Joe Spano

Joe Spano Joe Joseph Peter Spano, an American actor born on July 7, 1946, is probably best known for his roles as FBI Special Agent Tobias C. Fornell and Lt. Henry Goldblume on NCIS and Hill Street Blues, respectively. He also provided the voice for the Chuck E. Cheese (then known as Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre) character Pasqually the Chef from 1977 to 1983.

Joe Spano

Joe Spano

Joseph Peter Spano (born July 7, 1946) is an American actor probably most famous for his appearances on Hill Street Blues as Lt. Henry Goldblume and NCIS as FBI Special Agent Tobias C. Fornell. From 1977 through 1983, he also voiced Pasqually the Chef, a character on Chuck E. Cheese (at the time, Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre).


A performer who looks like a boy Joe Spano, the son of a doctor, was born Joseph Peter Spano on July 7, 1946, in San Francisco. He is most famous for playing a sympathetic investigator in the depressing police drama Hill Street Blues from the 1980s (1981).

His first intent was to pursue a pre-medical degree, but as his love for acting grew, things altered. He earned diplomas from the University of California-Berkeley and Bishop Riordan High School. Joe gained experience through performing in the San Francisco improv group The Wing.

Around 1967, he appeared in his first collegiate production of “Romeo and Juliet” as Paris. The following year, he assisted in the founding of the Berkeley Repertory Theatre and appeared in the opening production of “Woyzek.” He remained with the company for ten years, participating in many plays like “Hamlet” and “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” among others.

In the 1970s, Joe made the decision to make his mark at Hollywood. While playing a charming devil in the renowned musical “Dracula: A Musical Nightmare” in a tiny LA theatre, he simultaneously explored a career in film and television.

He performed in movies like American Graffiti (1973) and The Enforcer as hoodlums as well as other urban troublemakers in between small TV appearances (“Streets of San Francisco,” “Lou Grant,” “Trapper John”) (1976).

He co-starred in the equally uncommon low-budget political thriller Northern Lights after playing a zealous cub reporter in the obscure supernatural horror movie Warlock Moon (1973). (1978). After playing junior officer Harry Goldblume on Hill Street Blues, for which he was nominated for an Emmy, Joe made cameo appearances everywhere (1981).

He appeared in numerous more shows on a regular basis, including Mercy Point (1995), Amazing Grace (1995), and Murder One (1995), in which he portrayed a doctor (1998). Additionally, he made guest appearances on “Valerie,” “Civil Wars,” “Reasonable Doubts,” “The X Files,” “Profiler,” “JAG,” Nash Bridges," and “Touched by an Angel.” He also had guest roles on “Valerie,” “Civil Wars,” “Reasonable Doubts,” “The X Files,” “Profiler,” “JAG,” and “Nash Bridges.”

In a 1992 performance of Arthur Miller’s “The Price” under the direction of Eli Wallach, Joe made his Broadway debut as Walter. His theatre credits on the West Coast include “Speed-the-Plow” and “American Buffalo,” the latter of which won him a Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award. Among many other movies, Spano worked with Tom Hanks in Apollo 13 (1995) and Richard Gere and Edward Norton in Primal Fear (1996).

In the new millennium, Joe returned in yet another recurrent detective role with the well-known police drama NYPD Blue (1993). In addition to leading roles in movies like Ticker (2001), in which he represented Captain Spano, Hart’s War (2002), Hollywoodland (2006), Fracture (2007), and Frost/Nixon, Spano has recently played FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell on NCIS (2003). (2007). (2008)

Spano has two adopted daughters with his therapist wife Joan. Sometimes people confuse him for Australian actor Joseph Spano. They are unrelated to one another.


On NCIS, Joe Spano played Lt. Henry Goldblume on Hill Street Blues and FBI Special Agent Tobias C. Fornell. Spano studied acting at the University of California-Berkeley. Joe Spano played junior officer Harry Goldblume on Hill Street Blues. He also had guest roles on Valerie, Civil Wars, Reasonable Doubts, The X Files, Profiler, JAG, Nash Bridges, and Touched by an Angel.


Spano played Paris in a 1967 production of Romeo and Juliet. He was a participant of the San Francisco improv group The Wing. He participated in the Berkeley Repertory Theatre’s debut performance as one of the organization’s founding members in 1968.

He spent ten years working for the company. He relocated to Hollywood in the late 1970s, when he landed bit parts on television and supporting parts in movies like The Enforcer (1974) and American Graffiti (1973). (1976).

He played Henry Goldblume on Hill Street Blues for the whole seven-year run, initially as a forensic sergeant and subsequently as a lieutenant. Goldblume was a respected subordinate officer who occasionally worked as a captive negotiator and gangs affairs officer under Hill Street precinct commander Frank Furillo.

The character had compassion for murder victims, which conflicted with his role as a cop on occasion. Each program contained many plot lines, and Spano along with a few other actors who appeared in each one.

After Hill Street Blues came to an end, Spano received regular roles as a detective in the television police dramas Murder One (1995) and NYPD Blue (1993), in addition to guest roles in films and television productions like The X-Files (episodes “Tempus Fugit” and “Max”), Mercy Point, and Amazing Grace.

For his work in a Midnight Caller episode, Spano earned an Award in 1988 for Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series. He has acted in several major motion pictures, such as Richard Gere and Edward Norton’s Primal Fear and Tom Hanks’ Apollo 13. He is frequently mistaken for Joseph Spano, an actor from Australia. They have absolutely nothing in common.

He has performed on both coasts as a stage performer. In the Roundabout Theater’s 1992 Broadway production of Arthur Miller’s The Price, which is up for a Tony Award for Best Revival, Spano made his Broadway debut alongside Eli Wallach.

His West Coast stage performances have included David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow and American Buffalo, for which he received a LA Drama Critics Circle Award, Eduardo Pavlovsky’s Potestad, and others. He has played as General Burgoyne in George Bernard Shaw’s The Devil’s Disciple, Greg in A. R. Gurney’s Sylvia, and Vladimir in Waiting for Godot at the Rubicon Theater in Ventura.

Three theatre groups, including the Antaeus Theater Company, were founded by him. He portrayed a seductive vampire in a little Los Angeles theater’s production of the cult musical Dracula: A Musical Nightmare. He appeared alongside Keanu Reeves and Kiefer Sutherland in the television film Brotherhood of Justice.


He played Henry Goldblume in Hill Street Blues for the whole seven-year run of the show. Spano was a founding member of the Berkeley Repertory Theatre in 1968. He traveled to Hollywood in the 1970s to film roles in American Graffiti and The Enforcer.


Since the first episode of the series, “Yankee White,” Spano has played FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell, the FBI’s equivalent of Mark Harmon’s Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS. Fornell has left the FBI and is now a private investigator in Season 15.

Two NCIS episodes have focused on Fornell’s personal life: one in which Fornell’s daughter is in danger, and another in which Fornell’s career is in danger. In order for NCIS to be involved in the resolution, Gibbs and Fornell’s bond is referenced in every episode.

Private life

Spano was born in San Francisco, California, the son of Virginia Jean (née Carpenter) and physician Vincent Dante Spano. He graduated from Archbishop Riordan High School in 1963 and is a distinguished house member of Russi. In 1980, Spano married Joan Zerrien, a therapist. They are the adoptive parents of two girls.

Nominations and awards

Nominated for Lead Actor in a Play at the 2009 Ovation Awards for his performance as George in the Rubicon Theatre Company’s production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Major Projects

Joe Spano played Henry Goldblume in the police drama series ‘Hill Street Blues’ from 1981 to 1987. During the seven-year course of the show, he first appeared as a detective sergeant, then as a lieutenant.

His excellent performance in the movie landed him jobs in a slew of other TV cop shows. In the action police procedural drama series ‘NCIS,’ the actor has played senior FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell since 2003.


Joe Spano is best known for his role as FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell on ‘NCIS’. Spano played Henry Goldblume in the police drama series ‘Hill Street Blues’ from 1981 to 1987. He was nominated for an Ovation Award for his performance in 'Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


Following are some of the important questions:

1. Do Mark Harmon and Joe Spano know each other?

In the CBS series, Spano portrays FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell. He is the FBI counterpart to Mark Harmon’s NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. The two main characters are quite good friends, and fans appear to like their interactions.

2. How much money does Joe Spanos have?

Joe Spano’s net worth and salary are as follows: Joe Spano is an actor from the United States with a net worth of 6 million dollars. Joe Spano began his acting career playing improv and acting in theatre performances in San Francisco, California.

3. Where is Joe Spano from?

United States of America, San Francisco

Joe Spano was born in the state of New York.

San Francisco, formally the City and County of San Francisco, is a major business and cultural center in California’s northern area. With 815,201 persons as of 2021, the city proper is the 17th most populated in the United States and the fourth most populated in California.

4. Will Joe Spano return to NCIS?

Fans will be relieved to learn that Fornell will be making a big comeback. Matt from TV Lines got an inside scoop on upcoming NCIS episodes that verified Spano’s return. “When I spoke with Brian Dietzen, he said that we will ‘certainly’ see Joe Spano as Fornell again this season,” it read.

5. Is Joe Spano leaving NCIS?

Spano isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If he wants to be a part of the season, the writers will make it happen. And bringing in this former agent turned private detective isn’t too far-fetched, especially concerning an investigation into Gibbs’ disappearance and possible death.

6. What does Spano mean?

spanu ‘having thinning hair,’ medieval Greek Spanos, possibly from Classical Greek spanios’scarce’ Italian (primarily Sicily): descriptive nickname from spanu ‘having thinning hair,’ medieval Greek Spanos, perhaps from Classical Greek spanios’scarce’ (see Spanos).

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8. What is Pauley Perrette currently doing?

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9. How did Gibbs get the boat out of the basement?

Gibbs’ boats are in the basement, so how does he get them out? Gibbs takes his boats out via the wall, it was revealed. He knocks down bricks and rips a hole in the wall. When searching for Gibbs, FBI Agent Alden Parker (Gary Cole) discovers this.

10. Who plays Agent night on NCIS?

Following the resignation of Emily Wickersham as NCIS Special Agent Eleanor Bishop, former REACT Special Agent Jessica Knight has joined the “NCIS” squad (Katrina Law).


Joseph Peter Spano (born July 7, 1946) is an American actor probably most famous for his appearances on Hill Street Blues. Joe Spano played Lt. Henry Goldblume on Hill Street Blues and FBI Special Agent Tobias C. Fornell on NCIS. Spano studied acting at the University of California-Berkeley. Since 2003 he has played FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell in NCIS. Spano is an honored member of the House of Russi and an alumnus of Archbishop Riordan High School.