How to sign over a check

You can do that?

That’s right. I discovered this out when somebody hit my vehicle, and got a check from their accident protection organization with directions to give it up to my auto shop.


Ordinarily, while storing a check, you flip it over, sign it, and offer it to the teller, who places the cash in your record.


filling out a check
how to read a check

In the event that you need to pay another person with the check as opposed to keeping it (brought giving up a check, or underwriting over a check) you flip it over and compose:

Pay to the request for:

  • the name of the gathering you’re paying

  • your signature

what’s more, give it the individual you’re paying. At the point when they money it they’ll sign their name underneath and offer it to their bank.

This is known as an “uncommon underwriting”, and the individual you’re paying is known as the “endorsee”.


Not all banks money looks at marked this way, so you might need to ensure it’s satisfied with the individual you’re paying and their bank before attempting.

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