The 5 biggest artificial and western jewelry brands in Pakistan

The love of jewelry may be western jewelry and artificial jewelry is eternal for women of all ages. The finest jewelry not only glorifies your beauty but also enhances every feature of your body and make you stand out. Due to this huge demand, there is a wide range of jewelry available in the market but the price serves as a barrier.

But there is no need to worry because some of the timeless and awestruck jewelry is available in very affordable prices that can be reached by everyone in the society. These days highly sculptured artificial and western jewelry is being sold by many of the renown, and trustworthy brands. So, we have sorted out the top brands of artificial jewelry that falls in your budget.

1-Hanif Jewelers-The Best Western Jewelry Brands

Hanif Jewelers is a luxury destination for everyone looking for fine jewelry and fine watches. Hanif Jewelers was established more than 4 years ago and is well known. Your products are beautiful, unique, and of first-class quality. Amazing gold jewelry, wonderful diamond collection and gem collection. You can choose lurex accessories or eye-catching western jewelry in everyday life.

They also have variety in western jewelry designs and colors to match your outfits. They always come up with charismatic jewelry designs with cheap prices. Their accessories are of the best quality that are available in market in the present times. They provide a wholesome experience with their amazing range.

They not only focus on the range of jewelry but they have no match in their quality too. Their true motive is to provide highest quality western jewelry in minimal price range. So, all of their accessories are sculptured with great care and accuracy under the supervision of professionals who work with all their heart for creating a magnificent experience for their clients. So, ever article displays creativity of the craftsmen and speaks for its superiority over the other brands. Indeed, they are the top jewelry manufacturers and rank among the best in artificial jewelry market.

They have an amazing customer service care that helps you find the most suitable article that not only mesmerizes you but fit the aesthetics of your dress too. They have a store in Lahore and also provide best online services. They provide a wonderful experience of artificial jewelry online shopping to their valuable customers.

2-Tesoro-The Best Artificial Jewelry Brands

Intricate, alluring, tantalizing are the names for the jewelry by Tesoro. They are one of the finest names in artificial jewelry and have been in the industry since 2009.

They provide the highest quality jewelry that is indubitably elegant and gives an extraordinary experience. Their focus is not only on traditional jewelry but also on western jewelry that meets the demand of different types of customers. The number of articles they have is enormous which sometimes makes it difficult to decide. There don’t compromise on the quality of the jewelry articles. Their articles are sculptured with great care and the fineness of every piece is being showcased. Their jewelry stands out every time you wear it.

They have a variety not only in numbers but also in colors that range in gold, silver, champagne. Their jewelry is also gold, silver, or rhodium plated depending on the requirements of the customers. The stones used in the jewelry are also of different colors that match your outfit and also make you feel exceptional. If you need artificial jewelry for any kind of event either it’s a marriage or a party of friends, the answer is Tesoro and the most amazing thing is that it would be at affordable prices.

The most atypical feature of their jewelry is that it is timeless. They make your feminine features stand out strikingly. They provide you with beautiful enameling of the metal pieces to only enhance your experience. They always come with innovative designs that rule on the heart of its customers.

Their brand is endorsed by customers not only at the national but also at the international level. They have their stores nationwide in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore and they also provide online services with free shipping.

3-Ak collection-The Best Artificial Jewelry Brands

Versatility is the second name for Ak collections. They provide their customers with ethnic and western jewelry in unique designs that enhances your look and add elegance into it. Their options include tikka, anklet, nose rings, bridal sets and at the same time with alluring pendants, bracelets and earrings. They have many amazing bridal sets and also trendy sets for the daily wear.

They have everything you can think of under the variety of artificial jewelry. Every piece of their jewelry is crafted with delicacy to provide magical experience to customers that not only make them look beautiful but also comfortable to wear. It has been said that every article is the byproduct of the hands of the experts. They have gained the trust of their customers due to which they are among the top brands of artificial jewelry.

They are providing the enchanting experience of beautiful jewelry in very affordable prices that anyone can buy, it’s either students who want to get something trendy for their friends’ birthday or a to be bride who wants something traditional for her big day. The affordability is a plus point that they have earned.

Their signature jewelry is an amalgam of the fineness and elegance. It’s jewelry also fits the definition of fancy and sensational. Their jewelry serves the purpose for a longer period of time due to their high quality. For a better experience to their customers, they have an online website service which you can use to shop anything from anywhere.

4-Damas-The Best Western Jewelry Brands

Just dress up for this occasion. Middle East Interestingly, they created very eye-catching elegant and complex artificial jewelry. Different from other brands, Ladies has different brands to display different categories of jewelry accessories. 168, Vera and The Forever Mark are some of their brands. Although you can find exquisite rings and earrings made of semi-precious stones in Vera, your ideal choice is. For elegant diamonds, see 168.

5-ARY-The Best Western Jewelry Brands

ARY presents beautiful classic diamonds and gold jewelry for special life events. 22 carat gold jewelry is different from many other western jewelry. Or, you can find the exquisite diamond collection in their stores across the country and on the Internet. However, if you ask me, I think ARY’s classic gold collection is better than silver or gems. If you are looking for eye-catching gold jewellery for your wedding, engagement or anniversary gift, please visit the ARY Jeweler and choose from many options.Preformatted text