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NO NC are two terms which are used in switches and relays. NO term means Normally Open and NC term means Normally Closed. These contacts are made when switch is a turned on.

NO NC is a term of switch which mean contacts which are in the form of wet and dry contacts. NO sensor or switch have no current when they are in normal state. But in the state of emergency it supply current of +5V which is applied to the circuit.

On the other side, NC sensor will supply +5V of current when it will be in normal state and in case of emergency, it will supply 0V to the circuit. Both the terms work oppositely. In some relays like Industrial power relay, both 1NO and 1NC switch is used at the same time as contactors to manage power.

1. What is NO and NC contact?

These both are Contact states. A Normally closed contact pair is closed when the operating device remain in off state. This contact pair is in a Conductive state. On the other side, A normally open contact pair is open when the functioning device is in closed or off form. This contact pair is then in Non-conductive state.

:bulb: What’s the difference between normally open and normally closed?

Normally open switch is a kind of electrical switch and when this switch is not compressed, it is in off or inactive form. On the other side, normally closed switch in which contacts are not compressed and it means switches are connected and it is ‘‘On’’.

:bulb: What is NO and NC in relay?

Relay in these circuit works in this way that in case of Normally Open (NO) contacts, when relay is activated, the circuit is connected. If the relay is deactivated, then the circuit is not connected. In case of Normally Closed (NC) contacts, it disconnects the circuit when the relay is connected or activated. If the relay is disconnected, then the circuit is connected.

2. Working of NO NC contractors

NO and NC contact points work on Magnetic contactors and as we know, the function of magnetic conductor is to connect and disconnect the electrical circuit. Magnetic Contractor contain two points on it and these are;

:one: NO ( Normally Open)
:two: NC ( Normally Close)

As we know, Magnetic contractor is an electrical device which requires electric current to disconnect and connect the poles present in it.

:bulb: Working of NO

NO as normally open contains a pole which is not connected to circuit when the electric current is not provided to the Magnetic Contractor. When the electric current is given to the Magnetic contractor, then the pole is connected. In this way, NO works in magnetic pole.

:bulb: Working of NC

It is the reverse case of NO. In this, the pole is connected when the Magnetic contractor is not provided with electric charge. And when the Magnetic contractor is provided with the electric charge, then the pole is not connected, it disconnects.

3. What is NO and NC in PLC?

In PLC, when the output or input of the contact is 1, then it is true or you can say closed in terms of Normally Open contact (NO). In case of Normally close (NC) contact, then it is true when the output or input will be 0. This is the way of function of NO and NC in PLC.

:bulb: Is normally open positive or negative?

These are the terminal descriptions of switch and is doesn’t matter positivity and negativity. Actually, one side of the switch contains positive charge and the other side contains negative charge. The order of charges do not matter. -NO- this is the normally switch but any single charge does not matter because both are present.

:bulb: Are limit switches normally open?

In positions, a limit switch may be Normally open (NO) or may be Normally Close (NC). When NO device is activated, the the switch is closed. When the NC device is activated, then the switch is open. Limit switches or you can say On-Off switch work in both ways.

4. Uses of NO and NC contractors

No and NC are used in switches and in relays. But their main functioning in the processes is as;

  • Magnetic Contractors



  • Thermal Overloaded Relay

  • Push Button

  • Controller

  • Electrical sensors and devices.

These are the main components in which No and NC terms are used.

:bulb: What is the work of wire in NO and NC relays?

The wire is necessary for any kind of circuit. Mostly 100 amp sized wire is used in electrical circuits to provide proper charge and current to flow properly without spark and short circuit. So, wire is used as functioning part in the NO and NC circuits and contractors because wires supply charges and transfer voltages.

:bulb: Push Button Working of NO and NC

The push button working of NO and NC is quite simple and easy. Here’s a video which will help you to understand the working properly;

:writing_hand: Summary

We summarized that NO and NC are two terms which are used in electrical deices to control the transfer of electric voltage in it. NO means Normally open contact and NC means normally closed contact. Both the contacts work together in limit switches and in Contractors to restrict and flow the charges of current to run the circuit.

5. How do you tell if a relay is NO or NC?

There are two step to confirm that if a relay is NO or NC.

:one: Testing the Normally Closed (NC) terminal of the Relay

  • Use ohmmeter in your testing

  • Place one end of Ohmmeter on NC terminal and the other on common terminal of relay

  • If the resulting value is 0-ohm, then NC terminal is working properly.

:two: Testing the Normally Open (NO) terminal of Relay

  • Use ohmmeter is experiment

  • Place one end of ohmmeter on NO terminal and the other end on common terminal of relay

  • If the resulting value is around some Mega-ohms, then this NO terminal is working correctly.

:bulb: Is PNP normally open or closed?

PNP is a transistor and we know in it’s working if the sensor is not activated, then the output will be zero. In this case, the PNP transistor is Normally opened -NO- because there is no voltage flow in it.

:white_flower: In Short

NO and NC are the two terms which are used in Relays, Push Buttons, Controllers and in many other electrical appliances. But usually, Normally closed and Normally open terms are made to switch on and switch off circuits. Switched circuits are also used in same way.

:nazar_amulet: Frequently Asked Questions

NO and NC are the two terms working in switches and relays. They make contacts and give electric charges. Some people got confused and ask many questions. Some of them are;

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Is a thermostat normally open or closed?

Thermostat is a device which works on the adjustment of temperature in it. It got a pre-calibrated temperature. It is neither normally open nor normally closed. It works on temperature. Thermostat is non-adjustable because manufacturer has set its settings. If there will be decrease in temperature, then it will automatically reset its setting.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How do I identify no NC relay contacts?

There is a need to transfer voltage to differentiate between NC pins and common pins from connected pins. Voltage will activate the relay coil and it makes difference. The quantity of voltage is written on its product which is required.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why stop button is normally closed?

IS there is a wire break or a fail occurs in the circuit, then the stop button as normally closed contacts become activated and it prevents spark loss and damages. That’s why stop button is used as Normally closed because it does not makes dangerous situations.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: When should you use open contacts?

The benefit of open relay is that in open relay contacts, when there is no power, then there is no contact between the circuits. And if you give power or current to contacts then it closes the circuit and allows the charges or current to flow smoothly.

:scroll: Conclusion

NO NC are the two terms used in electrical operations because they are best in working and they give smooth flow of charges and also prevents danger actions. Normally open as NO and normally closed as NC works together as one give positive charge and the other give negative charges in circuits.

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