MyMav, the student information system at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), gives users quick, safe access to practically every facet of a student’s academic career. To engage in the following actions accessible to UTA students:

Sno Actions
1 Examine admissions information
2 Examine admissions information
3 Pay your bills.
4 Accept the money you’re giving.
5 Examine your grades
6 Check out your degree audit
7 And a plethora of additional activities.


A public research university in Arlington, Texas, is called the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA or UT Arlington). The institution was established in 1895 and belonged to the Texas A&M University System for several years until transferring to the University of Texas System in 1965.

The institution falls under the “R1: Doctoral Universities - Very High Research Activity.”

Forty-five thousand nine hundred forty-nine students were enrolled on the campus for the autumn of 2021. It is the largest institution in North Texas and the fourth-largest in Texas. With more than 180 undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate programs, UT Arlington produces the third-highest college graduates in Texas. Mymav is the portal for students of UTA.

How to access Mymav

Visit to access MyMav utilizing your UTA email and password. In addition, if you use a web browser to access MyMav off-campus, you must perform multi-factor authentication. This includes utilizing MyMav while residing in student housing. Multi-factor authentication- often utilized by other economic institutions and organizations- increases access security by employing a second authentication method, such as a phone call, text, or a mobile phone app. Please follow the “Multi-factor Authentication Resource Guide” directions if you haven’t already set up multi-factor authentication.

1. Visit
2. Go to the Mymav Login tab and select Students.
3. Next, select “Students Login Here.”
4. Your UTA email should be entered on the login page.
5. To sign in, enter your password.

Where can I get my UTA email?

Type in your NetID and password. Entering or as your email address is not recommended. Press Log In. You ought to be able to utilize Outlook Web Access Basic or Mini Edition if you’re using Internet Explorer.

Where can I find my UTA ID number?

Each candidate for admission to UT Arlington is given a ten-digit UTA Id number. The id can be obtained by contacting the Graduate Office, or it can be located at the bottom of the mail from the Research Training Group.

View all of the classes that are being offered during a semester

Follow the student guidelines below to view all the courses available during the semester. Please know that from this perspective, you cannot register for classes. You must adhere to the guidelines in the article “How to browse and enroll for classes.”

  1. Start by going to and scrolling to the bottom of the site. Tap on “Schedule of Classes” if you would.

2 The “Schedule of Classes” search tools will be visible on the website. To narrow down your search options, please follow these instructions:
*Please choose between undergraduate or graduate studies by clicking on the course career indicator.

  • To view other choices, click on Additional Search Criteria.
  • To view the academic sessions that are offered, click the session arrow.
    Please click the “Search” button after choosing the proper filter choices.
  1. Your options will be displayed in the search results. Please remember that to register for classes, you must follow the directions on the page titled “How to search and enroll for classes.” This screen does not allow for registration.

Search and enroll for classes in MyMav

Please note that to find classes during a specified timeframe or to modify your search criteria, you need to use the filter choices in step 9. Wintermester classes, for instance, are scheduled for the Spring 2022 term. More filter options will be available after choosing the phrase and entering your class, course, topic, or subject in the search bar. To only see certain classes, choose “wintermester intercession” from the filter choices under the Academic Session heading. Please stick to the guidelines below. Steps
1. Visit and select “Student Login” from the drop-down menu next to MyMav. The “Student Sign in Here” icon will then show up. To access MyMav, please click “Student Login Here.”
2. Click “Next” after signing in with your email address. After doing so, enter your login credentials and select “Sign In.” Please visit our UTA NetId Self-Service website to remember your password.
3. After signing into MyMav, please choose “Manage Classes.”
4. Choose “Class Search and Register” from the left menu. The options for enrollment terms will be displayed.
5. Please choose “Change” if the software already has a registration term selected or if you choose the incorrect enrollment choice.
6. A pop-up box with the possible enrollment terms will appear once you click “Change.” To enroll, please select the appropriate option. To see more options, utilize the arrows to increase and collapse the list. Please click the “x” in the box’s bottom corner if the desired choice has already been chosen.
7. You can input terms like a course, a class name, or a topic in the “Search for Classes” box. or To view the search fields for “Available Courses,” “Catalog Number,” and “Teacher Last Name,” select the “Additional methods to search” link.

How to Use the Schedule Planner to Register for Classes?

Step 1: Enter your student NETID, email, and password to access the Mymav site.
Step 2: Select the MANAGE CLASSES button on the page’s center.
Step 3: On the left part of the page, select Schedule Planner.
Note: Verify that the pop-up blocker is not active.
Step 4: The schedule planner will then be launched after you select Open Schedule Planner
Step 5: Choose the term for the schedule to be created, and then click the Save and Continue option.
Step 6: Choose the Campus, then press the Save and Continue button.
Step 7: Click Add Break to block off the periods you won’t be accessible for class.
Step 8: To choose the courses the advisors have recommended, press the Add Courses button.
Step 9: Click the Add Course button after choosing the Subject and the Course based on the class number. Once all the classes have been added, repeat the process.
Step 10: Click the Done button to finish the class scheduling procedure.
Step 11: Then, to create your schedules, click Generate Schedules. Then, click View next to the scheduling selections to view more information.
Step 12: After locating the desired schedule, click Add to Cart. You will now be directed back to your MyMav page.
Step 13: On the left part of the website, click Shopping Cart.
Step 14: Select all the classes you want to enroll in, then click the top-right Enroll button.
Step 15: To enroll in your timetable, select Yes.
Step 16: To view the classes you are registered for, click View My Classes.

Congratulations! You must currently be registered for the course.

How to use the shopping cart to validate and sign up for classes?

Please refer to the guidelines below for information on utilizing the shopping cart to confirm and enroll in classes.

  1. Click “Student Login” at
    Then, select “Student Login Here.”
  2. You must sign in on the following screen using your UTA email. Please click “Next” after inputting your UTA email. And doing so, click “Sign In” after entering your password.

Please go to the UTA NetId Self-Service website to remember your password.

  1. After signing in, choose the Manage Classes tile.

  2. Choose “Class Search and Enroll” from the left menu. The options for enrollment terms will be displayed.
    Please make the proper enrollment period selection. To view more options, use the arrows.

  3. Please select “Change” if the program already has a registration year selected or if you choose the incorrect enrollment choice.
    Skip “Step 7” if you don’t need to adjust the enrollment period.

  4. A pop-up box with the possible enrollment terms will appear once you click “Change.” To enroll, please select the appropriate option. Use the arrow keys to increase and compress the list to see more options.

  5. There are two methods to proceed with registration after you have chosen to leave the alter terms options.

Option 1: You can input terms like a course, a class name, or a topic in the “Search for Classes” box.

Option 2: To view the search fields for “Available Courses,” “Catalogue Number,” and “Teacher Last Name,” select the “Additional methods to search” link.

Please note that to use the “Search for Classes,” you must first click anywhere outside the box after selecting the “Additional Ways to Search” link.

  1. Please look for the course you wish to enroll in the “Search for Classes” box.

  2. The course’s available days and timings are provided. Choose the class name that intrigues you to learn more. The course’s available days and timings are provided. Choose the class name that intrigues you to learn more.

  3. Information on meeting times, class availability, textbooks, and other items will be displayed after choosing the course. Please be aware that the details also list the course prerequisites.

Check the details to verify if you satisfy all the requirements. Then close the window by clicking the “X” to continue the enrolling process.

  1. Choose the class you want to attend, then click on it.

  2. Review the class you choose, then click Next.

  3. Examine your class choices, and press Accept.

  4. You can select Enroll if you want to enroll right away. Choose to Add to Shopping Cart and press Next if you wish to review all your lessons before enrolling.

  5. Verify and submit your work before selecting Yes.

  6. Now you have it in your shopping cart.

  7. From the left panel, choose Shopping Cart, then pick the class you want to approve. The validate option verifies all the chosen classes, looks for time overlaps and determines whether you need departmental approval for any of the chosen classes.

  8. You can enroll in your class after completing the Class Validation.

  9. Select Yes.

  10. Your schedule now includes your class.

You can verify your current class enrollment under the View My Classes option.

How do you get your enrollment verification?

You must enable pop-ups before you can check your enrollment verification. To do this, go to - Knowledge Portal view. do? system article=KB0010709 and follow the instructions.

  1. Click “Student Login” at Use your email and password to sign in next. Visit the UTA NetId Self-Service website if you need help remembering your NetId or password.

  2. After logging in, choose the tile for academic records.

  3. Choose the Request Enroll Validation option from the left menu.

  4. You can choose the phrase you want.

  5. To display the registration confirmation, click the Submit button. A new window will appear with the report.

  6. You can check your enrollment confirmation for that specific term after clicking Submit.

How do you withdraw from a class?

From the start of the registration period until the end of the late registration period, candidates can drop or swap (add and remove a class simultaneously) classes using self-service in MyMav. Students must speak with an academic counselor in the faculty of their degree to drop their last class if it is taken on or following the start of classes (withdrawal). Students who want to drop a class or withdraw must speak with an academic counselor after the late registration time has expired. If a student attempts to drop or withdraw but receives an error, they should speak with their academic advisor.

  1. Access MyMav at and select “Student Login” from the MyMav menu. The “Student Login” option will then show up. To access MyMav, please click “Student Login Here.”

  2. After that, click “Next” to log in using your email. After doing so, enter your password and select “Sign In.” Please visit our UTA NetId Self-Service website to remember your password.

  3. After signing into MyMav, please choose “Manage Classes.”

  4. When you select Manage Classes, a list of your registered classes organized by class and date will appear.

In the “By Class” section, please study the enrollment dates at the bottom of each class to decide whether you wish to keep dropping or withdrawing from your class.

  1. Once the enrollment deadline has been chosen, a pop-up window with the “Drop Calendar”, “Cancel and Withdraw” sections will appear.

Please select the appropriate section to examine the options, then press the “X” to exit the box.

Please be aware that abandoning or dropping a course after a specific date may be subject to a fee.

  1. Please choose “Drop Classes” from the menu on the left side after closing the enrollment deadline box.

Then pick the relevant phrase from the list of options.

  1. The courses that can be dropped or withdrawn from will be shown on the screen.

Click the box next to it to drop or withdraw from a class.

  1. The Next option will display on the left side of the window after choosing the courses you want to withdraw from or drop.

To proceed with the drop or withdraw process, please click “Next.”

  1. Before dropping or withdrawing from any classes indicated after choosing “Next” to complete the procedure, carefully examine the list.

Then press the green “Drop Classes” button.

  1. After selecting the green “Drop Classes” option, please choose “YES” or “NO” to indicate whether you want to withdraw from the classes.

  2. Proof that your course has been dropped will appear on the screen when you click “Yes” to remove or withdraw from the chosen course.

A green box temporarily indicates that the operation is finished and directs the viewer to the results below.

How do you pay for your classes in Mymav?

The steps in the list below will help you pay a payment or the total balance owed for your lessons.

  1. Click “Student Login” at Click “Student Login Here” after that.

  2. You will be requested to sign in with your UTA email on the next screen. Please click “Next” after inserting your UTA email. And doing so, click “Sign In” after entering your password.

Visit the UTA NetId Self - services website if you need to remember your password.

  1. After signing in, choose the Accounts tile.

  2. Choose “Make a Payment.”

  3. Select Make a Payment.

Moto of UTA

The motto of UTA is:

“The guardian genius of democracy is the cultivated mind.”

The University of Texas at Arlington’s (UTA) student body

UTA, the University of Texas at Arlington, has a total of forty-eight thousand seventy-two
students enrolled, with thirty-five thousand sixty-four enrolling in undergraduate programs and thirteen thousand eight in graduate programs. The institution has thirty thousand six hundred seventy-one female pupils and seventeen thousand four hundred one male students. Compared to similar colleges, it has a much larger student body (an average of thirty-six thousand six hundred eighteen students at a public research university with a high research activity). Eight thousand two hundred thirteen pupils are enrolled in some online programs, and eighteen thousand four hundred one students are enrolled exclusively. You can find information on a student’s gender distribution, race and ethnicity, age range, and online enrolment.

Degree Programs Percentage of students
Graduate 27.1%
Undergraduate 72.9%
Degree Program Headcount of students
Undergraduate 35,064 pupils
Graduate 13,008 pupils


Gender Percentage
Men 38% (13,308)
Women 62% ( 21,756)


Gender Percentage
Men 31.5% (4,093)
Women 68.5% (8,915)


UTA is a public research institute in Arlington, Texas. Founded in 1895, the organization was initially a part of the Texas A&M University System before shifting to the University of Texas System in 1965. MyMav, the student information portal system at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), provides users with easy, secure access to virtually every aspect of a student’s academic career. To do the actions available to UTA students, such as looking up admissions information, paying bills, accepting money from others, looking up grades, looking up degree audits, and performing a variety of other tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 Define Mymav ID.

The official ID card for students, faculty, and staff of UT Arlington is called a Mav ID.

2 How can you find out whether UTA accepted you?

To find out whether UTA has accepted you, you may follow the given steps:

  1. Register on MyMav.

  2. For access to the Student Center, insert your NetId and password.

  3. You can view your application status in the admissions section.

3 How do I pay my UTA bill?

1 Log in to the Mymav account.

2 In the title bar, click “Accounts.”

Open the online payment portal, TouchNet, by clicking “Make the Payment” on the left sidebar.

3 Select the line item or items you want to pay for by clicking the “Make Payment” link on the TouchNet home page, then click the next button.

4 What does UTA Net ID mean?

The NetId account management system allows users to examine account information, identify and manage self-service preferences, and change account passwords. The extra benefit of accessing organizational charts and employee contact information is also available to faculty and staff.

5 How long does it take to accept UTA?

When official documents have been submitted, and a formal assessment has been completed. This usually happens two to four weeks from the time of the admission decision if you have reached the deadline.

6 Is the UTA public or private?

UTA, or The University of Texas Arlington, is a public institution founded in 1895. It has 34,472 students, its neighborhood is urban, and its campus is 420 acres.

7 Is it difficult to get into UT Arlington?

79.5% of applicants are accepted to UT Arlington.
80 out of every 100 applications are accepted. The school is, therefore, just minimally selective. The institution will have its expected GPA and SAT score criteria. You will likely receive an admission offer if you match their prerequisites.

The Carnegie Organization for the Advancement of Teaching has given the University of Texas at Arlington the prestigious Tier One research university, or “R-1: Doctorate Universities-Highest Research Activity.” It has fantastic name recognition and reputation, and these things are improving.

8 Does the UTA have hostels?

However, the University of Texas dorms in Arlington are on par with most college accommodations. Most dorms on campus consist of single, double, and suite rooms. Floor plans vary from house to house. CampusReel hosts dormitories at the University of Texas at Arlington, and each one is different.

9 How much do professors make at UTA?

Professors at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) are thought to earn a total of $142,117 annually.

10 How do I change my MyMav password?

If you need to update your account with a mobile number, log into MyMav and update your details. You can change the password in the new system with a code sent to your registered number.

11. How long does it take UTA to process a direct deposit?

For a paper check, getting your refund will take 3-5 working days and 2-3 working days.

12 What are the entry requirements for UTA?

You will be automatically enrolled if you are in the top 25% upon entering high school or the upper with an ACT score of 22 or a minimum SAT score of 1050 (mathematics and critical reading). If you study at home or fail to score in school, you must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA and 1100 SAT scores or 24 ACT points.

13 Do you have to live on campus for the first year of UTA?

Housing first-year students at UTA or the University of Texas at Arlington. UTA offers on-campus housing, but graduates are not required to use it. Eventually, most people choose to live in dorms.

14. How can I check the status of my application on MyMav?

  1. Sign in to MyMav.
  2. You can access the Student Center by entering your NetId and password.
  3. Your application’s status will be displayed in the admissions section.

15 What is the University of Texas at Arlington known for?

UTA is ranked first on’s list of the Best Nursing Colleges and Universities for 2021. Additionally, it placed the bachelor’s in public health at No. 6 nationwide.

16 How do I get my unofficial UTA transcript?

Send official correspondence to Arlington, Texas, 76019, PO Box 19114. Check out the student center. Select Transcript: Unofficial Show from the second academic drop-down option in the Academic section. The report type should now read “unofficial UTA transcript.”


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