Stress Free Travel 2021

Most of us love to travel but it is not all smooth sailing, sometimes, it can be stressful at times. There are things like packing your suitcase, fear of missing your flight, going to an unexplored place, and a bunch of other things that can cause real anxiety to people.

Are you one of those people? If yes, then here we have 10 tried and tested tips for stress-free travel. Have a look:

1- Continue with Your Normal ‘Night and Morning’ Routine

If you are not a frequent traveler, you are definitely nervous about your first flight. Some people even think a lot about it and mess up their usual routine. However, it is suggested to keep things steady and as normal as possible before taking the flight.

Let’s say, you have a flight at night, you should do the daily tasks you always do as your flight is at night.

If your flight is in the morning, make sure to sleep through the night and wake up fresh for your traveling. Once you have reached the destination, keep the sleep schedule as it was before and organize your day to stay out of stress.

2- Plan Your Accommodation in Advance

If you want a smooth travel experience, be sure to plan your accommodation in advance. There is nothing better than a comfy room after a long and tiring flight to a different destination.

There is information and online booking via the internet. You can book a hotel room or use Airbnb to share a room in someone else’s home. Advance booking can also get you a discount.

Another tip is to never invest in timeshares while on vacation. Timeshare refers to vacation houses or resorts on the beach or in a hill station.

They are designed as condos and can have multiple ownerships that allows each party to live in it for an allotted period of time.

The initial cost is too low like $1,500 but it’s a real mess when it comes to documentation. If you want a stress-free traveling trip, steer clear of Diamond Resorts or any other company even if they approach you.

3- Wear Comfortable Clothes while Traveling

Taking the time off from work and going on a trip is an exciting thought but don’t go overboard by wearing fancy clothes.

They are going to cause you more anxiety. Just wear your normal and comfortable clothes. Try a cardigan instead of a coat, wear joggers/sneakers, and add a soft pillow and blanket on a chilly flight. By opting for soft and comfy clothes, you will release stress during traveling.

4- Stay Hydrated

Anxiety can be reduced if you stay hydrated so keep an empty water bottle with you. Be sure to fill it up after you are cleared with the airport security because they won’t let you go through with it. The complimentary drinks on the flight are not a good substitute for water, so drink water.

If you don’t want to bring the bottle, be sure to buy it from any grocery shop during a road trip.

5- Chew Gum to Cope with Stress

If you are prone to get stress from traveling, try chewing gum because it helps a lot of people. People who get earaches, headaches, and nausea while changing altitude can chew gum to make their ear pop and go through with the plane turbulence.

Again, pack a big size of gum because you are going to chew a lot of them if the flight is long. Keep it in your handy bag and take it out after the checkpoint at the airport. As for the road trip, you can keep it however you like.

6- Turn off Your Phone

This is a digital age and everyone has a phone. When you are taking a long flight, you might want to turn off your phone.

Because there are not a lot of options for charging your phone when you are on a plane, sitting at the airport, or going to the hotel. You may need to call a friend, your travel guide, or someone else and you wouldn’t want your phone to die during a catastrophic situation.

7- Do Packing Early

When you plan a traveling trip you have to do your packing according to the weather there. It is probably best to pack a day or two before you leave for traveling if you don’t want to be stressing about it.

Do the important shopping a week before, if you need to wash your cloth, do that too in a week’s time. Some people like to stress about it at the last minute and it is not good.

Take your time and be prepared mentally. When you are mentally prepared to do things, you are probably going to do it right. Pack everything you need including an extra pair of undies, socks, and t-shirts.

8- Choose between a Suitcase/ Backpack/ or a Gig Traveling Bag

All of us are different from each other, so we have preferences when it comes to choosing between a suitcase/ backpack or a big traveling bag.

Take whatever works for you and you don’t have to worry about your luggage anymore. Suitcases are great when you are going to stay in the hotel and only have to go to one or two places.

On the other hand, backpacks are great for those who are going to be on the move most of the time.

9- Don’t Forget Your Essentials

It is a modern age, and nobody likes to travel without his or her travel essentials All people have different essentials but the toothbrush, traveling adapters, cameras, kindle, and many other such things are part of almost everyone’s luggage.

Be sure to pack a portable power bank and connecting cable for any emergency situation.

10- Stay Entertained Throughout Your Journey

We all love free time, but it can be boring too. So, take a book or two with you to read through the journey or download a few series to be entertained through your long flight.