Orbital Piercing

Orbital Piercing is two ear piercings connected by the same piece of jewellery. Orbital Piercings are usually done in helix area of the ear, but they can be done anywhere on the body, even in your earlobes. The piercing uses a hoop and should not be confused with an industrial piercing, a conch piercing, or a double cartilage piercing.

Orbital Piercing


A professional piercer will have a sterilized hollow gauge needle, a captive bead ring for jewellery, and a pair of pliers.

List Details
1 The piercer will use a marker to show where you want the piercing to go.
2 Then, they’ll take the hollow gauge needle and put it through the spot that has been marked.
3 While the needle is still in your ear, the piercer will take the captive bead ring and slide it into the hollow part of the needle. Then, while the captive bead is still in hand, the piercer will gently pull the needle through the rest of your ear.
4 Once the jewelry is in your ear correctly, the piercer will do the same thing again, but this time they won’t put in a new captive ring.
5 The piercer will take the bead ring from the first hole and put it through the second hole just made.
6 Then, they close the ring up, so there isn’t much room left for the bead. Once the dot is in the ring and is held in place, the piercing is done.


Orbital Piercing Cost

Prices for orbital piercings vary based on where you get it done. Most start at about $30. You will also have to pay for the jewellery, which has different prices. Getting 14k gold will cost more, but surgical steel can help you keep your costs down. It’s like a strange game of limbo where the bar is your budget, and instead of getting kicked out, you can’t pay your rent.

Instead of looking for the best deal, look for a clean, professional, well-known piercer and salon. You don’t want your earrings to fall apart in two weeks like those “RealManolo Blahniks.


Once the jewellery is in place, the piercer will continue the procedure without a captive ring. Orbital piercing prices vary. The average price is $30. Prices for jewellery vary.


Most of the time, these types of piercings are done with ball closure rings. These are hoop-shaped pieces that are closed with a captive bead ring.

  • Segment rings, circular barbells, and horseshoe rings can be worn in an orbital piercing.

  • The rings come in various materials, like titanium and white or yellow gold, but surgical steel is probably the best choice for the first insertion. After your piercing has healed, you can switch the ring to any other one you want.

  • There are a lot of different colours and styles to choose from, especially if your piercing is set up so that you can wear both a segment ring and a captive bead ring.

  • To get some ideas on where to put things and what kind of jewellery to wear, have a look at the photographs below.

  • Choosing jewellery isn’t just about how it looks, though. It’s essential to get the right size, especially for the first piercing.

  • If the first ring you put in the piercing is too big, it could take longer to heal and cause problems like the ring moving.

  • Migration is an unwelcome process in which the jewellery moves from where it was first put, sometimes out of the skin.

I Can Switch Out the Jewellery

Don’t change your jewellery until your piercing is completely healed. That means you’ll have to keep the original jewellery in for eight to ten weeks, no matter how much value you place on gold over the silver.

When you’re ready to switch out your jewellery, look for earrings made of surgical steel or 14k gold. They’re the least likely to cause an infection and are the least likely to cause allergies. Nickel can bother many people, so don’t wear jewellery with it.

When it comes to style, orbital piercings will always be a hoop. After all, it’s in the name! It doesn’t have to be clear, though. It can also have a diamond, ball, or chain in the middle, as long as the parts that go into your ear are smooth. We still don’t know how to keep snacks in them.

How Painful Is a Piercing in the Eye?

Because they are usually done on the lower lobe, orbital piercings are one of the less painful types. This tissue is much softer than cartilage or the nose, so it’s easier to poke in a hole.

But since your piercer will make two holes in your ear (or four if you want both ears done), it can hurt a bit. I’m glad I saved you from having to do that math in your head. (You can now take your hands off.)

Orbital Piercing Pain Factor

This type of piercing can be done on any part of the ear, and where you choose to have it done will significantly affect how painful it is.

Number Factor
1 Most of the time, piercings in the ear lobe will hurt less than piercings in the cartilage.
2 As with any piercing, how much it hurts will depend significantly on how well you can handle pain.
3 The piercer’s skill will also affect how fast the process will be, making it less painful. It is another reason to choose your piercer carefully.
4 If you’re worried about how painful it will be, you might want to do the piercing in two steps.
5 You can get one piercing at the first appointment, let it heal, and then come back for the second piercing to finish the piercing.

Healing and Follow-Up

Proper maintenance for a piercing is common knowledge. It can be a pain, but ultimately, our health (and our money) are at stake.

How long this type of piercing takes to heal will depend primarily on where it is on the ear. The healing time for cartilage piercings, like a helix orbital piercing, is usually between 3 and 5 months. Healing time for lobe piercings is usually only between 8 and 10 weeks.

How to Take Care of Your Piercing?

Take careful care of the piercing, and it will recover more quickly. And you won’t have any problems. Your chosen piercer will tell you how to take care of yourself afterwards. It’s essential in general.

Keep the jewellery in place until the wound is completely healed. Taking the jewellery out or putting something else in it while the damage is still recovering could cause an infection or scarring.

Once the piercing is done, the jewellery should stay in place until you are sure the skin has healed completely.

Clean the area where the piercing is often. It would help if you did this three times a day until the piercing is completely healed. Use warm salt water or something else that a professional piercer tells you to use. Never use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean the hole.

Please don’t touch the piercing or the area around it. The only time you should feel the piercing is to clean it. Moving the jewellery piece around could put pressure on the wound and make it take longer to heal.

Infecting a lesion with microorganisms from your hands when you don’t need to, touching the damage too much also makes it more likely to get sick. If you can, you should also try to sleep in a way that doesn’t move the pierced area.


Surgical steel or 14k gold earrings don’t cause allergies and keep you from getting sick. Nickel jewellery may bother a lot of people. Only touch the piercing to clean it. Moving the jewellery could slow the healing of the wound.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here are some fundamental questions about this subject.

1 - How Painful Is a Piercing in Orbit?

Comparable to an industrial placement, an orbital piercing hurts much less and takes much less time to heal. Depending on where your orbital piercing is, it should break between 4 and 5 out of 10 and heal in about two to three months.

2 - How Are Conch Piercing and an Orbital Piercing Different?

The orbital conch piercing is a type that goes in the opposite direction of a standard conch piercing and needs two holes instead of just one. It lets the ring “orbit” the cartilage in the ear. Most of the time, a CBR is recommended for jewellery.

3 - How Do They Make the Holes?

Orbital piercings are done when you put a hoop through two holes in your ear. Most of the time, it’s on the earlobe, but it can also be in the middle of the outer ear. This piercing is like an industrial piercing, which puts a bar through your upper cartilage and two holes.

4 - Is an Orbital Piercing Two Holes?

Any piercing that has two holes connected by one piece of jewellery, usually a hoop, is called an orbital piercing. Most of the time, these are in the ear, but you can also get them in other places on your body.

5 - What’s the Most Painful Way to Get Pierced?

From most painful to least painful, here’s how much each type of piercing may hurt.

  • Bits piercing. Your bits is one of the places on your body with the most nerves.

  • Nose-piercing level of pain.

  • Dermal piercing pain.

6 - When Will My Orbital Piercing Heal?

The orbital piercing is here. The orbital is like an industrial piercing; it has two holes connected by one piece of jewellery. However, a tiny hoop is used instead of a bar to pierce the skin. The short time it takes to heal (about 8–10 weeks) is a plus, but the best thing about it is where it goes.

7 - What Is an Orbital Piercing Called by Another Name?

Conch piercings usually take 8 to 12 weeks to heal, starting with a stud. Once a conch piercing has healed, it can be replaced with a ring, as shown in the second picture. People get confused because they often call this an “Orbital Conch.” It’s still just a Conch piercing, though.

8 - When Will I Be Able to Sleep on My Piercing?

Is it fine? As a general rule, you shouldn’t sleep in your earrings, but there is one time when you should. These little studs are here to stay at least six weeks or until your piercer tells you, it’s okay.

9 - Can You Sleep with a Pierced Orbit?

Bard says, “Make sure it is done as sterilely as possible and kept clean and free of infections.” Meanwhile, avoid sleeping on your side to avoid irritating your fresh piercing. According to professionals, sleep on the piercing may cause inflammation and delay recovery.

10 - Can You Wear Earbuds If You Have a Piercing in Your Orbit?

Wait, can someone with a conch piercing wear earbuds? Great question! Not as great of an answer: You can’t wear earbuds with a conch piercing, at least while it’s healing. While your piercing is healing, switch to over-the-ear headphones instead of earbuds to avoid any snags, irritation, or pain.

11 - How Does a Piercing in Orbit Heal?

The time it takes to heal is also speedy. Professional piercers say it takes six to eight weeks for an orbital piercing to heal. The pain will be twice as bad if you pierce your cartilage because the area is more complex. The recovery process takes three to five months.

12 - What Does Ashley’s Name Mean?

Kenzi Gamble, a professional piercer at Ink’d Up Tattoo Parlor in Boaz, AL, says, “An Ashley piercing is a single piercing that goes straight through the middle of the bottom lip and comes out of the back of the lip.” An Ashley piercing is a bit more complicated because the holes are made to fit your body.

13 - What Kind of Piercing Is the Medusa?

A medusa or philtrum piercing puts a stud in the groove in the middle of the upper lip, just above the cupid’s bow. Most of the time, the piercer puts in a long labret stud. Once the piercing has healed, the person can switch out the stud for a shorter one so that their teeth and gums don’t get hurt.

14 - How Long Does It Take for the Longest Piercing to Heal?

Because of where it is on your body, a navel piercing has one of the most extended healing times. It can take up to 12 months. But between 6 and 8 weeks, the jewellery can usually be changed to a sterile piece that is a little shorter.

15 - How Painful Is Smiley Piercing?

All piercings can cause pain. In general, the piercing will hurt less in places with more flesh. You need a thick enough frenulum to hold the jewelry. But the piece of tissue is still pretty small. Because of this, the piercing may hurt more than piercings in the lip or earlobe.


You get two holes in your ear at once with an orbital piercing. Orbital piercings can be done anywhere on the body, including the earlobes. The piercing differs from an industrial conch or double cartilage piercing because it uses a hoop. You may get one perforation on your first visit, wait for it to heal, and then come back for the second.

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