Nemo's Dad's Name

Nemo’s Dad’s Name is Marlin. Nemo is one of the primary characters in both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Marlin and Coral are his parents. He is a clownfish, just like his father, mother, and children yet to be born. Alexander Gould plays Nemo, the only son of Marlin, who is still alive. Nemo is excited about life and wants to explore the ocean, but he is caught and made into a pet.

Nemo's Dad's Name

Who is Nemo?

Nemo is a six-year-old only child who is curious and easy to influence. He lives with his overprotective single father, Marlin. Nemo has lived in a bubble his whole life, so he is excited to start school and finally see the Great Barrier Reef. Nemo wants to go on adventures even though he was born with a broken fin. When fate takes him far away from home, he discovers he can do great things.

Who does Nemo’s voice?

Finding Nemo had a cast full of big names. On the other hand, Nemo’s voice was played by Alexander Gould, an eleven-year-old child who was not very well known. Still, he did a great job. Since the movie, Gould has kept his career low-key to focus on his personal life, college, and becoming an adult.

Alexander Gould got a small part on the TV show “Weeds” after he played Nemo. He did voice work for a few more movies, including a cameo in “Finding Dory.” Gould is now married, and he and his wife live in Los Angeles.

Dory, played by Ellen DeGeneres, had the most prominent voice in “Finding Nemo.” Gill is played by Willem Dafoe, Nigel is played by Geoffrey Rush, Crush is played by Andrew Stanton, and Marlin is played by Albert Brooks. During the movie, many other stars made cameos or played smaller roles.

The Dad of Nemo

Nemo’s dad’s name is Marlin, and he is a male clownfish. He is the main character in Pixar’s Finding Nemo and one of the three main characters in Pixar’s Finding Dory. Marlin is bright orange and white clownfish with small scales. He has black lines along his stripes, fins, and tail, and his eyes are big and brown. He is nearly twice as big as Nemo.

Name Marlin
Feature Films Finding Nemo, Finding Dory
Short Films Exploring the Reef
Likes His family, tranquility, safety

Marlin is kind and caring but can also be jumpy and nervous. He really cares about Nemo and would do anything to keep him safe. At the start of “Finding Nemo,” we see that Marlin is often too protective of Nemo, as he hangs over him and fusses over his “lucky” fin. As the movie continues, though, Marlin becomes more daring and adventurous, making him a legend in Australian waters.

“Even though Marlin had already crossed the ocean, that didn’t mean he had to do it again. Since he won’t jump at the chance to go with Dory to the California coast to look for her family, he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Marlin has lost family members before, and Dory helped him find Nemo not long ago. The clownfish isn’t funny, but he’s loyal. He knows he has to pack up his nervous energy and skepticism and go on yet another adventure, this time to help his friend.”

Is Marlin madly in love with Dory?

Hank and Marlin are not really “in love” with Dory. They just like each other. Given how much time Dory spent with each of them and what they did together, I think she would have respected Hank for helping her find her parents. Most of the care for the eggs is done by the male clownfish. Nemo and his father are clownfish, and their personalities are similar to what they are like in the wild.

Yes, we’re talking about the first scene of the movie, where a giant barracuda attacks the home of Nemo’s dad, Marlin, and eats Nemo’s mom and all his future brothers and sisters. It’s sad and heartbreaking, showing why Marlin is so protective of Nemo, his only son.

She is the niece of dentist Philip Sherman. Gill and the other fish in Sherman’s fish tank say that Darla kills fish and that Nemo is supposed to be her new pet fish.

Voice Of Marlin In Finding Nemo

Since Robin Williams’s amazing performance as the Genie in “Aladdin” in 1992 opened the floodgates, it has become common for American animation studios to hire famous voice actors. If you look at the cast list for any big-budget CGI movie these days, it’s likely to have more stars than any live-action movie since “Don’t Look Up.”

Sometimes, this is done for marketing reasons. Celebrities, whether actors, singers or athletes, can help get more attention by promoting their roles and putting their names on posters. But Pixar has always hired the best voice actors for each character, whether they are famous or not. Even though the prestigious Emeryville house has paid for Owen Wilson and Chris Evans before, most Pixar leads are carefully chosen character actors, comedians, and even sound designers who do double duty.

“Finding Nemo” might be the best example of how careful and creative Pixar is when casting voices. Aside from Ellen DeGeneres, none of the stars of the classic adventure movie from 2003 scream “pop sensation.” There’s Geoffrey Rush, Austin Pendleton, Allison Janney, Willem Dafoe, Stephen Root, Brad Garrett, Vicki Lewis, and Elizabeth Perkins, to name a few.

But each of those actors is perfect for their roles and makes the world of “Finding Nemo” feel real and full of life. This is especially true of Albert Brooks, who plays Marlin and is the film’s real star because he has been in so many movies.

Marlin is an unusual main character for a movie for kids. He’s awkward, jumpy, neurotic, and terrible at telling jokes. He’s like the least cool dad at a parent-teacher conference. Not for nothing, the person who voices him is one of the best actors who has ever played a character like him. Brooks’s role as Marlin in “Finding Nemo” is probably his most famous lead role outside of the movies he directed, and for a good reason.

10 Facts About Nemo that you might not know

  1. Finding Nemo came out in 2003, but that wasn’t the first time everyone’s favorite orange fish had been seen on screen. In Monsters, Inc., if you looked closely, you could see a stuffed Nemo sitting on a couch in Boo’s room. In Toy Story 2, Nemo would make a cameo appearance again as a sticker on Andy’s toy box.

  2. It’s not surprising that Dory forgot Nemo’s name. She calls him Fabio, Elmo, Bingo, Chico, and even Harpo throughout the movie.

  3. He was named after Captain Nemo from the movie “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” Nemo means “nobody” or “no one” in Latin, which is very situating. Nemo is also the Latin version of the Greek word Outis, meaning “nobody.” This was the fake name Odysseus used to trick Polyphemus, the Cyclops. Now you know where Nemo learned to be sneaky!

  4. Nemo’s voice was done by Alexander Jerome Gould, who also did Bambi’s voice in the 2006 movie Bambi II. Gould is also well known for playing Shane Botwin on the Showtime TV show Weeds.

  5. In Mr. Ray’s class, what is Nemo’s favorite subject? Of course, it’s oceanography!

  6. If Nemo’s siblings had lived through the attack by the barracuda, Nemo would have had a lot of brothers but no sisters. In the real world, all clownfish are born male and only become female if the only female that can reproduce dies. If the female dies, the male mating with her changes sex. If you think about it, that means that once Coral died, Marlin should have changed gender to become the dominant female. But, hey, it’s a movie for kids!

  7. It wouldn’t make Nemo feel better, but he’s a real catch. The number of licenses aquarium fish stores may obtain to harvest clown fish in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is under the jurisdiction of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

  8. How do Marlin and Nemo stay alive in the anemone’s tentacles? There are two. First, they make a slime that makes it impossible for the anemone to sting them. Second, clownfish can’t get sick from the toxins in the anemone. There’s also the magic of animation…

  9. “All drains lead back to the ocean,” we are told in the movie. No, that’s not quite right. Usually, wastewater is cleaned up before it goes into the ocean, but in Sydney, a lot of the sewer system goes through pipes that lead far out to sea. Some pumping and filtering do happen, though. Nemo was supposed to go through the parts of a water treatment plant in a cut scene that wasn’t used in the final movie. But you can still see the “Sydney Water Treatment” logo on the pipes in the ocean, which shows that Nemo did go through some kind of water treatment system.

  10. Nemo’s popularity led many people in the U.S. to buy clownfish as pets. This need was filled by catching much tropical fish in places like Vanuatu. After the movie came out, tourism in Australia went up, too, as people flocked to the Land Down Under to find Nemo for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People asked many questions about “Nemo’s dad’s name.” We discussed a few of them below:

1. Who is the father of Nemo?

Nemo is a six-year-old only child who is curious and easy to influence. He lives with his overprotective single father, Marlin. Nemo has lived in a bubble his whole life, so he is excited to start school and finally see the Great Barrier Reef.

2. Is Marlin dating dory?

Hank and Marlin are not really “in love” with Dory. They just like each other. Given how much time Dory spent with each of them and what they did together, I think she would have respected Hank for helping her find her parents.

3. What is the name of Nemo’s mom?

Coral is a character in Finding Nemo who helps the main characters. She is married to Marlin and Nemo’s birth mother. She is a clownfish, just like her husband.

4. How did Nemo get his name?

On the other hand, Nemo is the Latin word for “nobody.” In the above book, Captain Nemo was given that name because no one ever knew his real name, if he ever had one. Nemo’s name might also have something to do with the fact that he lives in an anemone since the word “Nemo” is inside the word “anemone.”

5. How did Nemo’s dad get the name, Marlin?

Marlin gets its name from a real fish, which is also called a marlin. In Monsters, Inc., Mike and Celia go on a date to a sushi restaurant, where they see a painting of Marlin.

6. How did she get her name?

The common name “dory” comes from the Middle English word “dare,” which comes from the Middle French word “doree,” which means “gilded one.” This name is used for several kinds of silvery, deep-bodied, laterally compressed, roughly disc-shaped marine fish with big eyes.

7. What gender is Dory?

On the Finding Nemo DVD, director Andrew Stanton says that Dory was supposed to be a man in the original story, but when he went home to write the script, his wife was watching.

8. Do Dory and Marlin go out together?

After he is reunited with Marlin and they are freed from the net, she shows that she gets along well with him by saying goodbye to him as he goes to school. In Finding Dory, they are much closer to each other. Dory cares deeply about her, almost like a mother would.

9. In Finding Nemo, who plays Dora?

Finding Dory, the next Pixar movie from Disney, has a full voice cast. Albert Brooks is back as Marlin, and Hayden Rolence plays Nemo. Ellen DeGeneres voices Dory.

10. What was wrong with Dory’s mind?

Dory, a happy Regal Blue Tang, has anterograde amnesia, which means she can’t make new memories. In the movie “Finding Nemo,” it is clear that Dory has this problem, which is more often called “short-term memory loss.”


Nemo is a young clownfish who live on the Great Barrier Reef with his father, Marlin. On the other hand, Marlin is too protective of him because a barracuda attacked his wife Coral and all of their eggs, leaving Nemo as his only child.

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Finding Nemo: A History and the Film

In 2003, the movie “Finding Nemo” was released to rave reviews. With a Thomas Newman soundtrack and an all-star cast, the film became immediately famous and has remained a fan favorite ever since. Thoughts for Nemo really began much earlier, when the filmmaker was a little child and going to the dentist.

According to “Finding Nemo” director Andrew Stanton, the fish at the dentist’s office were from the ocean and yearned to return home. He later utilized this knowledge to create the premise for a film about a fish that was taken from his house and forced to live in a tank. That fish’s name was Nemo, and his father, Marlin, searched the entire ocean for him.

Jules Verne’s renowned novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, about a lost sea captain looking for his purpose, is referenced in the name Nemo. In it, Captain Nemo has similar interactions with various marine life like Marlin in “Finding Nemo.” With that context, we get one of the early 2000s’ most enduring movies.

Nemo’s Dad’s Name

Every day at work, my friends and I ask each other if they’ve seen Nemo, and most of them say yes, but when asked what Nemo’s parents’ names are, So Audi can answer, please, we break our brains.

Marilyn. Do you remember the scene called Crane? It’s sportfish-like. Marilyn, Just! Nemo’s father’s name was Marilyn. This page can help you.


What is the name of Nemos’ father? Nemo’s father met Nemo.