Definition of Browsing:

  1. Survey goods for sale in a leisurely and casual way.

  2. Vegetation, such as twigs and young shoots, eaten by animals.

  3. Exploration of the World Wide Web by following one interesting link to another, usually with a definite objective but without a planned search strategy. In comparison surfing is exploration without a definite objective or search strategy, and searching is exploration definite in both objective and strategy.

  4. (of an animal) feed on leaves, twigs, or other high-growing vegetation.

  5. An act of casual looking or reading.

Synonyms of Browsing

Scan, Read, Skim, Leaf, Flick through, Glance, Look, Look around, Look round, Have a look, Window-shop, Peruse, Graze, Feed, Eat, Nibble, Crop, Pasture, Ruminate

How to use Browsing in a sentence?

  1. They reach upward to browse on bushes.
  2. Timmy was supposed to be doing his homework but spent more time On the Internet, browsing the web and talking to friends.
  3. A moose needs to eat forty to fifty pounds of browse a day.
  4. Some people just like to go browsing so you need to have things in your business that will catch their eye,.
  5. A browse through the sports pages.
  6. I was browsing the internet and my friend came in and told me that there was a video that I had to watch.
  7. He stopped to browse around a second-hand bookshop.

Meaning of Browsing & Browsing Definition