How to open a Trunk without a Key?

A trunk is a large cuboid wooden box in which one can put his personal belongings, clothes, or other stuff. Mostly a trunk is used to store the items which are not be used quite frequently. Hence, all the items that are to be taken out after quite a long time are put in a trunk or a chest. Normally you would find a trunk in the storage room of the house. The difference between a trunk and a chest is that chest is smaller in size and can be used for carrying stuff around when traveling. Another difference between a chest box and a trunk is that a chest has a hinged curved lid whereas the trunk has a cuboid hinged lid. Below is the picture attached of a chest and a trunk showing difference between them.

Lock of a Trunk

The lock of a truck is designed to be not that hard but just to keep your belongings too open. Nowadays the lock designs are becoming way more complicated than they were in the past. Code locks, dial locks, etc. Old truck locks require keys. But as they are not so difficult and if you have lost the key to your trunk present in the storage room, you can open it using a flat screwdriver. Put the screwdriver into the keyhole with a little tilted angle and then try to rotate the lock keeping in that position. When the lock has been rotated to 90 degrees try to hold it open. The lock will open.

Lock Mechanism

The lock mechanism of trunks used to be simple back then. What happens is there are two pins working side by side. Both the pins move in the opposite direction to close the lock. When the key is rotated in, it makes both the pins move towards each other, and when they reach the point when they are confronting each other, the lock pops open. Rotating the lock only with the screwdriver is a tricky part because this requires a certain angle.

Opening locks without keys

Opening the locks without keys has been a common practice at all times. This has led to many unethical activities as well. In some ways has also helped people who sometimes lost their keys or sometimes they need to open an old family trunk present in their storage room. This does depend on the making of the lock. In this modern age, it has become very difficult to open locks without having the key.

Door locks are not made totally impassable hence they can open in case you have lost the key. We all have been in a situation where we left our keys in the house and now we are locked outside looking for a locksmith. No need now, there are a few ways to open a simple lock. If you look closely into the keyhole you would see a button and that button needs to be pushed to open the lock.

You can use a paper clip or an eyeglass repair to reach there to push the lock. But sometimes this does not go with all the locks. You might figure out a different approach. What about dismantling the lock. This can also be done if you are in a hurry and have a toolbox. You would require a small screwdriver to unmount the screws. Just back them out and this would dismantle the doorknob and when the lock would be dismantled as well, the door pops open.

A Gihp Grey iron padlock can also be open by the process of dismantling. If you keep on scratching the left side of the lock until you see the small screws mounted inside and then remove the one middle screw with the help of a screwdriver the lock will be dismantled all the screws will fall out, opening the lock.

Picking a standard Pin Tumbler lock.

By using a hairpin as it is shown in every spy movie ever made. The first thing we need to learn is how these locks work in a pin and a tumbler lock which is the most common type of lock used these days. A series of pins, cut at different lengths prevent the barrel of the lock from turning unless each pin is pressed up to the exact right height. The grooves cut into the keys are a unique match lifting each pin just enough for a split in their center to align with the edges of the lock barrel, allowing it into a turn to open the lock without the key.

You would need to make two simple tools. The actual pick that you would use to manipulate the and also a small lever that would allow you to apply rotational pressure to the barrel.
To begin with, the pick a hairpin is bent open until the ends are about 90 degrees apart. The bit of the rubber on the straight side of the pin needs to be removed which is pretty easy and can be done by your teeth when no tools are present. The end of the pick meets a slight bend which can be done by pushing it into the lock itself. By applying pressure like so the last improvement that can be made is to bend the other half of the hairpin into a bit of a handle. Which will make the pick a lot easier to control.

Now making the leaver that will turn the lock in extremely simple and just involve bend a pin, so it can be inserted into the keyhole causing pressure on the arm to translate into the rotational force on the lock.

Now we are ready to begin picking and our lever is inserted into the lower side of the keyhole, leaving enough room for the pick to be inserted above. The first step is to put tension on the lever with one hand so that the barrel of the lock is under the pressure to turn it. Of course, cannot turn because pins are in the way and caused the barrel to cease but it is precisely the friction between the pins and the barrel that you will be taking advantage of keeping tension on the barrel. The pick is inserted and the first thing to notice is that even though the lock is under pressure some of the pins still move up and down freely. This is because of inherent imperfections in all locks only one or two pins will ever bind against the barrel at the same time.

For now, the pins that easily raise and fall can be ignored and our focus should be on finding one that is currently seized. The seized pin can be identified by a time feeling each pin with the end of the pick. Pressing them up slightly and letting them fall again.

When we find a ceased pin it will behave differently, being much ■■■■■■ to push up than the rest assuming you are keeping constant pressure on the lever this whole time. Once the first ceased pin is found which just happens to be the third pin in this lock. It is very slowly and carefully forced upwards, eventually, the split in the ceased pins will align in the edge of the barrel and there should be an audible click sound. The click is the sound of the barrel suddenly being allowed to rotate forward very slightly before hitting and ceasing one of the other pins.

Since the barrel has been allowed to slightly rotate it prevents the pin we just worked on from falling and at the same time a new seized pin has been created which can be identified and treated the same as the first. As each ceased pin has been successfully identified by feeling it with the end of the pick, the tension on it is released by aligning its cap with the edge of the barrel. It causes one of the remaining pins to then become ceased. Until every pin has finally be aligned and the lock opens

Opening a car trunk without keys

Car keys are a very important part of your daily life and you can often find yourself in your situation where sometimes you open your car trunk to put something in it or take something out but in doing so you dropped your car keys into the trunk and after closing the trunk to reach down in your pocket and realize “Where are my keys!”. Now what to do in that situation. No worries we have got your back. There are a few ways you can try to open your car trunk even without a key.

Trunk release button

There is an emergency trunk release in the car. All the modern cars have this these days. Normally it is located inside the glove box located to the left of your steering wheel. Sometimes you might not find the trunk release button there in that case do not forget to look into other places where the trunk release button might be. Because in some cars the trunk release button is located to the right side of the steering wheel or under the driving seat there is a lever which also acts sometimes as a trunk release button. In some cars, the trunk release button is also located inside the middle of the console.

Some cars using the trunk release button require the engine to be started first. Now if you pop out the trunk release button using a screwdriver you would see the two wires going back from the trunk release button. Now what you’re going to do is take a long wire and strip it’s one end longer than the other. Then wrap the longer end around the positive terminal of the car battery. Cut the wire with the shorter end and do not touch the car anywhere with the shorter wire otherwise, you might short something and something stupid would happen. Now inject the shorter wire which would be 12 volts to the one side of the trunk release button to check if the trunk pops open. Try all three sides on the back of the trunk release button. There will be a one in which when a 12-volt wire injected will pop the trunk open.

Back of the car seats

Another really simple option if you have locked your car keys inside the trunk Is that if you just fold the back seats of your car, then make your way back into the trunk you can have access to your keys. Although both the above options described Above require access to the inside of your car.


Let’s say you have logged your keys inside the trunk and you don’t have access to the inside of your car. Let’s take it to a much higher note and say that you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Dismantling the lock can be an option for you.

All the modern cars these days have their trunk connected to the car’s circuit So if you can create a short circuit inside the car’s fuse box this might dismantle the lock leading the trunk to open. An online service on the internet named “Pop-a-Lock” is also available. From there you can hire a locksmith. Even if you are you are in a hurry Pop-a-Lock claims that their service is very efficient.

Frequently asked Questions

What I should do if u have locked my keys inside the trunk?

● Try using the trunk release button
● Reaching the truck by the folding down the back seats
● Call a locksmith

What can I do if I have accidentally locked my keys inside the car?

Try using come lock opening techniques using a bobby pin or a screwdriver. Try opening the lock of the door by stepping down the wire from the window

How much does a locksmith costs to come over and open the lock?

A locksmith will cost you around $50-$60.

Can a trunk be opened from the inside?

In some cases yes it can be. In this modern era of inventions, some cars have a “glow in the dark” handle from the inside of the trunk. That handles when pulled, pops the trunk open.


Forgetting your car keys inside the trunk is not a very responsible trait. But if you have locked your key somewhere there is a way to get the lock open. Locks are always designed after a key has been made. The mechanism of the locks is not quite difficult or different from the other locks. There is a certain angle from which you can pick a lock using some tools. Car trunk locks are not designed to be that difficult or that cannot be opened from inside. If you have an access to the inside of the car, locking your keys inside the car would not be very upsetting.