Sign into McDonald's WIFI

Sign into McDonald’s Wifi, Since 2010, McDonald’s has offered free wifi to its customers. There is no time limit and users can use the bandwidth as long as they like.

Sign into McDonald's WIFI

Access McDonald’s Wi-Fi on Laptop

  • You can connect to McDonald’s free WiFi with just about any device.
  1. To access McDonald’s free Wi-Fi, move your cursor to the right side of your Windows taskbar and locate the Wi-Fi icon.
  2. To establish an internet connection, tap on Connect. As soon as you have an internet connection, your browser will automatically open the McDonald’s Terms & Conditions web page.
  3. Please accept to continue to the conditions of the Fort, and select Connected.
  4. Once connected, you will see a message at the top of the page indicating that you are connected to McDonald’s Wi-Fi.
  5. Thanks for getting online! You can open any website you like in a new tab in your browser. You can disconnect your internet connection at any time you choose.

Access McDonald’s Wi-Fi with Android

  • Just like connecting any other device, you can connect your Android phone to McDonald’s free Wi-Fi network.
  • There are no specific steps necessary to get this working on any Android phone.
  1. Go to the Settings on your phone and select Wi-Fi.
  2. You’ll see a list of networks, and then you’ll select wayport_access. After that, you’ll click connect. 3. You will have a connected status. Now, open your mobile web browser and it will automatically open McDonald’s Wi-Fi connection page.
  3. To connect to the free McDonald’s internet connection, tap “Free Connection” and agree to the terms and conditions.

Access McDonald’s Wi-Fi on iPhone

  • If auto-connect is enabled on your iPhone, you’ll see a McDonald’s Wi-Fi pop-up window.

  • Click continue connecting after reading the terms of the agreement. Alternatively, you can do the following::

  1. Open the iPhone settings menu and tap Wi-Fi.
  2. Select Wayport_access. You’ll notice that a small message appears right under the Wi-Fi name: Unsecured Network.
  3. Now open Safari or any other browser and you will automatically be taken to the McDonald’s Free 4. Wi-Fi login page. Tap Connect to start viewing.

How to Check if my McDonald’s Outlet has Free Wi-Fi Access?

  • In 2010, AT&T was providing connections to about 28,000 locations in the United States. Half of those people were suing McDonald’s for free WiFi. Finding and connecting to McDonald’s Wi-Fi is easy.

  • To access the free Wi-Fi at a McDonald’s restaurant, you just need to be within range of the network. At McDonald’s, free Wi-Fi is available in over 82% of its locations in the United States. This means you’re likely to find a location with free Wi-Fi available.

  • To find the McDonald’s restaurant nearest you, you can use their locator page. Once there, you just need to enter the name of your city in the search box.

  • Scroll down to the results and find a location with Wi-Fi in the Services section. Once you are near the restaurant, simply go to your device’s Wi-Fi panel and search for the ‘McDonald’s Free WiFi’network

How Fast Is McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi Network?

  1. Wi-Fi networks typically have a slower connection speed and are more likely to disconnect than other types of networks. According to Lifewire’s rigorous test, McDonald’s free Wi-Fi network is as good as you’d expect from a high-speed Wi-Fi network in offices and your home. At the same time, the test is in a particular McDonald’s Wi-Fi connection to the Internet network, it is safe to assume that the remaining locations may have the same result:

  2. The test indicates that the download speed of 58Mbps. The upload speed was 14 megabits per second. The latency recorded with minimal activity on the network was 27 milliseconds. With heavy data usage, the latency would increase to 517 milliseconds. At McDonald’s, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies without any lag. We have fast internet connections so you can watch your shows and movies without any delays.

Wi-Fi Network Filters

  1. Just like any other free Wi-Fi network, there are certain restrictions on what you can browse and stream.

  2. As a reminder, McDonald’s restaurants are family-friendly places, which means there will be certain filters in place to block inappropriate or unsafe content.

  3. If you try to access the website from McDonald’s, you will likely be prompted to either disable your internet security or use a different device.

  4. Some websites are blocked because they contain harmful or explicit content. P2P clients and other piracy services can help you access these blocked websites.

Protect Yourself on Free Wi-Fi Networks

  1. Wi-Fi hotspots and public Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable to attack. Since McDonald’s offers a free public Wi-Fi network, it is attracting malicious actors who are looking to exploit it. Anyone who connects to McDonald’s free Wi-Fi or any other public Wi-Fi network is at risk of having their online activities exposed.

  2. If you’re considering enjoying a free service, be aware that you’re the product being offered. Data mining companies and cybercriminals are targeting unprotected Wi-Fi networks (such as McDonald’s) and harvesting data and private activities of millions of users.

  3. To avoid being monitored, you need to use encryption. Connect to PureVPN and protect your real identity and internet activity with encryption. As your virtual IP gets assigned, your internet traffic routes through the encrypted VPN tunnel.

When Did McDonalds Wifi Introduced?

  1. In 2009, McDonald’s announced that it would offer free wifi in its restaurants. Up until now, the chain has planned to offer free wifi in more than 11,000 of its restaurants in the US. Various companies have teamed up with McDonald’s to provide high-quality, free Wi-Fi to customers.

  2. In the United States, AT&T is the leading provider of wifi at McDonald’s. The Canadian McDonald’s restaurants also use Bell wifi services.

Why Can’t I Connect to the WiFi in Mcdonald’s?

  • To connect to the free WiFi, you must have an internet-enabled device and be within WiFi range, which often means being in the restaurant itself. Check if “WLAN” is enabled in your device’s settings and make sure you have selected the correct Wi-Fi network to connect to. You must also accept the Terms of Service before using the service.
  • If you continue to have problems, you should try using a different web browser and restart your device or try a different device entirely to see if that fixes the problem.

McDonald’s WiFi Speed Up Connection

  • Here are some tips to improve your McDonald’s Free wifi speed and have fun.
  1. First, you need to choose the right location where WiFi signals are strong.

  2. Secondly, you can switch to a different channel for better speed. Always check to see which background applications are using bandwidth and if you are not using them, turn them off to enjoy the high speed.

  • To get better wifi speeds, use a robust wifi antenna with your laptop. If your device connects to networks automatically, you will see a McDonald’s wifi pop-up with the terms of the agreement. I agree to the terms and will continue.

  • If your device is not set up to connect to networks automatically, you can find your wifi settings and select the McDonald’s network.

McDonald’s has free Wi-Fi:

  1. Customers at McDonald’s have been paying for Wi-Fi access for six years now. Most McDonald’s in the United States are now offering free Wi-Fi as of today, January 15, 2010.

  2. McDonald’s has the biggest Wi-Fi network in the United States, with over 11,500 hotspots, topping second-place Starbucks by several thousand sites.

  3. Free Wi-Fi is now more powerful than premium Wi-Fi, according to a new study. Our major development necessitates a complete rewrite of this McDonald’s Wi-Fi guide. A significant portion of it will be lost to time. Be patient while we finish the renovations.

Free Wi-Fi is now available at four McDonald’s locations in the immediate area:

As of this writing, I have visited four McDonald’s in my region, all of which provide free Wi-Fi. You only need to click the “Free Connectivity” option to connect to the internet. Just connect to the Wi-Fi and you’ll be good to go. Purchases are not necessary.

Connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi by following these instructions. The images will guide you.

  1. The “Wayport Access” wifi network is where you should connect.
  2. Go to any page on the internet. Welcome to the new McDonald’s home page, which you can access by clicking here.
  3. Choose “Free Connection.” Internet Explorer users, please check the following notice for further information.
  4. By checking the box and clicking “Continue,” you agree to the terms of service on the next page.
  5. Finally, on the following page, you’ll be greeted by McDonald’s free Wi-Fi.

Can’t Connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi? Here’s The Fix!

McWi-Fi Problems

  • You are enjoying Big Mac at McDonald’s. When I open my laptop, work on it, and select a Wi-Fi network, nothing happens. Indicates that the Wi-Fi icon is connected. But when I open the browser, nothing loads. The Wi-Fi login page will never be displayed.

What is a Captive Portal?

  1. Before we can discuss why you can’t connect to Wi-Fi McDonald’s, we need to talk a little bit about the authorization portals. The authorization portal is a web page that you need to view and interact with before you connect to the Internet. You saw this when you first connected to McDonald’s Wi-Fi network. There will be a web page that requires action before access to the Internet.
  2. Now that we know what an authorized portal is, why can’t you connect to the Wi-Fi McDonald’s It’s hard for you to know unless you’re in control of the captive portal. Sometimes there can be systemic failures. But it could be another reason for different networks.
  3. In other cases, if your computer is set to use its own DNS server, it could cause problems. In most cases, the problem is linked to the network itself, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Can’t connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi when using a VPN?

  1. If you’re a little worried about online security and privacy, you may already be using a VPN. If not, you need to. Especially if you frequently connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots. VPNs encrypt your data and prevent hackers from stealing your personal or sensitive information.
  2. However, if you cannot connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi, you are connecting to a VPN. You need to disconnect the VPN to connect to Wi-Fi. This could expose you to hacker attacks. If you already connect to the network, you may be able to connect to the VPN.
  3. There are specific rules for network settings. There is a range of IP addresses that you can use to log in. With a VPN, the IP address is masked and the login page shows a completely different IP than expected. Therefore, you will not be able to connect to the Internet at all.

McDonald’s Free WiFi Terms and Conditions | McDonald’s WiFi

  1. McDonald’s free WiFi started back in 2010 and it was popular with people, but in the beginning, it wasn’t completely free McDonald’s hourly rates. But after a while, instead of lowering the price, McDonald’s made McDonald’s WiFi completely free for its users. Now you can enjoy this high-speed wifi without spending a penny.
  2. McDonald’s WiFi is faster than any other in-store public network in the US, according to data collected by the app OpenSignal, a London-based app. McDonald’s restaurants have an average download speed of 4.187 Mbps, which is faster than most restaurant chains.

McDonald’s Free WiFi Terms and Conditions:

  • McDonald’s has terms of service, and free Wi-Fi services also have some terms of use. Therefore, you must agree to the terms of use before using the free McDonald’s Wi-Fi.

Here are some of McDonald’s free Wi-Fi terms and conditions:

Services For Limited Time:

  • According to McDonald’s, their Wi-Fi service is for a limited time, after which users will automatically log out of Wi-Fi.

Then you can: Log in again using the procedure:

  1. Connect the McDonald’s free Wifi from your device wifi setting.
  2. After that, open a browser.
  3. You will be automatically redirected to the McDonald’s WiFi sign-up page.
  4. Now you have to accept their terms and conditions by clicking the button “Free Connection.”
  5. You are ready to use your free wifi!

No Security Guarantee:

  • McDonald’s Wi-Fi is open to the public, so anyone can access it from their device. Therefore, being insecure on the network means that intruders of the system may track data and activity. McDonald’s has no responsibility for data security on the network and should be used very wisely and with caution.

Limited Number of Users:

  • The McDonald’s hotspot can only support a limited number of users at the same time. You may not be able to connect to the network if the maximum number of users is already connected.

WiFi Speed:

  • McDonald’s does not guarantee high-speed Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi speed depends on multiple factors such as signal strength, number of users, and other factors. High-speed Wi-Fi may not be available at McDonald’s every time.


  • Some websites are blocked online by default using filters to keep user data safe. You cannot access adult sites, download sites, and any other illegal websites through McDonald’s free Wi-Fi.

Customers Data:

  • McDonald’s also uses customer-provided data to improve its services.

How many McDonald’s are there in the world?

  • McDonald’s operates and franchises approximately 38,695 restaurants worldwide. This number is increasing continuously every year, and we will see this increase every year.
Year Number of McDonald’s Restaurants
2005 30766
2006 31046
2007 31377
2008 31967
2009 32478
2010 32737
2011 33510
2012 34480
2013 35429
2015 36258
2015 36525
2016 36899
2017 37241
2018 37855
2019 38695

This is How Speedify Bonding VPN Works on Captive Portals (McDonald’s included)

If you can’t connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi, try Speedify. If you want to join a Wi-Fi hotspot on your login page:

  1. Speedify will Show you a notification asking you if you want to log in.
  2. It will keep you connected over cellular data so your other ongoing online activities (like Skype / Slack calls, streaming, gaming) will continue to work via the cellular connection. Protected by Speedify so you don’t have to worry about dropped calls or streams.
  3. If you click the notification prompting you to connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot, Speedify will pop up on the login screen in a window.
  4. Once you log in successfully, Speedify will immediately start using the Wi-Fi connection. This allows you to seamlessly switch over from cellular to Wi-Fi

Is it Safe to Use WiFi at Mcdonald’s?

  • As a rule, the Wi-Fi services offered by McDonald’s are safe, but like other public Wi-Fi services, you need to take some additional precautions to keep online safe, protect valuable personal information and avoid other various cyber security threats.
  • If possible, while using public Wi-Fi, make sure to disable the input of valuable personal information. There are examples of the types of details you need to avoid providing, such as credit card information, debit card information, and uncovered passwords. And also make sure to avoid sharing or uploading files and only download files from reliable sources, while keeping the download to a minimum.
  • It may be wise to set the temporary email address you use when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot. It should also be cautious when opening emails from an unknown sender.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

Navigate to your device’s Wi-Fi settings when you are within range of a McDonald’s restaurant’s free Wi-Fi network. To connect, you must accept the terms of the agreement.

2. How Do I Connect My iPhone to Connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

If your device’s settings are set to automatically connect to networks, you will see a McDonald’s Wi-Fi pop-up with the terms of the agreement. Accept the terms in order to proceed and connect.

3. Is a McDonald’s Login Required to Access McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

No, you will not require a separate login. To sign into McDonald’s Wi-Fi, simply accept the terms of the agreement.

4. How Do I Get My Android to Connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

Connect to Wi-Fi networks using the standard Android procedure. To connect to McDonald’s free Wi-Fi, you must accept the terms of the agreement.

5. Is there free Wi-Fi at all McDonald’s?

The majority of restaurants provide free Wi-Fi. However, some owner-operators may choose to disable the service, and each location may have its own set of terms and conditions.

6. Do I Need a McDonald’s Login to Sign in to McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

No, there is no separate login to sign up. All you have to do is agree to the terms and conditions for getting free McDonald’s Wi-Fi.

7. Do All McDonald’s Have Free Wi-Fi?

Most McDonald’s restaurants are free Wi-Fi, but McDonald’s is a franchise-based business. Therefore, each location has its own terms of use, and whether or not to provide free Wi-Fi depends on the franchise owner.

8. How Fast is McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi speed depends on the location of the restaurant and the available bandwidth. In the United States, it’s almost always fast, so you don’t have to worry about the speed at which you can watch Netflix movies without delay while eating a Big Mac.

9. Who Provides McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

AT&T provides McDonald’s Wi-Fi.

10. When Did McDonald’s Free WiFi Start?

From January 15, 2010, at most McDonald’s restaurants, WiFi is free.

  • These are the common faqs about Mcdonald’s wifi.


Use McDonald’s free Wi-Fi to catch up on work, check your email, or chat with friends. You can access the Internet at over 11,500 participating restaurants with free Wi-Fi. Start your day with a McCafé Latte. McDonald’s will provide free wireless internet access. To access free Wi-Fi at a McDonald’s near you, use Wayport.

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