What Does LANDSLIDE Mean?

  • Disasters are deeply related to avalanches, not to snow, but to real earth elements such as rocks, trees, parts of houses and anything else that can float.

Meanings of LANDSLIDE

  1. Massive fall of mud or rock from a mountain or rock.

  2. Majority of votes to the party or candidate in the election.

Sentences of LANDSLIDE

  1. Road block from landslide

  2. They won by landslide.

Synonyms of LANDSLIDE

and match, earthslip, rockfall, earthfall, mudslide, set, avalanche, triumph, runaway victory, landslip, game, grand slam, overwhelming majority, decisive victory, walkover


LANDSLIDE: What is the Meaning of LANDSLIDE?

LANDSLIDE means: Avalanche is a disaster closely related, but instead of snow, it is accompanied by solid ground elements such as rocks, trees, useful parts and anything else that can float.

Sentences of LANDSLIDE

  1. They won the landslide.