Street Art

Street Artistry describes the beauty of a place. Colors make the world alluring. People who are usually fond of colors love to make their houses look more attractive by painting them with their favorite colors. The colorful art shows one’s nature and interests. That is the reason why wall paintings grab people’s attention more. Without a doubt, wall paintings make public places look attractive, thus attracting tourists. This directly brings revenue to the country. Some countries pay a lot of importance to wall paintings and paintings on public buildings. Even marketers use wall art for advertisement purposes.

Street Art

Wall paintings require skilled and experienced professionals. Nowadays, many private companies do this work of art in public places. They hire professionals who are trained to do wall paintings. Vancouver is a lovely place that is famous for its street art. Generally, the government in Vancouver is very serious about its peripheral beauty and spends a lot on wall paintings and street art.

Advantages of Hiring Professionals:

There are numerous benefits of hiring skilled people for painting walls and buildings. They are trained to do quality work. Paintings, walls, and structures help to add life and beauty. The paints also protect them from any damage which could be caused by extreme weather conditions. Skilled professionals complete their work very quickly and expertly. Some of the advantages of hiring professional painters are as follows:

Quality assured:

The trained painters guarantee quality painting services. They complete the work, and they focus primarily on the quality of work. People usually are satisfied with their work. They are trained to paint the walls and buildings properly to increase their beauty and provide long life to them. This is one of the reasons why people prefer hiring them.


Protect the wall:

After the walls are painted by skilled painters, they protect them from further damage. Paints generally protect the walls from algae, moisture, and sunlight. Moisture and sunlight can cause severe damage to the walls. But when walls are painted, the paint protects the walls from getting damaged from the effects of water and sunlight.

Quick service:

The painters generally offer quick service. Usually painting walls and houses is a bit of trouble for people. The more time it will take, the more problems it will cause. This is why people look for trained professionals who can do the job fast and can paint their walls and buildings quickly. People in Vancouver have the privilege to hire Vancouver painting contractors who are famous for their quick service.

A lot depends upon the quality and the choice of color used to paint walls. Suitable quality paints are long-lasting and give more shine to the walls. Beautiful wall paintings are a source of tourist attractions. So people must pay attention before painting their walls and buildings.

Types of street art
Street artists use different techniques to display their creativity.

1. Mosaic tiling:

It’s a form of art in which artists assemble small pieces of colored glass, stone, and other materials. This way, artists create different images.Street Art. The tiles are placed on the sheets with small gaps to give it the effect of collage.

2. Murals:

Murals are the work of art directly on the wall. When artists paint a photograph over a wall, it is said to be a wall or ceiling. According to history, it is generated from the ‘fresco technique.’ In the Fresco technique, artists apply color over a thin layer of plaster in which paint will sink. Murals make people proud of their culture and heritage. Street, Street artists also use them to make an artistic or political statement.
street art

3. Stencil art:

It is made with stencils, shapes that street artists make using paper and cardboard are, they draw the image, and then you cut it out. Then they use spray paint or roll-on paint to draw on the surface. For further details, you can see this link Stencil Drawing.
street art

4. Wood blocking:

It is a form of art in which street artists would paint a small portion of plywood or any cheap object and attach it to the street signposts with bolts. Artists can just paste another paper painting or sketch on a piece of wood. There are several countries where artists use this form of art.

5. Sticker art:

This form of art is postmodern art. Artist uses stickers to make a bigger picture on a wall. This is a unique way of drawing, and people find it fascinating. This way, artists express his opinion. Artists use stickers of the same subject he is taking pictures of.

6. Graffiti:

It is a drawing and paintings of letters on a wall or other surfaces. This form of art has been present since ancient times. It is an illegal form of art because artists use public property to do an unauthorized painting. It’s also known as the free form of visual expression.

7. 3D Art:

Some artists use recycled material to create 3D art on streets and instill them on walls and roads. This is an incredible kind of creativity. Creativity.
Artist will just use scrap materials to draw animals and other figures on walls. This is such an eco-friendly way to showcase art and to keep the environment clean. These artists need some genuine appreciation to keep the sea safe from more garbage.



Colorful walls give life to the city. It’s necessary to use sensible and attractive paints and color, especially in street art, which only professionals can do better. Art in any form is attractive; it shows the culture of a city or a country. Also, It shows the political status of a country. It’s a good way to grab the attention of the public and to express one’s opinion through colors. In the world of digital appliances, people can use this art to let their children learn and explore themselves.

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Frequently asked Questions:

There are some questions that are related to street art:

1. What is Street Art?

Street art is visual art created by painters in public locations for the public. It is painted with permission, unlike graffiti.

2. Is Street Art legal?

If the artist is permitted by the property owner then the public painted is legal. If not permitted then it will be known as ‘vandalism’ and ‘liable’ to pain over someone’s property.

3. How did street art begin?

Street Art begins from scratching and tagging on public properties. Which was illegal and was known as graffiti. Around the 1980s Keith Haring did chalk drawings in New York Subway system.

4. What are the different types of street art?

Nowadays street art has taken different forms. Some of them are Graffiti, Sculptures, Poster art, 3D wall graffiti.

5. How is street art different from graffiti?

The difference between art and graffiti is of images and letters. Street art is painted with permission and it includes faces, cartoons, 3d art, etc. while graffiti is the painting of words in a creative manner.

6. What is the purpose of street art?

The main purpose of street art is to control visibility. Street art is a way to engage with a city. In street art, artists use their artistic skills to convey a message to the public or manipulate the subject which everyone already is aware of.

7. Which is an example of a street artist?

Street artists are of various types. There are artists according to their respective fields of art. For example portrait artists, caricaturists, graffiti artists, muralists, and people making crafts.

8. Are murals street art?

Yes, the mural is street art and applies directly to the wall. It can’t be moved from a wall like other artworks in frames that people hang on their walls.

9. What paint is used for street art?

Most of the murals today are made in oil-based or acrylic paint because these give long-lasting color effects when painting in the outdoor areas

10. What kind of paint is best for outdoor murals?

Acrylics are best for outdoor applications. They are one of the most durable paints and accessible paints for exterior application, used by many artists for painting murals due to their lightfastness and weather resistance. They also form an excellent bond to masonry or cementitious surfaces


In conclusion, art in any form is appreciable. Art has always miraculously spell bounded people, whether it’s street art or sculptures art, or art on the canvas. Art holds the power to convey a message one cannot speak about. In the modern world, art is being used as a tool. Street art is one of the most potent tools of politicians and business persons who want to advertise their businesses and parties. One can manipulate people to believe in anything through street art because street art is visible to everyone walking down the street. Any country’s street art represents its people, culture, politics, and whatnot.
Everything evaluates over time so is street art. It has started its journey from illegal tagging scratching, and now it has turned into some magic. Street artists deserve massive appreciation. As living members of the contemporary world, we have witnessed this form of art, and who knows what it will be for the next generation?