Insurer-sponsored Agency Captive

Insurer-sponsored Agency Captive,

Insurer-sponsored Agency Captive means,

Definition of Insurer-sponsored Agency Captive: Improve the profit sharing model developed as an entity owned by a foreign company. It is the most popular and harmless form of prison agency, usually established and sponsored by major insurers in various industries. Co-agents and sponsorship insurers each buy a portion of the captive's stock, which finances the captive's capital and surplus. Insurance companies offer insurance, customer service and ancillary services. The broker contributes to the retention, the rest is sponsored by the insurer. Co-agents promise to close the minimum volume of business with the sponsor's insurers, which provides a captive percentage.

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Meanings of Insurer:
  1. The person or company that will take the insurance risk is an integral part of the insurance contract that pays the premium.

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  1. It can even help to negotiate a reduction in your own insurer's estimate for a single mortgage payment.


Meanings of Sponsored:
  1. (Projects, activities, etc.) are funded by a particular organization or agency.

  2. Identify a fundraising event or activity where each participant is promised a fee by the sponsor to complete the activity.

Sentences of Sponsored
  1. In the past, funded research represented two-thirds of the budget.


Meanings of Agency:
  1. A company or organization set up to provide certain services, usually services that arrange transactions between two other parties.

  2. A process or intervention specifically to achieve a particular effect.

  3. Agent's position or job.

Sentences of Agency
  1. Water officials dug a canal

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concern, business, power, effect, action, office, bureau, service, firm, force, company, activity, organization, work, influence


Meanings of Captive:
  1. A person who has been caught or an animal that has been captured.

  2. Blocked or blocked.

Sentences of Captive
  1. Police handcuffed the detainees

  2. This property is used for captive fighters in captivity.

Synonyms of Captive

confined, convict, detainee, locked up, caged, inmate, incarcerated, penned up, prisoner