Sadness Inside Out

Inside out is a computer-animated comedy film produced by Pixar studios. Sadness is one of the main characters in Inside Out. Sadness in Inside Out is a personification of the emotion present in the mind of a young girl Riley Anderson. The sadness inside out is portrayed by Phyllis Smith.

2 Inside Out Storyline:

As you know that Fear is one of the main characters in Inside Out. The main story of this cartoon film revolves around a young girl Riley. It is shown that there are mainly five main emotions in her life namely Joy, Disgust, sadness, fear and anger. Each day she went through a number of experiences in her life. Those memories get stored in her long term memory every night. Joy is the main leader of her emotions while the rest of the emotions try to control the sad element.

Inside Out Riley:

In the film, the young girl Riley moved to San Francesco along with her family after her father’s posting. After moving to a new city, Riley faced some new changes in her life. Many of these were not pleasant for her at all. Like her new house was not well maintained, her father had also no time to give to her. She was also missing her favourite pizzas as the new pizza parlour was just adding broccoli only on the top.

• Joy, Sadness and the Core Memories:

Her first day in school left a sad memory. She wept in front of her classmates. Meanwhile, Joy tries to come over, using a vacuum tube. But mistakenly Joy taps other core memories. As a result Joy, Sadness and the Core memories go inside long term memory storage, after sucking out of the headquarters. That causes Joy and Sadness to go dormant.

Anger, Disgust and Fear Inside Out:

In their absence Anger, Disgust and Fear take place. As they become active Riley starts behaving wired, and her affairs with the parents and friends became worse. It was that time when Anger got entered into the scene to help bring her out of this mess. Anger gives her the idea that she must leave for Minnesota, which will help her to bring all her happiness back.

Bing ■■■■ Inside Out:

During this time Joy and Sadness are seen finding their way back to the headquarter of the long term memory. During this search, they met Bing ■■■■. Bing was an imaginary childhood friend of Riley. Bing ■■■■ suggests Joy and Sadness sit in the train of thoughts to come back to the headquarters. They rode the train of joy when they were on their way back to the headquarter, Riley fell asleep so they could not reach there. After that, Joy left Sadness and tries to ride a Recall tube to reach his destination. But at this instance, the ground below the tube gets collapsed, which results in sending Joy and Bing Bongo to the Memory Dump. Joy finds that how a sad memory turned into a happy one, at the moment when Riley was soothed by her parents and friends. That’s how Joy comes to know the reason for Riley’s sadness. So he keeps alert to the other emotions, whenever he finds Riley in the emotional stress.

New Personality Island:

Finally, Joy and Sadness made it to reach back to the headquarters together. But they had been so late. As anger had already come over; this had made Riley bored and careless. Riley tells her parents that she misses her old town and the neighbourhood. Her parents calm her and admit that they all actually miss Minnesota. With the mutual work of Joy and Sadness, a new core memory develops in her mind. As a result of that a new personality island forms, which make her realize and accept all the new changes in her present life. Finally, she starts feeling serene and calm. She starts taking interest in her old hobbies with the inclusion of some new ones.

2.1 Idea Behind the Making of Inside Out:

Pete Docter is the writer of this animated film. According to Docter, he got the inspiration for this story from the life of her own daughter. It was 2010 when he observed some changes in the behaviour of her ■■■■■■■ daughter. She was at a developing age. This story is an outcome of the whole psychotherapy that was used for the treatment of the Docter’s daughter. She came under observation when Docter saw that she has become quieter and reserved. He himself had some childhood issues. So this he easily felt these changes in her own child. One day an idea light up in his mind when he thought that, what changes affect the human mind when the emotions emphasis on us? These ideas lead him to portray these mental emotions in animated form. This could only be depicted as a caricatured cartoon image. After this Docter started working and researching on the human mind. The psychologist Paul Ekman and professor Dacher Keltner helped him in this regard. Finally, Docter found that there are basically 6 main human emotions including fear, disgust, anger, joy, sadness and surprise. For Docter, Surprise and fear where almost the same emotions, so that he finalized five emotions for his movie.


Fear inside out was a cartoon animated film that was written and produced by Peter Docter who got the inspiration of the story from the life of her own pre-teen daughter.

2.2 Inside Out Cast:

Below is the list of the voice-over artists along with the name of the characters they have worked for;

  1. Bill ■■■■■■ as Fear
  2. Amy Poehler as Joy
  3. Ricahrd Kind as Bing ■■■■
  4. Phyllis Smith as Sadness
  5. Lewis Black as Anger
  6. Mindy Kaling as Disgust
  7. Kaitlyn Dias as Riley
  8. Kyle MacLachlan as Riley’s Father
  9. Diane Lane as Mother
  10. Paula Poundstone as Forgetter Paula
  11. Bobby Moynihan as Forgetter Bobby
  12. Dave Goelz as Subconscious Guard Frank
  13. Josh Cooley as Jangles the Clown
  14. Frank Oz as Subconscious Guard Dave
  15. Flea as Mind Worker Cop Jake
  16. Lori Alan as Mother’s Sadness
  17. Rashida Jones as Cool Girl’s Emotions
  18. Peter Sagal as Clown’s Joy
  19. Chalos as Father’s Fear
  20. Nick Pitera and Anderea as Gum Singer

2.3 Production Company of Inside Out:

Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios are the production companies of this cartoon film.

:pushpin: When Was Inside Out Released?

The animated cartoon film Inside Out was released on June 19th, 2015 in United State.

3 Sadness Inside Out

Sadness was portrayed by Phyllis Smith. She is a voice of reason. She makes her appearance at the time when joy gets an idea. In this situation, she tries to drag the emotion of Joy. As the name indicates, she is mostly seen sad at most of the instances, but at quite a few instances she smiles as well. The role of sadness is a bit confusing. As sadness likes to keep Riley happy, but she fails to do so as it is really difficult to keep Riley optimistic. And she also appearance quickly as she appears within just 33 seconds after the of the Joy.

3.1 Appearance of Sadness

The animated character of the sadness in Inside out is given blue colour. She has her hair in a bob cut style that is navy blue in colour. She uses to wear glasses. A white knitted turtle neck sweater is her costume along with navy blue pants and slippers.
Pete Docter explains that Sadness image is inspired by a teardrop. Among other emotions, Sadness is the only emotion of the Inside out that wears head accessories.

3.2 Role of Sadness Inside out

As soon as Riley shifted to San Francisco along with her parents, sadness gets procession in her mind. She overcame the emotion of Joy, convincing him not to touch the memories of her old house. Sadness was totally opposite to the personality of Joy. Joy always is optimistic, while sadness was used to lie on the ground. Still, at happy moments she smiles, but keep pushing Riley to be a pessimist and seek the negative side of each aspect.
Although Sadness suppresses Joy, but infect she depends more on Joy as she trusts him the most. She wants to be as close to Joy as possible, to look at the different aspects in the same way Joy use to see them. But Sadness feels unhelpful as she cannot help herself to become like a joy. That’s why she dislikes this thing about her as she believes that as such she is may be harmful to Riley.
But in other angles, Sadness is a more sensible emotion. She knows when and where Riley needs her. Still, as she thinks that she may be not good for her, so that she lacks the confidence that has she a good plan for Riley or not. That is the reason Sadness keeps step back.

3.3 Sadness Inside out Quotes

Following are the quotes that are used by Sadness during the different situations in Inside out;

  1. “Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems”.
  2. “Remember the funny movie where the dog died?”
  3. “I am too sad to walk. Just give me a few hours”.
  4. “Aww, participation award”.
  5. “Is it all going to be so interactive?”
  6. “I don’t like it here”.
  7. “ Sorry,I went sad again, didn’t I?”

:pushpin: Video Games on Inside Out:

A playset of this cartoon film, casting all the main five emotions in it was created for Disney Infinity 3.0.
“Thought Bubbles” was created for mobile sets in 2015 by Disney Mobile games. That was available on Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore, Google Play, Windows Store and also on the Window Phone Store.
In Thought Bubble the gamer is going to play with the emotions of Riley. The player has to pass through 485 levels in this game by matching and sorting the memory bubbles.

4 Critics Reviews and Response on Inside Out:

 This cartoon film topped on the list of the site’s Top Hundred Cartoon Animated Movies.
 It was ranked in the third position in the list of the Top 100 Movies released in the 21st century.
 The website Rotten Tomatoes wrote that “Gorgeously animated, and powerfully moving, Inside Out is another outstanding addition to the Pixar library of modern animated classics.”
 Metacritic a website that collects the reviews of films, movies, shows and Books etc, assigned this film a score of 94 out of a hundred. According to a poll by CinemaScore the film was graded with “A”.
 Kristopher Tapley has reviewed it as “one of the best films of this century”.
 A.O.Scott wrote in The New York Times that “this film is an absolute delight”.
 Ann Hornaday gave his reviews in The Washington Post that “that rare movie that transcends its role as pure entertainment to become something genuinely cathartic, giving children a symbolic language with which to manage their unruliest emotions”.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

Below are a few of the frequently asked questions about the emotion Sadness Inside out;

1. What is Sadness in the Inside out?

Sadness is an animated cartoon that portrays one of the 5 emotions of Riley, including;

  1. Fear
  2. Joy
  3. Anger
  4. Disgust

2. Who voices sadness inside out?

The voice-over of the emotion of Sadness was given by Phyllis Smith.

3. Does inside out represent depression?

Not really in fact, as this is the emotion that leads to consciousness, it keeps alerting Riley in the everyday new situations.

4. Is Sadness a girl or a boy?

The animated emotion of Sadness inside out is that of a girl.

5. Why is Sadness important in Inside Out?

Sadness was one of the important emotions inside out. Because sadness played a key role that allows Riley to process life changes. Sadness helps Riley to appreciate the loving bonds between her and her parents. Which helped her to leave behind all of her fears and come back to her normal family life.


This movie is related to the exploration of the emotional developmental processes with respect to metaphysics. The character os sadness is considered an important emotion. As sadness is the sensible emotion. She feels guilt that she may be responsible for fo Riley’s low esteem. Besides all this, sadness proved to be more sensible. In the end, it was sad that helped rely to feel how important her family is for her. That convinced her to come back to her normal family life.