Benefits of Travelling: Why to Travel in 2020?

# Benefits of Travelling: Why to Travel in 2020?

Traveling is the oldest and most mindful experience, which has a history, that is as long as humanity itself. A trickier question is asked: why do people travel? Well. The easiest way to answer the query is that man has the curiosity to explore the world and venture out to discover new realities, people, places, and living beings. Man is not like stationary plants or chained animals. Today whatever the destinations he enjoys or enormous targets achieved, are the outcome of this venturing and adventuring. Imagine, if Darwin stayed put to his church and library, the Theory of Evolution would have never surfaced. If it was not for Newton’s ousting, sitting under the apple tree and watching the falling apple, Gravitational Force and Newton’s law probably would not have been discovered. The lessons learned Shakespeare and Francis Bacon by traveling abroad and domestically, from observing different cultures and people were portrayed in their masterpieces. Last but not the least, Columbus took his leave from Spain, moved toward India, and ended up in America. The rest is history.

Darwin’s theory revolutionized the world. Newton’s laws are considered a breakthrough in the scientific world. The English literature can not be discussed without naming Shakespeare and Bacon and their universally recognized work. The wandering soul that discovered America a few centuries back, now is a superpower and ruling the world.

This is the answer to the question “why should we travel”

## What is Travel?

The simple meaning given in the dictionary of travel is “to go” and “to journey”. But it has different meanings for different people. For some, traveling is simply moving from one place and landing on another. These people stick to the definition that travel is “to journey.” And they fulfill this meaning on all accounts. But many people view traveling in a broader context. According to them, it is not simply a moving and landing phenomenon but an opportunity of self-realization and self-reflection. For them, traveling is less about departing and arriving, more about learning and adopting.

Based on these perspectives and aspects, we conclude that traveling is something setting out from one’s safe zone, landing on another place and culture. As soon this step is completed, next comes the observing vigilantly and wholeheartedly the new place along with its dwellers. Now we got to the third step. Traveling and landing, and passively observing would be meaningless if the new challenging realities, unfamiliar, and exotic culture is not adopted, or at least respected. This last step is paradigm-shifting that broadens one’s worldview and provides multiple prisms to look at things from different angles. Travel should never be confined to enjoying and making fun. Undoubtedly, it is refreshing and rejoicing, but this excitement is like sitting under the shade of the tree, not the fruit. To get the fruit, travelers must chew some hard bones with the flavor of chicken pieces.

## What Is the Purpose of the Travel?

Purposes can vary from individual to individual. Some people travel just for fun. Others have some targeted goals. The purpose to travel might be various but one thing remained the same: They get more as compared to they lose. The achievements can be either in the form of material gain or life-long learned lesson or experience.

There can be dozens of reasons to travel, a few would be covered here.

Konrad Waliszewski, the person who has traveled over a hundred countries, asked people why they travel. He got different answers. Their responses are summed up in an article, titled “Why travel? What is the purpose of Travel?”

People’s mix-response to the question of Konraad are:

“It has deepened my life”

“My perspective has shifted”

“It opens up your possibilities and your horizons and the kinds of conversations you can have, the kinds of experiences you can have”

“It changes how I see and interact with nearly every aspect of the world around me”

“I travel to learn”

“It provides context apart from me”

Traveling has become much easier and refreshing but still, there can be some tips for smart travelers to be considered before voyaging all over the world.

### What are the Benefits of Traveling?

As like purposes, benefits are also countless. We have come up with some more prominent and profitable benefits of traveling.

### Educating Oneself

Traveling can be related to the school-going phenomenon. A child learns from the teacher, fellow students, people around him, and even from the walls of school. The same is the case of a traveler. A traveler educates him/herself, by observing different cultures, people, and their way of life. One can not be a passive spectator but a proactive observer.

A traveler named Jeffrey Lam when returned home, weird and tired, his mom asked “How was vacation? Was it fun?”. The tour was not all comfortable and enjoyable, but it was a learnable experience. So his simple answer to the mom was “I learned a lot.”

It reminds me of the famous quote of Anthony Bourdain. He says:

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”

### Relaxing and Enjoying Life

Fatigue is something that badly deteriorates the body along with the mind. It often leads to depression and anxiety. Medical treatment can never be a smart option as it has many side effects and considered momentary doze. The best way to shrug off the burden is: set out and travel as much as you can. Relaxation from the fatigue and realization of the beauty of life will be the outcome and benefits of such traveling.

Accepting new Realities and Challenging Oneself

It is a tough job to go out of the comfort zone, tougher to explore new realities, and toughest to accept them. Exploring new realities and accepting them should be the ultimate goals of a traveler. Pluralism and tolerance is developed by traversing this thorny path. But the final result is taken as the most desirable thing on earth.

### Building New Acquaintances

Travelers come across people, who on the first incidental meeting seem to be strangers but very soon a strong bond is built. With time, they become proficient and profiting friends. It is a family gateway, you bring new family members and mutual sharing of values, culture, customs and traditions take place. Once these relations are strengthened, it means you have increased the circle of your family members, enjoy their hospitality, whenever you chance to travel again. A famous quote that is attributed to Tim Cahill goes as:

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

### Adventuring

Many people have a single purpose to travel; that is to quench their thirst for adventure. It is often quoted that if your job has filled your pocket, then have an adventure, it will fill your soul. For those who can afford, there are 7 adventure vacations awaiting. Non to be missed. Aesop says about adventure that it is worthwhile. Travel is the pill and wine for an adventurous personality. He/she finds all comfortability and relaxation in this tiresome task.

### Escaping

If the mundane life is so boring, the burden of daily work has stooped you, clouds of depression are hovering over you, then leave everything behind and take a break and venture out. Traveling will benefit you enormously. When return to the job, the cool breezing inside will welcome and the work will be fun to do. Life will come back to normality. There is mystery in traveling and trudging.

“Miles to go before I sleep”

## Is Traveling Relevant in 2020?

Traveling is as relevant and beneficial as ever before. No time span can make it irrelevant and useless. Its importance is doubled with every passing year. Human beings are not restricted to a particular area and era. We are living in a global village. This global village has its own demands and obligations. The first and foremost prerequisite it puts on the shoulder of its residents is: to understand the world and make relations with its citizens based on mutual understanding and respect. Accepting multiculturalism and adopting pluralism are the ultimate aims of globalization.

The effective and practical way to accept these diversities of the globe and finally digest them lies in traveling and observing people of different cultures and various backgrounds. So it is safe to say that 2020 is the year with multi-dimensional challenges and only that nation and individual will pass it’s challenging and trying test, who leaves his comfort zone and sets foot on the vast ocean of pluralism, multiculturalism, and humanism. The drop would be no more an isolated and vaporizing droplet but an integral part of flowing, merging, and re-emerging sea. Let be that ever-living and lasting drop of ocean by traveling, reading, observing, and adopting, rather than getting wasted and dusted.

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Traveling is the most amazing experience of life , it makes you more down to earth and humble and makes you realize that your existence is just a pea sized.Theres a whole world around you,different places, people from different ethical background, the food , culture and everything makes you love travelling.

**Nature and its bounties:**Travelling can be the utmost comfort and adventure at the same time .It will help you to see positivity.The nature will leave you dumbfounded.

Being positive:Travelling will make you seek positivity and will help you to overlook one’s faults and will make you devote to higher and nobler pursuits.

Better individual:Travelling will make a better person, it will instill good qualities in you and will help you to be in a constant state of being better every day.

Inspiration:Travelling is eye-opening. The experiences that travelling gives you inspires you within and helps you to achieve your goals and motives in life.

Sanity:Travelling doesn’t only mean to have luxurious hotels for stays but it means to get out of your comfort zone and to live a life that’s healthy for you. Indulging yourself in some me time will keep you sane and will help you to live longer.

Nourishes body:Travelling can help you to nourish yourself and will keep you entertained for a longer time.Travelling will make you grateful,the things that you take for granted are the things that some people are deprived for,youll find all such people along you way to travelling.Different life lessons and different perspectives will make you fall in love with travelling.

Divine guidance and wisdom:It is said that a person who loves to travel,his or her life will be very beneficial to their mind and soul.They will reflect positivity and will live a life full of experiences.Travelling teaches a person wisdom and gives him or her a divine guidance about the world.
Travelling will also helps an individual to face the adversities of life a
nd will teach him or her how to courageously face hardships and constraints in life.It will reflect positivity and this positivity will ■■■■■■■■■ throughout and will be contagious .

Traveling is the movement from one place to another for a specific purpose. The objective of this movement is to achieve the benefits of traveling.

Before we discuss the benefits of traveling, let’s get to know what traveling means. Traveling is going away from one place to another, and different geographical locations include from one city to another, and country to country.

Travelling allows you to get experience, knowledge, and pleasure. It provides freedom from all the circumstances and situations to some extent.

In the history of the world, whatever has been achieved by human beings traveling played an important role. The scholars, philosophers, poets, writers, scientists, traders, educators, and preachers traveled to get knowledge in their respective fields. They all got the benefits of traveling not only for themselves but also for the whole of humanity.

It is convincing that we should travel more to get the benefits of traveling.

Why people like to travel

To learn new places

For many people, it is so much satisfying to learn and explore new places. It gives them pleasure and a sense of achievement. To visit a place that they had never seen before would be a once in a lifetime experience. Most people like adventures in their life. Leaving the comfort zone of their home and explore new locations would be great fun for them. The weather, atmosphere, geological conditions, presence of the river, and sea, the beautiful landscape all these factors fascinate the traveler.


Every new place has a specific culture. The culture includes language, religion, living style, clothing style, socialization, and their internal politics and interaction with the rest of the world. People like to get knowledge of all these things. They compare this with their own culture. The richness of culture sets the standard of that particular area, location, and country.

To enjoy the different cuisine

Many people love to eat. They travel because they want to experience the food in different places. The different tastes, spices, and cooking styles are the main attractions for food lovers. The similarities in the cuisine of different nations bring them together, and dissimilarities allow them to learn new things about each other.

Archeologists travel to learn the past

History is always a good source of attraction for many travelers. The archeologists who travel to find ancient places. The ancient places give us the information about the history, art, culture, religion, language, and living style. How people looked like? How did they trade at that time? So all about ancient community and civilization. For those who are in the field of archeology, traveling is a blessing. They travel far and wide places to get knowledge about the old eras, their past, and history.

To take time out

Some people have a busy routine throughout the year. Their life is very hectic and full of hard work. To take time out from their occupied professional and personal engagements, people go traveling to the places they like the most. During vacation going to any of your favorite places for traveling provides mental and physical relief.

Spend time with family

It is difficult in a hectic life to give proper time to your family. Sometimes you don’t even find time to talk to your children for days because you are actively engaged in your professional responsibilities. Once a year, if you go to someplace with your family, it will give you the best opportunity to spend quality time with your children and spouse.


Every year thousands of students travel around the world for better education opportunities. Traveling provides the advantage of getting high-quality education as compared to their respective countries. It will also give them exposure to learning new things. They meet with the other student who also comes from other parts of the world, and exchange of knowledge improves the better understanding of different aspects of life.


In underdeveloped countries, quality health facilities are not available. Certain diseases and illnesses require high standards and advanced treatments. Around the year, thousands of people travel for their treatment from one country to another.


Finding good job opportunities make people leave their home and travel within their country or to other parts of the world. Some people do jobs that require traveling to different parts of the world for training. They not only perform their job but also take benefit from traveling by meeting different people and visiting new places.


To grow and expand the business not only within the country but in different parts of the world require a lot of traveling. Although the internet world has become a global village, many business deals involve face to face meeting with the clients. If you have your business outside your country, you must have to travel.

To see their relatives

People travel to visit their close friends and family members. In this way, you can develop connections and good relations with them. Visiting any place with your family member gives exceptional happiness and pleasure.

To write travelogue

Some people work as travelogue writer. For some people, this is a hobby. They write books and articles about their traveling experiences. They tell a story to the people about how they found different people, their food, history, economy, and their political affiliations. During their visit, they meet with high profile personalities and write their interviews. In this way, they provide detailed knowledge about any place.


To earn money, people do blogging. Travel blogs are popular. Traveling companies hire different bloggers to visit different places and write a blog about these places. In this way, they act as a travel guide for other persons. Countries also encourage these bloggers to promote tourism in their countries.

For immigration

For the last two to three decades, some underdeveloped and third world countries are facing many crises. Their resident who was in serious problems because of economical, and political crises and war in their country, moved to the developed countries as immigrants. Many people traveled around the world because of this reason.

For preaching and spirituality

People travel in different groups to preach their particular religion and school of thought around the world. They also teach, educate, and train people who belong to their specific religion.

How people like to travel

There are so many means to transport available. Different people like to travel through different modes of transport.

Some people like to enjoy the journey. For this purpose, they opted to travel by bus or train to enjoy the landscape. Traveling by bus or train allows you to interact more with the people, and this will give you the learning when you listen to other people’s experiences. People prefer to travel by bus or train because they are more economical, charging facility, availability of Wi-Fi, you can take breaks and have stops, do not need to plan, and your luggage will be safe. More convenient, safe, and comfortable.

The plane allows you to travel across wide distances. When you move on vast distances, the bus or train takes a lot of time. The airline is faster, and it saves time.

Benefits of tourisms for the nations

Travelling and tourism both work together. Both of these industries are beneficial for any country. They bring foreign exchange to the country. Travelling and tourism make the soft and peaceful image of any nation. For this is the reason, nations invest a huge amount of money uplift these industries. They build infrastructure and provide convenient and comfortable traveling and residence to tourists. The benefit of traveling and tourism allows so many other related industries to flourish like, airline, bus, railway, hotel, accommodation, and all other connected industries.

In sum, for whatever reason people travel, they can not only get the full benefits of traveling for themselves but also become beneficial for others.