How to Teach My Kid to Read?

Reading is the basic step for a better life for your kid, and parents normally feel difficulty and ask a question about how to teach my kid to read. Here we will give all the useful information about how to teach kids reading.

Teach a Kid to Read

How do Kids Learn to Read?

The real learning for a kid starts at its home. A kid can’t enter into a better life before getting all the basic reading skills because it’s very basic and necessary for a kid’s life.

There are pre-reading skills which parent should follow, and these are recognized significant for teaching a child reading. For example, Poems and rhymes can help point out their “Sssss” or “shhh” sounds; by this, you can find either they are reading well or not. They should gain proficiency in all letters.

Extremely small kids may not comprehend what you are reading, yet they will get comfortable with how books work, including recognizing print from pictures. This is something parents can educate at home by asking children to repeat activities which they do to learn also by showing others how it’s done and practising the day’s exercises with them.

Rules for Parents to Teach Kids Good Reading Skills:

The following guideline helps you to teach your kids to read.

1. Select Books They Want to Read:

Kids are frequently more propelled to read if they are interested in the content to begin with. Take kids to the library and let them select the books they need to begin with. On the off chance, if the content looks, in any event, you have a thought of what themes they are keen on.

2. Teach Reading According To their Mental Level:

Parents should start with very basic things. You should teach them according to their mental ability so that they can understand the knowledge you are going to give them. Choose those books with easy wording and also contain images or pictures to make them interesting for a kid.

Parents need to find out the likes and dislikes of their kids and teach them by using the books and syllabus, which is very simple and for kids at the beginning stage of their learning.

3. Less Word at a Time with Lot of Repetition:

At the start, the parent should not give kids too many lessons to read. Ensure there are not too many words you sound out for them. Just a single line or few words are enough to read for a single.

Repeat the reading of the same letters and letter combinations multiple times will help your kids. Because practice repeatedly will help to enhance the reading skills of your kid.

4. Teach them Phonic Skills and Making Meanings:

Reading needs a child’s knowledge of his or her native language, the letters, and the combination of letters that represent different phonemes. Due to this, some phonics instruction is essential for kids.

Making means, you should teach them how to get some meaning out of the words they read. You should teach them the sense to think about what is going on in the story.

5. Introduce Reading in a Fun Way:

Play games or do activities such as you can either print out some images. Ask your kid to match the picture to words or phrases to describe it.

Summary: Figure out their learning style, use simple material as phonics books, and make reading fun. Ask questions about what you just teach them and encouraging them to reread if they didn’t understand.

Bottom Line:

Hence, if you are a parent and looking for the answer to this question, “how to teach my kid to read,” then you do not need to worry. All you need to do is just follow this basic information. Do all the pre-reading activities. Teach them by using different poems, rhymes, good phonic books, and make reading fun for your kid so they can learn faster. By using these few basic handy tricks, you can teach your child well reading skills.

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Reading is essential and survival guard in learning field. reading has wide range of benefits and advantages those who are unable to read left behind in respective fields. reading is base line of your academics you can’t learn anything if you cant able to read. Nowadays its common problem of every parent to how we can make them able to read. its very easy if you have passion to make your child better reader. there are some step you can take and make change in your kids progress.

Be a good example :

Always be a good example for your child if you want to make then read , Start reading in front of them so they can think that reading is something important thats why adults ate also doing this action. Always go to library with your kids , always keep book at your home and read frequently at least 20 minutes twice a day. because kids learn through copying their elders reading is also great idea for yourself too it has immense advantages it opens mind and great source of knowledge.

Ask questions :

Reading is not about only decoding but I also means to comprehend the reading material. Real meaning of reading lies in comprehension otherwise reading has no sense except sounding out words. in order to check understanding about comprehension you must ask question after reading , ask question related to material , ask some facts about material , ask and discuss about lessons? if your child is giving answers in their words or similar words it means they are getting if not! its time to work on their comprehension skills and ask frequent questions about and make them able to think about these questions.

start a club !

Reading is social activity. so there is a need to discuss book lesson and other details with other people. kids like clubs and gathering so it will attract them read. its a best way to make them encourage to read and after that all the members of club are allows to ask questions , discuss sorry lesson , favorite character of movie etc so they can enjoy and also learn what are etiquette of group discussion and also they start reading.

Give them gifts of books !

tell them at different situations and hardship times that book are your best friend they can help you always give them gift of books before every big event and tell them this book will help you to learn about that event.

conclusion :
Above all motivate your child to read books because it is compulsory and worthy children have some issues regards reading thats why they are unable to read solve those problems but not demotivate them in front of class or siblings it can show wrong impact on your child and they start hating reading . Ensure availability of books and environment with positive attitude towards enhancing your child reading skills.

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