Definition of Switch:

  1. Mechanical or electronic device that completes (closes) or breaks (opens) an electrical path (circuit) to route power or data stream from one point to another. See also valve.

  2. Traders use a switch when they wish to maintain their current positions and exposure in contracts that are nearing expiration. The investor could remain bullish or bearish on that particular market beyond the expiration date of their holdings. Or, they may wish to extend settlement to avoid costs of delivery, fees, and other expenses.

  3. A switch, also known as "rolling forward," is a futures trading strategy involving closing a near month contract and opening a later month contract with the proceeds. Switching is not the same as spread trading. In a switch, the trader only owns one position at a time. In a spread, the trader is simultaneously both long one contract and short a different but related contract.

Synonyms of Switch

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Meaning of Switch & Switch Definition

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