Where Does Aladdin Take Place

Where Does Aladdin Take Place

In which country was Aladdin filmed?

They never show off. It was held in Ara, but it was a big hailstorm in many countries. This is definitely not India, but it could be one of these countries:




Saudi Macau

United Arab Emirates


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During World War I, the Arak countries we know did not exist. Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. were all built by the British when they took control of the West as protectors after the First World War. The story, as we know it, took place in Baghdad and its environs, then in Mesopotamia. Interestingly, the story took place orally in India. There was a very good Bollywood movie about Aladdin last year, Aladdin wrote. It was a living process, not an animation, and it happened in modern times.

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In which country was Aladdin filmed?

I know that Disney movie Aladdin takes place in the wrong city called Agarbah, but in which country should this city be? I don't know if it is in a Middle Eastern country, in India or elsewhere. Does anyone know Hahaha it bothered me for a long time

After Aladdin's return to Jaffar, there are musical numbers that begin with Agarba, then come from continents, and finally from Earth. According to the film, Agra is in the northwest.

W is Aladdin.

Where Does Aladdin Take Place

Where Does Aladdin Take Place


Edit: I see you want a modern state. The film takes place in Ara, the political geography has changed since the film was made.

In the film, it should be what it is now in Baghdad, yes, as in Iraq. It's called Babylon, but it's a different story.

Aladdin's oral statement is about a poor young Nerdowl named Alauddin in a town in Essen, who was recruited by a Western magician (the West means Western Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, etc.), until Aladdin's brother gave him oil. Prevents the lamp from being carried. The beauty of the closed magic cave The magician tried to contact her, but Aladdin found himself in a cave. Fortunately, Aladdin owns a magic ring. The magician lent him money. When he rubbed his hands vigorously, rubbed the ring, and a ghost appeared, I took him to my mother. Aladdin always uses a lamp, and when his mother tries to clean it, another, much more powerful ghost appears, forcing him to put out the lamp. With the help of Chirag's jinn, Aladdin became rich and powerful and married Emperor Badrulbadur, the emperor's daughter. The geniuses built a beautiful palace in Allauddin, which is far more magnificent than the emperor's palace.

The witch came back and found the lamp by deceiving Aladdin's wife and ignoring the meaning of the lamp. He ordered the jinn of Chirag to bring Muharram to their house in the west. Fortunately, Aladdin has a magic ring and can summon any ghost. Although the color jinni lamp cannot directly defeat the jinn's magic, it can take Aladdin to the west and help him find his wife and the lamp and defeat the witch.


Where Does Aladdin Take Place

Where Does Aladdin Take Place

I saw a map on split TV and it could look like Algiers or Tunisia. Anyway, NW. But why sing on Banning At Iran?

Where Does Aladdin Take Place