Michael Landon Children

Michael Landon children are 9 in number. Mark was the first known kid of Michael Landon. He married three women in his lifespan and had nine children. Michael died on July 1, 1991, because of pancreatic cancer.

Michael Landon Children

Who is Michael Landon?

Here are some quick facts about Michael Landon:

Original Name Eugene Maurice Orowitz
Wives Cindy Landon, Lynn Noe, Dodie Levy-Fraser
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Children 9
Net worth $40 million
Religion Jewish
Cause of his death Pancreatic cancer

Michael Landon’s parents gave him the name Eugene Maurice Orowitz. He was born on October 31, 1936, in Forest Hills, New York, near Queens. Sadly, the producer, writer, director, actor, and father passed away on July 1, 1991, after a hard life.

Landon’s mother, Peggy, tried to kill herself once when he was young, so he and his father, Eli, were always afraid it would happen again. But after the fact, Peggy acted like nothing had happened, making him feel bad about himself.

Landon was one of the best javelin throwers in high school, enabling him to obtain a full scholarship at the University of Southern California. But he could no longer play sports because he tore the ligaments in his shoulder.

Michael Landon’s Career

Landon thought about becoming an actor while working at a gas station next to the Warner Bros. studio. When an agent named Bob Raison saw Landon, he quickly got small roles on TV.

He got his first TV role as Little Joe Cartwright on “Bonanza” in 1959, when he was 22. It was one of the first shows of its kind to be shown in color.

When “Bonanza” was canceled, Landon went to “Little House on the Prairie,” which gave him the exposure that helped him get several roles.

Married Life

Date of Michael Landon’s wedding

  • March 11, 1956, with Dodie Levy Fraser

  • January 12, 1963, with Lynn Noe

  • February 14, 1983, with Cindy Landon

The first Michael Landon wife was Dodie Fraser. They were married for six years, but their love didn’t last. Later, the actor would say that they broke up because they were both young. So, how did Michael Landon die? After 19 years, his second marriage to Lynn Noe ended, and in 1983, Landon married Cindy Clerico. They stayed together and were happy until he died in 1991.

Michael Landon, his wife Cindy, Michael Landon daughter Jennifer, and son Sean attended the Third Annual Moonlight Roundup Extravaganza on July 29, 1989.


Michael Landon was one of the best javelin throwers in high school. He got his first TV role as Little Joe Cartwright on “Bonanza” at age 22. When he first saw acting, Landon worked at a gas station near the Warner Bros. studio.

Michael Landon’s Children

Nowadays, having more than five kids is pretty strange, but not if you’re Michael Landon’s children. The actor, best known for his role in “Little House on the Prairie,” got married three times.


Mark is the first of Michale Landon’s known children that people know about. He was Dodie Fraser’s child from a marriage she had before she married Michael. He is also the actor’s first adopted child. When he was 12, he was 12 years old. On March 11, 1956, his birth mother and the man who became his dad married. Mark became an actor as Michael did and played different roles in movies.

Leslie Ann

The first child of actor Michael Landon and the second Michael Landon wife, Lynn Noe. Leslie Ann became an actress like Mark and worked with his father on “Little House on the Prairie.” She also played a part in “Father Murphy” in 1981 and “Little House: The Last Farewell” three years later.

She had bulimia when she was young, but she got over it and even used it to help her get a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Southern California. She is now a family therapist now that she has the degree and title.

Jennifer Rachel

On August 29, 1983, Michael Landon’s third wife, Cindy Clerico, gave birth to their first child. Their relationship ended the 18-year marriage of the former to Lynn Noe. Jennifer’s first acting job was in “Highway to Heaven,” which she did with her father when she was five.

She also appears to have caught the acting bug since she went on to study theatre at New York University. She made acquaintances there, and one of them knew a Lionsgate executive. Jennifer met some people and got a job as an actress right away.

Matthew Sean

Sean and Jennifer are advocates for pancreatic cancer. They help raise money for research and awareness through the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Sean Matthew is a prominent Malibu, California, real estate sales agent. He is a private person, so there isn’t much information about him online, but people can still follow him on social media through his mom and sisters.

Michael Graham

He was born two years after Leslie Ann but to the same parents. Michael Jr., as he is known, started making movies in 2011 with “Jamaa,” which became a big hit. He also made a TV movie called “When Calls the Heart,” In 2014, he made a TV show about the same story.

Before becoming famous in front of the camera, Michael Graham was a stage actor. He was in “Little House on the Prairie,” “Superboy,” and “Bonanza: Under Attack” before he became famous in front of the camera. In December 1987, he married Sharee Gregory, and they had three children, Ashley, Brittany, and Austin.

Shawna Leigh

She was born in December 1971 and went on to become an actress. She was in “Michael Landon: Memories with Laughter and Love” in 1991 and “Little House on the Prairie.” But she changed jobs and is now a successful real estate sales agent in Malibu, California. She also has two kids and uses social media a lot.

Jason and Josh

Reports say that Dodie did not officially adopt Jason for reasons that are not clear, but his name is still used when people talk about Michael Landon’s children. The family took Josh and Mark in on February 11, 1960. In an interview, the actor said he didn’t want Josh and Jason to be called “adopted” because he hates that word for them. So, how did michael landon die? He cared for them and said he would be their father until death.

Christopher Beau

Christopher is Michael Landon and Lynn Noe’s youngest child. Born on February 27, 1975, he wanted to be a performer.

Cheryl Anne Pontrelli

When her mother married Michael Landon, Cheryl was only nine years old. The second man took her in as Michael Landon daughter and became her best stepfather. When Cheryl changed her last name to Michael’s and wrote a book about the late actor, “I Promised My Dad,” it showed how close they were and how much they loved each other.

What Happened to Michael’s Children After His Death

With Sean, 4, and Jennifer, 7, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the early 1990s. Sadly Michael went suddenly a few months later, on July 1, 1991. While Sean grew up to be a real estate developer, he recalled the lively and joyful side of his father, who was too young to realize his renown or the gravity of his sickness before he died.

Cindy developed a habit of getting things done as they all went to counseling to cope with the loss of her marriage. "Every morning, I get up and drive my children to school. On rare occasions, I’ll hit the gym.

Every week, I visit a therapist. Cindy revealed to PEOPLE that she and her children each attend therapy sessions. While the loss of Michael Landon was devastating to the family, Chris could not speak publicly about the final day he spent with his father for over a year.


The couple had two children, Sean, 4, and Jennifer, 7. Sean grew up to be a real estate developer. Chris Landon recalls the last day he spent with his father.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some of the questions asked about Michael Landon children are given below:

1. Did you know Michael Landon had a family?

Landon got married three times, and from those three marriages, he had nine children. Cheryl Lynn Landon, Lynn’s daughter from her previous marriage, was nine when her mother and Landon were married. 1962 saw the birth of Leslie Ann Landon.

2. What signs and symptoms did Michael Landon exhibit?

Although he stated he felt “terrific,” Landon said he has trouble digesting food. He stated the early signs of the condition were acute cramps when he ate. It is stated Michael Landon wife, Cindy, is giving him nutritious food and papaya juice. “He’s had a little weight loss, but he looks wonderful,” Flynn remarked of Landon.

3. What happened to Little Joe in Bonanza?

He was 54 years old. It has been confirmed by a representative of attorney Jay Eller’s office that he passed away from the liver and pancreatic cancer. A day later, on April 5, Landon announced his health, telling the media that he intended to defend the accusation.

4. Was Michael Landon a father at the age of 12?

The first of Michale Landon’s known children is Mark. He was a kid of Dodie Fraser from a prior marriage before Michael. Moreover, he was the actor’s first adopted kid when he was 12.

5. Who inherited Michael Landon’s wealth?

On July 1, 1991, Michael Landon died of pancreatic cancer. He left $8 million to $10 million to each of his nine children. Michael Landon Jr., his son, had a successful career in film production and directing.

6. What was Michael Landon’s net worth at the time of his death?

Michael Landon net worth is $40 million in today’s money when he died in 1991. Landon’s many credits are his roles in some beloved television series.

7. Is the Bonanza home still standing?

The show’s popularity spawned a restaurant chain and theme park. The Ponderosa Ranch carnival debuted in 1968 with a Cartwright ranch home replica.

8. Did Michael Landon own a ranch?

Michael Landon, whose big break as Little Joe Cartwright on the weekly TV western “Bonanza” occurred 30 years ago, is back on the ranch in a Malibu canyon home he just constructed.

9. Where was actor Michael Landon (born) born?

His birth location in Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, New York, USA.

10. Does Michael Landon Jr. direct appeals to the heart?

Michael Landon, Jr. Gather more information about Michael Landon, Jr., who serves as the executive director and producer of the new show “When Calls the Heart” on the Hallmark Network.

11. Why did Michael Landon develop pancreatic cancer?

The American Cancer Society says research show a connection between certain types of cancer with smoking and alcohol consumption. Landon has previously acknowledged abusing both substances in excess. During his final days, his health drastically declined.

12. How many marriages did Michael Landon have?

While Landon’s legacy is not a spotless one, as seen by his three marriages, he was a guy who enjoyed life and all that it had to offer — even when it put him in some hot water with fans and tabloids. 2022 Showbiz Cheat Sheet, All Rights Reserved.

13. How Did They Get Hoss to Leave Bonanza?

The authors couldn’t replace his role, so they wrote him out. Hoss drowned trying to rescue a lady, according to the show.

14. Did Little Joe have a baby on Bonanza?

It was his son, Michael Landon Jr., who’d get introduced to Bonanza fans through brilliantly ironic casting in the TV movies. He played Benjamin “Benj” Cartwright in Bonanza: The Next Generation, the son of Little Joe Cartwright, played by his real-life father, Michael Landon.


Michael Landon’s children still remember and respect their late dad. Even though they are many, the late star’s children honored their father on the anniversary of his passing, even though he had a large family. Landon also found Peggy after trying to drown herself while on vacation with her family. He started writing and making movies after he graduated from Loyola Marymount University. But when he wrote the script for “Disturbia,” that was his big break. When he relocated to Austin, Texas, he wrote this script.

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