Laura Quinn Hawk

Laura Quinn Hawk is known as the wife of A.J. Hawk. As a linebacker Her husband spent 11 seasons in the NFL. She works as an interior designer but is still known as A.J. Hawk’s wife.

Laura Quinn Hawk

Who is Laura Quinn Hawk?

Name Laura Quinn Hawk
Nickname Laura Quinn
Age 50 years
Marital Status Married
Husband AJ Hawk
Nationality American
Birth Place Dublin, Ohio, United States.
Height 172.7cm
Weight 127.86 lbs (58.00 kg)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown

As an American citizen and a descendant of Irish origin, Laura was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1985. Interior designer, A. J. Hawk’s wife, but she’s better known as the wife of the American sports broadcaster and former NFL player. Brady Quinn, a former NFL quarterback, has an older sister with the same name.

As the wife of A.J. Hawk, Laura Quinn Hawk is best recognised as a sports commentator. After getting drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2006, her husband spent 11 seasons in the NFL as a linebacker. He married a woman who was born in the US state of Ohio.

As the proprietor of LCH Interiors in Columbus, Ohio, Laura is a mother of four children. The interior design business’s job is to create custom interiors for its clientele. LCH Interiors, which specialises in selling window coverings, is where Laura gets most of her income.


Laura Quinn Hawk, the wife of a well-known football linebacker, is a lovely celebrity wife. Laura and her family, including her husband and three children, have a wonderful existence.

Relation Between AJ Hawk & Laura Quinn Hawk

Before their civil ceremony in July 2006, which took place while they were still in college, there have been rumours that Laura and A. J. had only been seeing each other for a few months before that. To compensate for the lack of pomp and circumstance during their first wedding, the pair wed again on March 17, 2007, this time in Dublin, Ireland.

In 2006, Laura caused a stir by showing up at a Notre Dame-Ohio State game in a split jersey. According to Laura, she didn’t want to support either Notre Dame or Ohio State because her brother was a student at the university and her then-boyfriend was a fan of the latter.

Despite Ohio State’s 34-20 victory, supporters of both teams were shocked by Laura’s outlandish clothing. Laura and A. J. welcomed their second son, Hendrix Knight Hawk, in January 2013 after the birth of their first, Lennon Noel Hawk, in December 2010.

Two more children have joined their families after their first arrival, but their birthdates and identities remain a secret to the public. While Laura is open to the thought of having additional children, she told “The Green Bay Press-Gazette” that her husband A. J. is not.

Laura Quinn Hawk Net Worth

The fact that she is the wife of actor and designer A.J. Hawk further adds to her notoriety. Quinn is well-off, with a fortune of $600,000 to his name. Quinn’s net worth grew by 33.3 percent in 2018 to $450,000, from $450,000 in 2017, compared to $450,000 in 2017.

An Interior Designer’s annual salary in Columbus, OH, is between $33,595 and $66,528, according to PayScale. Bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions average $2,000 each year.

It’s what LCH Interiors does best: selling window coverings to customers. An Interior Designer can expect to make between $33,595 and $67,528 a year. Nonetheless, Mrs Hawk has a business that generates a large wage for her.


It’s believed that Laura Quinn Hawk is worth $2 million. Her career as an interior designer has made her a very wealthy woman. When compared to her husband’s net worth of $5 million.

Who Are Laura Quinn Hawk’s Parents?

There is no information on Laura Quinn Hawk’s date of birth or age. There are rumours that she is over 50 years old, but we will presume that she is in her late 30s. She was born to parents Tyrone J. Quinn and Robin D. Quinn, and she is their daughter.

Laura is a citizen of the United States, yet her ancestry comes from Ireland. Additionally, she is the sister of Kelly Katherine Quinn, and she also has a brother named Brady Quinn. Her brother Brady is a former quarterback for the American football team.

Now, he provides analysis of NFL games for both CBS Sports HQ and Fox Sports in his role as a game commentator. She attended California State University, earning her degree after finishing high school and college.

Married Life of Laura Quinn

Their romance dates back to 2007, when he first met Laura Quinn Hawk, a model and model agent. It’s true that the pair only dated for five months before getting married. The pair believed they were meant to be together after just five months of dating.

Even though they have four lovely children together, their relationship remains unwavering. Hendrix Knight and Hendrix Knight are their offspring. Their busy schedules do not prevent them from finding time for their children and their jobs.


Laura Hawk is a successful businesswoman in her own right, even though most people know her as A’s wife. J. Hawk. Interior designer LHC Interiors was formed by her with more than 15 years of expertise in the field and provides consultation and design services.

  • Because she comes from a long line of fashionistas, Laura is no stranger to the world of style.

  • Among the best-dressed athletes in the United States is Laura’s brother Brady, who has more clothing than the typical lady, according to Laura.

  • Parker’s Women Association, of which Laura was a member, supports several charity initiatives in the Green Bay region.

  • Hawk’s Locks for Kids, a non-profit organisation she co-founded with her husband in 2012, focused on providing patient care for children with cancer.

Note: Her brother Brady Quinn of Notre Dame was playing against then-boyfriend A.J. Hawk of Ohio State. Thus Laura Quinn Hawk had to divide her jersey. She wore a divided jersey to avoid any potential competition.

Children of Laura Quinn Hawk

Laura Quinn, an interior designer, is a mother to two kids, a daughter and a boy. In December 2010, she gave birth to her first child, Lennon Noel Hawk, and in January 2013, she gave birth to her second child, Hendrix Knight Hawk.

As of right present, they are 11 years and seven years, respectively, according to 2020. Their mother does her best to keep them out of the public eye and away from the media. On the other hand, their father has uploaded several images of Lennon and Hendrix on the social media accounts he maintains for the family.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

There are the most common questions about Laura Quinn Hawk.

1 - Is AJ Hawk still married?

Laura Hawk, whose maiden name was Quinn, is the sister of former National Football League quarterback Brady Quinn, to whom Hawk is married. They’ve been married since 2007, and they now have four kids between them.

2 - How did AJ Hawk and Laura Quinn meet?

It was via a common acquaintance, former OSU linebacker Fred Pagac Jr., that Hawk and Laura Quinn first became acquainted a few years ago. On their first date in September, they went to the Miami-Florida State game, which was their first encounter with each other. Since then, they’ve been inseparable.

3 - Who is the strongest pro wrestler of all time?

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4 - What exactly is Jordy Nelson up to these days?

Jordy Nelson, a 33-year-old former wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, is now enjoying retirement in his home state of Kansas. Nelson grew up on a family farm and planned to raise his children there.

5 - How many of the Matthews family have played in the NFL?

The “NFL’s First Family” is one of just five NFL families with members still playing in their third generation. Seven members who have played in the NFL have received 25 invitations to the Pro Bowl, 11 first-team All-Pro choices, and three Super Bowl appearances throughout their careers.

6 - Where is Clay Matthews currently?

After leaving the Packers, Matthews signed with the Rams for the 2019 season, his final year in the NFC. He earned a lot of money while he was a professional football player.

7 - Does anyone know if the Legion exists?

When Michael Hegstrand died in 2003, he was an American professional wrestler. The Road Warriors (The Legion in WWF) tag team of Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal were his most well-known feats.

8 - How many pals does Aaron Rodgers have that he confides in?

Pat McAfee and Aaron Rodgers have a long history of friendship. If they weren’t aware of it before, almost every NFL fan knows about their bromance after A-recent Rod’s appearances on Pat’s show.

9 - Do you know if Clay Matthews and his wife are still together?

Clay Matthews and Casey Noble have been married since 2015. In 2013, the pair was allegedly sighted enjoying a hockey game together.

10 - Are A.J. Hawk and Aaron Rodgers friends?

The Rodgers-Hawk partnership was highly successful despite their disagreements, culminating in a championship in 2010. They also remain good friends to this day, appearing regularly together — as a guest (Rodgers) and co-host (Hawk) — on The Pat McAfee Show.

11 - What plans does Clay Matthews have for the future?

After missing the 2020 season due to injury, Matthews still hasn’t ruled out playing again in the following season. It’s widely assumed that he’d be open to returning to the Packers if the opportunity arose. Since he was released by the Rams last year, there have been rumours that he’s been open to playing for the Packers.

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She was born in Dublin, Ohio, USA. Except for her marriage to A. J. Hawk, nothing is known about her early life. Quinn’s father, Tyrone J., and mother, Robin D. She is 172.7cm tall and weighs 127.86 lbs. Laura Quinn Hawk As a volunteer, Laura has worked with several non-profit organisations.

She volunteered as a newborn cuddler at a local hospital for more than a year after moving to Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 2006. Her primary responsibility was taking care of the infants, playing with them, and helping them go asleep. She was encouraged to continue working with charitable organisations and to start a family of her own because of the experience she had.

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Relationship Situation of Laura Quinn Hawk

Love blossomed between the two students during their sophomore year at California State University, Los Angeles. Ohio State University was home to former NFL player Hawk. A year after they finished junior high, the two began dating.

  • A.J. Hawk, an American Football linebacker, married Laura in a civil ceremony in July 2006. There was a rumour, though, that Hawk, a rookie at the time, had rushed the wedding so that he could give his wife a few extra privileges.

  • On March 17, 2007, Laura and AJ tied the knot in an extravagant ceremony in Dublin, Ohio. Laura Quinn, Brandy Quinn’s younger sister, married her college sweetheart, A.J. Hawk when she was just 18.

  • A boy, Hendrix Knight Hawk, and a daughter, Lennon Noel Hawk, complete this family. Their home is in Kettering, Ohio, and they travel to exotic locations frequently for vacation.

Career of Laura Hawk

On the contrary, Laura’s knowledge and experience in the sector provide her with a full-time salary. Besides the Packer’s Women Association, Quin has volunteered at many other non-profit organisations.

  • In honour of A.J. Hawk, the two Hawk brothers donated his hair to Hawk’s Locks for Kids, a non-profit organisation they formed.

  • Other than that, Hawk is now the league’s fourth-highest-paid ex-player. The former Ohio State football player has made $36 million in the NFL.

In Columbus, Ohio, Laura is Quinn’s wife and the owner of LCH interiors. Her interior design firm works with clients to design and decorate their houses according to their specifications.

Relationship with A.J. Hawk, her husband

The two met and fell in love their sophomore year at California State University, Los Angeles. Hawk, an NFL player, was now a student at Ohio State. The couple began dating when they finished junior high school. Laura tied the knot with American Football linebacker A.J. Hawk in a civil ceremony in July 2006.

According to legend, the marriage was shotgun-style so that Hawk, who was still a rookie at the time, could give certain privileges to his bride.

Laura Quinn, Brandy Quinn’s younger sister, married her college sweetheart, A.J. Hawk when she was just 18. Hendrix Knight Hawk, a son, and Lennon Noel Hawk, a girl, are the couple’s four children.

The twins were born in January 2013 and December 2010, respectively. Kettering, Ohio, United States, is where the star family resides and loves exotic vacations.