Streamline Your Delivery Startup?

You ordered pizza from one app, ordered medicines from another, got an appointment for the beautician from a different app. Gosh!! Isn’t it time-consuming and exhausting to open a different app every time? Your smartphone is nothing but looks like a digital marketplace. Minus that app by replacing it with All in one delivery app.

streamline your delivery startup

We have seen it all food delivery apps, grocery on demand app, taxi ride app, and so on. But, what if we get this and much more in one app? Unveiled a perfect multi-delivery application solution – All in One Delivery App.

What Is All In One Delivery App

A multi-delivery app means a single platform for delivering medicines, food items, groceries, cake, flowers, snacks, etc. The app is a readymade multi-delivery solution that plays a vital role in connecting customers to the store owners to get their things delivered anytime, anywhere.

It is one of the most successful business models today serving the dual purpose, upgrading the economy:

  • Helping customers to get their day to day necessities fulfilled even in challenging times like COVID19
  • Encourage local businesses to get more work than ever before.

All In One Delivery – A multi-delivery app

Let us explore the features and benefits.

Customers app

  • Login using social media via Facebook, Gmail, or Phone number
  • The home screen includes
    • Delivery categories
    • Locations
    • Takeaway tabs
    • Payment options
    • Promotional banners by different vendors/store owners
  • Categories include – Grocery, food, eCommerce, flowers & gifts, liquors, snacks, booking tickets, household services, pharmacy, etc.
  • The user can start adding products to the cart
  • Freedom to change/edit the delivery address
  • Promos and offers
  • Real-time tracking
  • Reordering and cancellation
  • Order history
  • Reviews and feedback

Store app

The 50+ categories will have an exhaustive list of verified store owners/vendors/suppliers offering on-demand services. The store owners can be pharmaceutical vendors, cake bakers, gift stores, flower shops, garment shops, grocery, salon owners, bar owners, and so on. The user can also find on demand household service providers, skilled professionals like lawyers and helpers like dog walkers, baby sitters offering services.

The store owners can be a grocery store owner, restaurant owner, medicine store owner, cake store owner, flower shop owners, bar owners, etc.

  • Complete management of store
  • Freedom to add innumerable products and on-demand services
  • A detailed description of items
  • Modify/delete the category listing as per the demand
  • Modifying the pricing
  • Store owners can add promotional banners/discounts and deals
  • Update order status
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Get a detailed insight about day-to-day earning

App Benefits

For Consumers

  • For consumers who want to make their lives easy in just a click, this app is for them
  • The app is for those customers who are unable to find local vendors around
  • Quick access to 50 + on demand services from the comforts of your home
  • In-app chat option to chat with local vendors
  • Multiple payment options
  • Data security and safety
  • Allows you to rate the services

For Businesses

  • The All in One Delivery app is easy to use, an interactive app available on both iOS and Android with all required features and a few bells and whistles.
  • The app is highly beneficial to the local businesses who are willing to expand their business
  • Businesses who want to have the freedom to work on their terms
  • Professionals/freelancers who want to earn some extra money
  • Say goodbye to your long nights of creating your spreadsheets to prepare your business. The dashboard provides automated reporting, billing, and real-time tracking for your all business activities.

Ideal For Every Business

This all in one delivery on-demand delivery solutions are easy to integrate and ■■■■■■■. This app is a readymade business solution for your food, grocery, medicine, taxi booking, household chores, and much more. It is an exceptionally smart business solution that you can launch anytime. It is a single download, a single login that connects your customers to 50+ categories, delivering everything, anything right at their doorstep.

Final Thoughts

View the demo of All in On delivery on-demand app to understand the interface, the features, and how it works. With this ready to launch app, you can kick start your business in as soon as 2 days.