Neiko Tools Warranty

Neiko Tools Warranty

Is there a lifetime warranty on the neiko instrument?

| A 30-day warranty is provided on standard Neiko tools. Neiko Pro tools have a one year warranty.

Are Neiko tools made with this in mind?

Neiko Tools are manufactured in Taiwan and China by Neiko Tools. The Neiko Tools USA brand is produced by the same company in Taiwan and China. However, the Neiko Tools USA brand is only available in the United States.

Likewise, who does Neiko belong to?

AirCat and NitroCat are both registered trademarks of Exhaust Technologies, Inc. They have 5 authorized repair centers in the United States and are located in Spokane, Washington.

Does the Tekton instrument also have a lifetime warranty?

Our tools are designed to last and your experience with them is always guaranteed®. Every TEKTON® product is always guaranteed®.

If you have questions about the product or need a replacement, please call or email us: 8886483371, are power tools made?

Who we are. Powerbuilt® is the leading brand of tools and equipment marketed by Alltrade® Inc for the US and global markets. Powerbuilt® has been distributed in New Zealand by Alltrade Tools NZ (2016) Limited for over 25 years.

Are Tekton tools made in China?

TEKTON tools are made in China, Taiwan or the United States, depending on the item. This special hex key set is made in China.

What tools are still made in the US?

8 Amazing Tools Still Made in the USA

Which Company Makes Icon Tools?

Harbor Freight

Is Tekton a good tool brand?

Overall, Tekton tools look good. Some of their products are particularly spectacular, such as American air hoses. My current impression is that Tekton is a solid brand.

Neiko Tools Warranty