Red Eyeshadow Looks

Red eyeshadow is gorgeous, and there are much red eyeshadow looks you can create to show it off. To create a red eyeshadow look that’s perfect for your personal style, first consider whether you want to wear red eyeshadow alone or in combination with other shades and colors. You can also decide whether you prefer long-lasting eyeliner or more temporary options like eyeshadow pens and liners; the former makes red eyeshadow looks more prominent, while the latter offers versatility at the cost of longevity.

Red Eyeshadow Looks

5 Makeup Tips for Gorgeous Glittering Eyes: It’s pretty simple – Red eyeshadow looks make you stand out. If you want to take your look up a notch, then look no further than red. Not just any red, but metallic and glittery shades of red that bring a new meaning to eye candy. Here are 5 makeup tips for gorgeous glittering eyes

So whether you wear it as an eyeshadow or on your eyelids, red will do more than bring life to your look. It’ll command attention! And there’s no doubt about that.

Now that you’ve got a handle on how to wear red eyeshadow, it’s time to explore 5 makeup tips for gorgeous glittering eyes. Read on!

Invest in shadows made with rich pigments: When it comes to makeup, great products go a long way. If you can’t afford premium brands, then stick to products that are made of quality ingredients.

They’ll ensure your look stays vibrant and lasts all day without breaking down or looking cakey or powdery. Some people think cheaper products work just as well as high-end ones, but they really don’t!

The key is to invest in shadows made with rich pigments that have been formulated for longevity. That way, you won’t have to keep reapplying throughout the day. 2. Use neutral eyeshadows for blending: Red eyeshadow looks are bold and bright – so much so that if you apply them directly on your eyelids, they might seem too intense for everyday wear.

Dark Red Eyeshadow Looks

To begin, you’ll want to use a primer base. Whether you use a cream base or a powder one will be up to your personal preference; some people swear by their primers, and others find that they don’t make much of a difference.

You can also opt for an eyelid primer (if you have very oily eyelids, try using one here), or go without—it all depends on what kind of coverage you need.

Next, you’ll want to apply your eyeshadow. You can choose an eyeshadow that’s very close to your skin tone, or opt for a shade that contrasts your eye color.

Red-toned eyeshadows work particularly well on dark skin tones, and they make blue eyes pop brilliantly. If you have hazel or green eyes, you can use brown-red toned shadows for added drama.

When you’re done with that, apply a layer of black mascara. You can choose a high-quality mascara if you have it available to you, but most drugstore mascaras work just as well—especially if they have a large brush head, which is important for building up the volume.

Next, you’ll want to apply false eyelashes. If you’re a first-timer, apply just one set at first and see how you like it. When applying them, use an eyelash adhesive that doesn’t clump—this will ensure that your falsies are applied smoothly and evenly.

Red Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes

Red is a classic, timeless color that matches any hair or skin tone. Whether you’re looking for an everyday neutral look or something more daring for a special occasion, our list of red eyeshadow looks for brown eyes will have you covered.

We also have tips on how to apply red eyeshadow to make it look even better. Plus, we included some handy product recommendations below!

Blue is a natural color to mix with red eyeshadow, as they’re both colors on opposite sides of each other on a color wheel.

Using a blue eyeliner like Maybelline New York Master Precise Ink Pen Waterproof or one of our favorites, NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Liner, will allow you to create an even more vibrant look.

When you’re shopping for eyeshadow, try to choose products that have multiple colors in them. If your favorite red eyeshadow stick doesn’t have other shades of color in it, pick up an eyeshadow palette with a variety of shades.

It may cost a little more money upfront, but it will allow you to create many different looks without having to buy lots of individual eyeshadows or palettes!

A final tip for applying red eyeshadow for brown eyes is to be bold! In other words, if you have dark or black hair, don’t be afraid to use a lot of eyeshadow. If you have lighter hair or lighter features, try sticking with just a light wash of color across your lids.

Red Eyeshadow Looks With Glitter

Many celebrities have found themselves in trouble with a heavy hand of glitter. It’s natural to want to achieve that gorgeous and sexy glittery eye, but it’s important to remember that less is more when applying any makeup look. Below are some tips on how to use red eyeshadow looks with glitter.

For more complex red eyeshadow looks with glitter, it’s important to remember that less is more.

For example, applying a dark eyeliner before applying eyeshadow and then topping it off with lots of glitters will result in a clumpy look instead of one that highlights your eyes.

Be sure to only apply as much glitter as you need; otherwise, you’ll be very disappointed in your look when you step back from your mirror.

The tips above will help you create a stunning eyeshadow look that highlights your eyes without looking like a glittery mess. You can use these tips in any combination, or as inspiration for a new look.

Keep in mind that while applying lots of glitter to your eyes may seem like a quick and easy way to create a dazzling look, it’s important to remember that less is more. A little glitter goes a long way, so take your time with each step.

The extra time spent will be worth it when you see how great you look at an upcoming party or event.

Red Eyeshadow Looks For Halloween

Halloween is one of those rare occasions when women can get away with wearing something dramatic and attention-grabbing. And what better way to do that than through our eye makeup?

There are much different reds eyeshadow looks to choose from, but one of our favorites is a red cat-eye. Here’s how you can create it

To create a perfect cat-eye look, follow these steps:

  1. Start by applying your primer base for a smooth and easy finish. Using an angled brush, apply concealer around your eyes, extending outwards to create a thin triangle shape.
  2. Then dip your eyeliner pencil in water and use it to soften up and blend out any harsh lines you may have drawn on during step 1 above.
  3. Apply a red eyeshadow base to your eyelids, from lash line to brow bone. If you can find a primer in that shade, even better! Then blend it out with a fluffy brush.


We’ve all seen a lot of gorgeous red eyeshadow looks, but not many can actually pull them off. Learn how to rock red eyeshadow, even if you’re an everyday makeup wearer! These tips and tricks will have you looking sexy and in control. And, if you have blue or green eyes as I do, here are some helpful tips for making your natural eye color pop. As always, let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help!

Red Eyeshadow Looks For Hazel Eyes

Any makeup look can be improved by adding some glitter, and red eyeshadow is no exception.

If you have hazel eyes, consider switching your usual dark-colored shadow for a burgundy hue with plenty of glitters—the shine really makes these eye colors pop. To ensure you’re wearing something appropriate for work, keep it subtle with a touch of gold shimmer.

The key to a professional red eyeshadow look is choosing a shade that complements your skin tone. If you have cool undertones, choose burgundy tones with brown or gold flecks of glitter.

Alternatively, warmer skin tones work well with rich reds without any shimmer. A hint of black eyeliner in your outer corner makes your eyes appear larger and more dramatic—and it also complements any shade of sparkly red shadow.

You may want to wear red eyeshadow with hazel eyes at work, but you’ll need to avoid smoky-looking shades.

Lighter burgundy tones are an ideal choice because they match your skin tone and make it appear more vibrant. To keep things simple, just add a touch of eyeliner and mascara for a fresh look that’s perfect for the daytime.

If you’re looking for a red eyeshadow look that goes with hazel eyes, try an intense burgundy shade with plenty of gold and brown flecks. If you want to wear your eye makeup to work, keep it simple with a hint of black eyeliner and mascara.

You can also go for bold eyeliner in a shiny black or deep brown if you prefer. With any kind of glittery shadow, keep your daytime look natural—it’s simply too much at night!

Simple Red Eyeshadow Looks

Red is a great color for eye makeup, especially in winter when you want a bit of color on your lids but don’t want to go too heavy.

It works well with black eyeshadow and doesn’t clash as much as colors like blue and green would. Red eyeshadow looks are also very easy to do; just follow these simple steps

Use black eyeshadow to line your upper and lower lids, following along your lash lines. Blend it out with a cotton swab so that it’s not too harsh or dark.

You can also use black eyeshadow to create a cut crease if you’re comfortable with that look. Just follow your natural eye shape and blend everything out well to make sure there are no harsh lines.

Simple red eyeshadow looks don’t take much time or skill; they’re just a subtle way to add a bit of color and shine to your lids!

If you’re looking for something a bit more daring, try adding a little glitter to your look. Just dust some red glitter on top of your black eyeshadow for a smoky and shimmery effect. Finish off with mascara and some lip gloss to complete your simple red eyeshadow looks!

Red Eyelashes Look For Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, it can be difficult to find makeup shades that don’t wash you out. For a pop of color, try applying red eyeliner to your upper lash line and some red lipstick with shimmer or glitter on your lower lip.

You can also wear subtle red eyeshadow or even a pink shade on your lid as well. This eye makeup look will enhance your blue eyes with just enough color to make them pop!

It’s a great look for date night, but if you want something more dramatic, add false lashes to give your eyes an intense pop. Apply light mascara on top and bottom lashes to complete your red eyelashes and look for blue eyes.

This look is stunning, but you can easily adjust it to be more conservative. If you want a subtler shimmer, choose a lipstick that doesn’t have any glitter in it and skip applying anything on your lower lip.

You can also opt for neutral or pink shades of eyeshadow instead of red and wear mascara only on your top lashes. Your blue eyes will still stand out with these adjustments!

If you are going out after work and want to amp up your look, pair your red eyelashes look for blue eyes with an evening gown.

You can also wear it to coctail parties or on a first date! This eye makeup look is flattering and gives you a subtle pop of color without being overwhelming. No matter where you choose to wear it, your eyes will stand out with these gorgeous shades!

Pink Eyelashes Look

Want to get noticed? Then you need to try a pink eyeshadow look. Find a matte finish, deep red eyeshadow that complements your eye color.

Apply it all over your eyelid for a bold look or just in one area for a shimmery accent. Pair it with coral blush and pink lips for an eye-catching combination that will turn heads.

You could also try a bit of eyeliner, but keep it minimal. Add mascara to your top and bottom lashes and you are done.

Just one look that’s perfect for day or night that can be quickly put together in no time at all. It will catch people’s eyes wherever you go because of how different it is. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone for something bolder and more exciting!

Finally, if you’re really daring, try a glittery pink eyeshadow. Just a smidge of it can turn your look into something spectacular.

Avoid putting it all over your lid because that will be overwhelming. Instead, use small strokes to give it just a little sparkle instead of too much shimmer and shine. That will make everyone take notice!

These are just a few of your options, so get creative and make your look stand out. Experiment with different colors and be bold! You can’t go wrong with these pink eyeshadow looks that will turn heads wherever you go.

For more ideas, check out images on Instagram or Pinterest and see what catches your eye. Remember that you don’t have to stick to just one single color either. You can mix it up by using different shades to create a unique effect all your own!

Red Eyelashes Palettes

The best time to apply mascara is when you first apply your eyeliner. This prevents clumping and ensures that each lash is fully coated with mascara.

Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara; it will open up your eyes, which in turn makes your eyes look bigger and more youthful, helping to make sure you look younger than your age.

Try using a coat of clear mascara over the top of your regular mascara if you want extra-long lashes!

If you’re going to be out all day, but need your makeup to last for 12 hours or more, use waterproof mascara. This will help make sure your eyes remain beautifully defined. The key to applying eyeliner is using very little pressure.

You can create different styles of eyeliner simply by changing how much pressure you apply when you’re drawing it on!

If you are going to be in pictures, using a waterproof eyeliner can ensure that your eyes stay defined and bold all day long.

Try using an eyelash curler when applying mascara; it will open up your eyes, which in turn makes your eyes look bigger and more youthful, helping to make sure you look younger than your age.

If you’re planning on being out in direct sunlight, apply sunscreen liberally to any skin that is exposed.

You can find great deals on MAC eyeshadows and makeup at affordable prices online. In fact, because of their popularity, many online retailers discount their products.

You should apply a primer before using any type of eyeshadow so that it doesn’t crease throughout your day or night.

Try using an eyelash curler before applying mascara; it will open up your eyes, which in turn makes your eyes look bigger and more youthful, helping to make sure you look younger than your age.

red eyeshadow look


Red eyeshadow is a bold color that can be used to make a statement with your makeup. If you want to try red eyeshadow for yourself, but are not sure how to use it correctly, read on for more information. We will go over how to choose a red shade and suggest different looks that you can wear depending on what kind of style you have. Also included in our guide is an in-depth look at different ways that you can apply your new red shadow effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does pink eyeshadow characterize?

For many, experimenting with crimson eyeshadow method venturing into new territory. So for some professional guidance, we spoke with Deborah Altizio, a movie star makeup artist based in NYC

What color eyeshadow goes with pink?

Nudes sun shades are the easiest red get dressed eyeshadow preference. Nudes include brown-tone, crimson-tone, and mauve sunglasses. Any of those sunglasses will give your eyes just a little little bit of pop without adding a distraction.

What lipstick goes with purple eyeshadow?

Try Red & Brown

To make your look greater 2016 and a bit much less Wiccan, attempt matching your extreme crimson shadow with a nudes or matte brown lip. It’ll sense extra modern, and bring out the warm, winter tones.

Can you use red lipstick as eyeshadow?

Brown eyeshadow is a totally versatile product that may be used to create an expansion of different seems with crimson lipstick. It’s appropriate for daylight hours or nighttime and may work for a herbal regular look or something more sultry like a smokey eye.

Should eyeshadow match clothes?

You shouldn’t suit your eyeshadow in your outfit. In truth, if you do genuine color-matching with, say, a shirt, it is able to be a touch over the top. But it is always a good concept to coordinate your eyeshadow with what you are sporting through the usage of complementary or analogous colorations.

What color eyeshadow looks first-rate on brown eyes?

Gold sun shades: Gold eyeshadow with brown eyes is a prevailing mixture. Most brown eyes have flecks of golden or yellow pigments, particularly when they hit the daylight. Brown eyes additionally have a tendency to have a natural sparkle, so gold eyeshadows, consisting of copper, bronze, rose gold, and shimmery yellow, decorate their golden tones.

What color lips go together with purple get dressed?

In popular, you want to avoid something with a red hue to it, or anything that competes with the coloration of the dress. In a few instances, I suppose it can look simply wonderful to put on an ambitious lip with a pink get dressed, but if you need an idiot-evidence choice, look for soft, flattering nudes with a little shine in the finish.

Can I place eyeshadow on my lips?

Many colorful eyeshadow sun shades are carried out via using very safe iron oxides, but may also comprise Ultramarines, Ferric Ferrocyanide, and Chromium Oxides. These are permitted secure for topical pores and skin utility located in mineral make-up products and all different kinds of cosmetics, however now not to be used in lipstick or lip gloss.


Red is a flattering color to wear on your eyes because it makes them appear brighter and more youthful. With proper application, the red shadow can really stand out and make your entire look pop. The great thing about choosing red is that you can change up how bold you want to go depending on what kind of occasion or event you’re attending. For daywear, opt for more neutral tones like rose pink or brick red; for the evening, throw in some glitter!

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