Smart Garage Door Openers this Black Friday

With Black Friday around the corner, it is that time of the year again when people rush to grab their favorite products at the best possible deals. Top retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy have already listed out a host of items which they would be putting for sale during the big day, that is November 27.

That could be the best possible time for those on the lookout to get a Best Garage Door Opener. Considering the kind of deals one receives during Black Friday, it is not a bad idea to try looking out for a good Garage Door Opener and that too at an amazing price.

Before purchasing a garage door opener, it is important to understand that the product comes in different variations. These are:

  1. Belt drive

  2. Chain drive

  3. Screw drive

  4. Direct drive

Each one of them is different when it comes to their price as well as functionality. For instance, the chain drive garage openers are not very expensive; however, they could make a lot of sounds due to their chain. On the other hand, a rubber belt replaces the chain in belt-driven garage openers. That brings about a drastic noise reduction. Moreover, this one is better even from a maintenance perspective.

We came across a few Garage Door Openers that were listed at a discounted price on Amazon. Check out the following Garage Door Openers that have been listed out at the best possible prices. Presently, all of the above products are in stock on Amazon. It is better to rush before they run out of stocks.

The Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener, coming with WiFi, monitored via a smart app

Well, one of them could be the MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener Chamberlain MYQ-G0301. This one was quite a hit during the Prime Day sale, such that the entire stock got sold out during that time. Nevertheless, the product is back and up again for Black Friday.

Features at a glance:

Easy garage door operation and monitoring made possible via the myQ app

Upgradation of existing door opener also possible and very simple

Easy product installation and setup. The complete installation process gets done in a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes.

Three additional people (or guests) can control the garage if given privileges via the app.

During checkout, the code KEY30 needs to be specified to receive around a $30 discount.

Product variations:

MyQ Smart Hub Black: This one is available for less than $30. Customers can get this deal at a discount of almost 30% for Black Friday.

Add-on Door Sensor Black: Aided by the MyQ Smart Garage Hub, this product can be used to operate a second garage door opener within the hub. The price of this appliance will be at a discount of 23% on Amazon.

The Chamberlain Group has been in the business of manufacturing garage door openers for residential homes. Being in this business for quite some time now, customers can opt for this MyQ garage door opener from Chamberlain Group as its superiority is assured.

The Genie Chain Drive 750 3/4 HPc Garage Door Opener

The Genie Chain Drive garage door opener comes with a backup system for its batteries. The entire backup system has been in-built within the garage door opener. This setup can be activated in the event of an electricity failure. The battery backup can run up to 50 power cycles.

Features at a glance

Simple installation process consists of a rail design setup that needs to be connected. Light in weight.

It comes with remote controllers that are already programmed. It comes with add-ons like a wireless keypad and a PIN that can open the door, a console for the wall having multiple functionalities, out of which one is the vacation lock feature. The ¾ HPC DC Motor is equipped with a very strong chain drive. It assures the long life of this appliance.

Multiple sellers are giving out this product on Amazon in various combinations. Visit the Amazon website and grab the best possible deal for the product.

The Genie StealthDrive Connect 7155-TKV Smart Garage Door Opener, coming with WiFi and battery backup assistance.

The Genie StealthDrive Connect Smart Garage Door Opener again comes with support for WiFi, Alexa, and Google Home. Again, this appliance has an in-built battery backup setup. The energy of the battery backup system is about 12V.

Features at a glance:

The garage door opener is equipped with a 1 ¼ HPC DC Motor connected to a steel belt drive. The appliance does not make noise. Hence it can be used for garages situated adjacent to bedrooms. The battery-backup system can work during a power failure. The appliance can work for about 50 power-cycles on the backup support. Easy installation process. Again, this product has a rail-design-like assembly that needs to be put together.

Extra garage door add-ons like programmed remotes, a keypad (wireless) and a PIN for opening the door, a wall console with numerous functionalities, and a vacation lock feature. The product can be purchased with or without the battery backup system.

The Genie StealthDrive Connect smart garage door opener with only Wi-Fi support would cost about $198.95, whereas if the user wishes to get a battery backup along with the product, then the cost would be $239.27.

Chamberlain KLIK3U-BK Clicker

This product again belongs to the Chamberlain Group. The Chamberlain KLIK3U-BK Clicker consists of 2 buttons that can be used to monitor about two garage doors and gates. It also consists of a Visor Clip. It consists of a 3V coin cell Lithium battery, which is sure to last long.

Check out the following features:

This remote is a universal one, which can work on two garage doors and gates. The programming of this remote is quite simple. This Clicker can be used for garage doors of the following make: Genie, Linear, Stanley, Overhead Door, Wayne-Dalton, Craftsman, Chamberlain, LiftMaster.

The product has undergone a lot of testing. Its battery is sure to last long. The price of this product is around $29.95.

Genie Chain Drive 550 Garage Door Opener

The Genie Chain Drive 550 is made such that it lasts for a very long time. It is also one of the quiet garage door opener housed with Genie’s Intellicode technology, which does not allow unwanted people to come into the garage. It also has Safe-T-Beam sensors that ensure safety and security.

Features at a glance:

The product is made to be long-lasting. Simple installation mechanism

The ½ HP DC Motor equipped within the device would not need much maintenance. Additionally, this product brings along with it a limited warranty of 10 years. Compatible with Homelike and Car2U remote setups. Furthermore, no extra hardware is essential.

It comes with add-ons like remotes (2 in number, each having 3 buttons), a keypad (wireless) with a PIN for unlocking the garage door, a wall console equipped with a vacation lock feature many more.

This product is available on Amazon for $161.48, almost $8.51 less than its actual price. It is available with a few other sellers at a lower price; however, they may include shipping charges.

Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Package

The Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door opener can be supported on the wall adjacent to the garage door. With this, one can save some space on the ceiling. This product does not work with Low Headroom Track, Wayne Dalton Torquemaster, or ROLL UP DOORS.

Features at a glance:

Weighs about 30.5 pounds. Appliance housed with MyQ and security 2.0. The P3 motors housed within the product ensure a power-packed and robust performance of the appliance.

Extremely quiet operation as sound vibrations from the ceiling are removed. A discount of $100 can be availed on this product.

The Workhorse - BU100 - Sectional Garage Door Opener

This product consists of a ¾ horsepower chain drive. It can be used for any garage door, irrespective of the size and type of garage door. The device also consists of a photo-eye safety system and a remote control having only one button equipped with Clear Com technology.

Take a look at some of the features of this garage door opener.

Can open any kind of garage door, whether it is single or double. Wi-Fi-enabled and compatible with Alexa. Very simple setup procedure. The workhouse motor provides sufficient power such that any sort of garage door can be opened. Moreover, it is long-lasting.

The steel-chain drive makes it quite strong. They are equipped with LED security lighting of 1500 lumens. Apart from being an energy saver, the LED lights are such that they could never need to be replaced. Product Price: $138.40, coming in at a discount of almost 21%.

The above product is available in the two other variations as listed below.

The Sentry - BU400 - WiFi Garage Door Opener : This product comes with an LED lighting with a capacity of about 3000 lumens. Again, as explained above, the LED lights would last for a lifetime.

It comes equipped with a separate box that contains many additional accessories. Moreover, it has a very high power such that it is capable of lifting very heavy garage doors.

Most of its other features are similar to the Workhouse Garage Door Opener. This one is also compatible with Alexa and operates on Wi-Fi.

The product’s price is $172.60, which is almost $66.40 less than its original price, giving the customer almost 28% discount.

The Centurion - BU800 - Two Car Garage Door Opener : Most of this product’s features are very much like mentioned above. This one also comes with an LED lighting capacity of 3000 lumens, which can go about for a lifelong span. This product comes at a price of $265.89, almost at a discount of 11%.


The products listed above are sure to help out customers choose the right garage door opener for their homes. It is better to hurry now and make the best purchases during this Black Friday before stocks replenish.