How to run away from home?

How to run away from home? It is not really easy to stay away from home and it needs perfect planning and some tips to follow i.e find a shelter and source of food and find a way to fulfill your needs.

How to run away from home

Write a schedule of all the advantages and disadvantages of running away. Often, putting your ideas down on paper has a gentle impact, making things more apparent in the process. Here are some logical pros and cons of running away.

Running away from home

How to run away from home? Running away from home is not a game of children. But if a person badly needs to run away so it requires proper planning.

:ballot_box_with_check: Make a proper plan, suggest a suitable time.
:ballot_box_with_check: Pack your all essential stuff i.e. your clothes, food, medicine, coat, umbrella, etc
:ballot_box_with_check: Find a place near a grocery store.
:ballot_box_with_check: Runaway when you can find a bus going out of the city immediately.
:ballot_box_with_check: Pick some money to spend some days.
:x: Don’t take a lift from an unknown person.
:x: Do not show your identity to anyone.
:x: Make sure your neighbors don’t see you while leaving home.
:x: Don’t take a lift from an unknown person.

Advantages of Running Away

:small_blue_diamond: Possible independence from neglect, insult (verbal, physical, or sexual), and/or harassment.

:small_blue_diamond: Chances to travel, see new locations, and enjoy with new people.

:small_blue_diamond: Improved freedom and the chance of maturity and personal advancement, no matter how tough it gets.

:small_blue_diamond: Advancement of self-reliance, a sense of being able to do aspects by, and totally for, yourself.

Disadvantages of Running Away

:small_orange_diamond: High chance of spending nights outdoors, on the streets.

:small_orange_diamond: High odds of depression, isolation, and more chances that people get addicted to drugs and commit suicide.

:small_orange_diamond: High chances of death or serious pain.

:small_orange_diamond: Realising like you have no one to talk to, like no one minds, or like the things you don’t make a conflict.

Make a Plan ahead

Make a suitable plan, go wrong, and make everything possible. Here are some aspects that you always require to consider:

  1. What will you do if you get unhealthy?

  2. What will you need to do if you are caught?

  3. What will you consume?

  4. How will you keep good hygiene?

  5. How will you stay off the streets and out of your way from getting hurt?

  6. How to earn money?

Remember if you have made plans for such hardships then it will be easy to lead your life.

Try to find a secure place

Go to discover a safe place to live with someone you can believe. If a person is enabling you to run away and can live with them at least for a short time. Yet, if that’s not a chance, where will you carry a chance.

Pack up your important stuff

Pack up a bag with some useful travel light; bring only the bare necessities. . Pack food, money, extra changes of clothing, a jacket or coat in issue it gets cold, clothes with pockets. Also pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, the things the other stuff you will want. . Some other stuff that may be helpful are maps, an umbrella, a knife to cut fruits, a combination lock, a face mask, a torch, and a covering.

Do not bring any electronic devices even if you turn your location off, there are simple means for people to track you easily. You can purchase a very cheap phone with cash if you need one and change your number.

Suitable time to run

Wait until you have the right chance to make a run for it. Make sure you have a lot of time to get away before anyone heeds you’re gone. Begin making your action as soon as you wake up to school in the morning, or as soon as everyone in your home goes and you know they won’t be coming back after a long time.

Remember to make sure that nobody in the neighborhood notices that you are leaving. And select a suitable time when the bus arrives.

Where to settle after leaving home

Reside near huge grocery shops. These areas will usually have food samples available to the public which you can snack on, though make sure you take a cart with you. Also, you can try the public toilets. Try a small job immediately in a utility store to get the benefits of eating food

If you don’t find a suitable place to live under a bridge and to pass your whole day go to libraries, churches, colleges, and stations.

Don’t show that you are a foreigner

Don’t try the foreign tone ploy. Some people discover faking a foreign tone tempting, but this is commonly a bad idea. From a foreign tone, you will be an attention seeker. People will need to learn more about you and your culture when you should be beginning to be as invisible as possible. Moreover, faking an accent is extremely hard.

Protect yourself after leaving home

While running away from home it is highly important to protect your self and here your will know how to protect yourself?

Protecting Yourself from Harm

Never take a lift from people. You must know if you do agree to hitchhike, that there are drivers that will do some bad things to you. They could hurt you. Nonetheless, on the other hand, there are also certainly nice people out there who would gladly take you with them.

Try to take rides with a nice lady, a family with various children, or a car with passengers. They will probably want to ask you where you are leaving, or what you are working out, so have a nice little story handy. So never tell them that you ran away from home, and talk a little.

If a scary looking person proposes to give you a ride, inquire them where they’re going first. When they answer, tell them you’re going to a different area, willingly far away. If they tell you that they can take you there, well refuse and end the conversation after that. Stay for the driver to take off.

Be careful in big cities

Maintain yourself in a big city with many people, know that there are likely people who could suggest a dangerous condition to you. Bring something with which you can protect yourself, such as pepper spray, cleaning chemicals, or perfume because perfume comprises chemicals that can result in blindness. Being conscious of dangers and preventing them is usually better than having to meet them.

Yet, step away from people who pose a threat to you. Stand upright and tall, and keep your confidence, but don’t argue or irritate them. Try to get to a public area, where you found a rush.

Protect yourself from getting into Prostitution

Don’t get into the job of prostitution. Don’t let anyone do anything to you that you are uneasy with. If you get mad enough that you feel you want to seek help. Local charities and churches will benefit you without asking too many questions.

Prostitution is a common effect of running away. Research showed that one in four runaways, both boys and girls, were sufferers of trafficking or used sex to get stuff like food and shelter.

Because of the high opportunity of prostitution and also because of the poor sanitation situations, runaways are quite more likely to get ■■■/AIDS. Be very careful.

Don’t get addicted

Don’t get addicted to drugs and alcohol. Homeless youth are most likely to fall into drug and/or alcohol use. This can get diseases like ■■■/AIDS or even face death from an overdose. This is just aside from the extra side effects of drug and/or alcohol use. Remember do not use drugs, no matter how bad you think.

Don’t get arrested

Try to never get arrested. Homeless people are much more likely to be imprisoned, usually for being an irritant, loitering, or trespassing. You need to avoid having to spend a lot of time in jail, so be cautious about where you leave and how to act.

Don’t reside around homeless people

Be careful of living around the other homeless people. Many people are homeless because they just hit some hard moments and these people can be perfectly wonderful. But there are also a lot of homeless people that are very unhappy, drunk, or mentally unstable.

:houses: SUMMARY

How to run away from home? And it is hard to live far away from your loved ones. Living alone requires a hard time but if it is essential then make a plan to run away. Pack your important stuff and put some money in your pocket. And run away when nobody is at home or everybody is sleeping. Reside near a grocery shop and make sure you don’t reveal your identity.

Frequently Asked Questions(FaQs)

How to run away from home? Here are some frequent questions that people ask.

Is it OK to run away from?

Running away from home is never a suitable suggestion. But if you have a solid motive and a place to live. Before making this opinion make sure you will have everything you require to be safe and lead a healthy life.

Can a 12 year old run away?

A runaway is a small and teenager (someone under the age of 18) who leaves home without a parent’s or guardian’s confirmation and leaves the home overnight. In most countries, running away is not a crime; but, runaways and their parents or caretakers can face legal impacts. And a teenager can face serious issues when living alone.

How to run away without getting caught?

If you need to leave soon, pack a small bag, take the money and go to a friend’s home that is safe. Inform friends you trust or a friend’s parent that you hope will help you.


How to run away from home? But it is difficult to live far away from your loved ones. Living alone requires a hard time but if it is essential then make a plan to run away. Pack your important stuff and put some money in your pocket. And run away when nobody is at home or everybody is sleeping. Reside near a grocery shop and make sure you don’t reveal your identity.