Shrek Bartender

The Shrek Bartender video can be found on YouTube, where it has been watched over 2 million times since it was first uploaded in 2012. The main character of the viral video is a bartender who doesn’t quite have his workplace under control, with some customers walking away from their barstools with drinks in hand and others drowning in the tank behind the bar – all while putting up with one of the worst drunks ever to walk into his establishment.

Shrek Bartender

Upon entering, patrons are greeted by a red-skinned ogre or, as we call him, natural ginger. His name is Dougal, and he’s Shrek, the Bartender.

If you want your side of nostalgia for the beloved 2001 animated film, this is the place for you. He’s been serving up some delicious drinks and grub since opening his bar to the public in late September 2016.

Dougal isn’t just a bartender; he’s an entertainer. He dishes out jokes as you chat with him and even has a repertoire of dances that he busts out for customers when his time is free.

Dougal also serves some food for hungry patrons like any good bar and restaurant, but he does it all in ogre-sized portions.

You can order grilled pork shank or a classic steak from Dougal, or if you’re craving seafood, you can call his catch of the day. Shrek’s menu also features some traditional pub fare: sandwiches and wings.

Shrek Bartender Lady

I went to a secret restaurant for my friend’s birthday a couple of hours ago. To get in, you need the passcode, and if you don’t have it, you are denied entrance.

My friends were waiting for me outside the restaurant because they didn’t want to let me wander alone.

The host took my name and confirmed that I was on the list before we walked through the doors and up to our table.

The waiter was terrific and kept us with drinks for two hours. When it came time to order, we were allowed to make any burger we wanted.

I asked him what his favourite was, and he said their speciality cheeseburger. It comes with a fried egg on top of a beef patty, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and garlic mayo.

I got a burger with avocado, bacon, and chicken instead of beef. The shrimp tacos were delicious too! My boyfriend is not a massive fan of burgers, so he got an order of truffle fries for an appetizer.

They came with two dipping sauces: herb-garlic mayo and chipotle ketchup. It’s been about two hours since we left that restaurant, and I am still thinking about how great my meal was. I’m so glad my friends planned our birthday celebration months!

Shrek Bartender Scene

Surly bartenders might not be a welcome addition to the party, but when it comes to your Shrek Bartender costumes, they make all the difference.

They’re notoriously mean and antisocial, which makes them perfect for every Bartender in your favourite Shrek movie! Get in character with our Shrek mask!

Whether you’re Fiona’s childhood friend or Donkey’s fast-talking buddy, nothing is more entertaining than a surly bartender that’ll mix up your drink just how you like it.

Our Shrek bartender costumes are available in men’s sizes from Small through 3XL and in women’s sizes from XS through XL.

You can choose from our full-body costumes for a complete transformation or pick out accessories to mix and match with your clothes.

Whichever you prefer, we’ve got something that’ll make you look like an ogre! Of course, every character needs a signature drink.

Please pick up a Shrek glass in our Party Supplies section, including Shrek shot glasses and glow-in-the-dark party favours.

Complete your look with a matching wig and makeup kit! No matter what you wear, there’s nothing better than relaxing by a roaring fire after a long day at work or being kicked out of another one of Fiona’s parties. Have some fun in your Shrek bartender costume with everything else from our collection!

Shrek Bartender Gif

In 2011, the world was introduced to Shrek. The DreamWorks animation film featuring an ogre voiced by Mike Myers became an instant hit with children and adults alike.

With a sequel due this summer, a Broadway show in development, and other merchandise, including video games, board games, DVDs, and more, the world is again embracing the green-skinned ogre.

This popularity has led to another innovative celebration of this beloved character—the Shrek bartender bar scene!

The Shrek bartender bar scene is a way to bring some fun and laughter into your home bar or man cave.

Our design team has put together a tutorial on building your own in case you have a few tools and pieces left over from other projects.

Using these instructions, you can make your own Shrek bar scene in time for St. Patrick’s Day or even just when you want to relax with friends on movie night!

Our customizable Shrek decal is a must-have. You can add it to your bar cart, cabinet doors, or anywhere else! When adding life to your home bar, you can’t go wrong with some Shrek cheer!

Even if you aren’t in love with green or don’t have time for a tutorial project, there are plenty of Shrek items out there for fans. You could even get your green hat and shirt made to match him!

Shrek Bartender Costume

Maybe you can’t get enough of the fat, jolly green giant. Perhaps your friends and coworkers have been begging you to do it for years. But either way, you want to get into character this Halloween and finally let Shrek out. But where do you even start?

Shrek is a lovable and charming ogre. He lives in a swamp with his overbearing wife, Fiona, who is also an ogre.

Shrek used to be human, but Rumpelstiltskin cursed him for looking like an ogre for seven years because of a deal gone wrong.

Shrek isn’t all that green on his own, though – unless you are talking about his personality! He wears brown pants and boots, along with a light green tunic.

You’ll need to create an ogre-like face to complete your Shrek costume. This can be done with a brown wig or beard and some green and black makeup. You can also use false teeth to make your grin look more terrifying. Add on big feet and hands, so you look even more significant than Shrek already is!

Demi Lovato Shrek Bartender

I love that we have a Shrek lookalike in the bar in honour of Shrunken Ogre Day. He’s been serving drinks to guests all day!

I’m not sure if he’s just an employee or a guest, but I’ve seen him from time to time in the hotel. I hear he bartends at Universal Studios on the weekends for kicks. Maybe he lives here too? Who knows?

He isn’t a massive fan of green veggies or fruits. He likes a little meat on his plate with his potatoes and gravy.

If you want to win him over, grab some sausage or bacon from your tray! Happy Shrunken Ogre Day! It’s been great to have you in Los Angeles for our Annual Event.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you. Have a great night! You’ll have to find out about those shoes on your own.

Shrek Jay Bartender

Patrick* worked at an Austin Shrek Bartender Bar as a bartender and told me his experience so far. It’s been a learning curve for sure, he said, I was hired about two months ago, and this is my first bartending job.

Initially nervous, it was not as bad as I thought. All my coworkers have been friendly, and even though there are plenty of jokes at my expense, I don’t mind. It’s all good fun! Plus, I’m learning how to make all kinds of drinks that I would never have tried on my own.

I’ve learned a lot quickly, and bartending has challenges like any job.

There’s always that one person who tries to stiff you on a tip even after you’ve gone out of your way to make them happy with their drink. I’ll never understand that one.

And then some customers get too drunk and think they can grab or touch you without asking because they’re paying for your time.

Shrek Characters Bartender

Bartending is one of the jobs I have thought about. My tall stature and unique looks would be an exciting venture for me.

In this bar scene from Shrek, Donkey makes for the fairy tale characters: Little Red Riding Hood in Boots, Cinderella, and Snow White.

So now it is official, I want to be a bartender, and I will go through with it if I ever land a job. It looks like Donkey got his career as a bartender from working at Shrek’s swamp bar. Hey, you have to start somewhere!

I’m also sure that Donkey has a lot of knowledge about different types of alcohol and how to mix drinks. He probably taught himself a few moves with his trusty bottle opener and some sticky notes! Here is my recipe for a Shrek honouring Donkey’s new job.

Shrek Bartender


The atmosphere of the bar was fun and inviting. Sitting on a stool, I asked for their speciality: a MelonShake. It is a regular milkshake with a slice of watermelon in it. The description of this drink is nothing like the actual drink- there was no watermelon flavour. Quite frankly, it tasted like any old berry shake. All in all, drinks are not the best item at Shrek’s Musical Drinks and Spirits Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Important Questions For Your Knowledge:

In Shrek, who is the Bartender?

According to a survey conducted by Microsoft, the most popular movie watched on New Year’s Eve is Shrek. The 2000 Dreamworks animated film features Mike Myers as an ogre named Shrugger (a pun on shuriken) who works as a bartender in the local pub. He becomes involved with his fair share of adventures, including rescuing Princess Fiona from Lord Farquaad’s castle and overthrowing Farquaad himself.

Shrek’s Doris is voiced by who?

Singer/actor Cher provides the voice of Shrek’s elderly Scottish mother. Her deep voice is immediately recognizable, and she frequently displays a genuine comedic timing that is perfect for the script. With Cher’s vocal talent, the outrageous dialogue comes to life with conviction and hilarity. Plus, it turns out that they share an interest in coffee, as he tells her. You’re getting a good start on your day’s energy requirement.

Shrek 2’s Bartender is played by who?

Mike Myers played the character of Shrek for the first two movies. He also reprised his role for the final instalment in this trilogy. The first of these movies, released in 2001, made over a billion dollars. Myers’s performance as Shrek was one of the things that contributed to that success.

What is the name of Shrek’s sister?

Many people are unaware that Shrek’s sister is also a character in the movie Shrek. Her name is Fiona. In the first movie, Fiona is rescued by Prince Charming. She takes residence at the king’s castle while she falls in love with her rescuer and becomes queen of his kingdom. Later, she finds out that her love interest is just an imposter prince, so she wants to return to her swamp on the outskirts of Far Far Away.

Shrek’s drag queen Doris?

If you’re ready to your mind, prepare for Shredder’s Bartender! Located in the basement of a new Williamsburg bar called Drinker, this establishment brings Shredder from the OG Simpsons episode Who Shot Mr Burns? to life.

What is the height of Lord Farquaad?

In the Shrek films, Lord Farquaad was a ruthless, egotistical king obsessed with being taller than everyone else. To his dismay, he was only five feet two inches tall. One day he tried to kiss a princess to whom he intended to offer marriage but couldn’t reach her face because she was standing on a footstool that raised her to five feet four inches tall.

Shrek’s full name is?

Is a creature loved by children, women, and the general public as Shrek? I don’t think so. After being taken from his swamp home by a man called Lord Farquaad, Shrek meets a woman who gives him an ultimatum: he can either marry her or leave. Shrek doesn’t take kindly to this request and leaves his old life behind.

How do you pronounce Shrek’s name?

Most people pronounce the name Shark. However, the movie uses three significant ways to pronounce his name. One way is shrink which is how he pronounces it when he first meets Fiona and her parents. Another way is chr-EK which is how Fiona’s parents pronounce it when they meet him for the first time and during their argument later in the film. The third way is shrek, which Fiona pronounces near the film’s end before she and Shrek dance together at their wedding.

Shrek is how old?

I am not sure how old Shrek is, but one might argue that he looks around 60 years old. However, his facial expressions, and mannerisms give off an older vibe. I think he would be in his 50s.


So, I think this scene demonstrates that while it can be upsetting to go through something on your own, no one will judge you or laugh at It’sIt’s also important to know when someone needs h lp. I was proud of Shrek for recognizing Fiona as a lost soul and being their h their heir. In con us, feel free to contact me if anyone needs help with anything (eating disorders or needs someone to talk to.

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Shrek Bartender

Does anyone know the character of the bartender from the movie Shrek? 3

I have watched Shrek movies a million times thanks to my kids. I wonder if that man is Shrek's first servant. She swims in 3, as is Fiona's friend from her younger sister. This is Ropenzel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, New and this transvestite personality. She is one of Cinderella's half-sisters. I do not think so. who is that?

I just shared my copy of Shrek and the voice of stepbrother / Doris is Larry King.

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John Krasinski


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This is the cast of the movie ... I've never seen anyone, but maybe one of them seems familiar to me ... hahaha okay I

Bartender co

Yes, she is Cinderella's half-sister (another Disney joke in the movie Shrek).

I thought she was Cinderella's half-sister, but I could be wrong.

I checked IMDB and there is no mention of this role in the credit of the first films, although I remember the role there.

In the third movie, I think she's called Doris and she's called Larry King. Is this the character you mean ...?


Here is a good link to download Shrek 2 for free:

It's completely free and very fast to install.

If you like bowling and you like the animated movie Shrek then you will love this game.

This is a good game.

She must be one of the sisters. Interestingly, the role was played on television by St. Jonathan Ross.

Shrek Bartender

Shrek Bartender

He is a stepbrother

Thanks everyone for the answers.

Shrek Bartender