Industrial Chocolate Making Machine - Electra Premium 60 Chocolate Melanger

Chocolatemelangeur offers a Premium Chocolate Grinding Machine for commercial purposes. The Business traders may try out with Our Electra Premium 60 chocolate Melanger speed controller. it has a giant top of double rotating granite stone slab which grinds the roasted cocoa nibs into a smooth thick paste and finally a bar of thick liquid chocolate. The Machine begins to run heat can generated for make easy the Chocolate liquefaction. We ensure with Electra Premium 60 chocolate Melanger is a Multipurpose grinding companion that can improve your profit rate.

Features & Functionalities:

  • 100% Stainless steel SS 304 grade body
  • Powerful 3 HP, CE certified motor with In built MCB
  • Adjustable Controller (to manage from 0 RPM to 180 RPM)
  • Supported Functionalist are Chocolate Melanger, Cocoa bean grinder, Cocoa butter grinder, Chocolate Conching Machine, Chocolate Refining machine, Chocolate Tempering Machine, and Nut Butter Grinder Machine.

Why Buy Electra Premium 60 Chocolate Melanger Speed Controller?

The Electra Premium 60 Chocolate Melanger can grind up to 10kg to 60Kg of cocoa nibs. The Premium model has an automatic Titling feature that makes it easy to pour out the contents, reduces manpower, and avoids straining yourself. Easy to Maintain and cleaning is a breeze. In addition, Electra Premium 60 Chocolate Melanger has all the features that make it stands out like powerful 3HP motor, MCB Protective adjustable gear drive, and double scrapper for long life and 10 years or more.

Electra Premium 60 Chocolate Melanger with controller which can acts as both conch and refining. The tension of the double granite stones can be adjusted to obtain conflicting grades of refining at different stages of grinding for specialty food ingredients. It has a double scrapper roller model that refines or reduces the cocoa nibs to fine chocolate liquor and nuts into a paste with a element size of less than 15 microns.

Massive chocolate makers, food stores, and commercial traders can go with Durable and reliable Electra Premium 60 Chocolate Melanger with a controller is the best companion for your endeavor. You can check with Our Product Comparison chart, it will clear out the model features and quality like expected capacity, feeding size, final product size, or other requirements and buy with a favorable quote.

To Sum-up:

When it comes to Professional hands, it requires huge industrial equipments. Without Commercial Chocolate melanger - Chocolates, Nut butter paste, Or Peanut Butter Grinder Machine, your food processing work will be in collapse mode. Our Chocolate equipment complies with stipulation of the EU, USA and Australia. Free shipping also available in chocolatemelangeur. If you have queries or trouble ordering our Chocolate Conching Machine/ Melanger Machine online, feel free to Call us or drop us mail.

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