Oven Roasted Chicken Subway

Oven Roasted Chicken Subway: When it comes to fast food, a Subway Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich may appear to be a rather healthy option. It’s one of the healthiest selections on the menu, according to Insider, and Subway classifies the sandwich as one of their Fresh Fit TM alternatives, which means a six-inch sub has less than 400 calories (via Subway).

Oven Roasted Chicken Subway

Oven Roasted Chicken Subway

Chicken with rib meat, water, chicken flavor (sea salt, sugar, chicken stock, salt, tastes, canola oil, onion powder, garlic powder, spice, chicken fat, honey), includes 2% or less of potato starch, sodium phosphate, dextrose, and carrageenan in oven-roasted chicken.

Subway’s Oven Roasted Chicken Sandwich

When it comes to fast food, a Subway Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich may appear to be a rather healthy option. It’s one of the healthiest selections on the menu, according to Insider, and Subway classifies the sandwich as one of their Fresh Fit TM alternatives, which means a six-inch sub has less than 400 calories (via Subway).

Many people who want to eat healthy turn to it, like registered dietitian Jim White, who recommends adding a bit of extra flavor with Dijon mustard (via Eat This, Not That). The main protein component of the sandwich, on the other hand, might not be precisely what you’re expecting.

The results of a study conducted by CBC Marketplace that evaluated chicken from five major fast-food companies, including Subway, were alarming. A DNA test revealed that the Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich contained only 53.6 percent chicken DNA (via CBC Marketplace).

Calories in an Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich

  • 6" Oven Roasted Chicken

  • Serving Size 234 grams

  • Amount per Serving Calories 320

  • Calories from Fat 40

What’s in that chicken?

The analysis discovered that soy protein made up the rest of the protein source’s content. Subway, on the other hand, took issue with their findings and, according to CBC, launched a $210 million defamation lawsuit, questioning the testing procedures and interpretation of the data.

The Ontario Supreme Court dismissed the action two months later, claiming the report was protected by an anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) statute, according to Vice. Subway took matters into their own hands and sent the protein to two different labs for testing, making the lab results available to worried chicken-loving customers (via Subway).

Their results were drastically different, with dry soy protein and spices accounting for barely 1% of the total. Whether the chicken is 100 percent real or not, it may not be the finest option on the menu.

Thrillist found the beef uninspiring, saying it “doesn’t taste like much of anything.” Fast Food Geek gave the sandwich a dismal 1 out of 5 ratings, and Thrillist found the meat uninspiring, stating it “doesn’t taste like much of anything.”


Subway’s Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich contains only 53.6% chicken DNA, according to a study. The company launched a $210 million defamation lawsuit against the study’s authors. A six-inch sub is one of the healthiest options on Subway’s menu.

The Most Delicious Subway Sandwich of All Time

If you’re a frequent Subway customer, you probably have a favorite sandwich. Or perhaps your preferences are unusual. When you order the “BMT,” which stands for “Big, Meaty, Tasty,” you’re looking for a six-inch with bacon, marinara, and tuna.

Mashed held a poll to find out which Subway sandwich is the most delectable. In our study, which had 656 replies, the real BMT received a reasonably high rating. The bacon-marinara-tuna combination, on the other hand, did not cut. If that’s your favorite, you’ve carved out a special place for yourself in the Subway community.

Subway’s sandwich selection varies by location and, more importantly, by country. In total, there are more than 37 million conceivable Subway sandwich orders in more than 100 countries where the restaurant business is present (via QSR). However, there’s no reason to be concerned. There are 13 sandwiches on the basic online menu for the United States.

Given the many conceivable variants in a Subway order, it’s understandable that more than 12% of those who responded to our survey strayed off the reservation and had to be labeled as “other.”

By a landslide, the most delectable Subway sandwich won

The Mashed poll specifically asked respondents to pick their favorite Subway sandwich. It would be interesting to know how popular opinion, as reflected in our poll, matched up with the critics at Sweety High, who ranked Subway sandwiches for deliciousness in 2019.

Subway’s menu must have been a little more expansive that year, with 16 sandwiches to pick from. At Sweety High, the spicy Italian came in first, followed by the turkey and the American club with bacon. In our poll, the best sandwich won by a landslide.

The sweet onion chicken teriyaki from Subway received 22.71 percent of the overall vote. In our poll, the next most popular sandwich received only 14.33 percent of the vote. It was a tie for second place between the Subway club and the steak and cheese.

Because the Subway club, unlike the American club, does not include bacon, Sweety High’s reviewers ranked it sixth. Sweety High praised the sweet onion chicken teriyaki for its Asian-style flavor and distinctiveness, although it came in fifth place overall.

Meatball marinara (12.96 percent), tuna (11.89 percent), the BMT (7.62 percent), and the Subway melt round out our list of the seven Subway sandwiches that cut (3.96 percent).

What Makes Subway Sandwiches So Delicious?

A great sandwich can be made at home. A cave-aged Gruyere or a smoky Pecorino Calabrese may be found at practically any market, and cave-aged Gruyere and smoky Pecorino Calabrese are becoming increasingly prevalent.

With some fresh-baked in-store bread, fancy condiments, and whatever product you like, your creation can compete with practically any deli. You can visit your local Subway sandwich shop and order one of the 7.6 million sandwiches made there every day. With more than 42,000 outlets in over 100 countries, you can “eat fresh” in practically any part of the globe.

At Subway, there are countless ways to order a sandwich. Everyone enjoys having options, and if you want to add tuna to your turkey and tomato sandwich, Subway is the place to go. At Subway, there are 37 million distinct ways to order a sandwich. It’s practically impossible to attempt all of the available combinations.

You want to make your sandwich masterpiece, which you define as just ordering a flatbread with olives and mayo. Subway can make your dreams come true. The most popular Subway sandwich options in the United States are turkey and tuna, but with 37 million various ways to build a sandwich, you may easily customize one of those options to your liking.

The secret menu at Subway

If the 37 million sandwich options are too much for you, but nothing on the menu board piques your interest, order from Subway’s secret menu. The pizza sub is one of the most common secret menu options. You only need to get red tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and oregano.

You’ll have your pizza after that baby has been heated up. You can order the Carnivore from the secret menu if you’re a meat-eater. There are four scoops of steak, six slices of pepperoni, and eight pieces of bacon on that baby.

The chicken Parmesan is an oldie but a goodie that Subway removed from the menu in 2010, but for those in the know, all you have to do is order roasted chicken, marinara sauce, and olives, a few pieces of spinach, and a heaping serving of provolone cheese.


Mashed held a poll to find out which Subway sandwich is the most delicious. Sweet onion chicken teriyaki from Subway received 22.71 percent of the overall vote. The BMT sandwich with bacon, marinara, and tuna did not cut. 7.6 million sandwiches are made at Subway every day. Order from the secret menu and you can create your sandwich masterpiece. There are over 42,000 outlets in over 100 countries around the world.

Subway’s bread is delicious

Subway’s bread is recognized for being baked fresh in-store, and you can smell it before you even get out of your car. There are even more ways to customize your sandwich with options like Italian, Italian herbs and cheese, 9-grain wheat, and multi-grain flatbread.

Jalapeno cheese, rosemary, and sea salt bread are available at some locations. Back in 2014, a food blogger discovered that Subway bread contained azodicarbonamide, a chemical that is also used in the manufacture of yoga mats. Subway has since phased out this noxious component.

Some individuals despise the scent of Subway bread, while others adore the aroma of freshly baked bread. Whether you like it or not, the myth that Subway purposely vents the bread smell onto the street to lure hungry pedestrians has been debunked. Even still, we have to confess that the stench that hits you in the face as you come in makes the sandwich taste even better once it’s in your hands.

Subway’s fresh veggies

Lettuce, red onions, spinach, cucumbers, banana peppers, green bell peppers, black olives, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, and pickles are among the 10 fresh vegetable choices available at Subway. Avocados are also available seasonally for a modest fee at most sites.

Subway’s decision to keep its menu full of fresh vegetables is a wise one, because not only does it appeal to customers attempting to eat healthier (or trying to get their kids to eat healthier), but it also appeals to millennials, who love their fresh vegetables.

Millennials prefer fruits and vegetables to grains and meats, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Around 200 Subway restaurants are located on college campuses, allowing younger customers to add spinach and red onions to their cold-cut combos with ease.

"Fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and green peppers) last two days in the refrigerator. Pickled vegetables (black olives, banana peppers, pickles, and jalapenos) keep for five days in the refrigerator.

So we simply prepare what we’ll eat in the next two days." All of those crisp, non-wilted vegetables contribute to your Subway sandwich being the finest it can be.

A subway is a great place for carnivores

Turkey, roast beef, chicken, salami, pepperoni, meatballs, shaved steak, bologna, ham, and tuna are among the meat options available at most Subway locations. Subway is a particularly great alternative for carnivores because it offers so many delicious meat options.

Leaner cuts of meat, such as turkey and chicken, will have fewer calories and fat than a sandwich like the chicken bacon ranch, which has 32 grams of fat and almost 600 calories for just the six-inch size!

If calories and fat aren’t a worry, the hot Italian sandwich, which contains a generous quantity of both salami and pepperoni, or the cold cut combo, which includes salami, bologna, and ham, are also good options.

True meat aficionados can even order their sandwich with “double meat,” which simply adds a second serving of meat to any combination they choose. Just bear in mind that adding a lot of extra toppings will be a messy (though delicious) task.

Subway is also a nice vegetarian option

It’s difficult to eat out as a vegetarian because there are few options for meatless, flavorful, and substantial cuisine. Subway is especially enticing to the meat-free audience because of this.

Subway offers a variety of vegetarian options, and in the fall of 2019, they will be able to add one more interesting option to the menu. Subway will sell Beyond Meatball marinara sandwiches made with Beyond Meat brand vegan meatballs in 685 select locations across the United States and Canada.

Subway customers in the United Kingdom can even get a vegan patty sandwich with vegan mayo. If you’re in the United States, you may always order the “veggie delight” and customize it with as many menu vegetable options as you like. Sandwiches with vegetables have never tasted so wonderful.

Subway cheese

With apologies to anyone who is lactose sensitive, a sandwich isn’t complete without a slew of cheese. Subway is well aware of this, which is why the cheese that adorns their already wonderful sandwiches is of the highest quality. Subway now serves American and Monterey cheddar, with mozzarella, cheddar, provolone, Swiss, feta, and pepper-jack available in some locations.

Additional cheese costs more, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting a few extra pieces to make your sandwich even more delicious. For those who are truly smitten with the wonders of cheese, Subway offers a toasted cheese sandwich with three types of cheese if you want to go all-out.

Sandwiches from Subway don’t even require bread

You don’t always need six or twelve inches of bread to get in the way of your meat, cheese, and vegetable toppings, which is why you can turn any sub sandwich into a great salad. When a sandwich is so good that it doesn’t even require bread, you know it’s good.

You can order basic menu items like a cold-cut combo salad or a Subway club, or you can get creative and make your salad with red onions, olives, and mushrooms. You have complete control over your life.

Red wine vinaigrette, sweet onion, ranch dressing, and fat-free Italian dressing are among the salad dressings available. Any of the other Subway sauces, such as creamy sriracha or fat-free honey mustard, can be used as well.


Subway’s bread is baked fresh in-store, and you can smell it before you get out of your car. The myth that Subway vents the bread smell onto the street to lure customers has been debunked. Millennials love their fresh vegetables, and Subway’s menu is packed with them. Subway offers sandwiches that don’t even require bread, so you can turn them into a great salad.

Healthy food options

Just because you’re trying to eat healthier doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to cottage cheese and carrot sticks. Subway has a variety of low-fat and low-calorie menu selections. Oh, and they’re also delicious. Only 330 calories are in the sweet onion chicken teriyaki.

The traditional roast beef has only 1.5 grams of fat. With only 200 calories, the vegetarian pleasure is the healthiest Subway sandwich available. Subway is a huge game-changer for individuals on the keto diet. With no bread, the chicken and bacon ranch melt has only six grams of net carbohydrates.

The majority of the salads have a net carb count of 11 or less. Subway also has a variety of breakfast dishes that can be made keto-friendly by simply omitting the bread. Subway’s ability to fit into practically any diet plan without requiring a thousand adjustments only adds to its appeal.

Subway sandwiches are freshly prepared right in front of your eyes

Even if sneeze guards aren’t the most appealing restaurant décor, there’s something to be said for seeing your food made right in front of your eyes to make anyone concerned about hygienic methods or food freshness feel better.

When making sandwiches, Subway employees are required to wear plastic gloves. You keep an eye on your sandwich being made. You can tell if the tomatoes are limp or the lettuce is wet by looking at them. It’s reassuring to see your tasty sandwich being made right in front of your eyes, rather than in some back room where you have no idea if it’s been dropped on the floor or worse.

Knowing that your food is clean and fresh makes it even more delightful to consume, and you can be sure that you’re getting the right toppings and sauces in the right proportion. Subway’s popularity stems from its freshness, cleanliness, tasty meats and cheeses, and tempting bread topped with crisp vegetables and delectable condiments.

The Subway’s Untold Truth

When Subway originally launched, people were blown away by the freshness of their ingredients, the deliciousness of their sandwiches, and the idea that a “sandwich artist” would make it right in front of your eyes, adding whatever you wanted. As a result, Subway grew and grew.

According to Statista, they peaked in 2016 with a staggering 44,702 restaurants around the world. Even when outlets began to close in 2017, CNBC declared that they were the world’s largest fast-food business. Yes, they outnumber McDonald’s by 6,671 places and Starbucks by an incredible 16,573 locations.

But not everything was as it seemed, and the stats were not telling the whole story. Subway was having a hard time. What transpired was difficult, and Subway’s entire tale is complex. They’ve had their fair share of scandals and bad news stories, as well as their fair amount of triumphs.

The truth behind Subway’s “yoga mat chemical”

When it was discovered that one of the ingredients in Subway’s bread was also present in yoga mats, social media went crazy. According to CNN, the chemical in question is called azodicarbonamide, and it’s normally used in products to help reinforce the dough.

In this case, there are two sides to the tale. On the one hand, it’s been around for a long time and has been approved by the FDA as safe. It was detected in almost 500 different items, according to NPR, including everyone’s childhood favorite, Wonder Bread. But, according to a post by a self-proclaimed expert the Food, it was Subway that was singled out the most.

Not in the FDA-approved safe levels, which are only 45 parts per million. According to research conducted by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, azodicarbonamide breaks down into a few chemicals that represent “a minimal risk” to humans, and it is therefore banned as a food additive in the EU and Australia. Subway announced shortly after the controversy that it would be removed from their recipe.


Subway is a huge game-changer for individuals on the keto diet. With no bread, the chicken and bacon ranch melt has only six grams of net carbohydrates. Most salads have a net carb count of 11 or less. Employees wear gloves so they can prepare their food right in front of their eyes. Subway paid out $520,000 to each of the ten plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit.

How did Subway become so popular by doing the same thing as so many others?

A few variables were working in their favor, according to Entrepreneur. They possessed something that other chains lacked, and that is a story in itself. They promoted their freshness and healthiness, and instead of simply stating how healthy they were, they launched a campaign centered on someone who had lost a significant amount of weight as a result of their meals.

It was also great timing, as it occurred at a time when more people were looking for healthy yet quick solutions, and they hopped on the bandwagon. They were also one of the first restaurants to begin preparing cuisine in front of guests, which was well received. They knew exactly what was going on with their sub and could add to it as they went.

That got them interested and invested in their food, which is crucial. Their affordability, freshness, and quick service wowed visitors from all around the world. According to the BBC, clients in the United Kingdom found the same things so appealing that they were able to create 2,500 locations.

There was something else going on at work, and it’s probably something you didn’t think about. Subway was able to secure agreements with areas that less nutritious fast-food businesses couldn’t, such as hospitals, because they advertised themselves as being highly healthy. And there was a huge untapped market there.

Is Subway really that fresh?

Subway founded its business on the promise of allowing consumers to “eat fresh,” but by 2018, customers were complaining that they weren’t that fresh after all. According to Business Insider, the restaurant had a rough year in 2017, and part of its downfall was due to ingredients that were “mushy and rotting,” rather than “fresh.”

When they spoke with franchise owners and employees, they discovered that most Subway restaurants only received produce deliveries once or twice a week at most. Some owners reported that they were willing to bear the additional costs of more regular delivery, but that their requests were turned down by corporate.

Do you think the lettuce on your recent Subway sandwich was past its prime? You’re not alone: those employees claim that lettuce was a major issue and that it was frequently turning by the time it arrived at the store. Subway responded by stating that they went above and above to ensure that only the freshest ingredients were supplied but did not specify how frequently they were delivered.

Things are just going to get worse. Some owners believe they have no option on the issue. Some franchisees have had their franchise licenses canceled after attempting to switch to local produce suppliers. And here’s the thing: now that there’s even more of a push toward freshness, Subway’s slippage is even more apparent.

Is Subway that healthy?

When Healthline looked at their nutritional information, they discovered that there are some healthy selections. The six-inch black forest ham, roast beef, veggie delite, club, sweet onion chicken teriyaki, oven-roasted chicken, and rotisserie-style chicken all meet the American Heart Association’s requirements for being a healthy meal if you choose 9-grain wheat and toppings like green onions and tomatoes and don’t pile on the sauces.

However, they aren’t all excellent. Some of them, like the chicken Caesar and chicken and bacon ranch, melt, don’t even seem nutritious. Others, on the other hand, are misleading. Isn’t it also on the naughty list? Even while it’s easy to assume that anything with tuna in it will be a good pick, mayo-laden or not, the basic tuna is a good choice.

Business Insider decided to try the fabled “Subway Diet” in 2016. They proclaimed it impossible by the second day. The healthy subs were simply not full, gratifying, or flavorful, prompting one customer to describe them as “survival food.”

Not everyone liked Subway’s $5 footlong

Not everyone was a fan of Subway’s $5 footlong. It was a fantastic offer, and you received a good lunch for a good price. Franchisees, on the other hand, did not share your enthusiasm. The $5 footlong lasted a long time before being replaced in 2016 by the $6 footlong. According to Money, it was about as popular as anyone could have imagined, except Subway.

Due to declining sales, Subway needed to reintroduce the $5 footlong in 2018, but they did bring back the $4.99 footlong. Even though only five sandwiches were involved in the new agreement, roughly 400 franchisees signed a petition opposing it.

Some of them spoke to Business Insider (anonymously, because franchisees are not permitted to speak to the media), while others were fine with it due to the limited number of subs and options included in the contract. Some even hoped it would increase business, while others saw it as just another unfair campaign they were forced to participate in. Everything was undeniably perfect.

Interesting offers for Subway’s overseas locations

When you walk into a Subway, you already know what you’re going to get. However, if you go to one of Subway’s overseas locations, you’ll find menus that not only appear different but also have some pretty great options.

If you go to India, you’ll find some very delectable-sounding cuisine. An Aloo Patty, Chicken Tandoori, or Paneer Tikka all are options. That’s marinated and grilled cottage cheese pieces. There are other kebab alternatives, as well as a bizarre sub with corn, peas, carrots, and eggless mayo. Ireland offers many of the traditional options, as well as a vegan sub with a vegan patty on top.

In Australia, a Buffalo Chicken sub, a pizza sub, or a Smashed Falafel sub are all available there. A Caprese sub is available in Venezuela, while one with smoked ham and mascarpone is available in Japan, as well as one with shrimp and avocado. Go to Iceland, where the word “sub” means “boat” and pulled pork is on the menu.


Following are the important questions:

1. Do they still have Oven Roasted Chicken at Subway?

Subway’s Roast Beef and Rotisserie Chicken are no longer available. The venerable sub restaurant has discreetly phased out two popular meat selections for its sandwiches.

2. Is Subway roasted chicken sandwich healthy?

It’s one of the healthiest selections on the menu, according to Insider, and Subway classifies the sandwich as one of their Fresh Fit TM alternatives, which means a six-inch sub has less than 400 calories (via Subway).

3. How many calories are in an Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich from Subway?

  • 6" Oven Roasted Chicken

  • Serving Size 234 grams

  • Amount per Serving Calories 320

  • Calories from Fat 40

4. How much is 6in Oven Roasted Chicken at Subway?

Oven Roasted Chicken and Veggie Delite 6-Inch Subs are $2.99 at Subway.

5. Why did Subway get rid of roasted chicken?

The franchisee explained, “They got rid of them because they were the two most expensive proteins on the menu.” (This franchisee requested anonymity because he or she was not allowed by the firm to comment about the decision, but Insider knows the source’s identity.)

6. What’s the healthiest Subway?

The Veggie Delight is the healthiest of all the Subway sandwiches. You have no choice but to stuff it with vegetables because there is no meat. This sandwich is a bargain at only 230 calories (without cheese).

7. Is McDonald’s healthier than Subway?

In terms of overall nutrition, the Subway meal was somewhat healthier than McDonald’s in terms of protein and sugar, and it included more vegetables, but it was higher in salt. Remember that both meals provided the same total number of calories, but it was a substantial quantity of calories.

8. Is Subway junk food?

Subway is widely regarded as a healthy fast-food chain. After all, they don’t have a fryer, two of the five bread options are brown bread, and you may customize your sandwich with fresh vegetables. There were no oily fries, enticing ice cream, or fatty hamburgers to be found. However, Subway is still a fast-food restaurant.

9. Is a BMT from Subway healthy?

B.M.T. (British Military Training)

It’s Subway’s best-selling sandwich, but it’s higher in fat, saturated fat, and sodium than the rest of the menu, so save it for a special occasion.

10. Which cheese at Subway is healthiest?

The ideal cheese to use is Swiss (just 50 calories and 30mg sodium), but you may also use honey mustard, light mayonnaise, sweet onion sauce, yellow mustard, or barbecue sauce to keep the calories under 350.


Mashed held a poll to find out which Subway sandwich is the most delicious. Sweety High ranked 16 sandwiches as delicious in 2019, with 16 sandwiches to choose from. Spicy Italian came in first, followed by turkey and the American club with bacon. Lettuce, red onions, spinach, cucumbers, banana peppers, black olives, and pickles are among the 10 fresh vegetable options available at Subway. Avocados are also available seasonally for a modest fee at most sites. In India, you can get an Aloo Patty, Chicken Tandoori, or Paneer Tikka.

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