Definition of Advocate:

  1. Person who supports a cause and exercises his right to be heard, or represents a party before a court or tribunal to defend it or plead on behalf of it.

  2. A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.

  3. Alternative term for attorney in United States, South Asia, the United Kingdom, and most countries which follow English Common Law.

  4. Publicly recommend or support.

Synonyms of Advocate

Maecenas, Abet, Abettor, Acquaintance, Admirer, Advance, Advise, Aficionado, Agent, Aid and abet, Allege in support, Alpenstock, Alter ego, Alternate, Amicus curiae, Angel, Answer, Apologete, Apologist, Apologizer, Argue for, Arm, Assert, Athletic supporter, Attorney, Attorney-at-law, Back, Backbone, Backer, Backing, Backstop, Backup, Backup man, Bandeau, Barrister, Barrister-at-law, Bearer, Best friend, Blandish, Boost, ■■■■■ friend, Bra, Brace, Bracer, Bracket, ■■■■■■■■■, Brief, Brother, Buff, Buttress, Cajole, Call on, Call upon, Cane, Carrier, Casual acquaintance, ■■■■■■, Champion, Close acquaintance, Close friend, Coach, Coax, Comfort, Commend, Confer, Confidant, Confidante, Consult with, Contend for, Corset, Counsel, Counselor, Counselor-at-law, Countenance, Counter, Crook, Crutch, Cry up, Defend, Defender, Dependence, Deputy, Direct, Dummy, Embolden, Encourage, Encourager, Endorse, Endorser, Espouse, Executive officer, Exhort, Exponent, Expounder, Familiar, Fan, Favor, Favorer, Fellow, Fellow creature, Fellowman, Figurehead, Forward, Foundation garment, Friend, Friend at court, Fulcrum, Girdle, Go for, Guard, Guide, Guy, Guywire, Hearten, High-pressure, Hype, Importune, Inseparable friend, Insist, Insist upon, Instruct, Intercessor, Intimate, Jawbone, ■■■■, Jockstrap, Justifier, Justify, Keep in countenance, Kibitz, Lawyer, Legal adviser, Legal counselor, Legal expert, Legal practitioner, Legalist, Lieutenant, Lobby, Locum, Locum tenens, Lover, Mainstay, Maintain, Maintainer, Make a plea, Mast, Meddle, Mouthpiece, Nag, Neck, Neighbor, Other self, Paladin, Paranymph, Partisan, Patron, Pickup, Pinch hitter, Plead for, Plead with, Pleader, Plug, Prescribe, Press, Pressure, Proctor, Procurator, Promote, Promoter, Prop, Proponent, Propose, Protagonist, Protector, Proxy, Puff, Push, Rebut, Recommend, Refute, Reinforce, Reinforcement, Reinforcer, Reliance, Reply, Repository, Representative, Respond, Rest, Resting place, Rigging, Riposte, Say in defense, Sea lawyer, Second, Second in command, Secondary, Seconder, Sectary, Self-styled lawyer, Shine upon, Shoulder, Shroud, Side with, Sider, Smile upon, Soft-soap, Solicitor, Speak for, Speak highly of, Speak up for, Speak warmly of, Speak well of, Spine, Sponsor, Sprit, Staff, Stalwart, Stand behind, Stand up for, Stand-in, Standby, Standing rigging, Stave, Stay, Stick, Stick up for, Stiffener, Strengthener, Submit, Subscribe, Substitute, Successful advocate, Suggest, Support, Supporter, Surrogate, Sustain, Sustainer, Sweet-talk, Sympathizer, Tout, Understudy, Uphold, Upholder, Urge, Urge reasons for, Utility man, Vicar, Vicar general, Vice, Vicegerent, Vindicate, Vindicator, Votary, Walking stick, Well-wisher, Wheedle, Whitewasher, Work on, Champion, Upholder, Supporter, Backer, Promoter, Proponent, Exponent, Protector, Patron, Recommend, Prescribe, Commend, Advise, Favour, Approve of, Support, Back, Uphold, Subscribe to, Champion, Campaign on behalf of, Stand up for, Speak for, Argue for, Plead for, Press for, Lobby for, Urge, Promote, Espouse, Endorse, Sanction, Vouch for

How to use Advocate in a sentence?

  1. He was an untiring advocate of economic reform.
  2. The corporate attorney felt proud of the volunteer work she did in her spare time as an advocate for homeless children.
  3. After learning of discrimination towards one of his female coworkers in the workplace, Cameron became a big advocate for the feminist movement.
  4. They advocated an ethical foreign policy.

Meaning of Advocate & Advocate Definition