the next step is where to go to get all these facilities. Is there any organization that helps to provide these facilities?

The answer is yes, some organizations are very helpful and give guidance about what is better.

Dental lifeline (DNL)

It is a national charitable organization for persons who are disabled, older, and medically fragile. The mission of this organization to improve the ■■■■ health of the patients who have no longer way to help. DNL’s mission is to provide essential resources for direct service programs, especially charitable care.

Dental lifeline (DNL) offers a program called donate dental service (DDS) which provides free dental service.

dental lifeline-a charitable organization fro dental care

Donate dental service (DDS)

Donate dental service (DDS) is a program that provides free of cost service facility to the individual who is disabled, elders, or medically fragile. It is a comprehensive dental treatment for those who cannot get public aid.

DDS eligibility

Dental doctors volunteer their selves to give services to the eligible peoples of the state. Their eligible criteria are given below.

  • Persons who are permanently disabled

  • Persons whose age is 65 or above

  • Persons who don’t have enough money to pay for dental services.

DDS cost

  • Free of cost for those who qualify for the DDS program

  • Those who can pay a part of it, maybe asked for laboratory charges.

DDS benefit

Those who have dental insurance (even though Medicaid) can use this program first.

DDS application process

  • Step no 1 is fill out the application form, make sure that no section is left blank. if you are disabled then attach proper proof of disability e.g. SS award letter.

  • Step no 2 is after receiving your application form the company will put you on the waiting list. In the waiting period, they decide to accept your application or not. Acceptance is base on some factors like your residential area, your age, educational background, family background, etc. if they do not accept your application they will forward a denial letter.

  • Step no 3 is when your application comes on top of the waiting list, the company will contact you. If you are eligible then they refer you to a volunteer dentist and give you the appointment. The final decision of acceptance in the program will depend upon your first visit to the dentist.

Summary: DDS is a program offered by the dental lifeline organization. It provides free of cost dental services to the disabled, elder (age 65 or more), medically fragile, and those who have no insurance policy or who can’t afford insurance premiums. It has an eligibility criterion and the process of application. After going through this process a person can qualify for this program.

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America’s dentist care foundation (ADCF)

It is a national non-profitable organization that supports dental care services to the underserved. It is located in Wichita Kansas. American dentist care foundation supports the dental mission of mercy (MOM). MOM clinics provide free of cost or on slide basis dental services and ADCF supports these clinics either on a large scale or small.

Since 2008, ADCF support clinics by providing dental equipment in 31 states have provided 290,000 patients with more than $200 million in the charity of ■■■■ health care.

america's dentist care foundation

Give back a smile (GBS)

AACDF is a charitable organization that designed a program called to give back a smile (GBS). This program helps to heal ■■■■ injury due to domestic and sexual violence. Give back a smile bring back the smile by the restoration or plant dental issues.

Since 1999, the dental laboratory technicians and other dental professionals of AACDF decide to volunteer their services for these peoples, more than 1800 people for a total dollar value of more than $17 million.

Eligibility to apply for GBS

  • Those who have age 18 and above have received dental injuries to the smile-zone from:

    • Former intimate partner or spouse (husband, wife, domestic partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend)

    • Family member

    • Sexual violence (sexual ■■■■■■■ and/or rape)

    • Human trafficking (may be considered)

  • The incident which causes the dental injury generally must have occurred 1 year ago.

    • If hurt by an intimate partner or spouse: you should get yourself out of all abusive relationships for a minimum of one year.

    • If hurt by a family member: you need to have lived in a separate home from that person for a minimum of one year.

    • If hurt because of sexual ■■■■■■■: it needs to have happened at least one year ago​.

  • ​​​GABS don’t deal with dental negligence (such as cavities), gum disease, jaw injuries, or orthodontic treatment (braces, shifted teeth, and/or spaces between teeth).

​​ This program doesn’t fix or replace any work done by the previous dentist on teeth.

GABS application process

  • You can download the application form from their website or by

  • Once you download the form next step is to fill out and one thing keeps in mind, don’t leave any section empty otherwise your application will not have proceeded.

  • Give back smile review your application and then decide either you are eligible or not. If you are eligible then you must fix your appointment with the dentist

  • If they declare you eligible then you can proceed with further appointments.

  • One thing keeps in mind that if they found no volunteer dentist within 200 miles of your location then your final eligibility decision will be up to the volunteer dentist.

Summary: give back smile (GBS) is a program that is specially designed for persons who are affected by domestic or sexual violence. Those women and men who are 18 or above are eligible to apply however, I would not deal with any dental negligence.


Frequently asked questions about dental care are as follows:


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the number one country in the world for cheap dental work. It has many dental practices that are both safe and state-of-the-art with the latest technology, treatments, and procedures that are perfected on an international dental standard.

2. How much is to pull a tooth without insurance?

Tooth Extractions

Average tooth removals cost: $75 to $300 for non-surgical, gum-erupted tooth extraction. $150 to $650 for a surgical extraction utilizing anesthesia. $185 to $600 for soft-tissue and complicated surgical extractions.

3. What do you do if you have no dental insurance?

If you do not have a dental plan and cannot afford to pay your entire bill at once, ask your dentist about a payment plan. If you cannot afford care, even with a payment plan, contact the nearest: Social services agency to see if you qualify for government-funded dental care.

4. What is the best affordable dental insurance?

The Best Affordable Dental Insurance:

  • Best Overall: Delta Dental.
  • Best for Claims: UnitedHealthcare.
  • Most Affordable: Humana.
  • Best for Kids: Cigna.
  • Best for Adults: Aflac.

5. How do I get dental insurance with a low income?

Dental care options for low-income Albertans

Dental services are available for low-income Albertans through government-sponsored supplementary health benefit programs: Alberta Child Health Benefit covers health benefits for children up to 18, or children who are 18 or 19 if they live at home and attend high school.


Dental care for adults without insurance is a bit expensive but some programs offer good services with little or free of cost. Three big organizations support other small and big charity clinics. Give back smile is a special program especially for domestic and sexual violence. Now it’s up to you what dental care organization you choose and which tip suits your requirement.

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