Is smoked salmon raw?

Is smoked salmon raw? Yes, smoked salmon is raw but it is edible. it means that salmon can be eaten in uncooked form. Smoked salmon is of two types Hot Smoke Salmon and Cold Smoke Salmon. The difference between these two is hot smoked salmon is smoked at a high temperature while cold smoked salmon is smoked at a low temperature.

smoked salmon

What is smoked Salmon?

Smoke Salmon is a form of fish that is raw but edible. it can be further defined as it is a flavored raw fish that goes through a process after which it came to an edible form.

How to make smoke salmon fish?

Salmon is one of the most popular fish in the world that can be eaten in almost every region of the country. it is found in Australia and other parts of the world. Most countries import salmon and use it in five-star hotels as their signature dish.

Salmon can be made with different techniques. it can be eaten raw as well as cooked. Here we discuss a simple but very popular method of making salmon fish. Smoked salmon fish is a very popular way of eating raw salmon.

Although it is very popular at the same time it is very tricky to take out Its actual flavor. In this section, we see how to make smoked salmon fish.

Making of smoked salmon:

There are two popular ways of making smoked salmon.

  1. Hot smoked salmon
  2. Cold smoked salmon

Now let’s see how to make these two kinds of Salmon.

Hot smoked Salmon:

As it sounds, hot smoked salmon is smoked at high temperatures. however, it is not cooked but considered as cooked compared to cold salmon. Hot smoked Salmon, the temperature between 150 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Steps of making hot smoked Salmon:

  1. Take a salmon piece you can make its fillet as well.
  2. Generally, you can find salmon with the skin, you can smoke salmon with skin or without skin it’s totally up to you.
  3. Now the next step is to make curd. Curding is a mixture of salt, water, and sugar. Some people add herbs to it. For example, lemon zest, dill, etc.
  4. Take an adequate quantity of this mixture and soak salmon pieces into it for up to 7 to 8 hours and put it in the refrigerator.
  5. After 7 to 8 hours take out the salmon and wash it thoroughly. Curing helps to observe all the moisture contain in the meat and make it dry so that it can absorb the smoke flavor.
  6. After washing pat dry it and put it in the fridge or hang out outside where a nice breeze blows so that the meat gets dry and get ready to absorb smoke in a better way.
  7. Now prepare your smoker machine. It is better to use fruit wood example Apple, peach, berry, etc because it gives a nice flavor.
  8. Now put salmon fish peace in it at a temperature of 150 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 to 12 hours. You can adjust the temperature but keep one thing in mind the inner temperature should keep at the level of 225 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.
  9. While cooking brush salmon with maple syrup or a mixture of brown sugar and water as it gives a glossy effect on it and enhances its taste.
  10. Now your hot smoked salmon is ready to eat you don’t need to cook further you can eat it at room temperature as well.

Why hot smoked salmon is considered cooked?

Although, it is not cooked on flame but smoked at a high temperature make it is almost cooked. it’s meat tear like cooked fish meat and you can enjoy it with cream cheese or make its burger as you like.

Is hot smoked salmon made on a commercial level?

As its popularity increases, industries are now preparing hot smoked Salmon on a commercial level for the ease of their customers. There are big industries in the western region that made not only cold smoked Salmon but also hot smoked Salmon and distributed it in the supermarket.

What is the shelf life of hot smoked salmon?

Hot smoke salmon keeps small shelf life than cold-smoked salmon. You cannot keep hot smoked salmon for more than a week. you can increase its durability if put it in the fridge. make sure it is put in an air-tight container or vacuum-free plastic. It can last for one year in the freezer.

What are the ingredients needed for curd?

Salt, water, and sugar (brown sugar or maple syrup) three are the basic ingredients for making hot smoked salmon curd. You can add some herbs such as lemon zest, orange zest, or any green vegetable like coriander, dill, etc into it to enhance its flavor.


Hot smoked salmon is a fish that does not cook but is considered as cooked because it’s smoked at high temperatures around 150 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be made at home and on a commercial level as well. You just need to follow a simple technique which starts from curding fish fillet to dry it and then smoking for 10 to 12 hours. It can be served In a salad, with cream cheese in a sandwich, or as a snack.

Cold smoked salmon:

It might sound confusing to you, cold-smoked salmon doesn’t mean salmon put in the refrigerator or smoked in a cool place. Cold smoked salmon means smoked at low temperature. Like hot smoked salmon, cold smoked salmon is smoked by wood but the difference is the temperature and curding technique. Generally, cold-smoked salmon is smoked at or below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. As the temperature is low cold smoke salmon takes 24 hours or more to absorb smokey flavor and take a nice texture.

Its method of preparation is more or less the same as hot smoked salmon, Now we see how cold-smoked salmon can be made.

Method of preparing cold-smoked salmon:

Following are the steps for preparing cold-smoked salmon for commercial purposes:

  1. Take a piece of salmon with skin and remove its bones.
  2. Wash it and curd it. its method of curding is slightly different from hot smoked salmon. Salt and brown sugar is the main ingredient used for curding you can also add herbs such as lemon zest, or Orange zest to give it a flavor.
  3. You don’t need to make a solution of it, just sprinkle a mixture of salt and sugar over the salmon pieces and leave it for 7 to 8 hours. It absorbs all the moisture of the fish.
  4. Wash the fish with water and hang it in a cool dry place.
  5. A dry texture formed over a fish fillet called pellicle which means now fish is ready to absorb smoke.
  6. In industries, salmon is smoked with oak wood But at home or in a smaller place you can smoke salmon fish with fruitwood, for example, apple tree wood, peachtree wood, berry tree wood, etc. It gives a nice flavor to the salmon fish.
  7. Keep the fish under smoke for 24 hours or more as cold smoking takes more time than hot smoking.
  8. Now, cold-smoked salmon is ready to serve. The shelf life of cold smoke salmon is short, it can last up to one month in the freezer and one to two weeks in the refrigerator.

How can we serve cold smoked salmon?

After making this delicious and yummy salmon now it’s time to serve it but wait do you know how can we serve cold-smoked salmon?

Is Smoked Salmon raw? It’s raw and it would be eaten raw in the whole world you don’t need to cook it. Chill out your piece of smoked salmon in the refrigerator then take it out and cut thin pieces of it.

It can be well combined with cream cheese, lemon wedges, capers, bagels, and slices of onion.

Which is better: Salmon with skin or Salmon without skin?

The skin has its natural flavor when you cook anything with its skin whether it’s meat or vegetable you would feel the enhanced flavor. Smoked salmon with skin or without the skin is totally up to you but if you smoked either cold or hot with the skin then it brings out the enhanced flavor.


If you are a salmon lover and you love to eat raw fish with a Smoky flavor then cold-smoked salmon will add a good flavor to your tongue. It can also be done at home. You just know some tricks and techniques of it. Cold-smoked salmon take 18 to 24 hours to smoke. Its shelf life is short; you can preserve it for 1 month in the freezer and two weeks in the refrigerator. Generally, it is served with cream cheese, lemon wedges, capers, etc.

Nutritional value of Salmon fish:

Fish is known for Omega 3 and fatty acids. When it comes to salmon fish, it is full of proteins, and fatty acid that is very beneficial for human health.

According to research, salmon fish contains Omega 3 helps the human heart to fight against heart diseases and helps in balancing the cholesterol level.

Below is a chart that shows the numerical values of Nutrients that a salmon fish contains.

calories 175
fat 10.5
carbohydrates 0
protein 18.79

As you have seen above salmon fish is rich in protein that helps to build muscles and grow bones. If you are a bodybuilder and need high protein food then salmon fish is the right choice for you.

Raw salmon and health benefits:

From the above article, you must get your answer to the question is smoked Salmon raw? Now you know that salmon can be eaten raw. Salmon is not technically cooked over the flame but it is smoked at a temperature that changes its texture and enhances the taste.

Seafood is known for Omega 3 and fatty acids. Salmon fish is one of them as it is rich in proteins, omega 3, and fatty acid which is very beneficial for heart health, brain development, and children’s growth.

Salmon contains great health benefits. It doesn’t matter whether you are eating cooked or raw. Cooking doesn’t mean overcooking fish. Fish is something that cooks very quickly so never overcook any food as it can destroy its nutrition.

If you are a salmon lover then you must be happy to know how it facilitates good nutritional value. Below you can see how fish help your body.

  1. Fish meat helps to improve brain function. Especially for kids, it is very important to keep it adding to their diet on a daily or alternate basis.
  2. It helps to reduce the risk of heart attack and heart arrhythmia.
  3. If you are a blood pressure patient then it is very helpful to you because it contains those fatty acids that help to keep blood pressure on a level and for those who are not blood pressure patients, it is highly recommended to add fish to your life as it secures you from such kind of diseases.
  4. It improves cell function.
  5. Arthritis and joint pain is the most common disease in elderly people. Fish is something that helps to reduce joint pains.
  6. It helps to sustain a good mood.
  7. It also helps to control inflammation of the body.


Seafood is rich in protein, omega 3, and fatty acids that it is very beneficial for human health. it helps to decrease heart problems, improve brain functions, improve cell functions, control inflammation in the body, and sustain a good mood.

Raw salmon and health effects:

Although seafood contains great health benefits at the same time raw meat can affect your health. Here we discuss some health risks that you must know before eating raw fish or any seafood.


Raw meat contains bacteria that can harm your health. it can give you food poisoning, the most common bacteria that create food poisoning is Salmonella. It is present in raw fish meat, or seafood. Another bacteria which is not very common but it exists and can harm you is Vibrio vulnificus.


Some fishes contain parasites in which salmon is also included. These parasites can harm health but they can be destroyed when you cook fish at high temperature or freeze it over minus temperature. If you are eating salmon raw then make sure that it must be frozen before eating.

When you go out to eat in any restaurant and you don’t know whether this fish is frozen before serving or not. If you are a sushi lover or you love to eat seafood raw then make sure that you choose a good quality restaurant and also watch its reviews before eating.


Cross-contamination is very common in restaurants. When chefs or cooks cut one meat from a knife and then use the same knife to cut seafood or fish that would be eaten raw It can create cross-contamination of bacteria. There is no rule in the US through which you can define if this food is cross-contaminated or not.

Before eating raw meat, keep all these things in mind and choose the right and hygienic restaurant before going out for sushi, smoked salmon, or any other seafood.

Sushi grade fish:

If you are going to make Sushi or raw fish then choose the place where you can find fresh fish. Stale fish can cause food poisoning.

Sushi-grade fish means fresh fish. This label is used by the supermarkets to show their customers that this fish is fresh and you can use it in Sushi. but you don’t know whether it is Sushi great fish or not because no regulation in the US guarantees Sushi-grade labeled fish is Sushi-grade, keep this in mind before buying labeled fish from the supermarket.


Raw seafood contains bacteria and parasites that can harm human health. Especially talk about salmon, It contains parasites but you can destroy it by cooking it or freezing it before eating it raw.

How to select fresh fish?

Selecting a fresh fish is something that is not commanded by anyone. In the article “Is smoked salmon raw” you came to know how to select a fresh fish.

  • A fresh fish never smell too fishy.
  • A fresh fish is shiny and firm in appearance.
  • If you are buying from the supermarket make sure it places at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • After taking it home make sure to put it in an air-tight container or wrap it in clean foil to preserve its moisture.
  • It should be used within 2 days.


The frequently asked questions regarding the topic Are smoked salmon raw are given below. After reading the above article if you have further queries regarding the topic then this section will help you out.

1. Is smoked salmon safe to eat?

Yes, smoked Salmon is safe to eat because it processes under curd and temperature. The bacteria that can be harmful to human health would be killed during this process. As smoked Salmon is eaten raw in different parts of the world. So, there is no harm and it is safe to eat.

2. Why is smoked Salmon is considered processed food?

Smoking is a process through which raw pieces of meat are covered with curd and then smoked with wood for hours. According to health advisors it is considered processed food.

3. Why do people like eating raw seafood?

According to me and my experience, raw meat, whether it’s seafood or red meat, or any sort of meat is not recommended to eat raw because there are lots of bacteria found in a raw flash that can harm human health. It’s just an addiction to eating raw meat that comes from their ancestors.

4. What Species of salmon can be eaten?

Salmon is one but you found different species in it. Several species can be eaten all around the world. Below are the top six species of Salmon that you can find in your nearby restaurant.

  • King Salman/ Chinook Salmon
  • Coho Salmon/ silver Salmon
  • King Salmon/ humpies/ humpback salmon
  • Red salmon/sockeye salmon
  • Salmo salar/ Atlantic salmon
  • Silverbrite salmon/ chum salmon/ keta salmon/ dog salmon

5. What is a pellicle?

A pellicle is a dry textured layer that forms as a result of Curding and drying Salman fish. when you are making smoked Salman you need to follow a procedure in which the first thing you need to do is curding. curding absorb all the moisture from the fish and prepare it to absorb a smoky flavor.

6. What are the special concerns before eating raw Salman?

These are the peoples who should not eat raw salmon or any seafood.

  • People having compromised immunity system
  • pregnant women
  • Older people
  • young children’s
  • People who are taking immunity medicines

7. How do you know if smoked salmon is spoiled?

You should notice these things before eating smoked salmon.

  • Smell ( Spoilt salmon have a bad smell or you notice a change in smell)
  • Colour ( you find dullness in color or change in color)
  • Texture (Any stickiness formed over the surface of smoked salmon)

What happens if we curd fish for a long time?

If we curd salmon for a long time, it gets saltier or might be bitter. 7 to 8 hours is enough for curding. Both hot and cold curding have the same ingredients the only difference is cold-smoked salmon curd with a dry mixture of salt and sugar, however, hot smoked salmon is cured with a solution of salt, sugar, and water.


Is smoked salmon raw? Yes, it is because it is not cooked on flame however, hot smoked salmon is considered cooked because it is smoked at a high temperature. Cold smoking is a method of smoking salmon which is more or less the same as hot smoking but the difference is temperature. Cold smoking is at a low temperature but it takes around 18 to 24 hours to get its original juicy smoky flavor. Raw salmon is eaten in different parts of the world, especially sushi which is made of raw fish, it is healthy but only when it freezes at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit before eating. Cold smoked salmon is served chill with creme cheese, lemon wages, and capers. Raw salmon is also eaten in sushi.

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