how to remove eyelash extensions??..

how to remove eyelash extensions?..
Point…1 Its not that difficult to remove eye lash extensions. It’s safe and easy to remove eyelash extensions yourself in the comfort of your own home.

For safe, stress-free, at-home removal, focus on dissolving the glue which holds the extensions to the lashes. Fortunately, this only requires one thing: olive oil. Here is how to remove the extensions:

  1. If you’re wearing any makeup, use a gentle makeup remover or two-in-one makeup remover and cleanser to return your face to a bare state. Then, thoroughly wash your face.

  2. Fill a large bowl with steaming hot water, carefully place your face directly over the bowl, and completely cover your head with a large towel. Hold here for approximately 10 to 15 minutes as this will help soften the glue and encourage release of the extensions.

  3. Dip a cotton ball or pad in the olive oil and gently swipe along your lash line, helping the extensions slide right off. You may need to repeat this step to dissolve the glue completely.

  4. Once the extensions slide off, rinse your face with warm water to remove any excess oil. Apply a moisturizer or hydrating face oil to nurture skin and bring lashes back to their original state.

Point…2 It has been reported that aging eyelash extension is easier to remove than new ones. According to Reign in Riches in Toronto, the application of vegetable oil and steam have been reported to be effective in removing the extension. Firstly, you have to wipe your face of every trace of make-up and then carefully expose the face to steam. Afterwards, dip a cotton bud into oil and apply to the area holding the extension. When this has been done, pull the extensions carefully – do not tuck forcefully – if it does not pull off easily, add more oil till all is done.