Lapochka word is used to call someone with love in the Russian language. The alternative words for Lapochka in English are darling, sweetheart, and honey. This word was used in Nine Perfect Strangers, a TV series in America.


La-póchka in Russian

What exactly does it mean to say “lapochka”? Sadly, there is not even one item! Nothing more can be said about the meaning of the term “pocket” than what it implies, as said by Nicole, which is “kidney” or “bud” (referring to the portion of a plant).

And considering that Russian is neither French nor Spanish and does not belong to the Romance family of languages, the phrase “la-la-la” is often exclusively used when singing a song in Russian.

The enigmatic word that Nicole should have been pronouncing does exist, and it is pronounced “lápachka” (the second vowel is an “o,” but it is pronounced as “ah”). It’s a small phrase for things like baby, honey, darling, sweety, etc. It’s one of the numerous names you may call a child or any loved one.

Note: Many people think that the diminutive term “lápachka” originates from the word “lapa,” which also refers to your loved ones and may be used to name them and that it means “(small) paw.”

About Lapochka Song

Name Lapochka
Artist Mars Volta
Released on Mar 23, 2012
Duration 04:15
Language English

Listen to the MP3 song “Lapochka” by The Mars Volta. March 2012 marks the release of the song “Lapochka,” which is taken from the album “Noctourniquet.” The length of the song is 4 minutes and 15 seconds. The Mars Volta is the band that sings in this song. The Mars Volta is a band of American musicians that play progressive rock.

They are from El Paso, Texas, and they established their brand in 2001. Omar Rodrguez-López (guitar, producer, directing), and Cedric Bixler-Zavala (vocals, lyrics), whose cooperation constitutes the foundation of the band, are the only continuous members of the band.


They share all of the responsibilities mentioned above. Along with Omar’s brother Marcel Rodrguez-López (keyboards, synthesizers), Willy Rodriguez Quinones, and Eva Gardner, a founding member of the band, the band’s current lineup includes Willy Rodriguez Quiones (drums). [source: missing citation]

Lapochka’s usage in Nine Perfect Strangers

The term “lapochka” is typically understood as a form of affection in Russian. In most contexts, it is used to allude to someone dear to the speaker, a relative, children, or young people. “Darling,” “Sweetheart,” “Lassie,” and “Honey” are all examples of synonyms in the English language.

  • Fans of Nine Perfect Strangers have been familiar with it ever since the first episode of the show aired.

  • This is a word that Masha, a Russian-American health expert who owns Tranquillam House, uses to designate the people who stay there.

  • The word becomes more ominous when it becomes clear that Masha has been manipulating events.

  • This reaches its pinnacle in episode 7, which airs on Sept 15, when Carmel Schneider (Regina Hall) uses the word “Masha herself” about the character.


It’s fair to say that Masha’s use of this word in Nine Perfect Strangers has given viewers the creeps, even though Russian people in Russia and worldwide use this term fondly. “lapochka” is a term of endearment used by Masha Dmitrichenko.


People asked questions out lapochka meaning. We discussed some related questions below:

1 - What does it mean to say “Lapochka”?

The term “lapochka” in Russian has the connotation of fondness. This term can refer to a member of the same family, a loved one, a relative, a kid, or a young person. Some synonyms for “honey” in the English language include “darling,” “sweetheart,” “Lassie,” and “honey.”

2 - What Does Babooshka Mean Dictionary?

The first one is a babushka, pronounced b-boosh-k. In eastern Europe, it is traditional for women to wear a headscarf folded into a triangle and then fastened under the chin. A very old or Polish lady, particularly one who has the appearance of a grandmother.

3 - What Is Opachki Russian?

The letter o can be read as an exclamation mark in its literal meaning and can also be used to denote anything. Therefore, paczki is a term that might be described as “whiny.”

4 - What Does It Mean When They Speak English?

Scav uses the motto “Let’s work!” as their rallying cry. This indicates that killing is the duty of those who carry out the killing. He said in response, “Poshol, pool!” People are said to be “moving, moving!” when instructed to move their bodies.

5 - Is there any chance of a reunion for The Mars Volta?

The Mars Volta has resumed performing. The song “Blacklight Shine” is the first new music that Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodrguez-López have released as a duet since the release of their album “Noctourniquet” in 2012 and their subsequent split the following year.

6 - What Is A Kotik?

The term “Kot” is a loanword from the Russian word “Kot” in its original form. This word is only one of a very extensive list of words that have something to do with cats, and it may be used in various ways to refer to your significant other or your close pals.

7 - What exactly does it mean to say Normas Narmas?

The terms “all good,” “cool,” and “normal” are slang terms for the terms “normal” and “okay,” which signify the same thing in English.

8 - Who died in Mars Volta?

According to Gold Standard Labs, the record label for Defacto, keyboardist Jeremy Michael Ward, who was also a member of Defacto, passed away on May 25 from what appears to have been an overdose. Ward was also a member of The Mars Volta (GSL).

9 - Is there such a word as babooshka?

Women commonly use scarves as hoods; these are typically triangular and have two ends that are fastened under the chin. Ladies of advanced age in Russia, particularly grandparents.

10 - Is it fair to say that The Mars Volta is a decent band?

The band was awarded a Grammy in 2009 for the song “Wax Simulacra,” which was nominated for the Best Hard Rock Performance. Rolling Stone magazine awarded them the best progressive rock band that year (2008).


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