How to Monetize YouTube Videos?

How to monetize YouTube videos? You require 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, 4,000 Watch Time Hours generated on your videos over the last twelve months. All YouTube policies and standards are being observed, and an Ad Sense account is established.

How to monetize YouTube videos?

Acceptance in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is an important milestone on any journey by the Creator. As part of YPP, creators can monetize their work, receive support via e-mails and chats and have accessibility to the Copyright Match tool for content protection.

The monetization restrictions on YouTube, which include YouTube’s rules, Terms and Conditions of service, and Ad-sense programming policies, are a crucial eligibility requirement for YPP. These policies apply to the whole Creator channel, not just single videos.

7 Tips to Monetize your YouTube videos

It doesn’t mean that you will start making money immediately just because you have reached a point where YouTube Monetization is conceivable. You ensure that you keep up with the ideals that have brought you so far.

If you want to get the most from YouTube monetization, and you have to expand the profile in all sectors, make sure that you have a wide emphasis and always try to improve.

Follow these steps to monetize your youtube videos:

1. You would only buy sponsor products.

2. Make your blogging constant.

3. Reward your faithful followers.

4. Take steps to understand your audience.

5. Diversify your channels: Create additional venues, such as social media and blogs.

6. Never jeopardize quality.

7. Use SEO for profile enhancement.

How to fund your YouTube accounts?

It’s quite easy to set up a YouTube account with YPP (i.e., YouTube Partner Program). You will watch the monetization page every time you log in to YouTube Studio, and you can apply for this program here whenever your account reaches the required subscriber numbers and views.

Once you have registered to the scheme, Youtube will review your profile, and you should shortly know if you were allowed. From here, you can start monetizing your channel and continue to expand your income.

In YouTube Studio and AdSense, all your analyses for advertising are displayed, so login in periodically to see how you do. It will also provide the user with important insights about his performance and places where he might improve.

Requirements YouTube Video Monetization

  • The first step in monetizing your YouTube videos is to join the YouTube Partner Programme (YPP).

  • While someone can make a YouTube account, Your account must meet some basic criteria to become a YPP member, and these requirements must be considered when generating material.

First of all, before Youtube can consider the program, your channel has to fulfill these milestones:

1. 1 thousand Subscribers.

2. 4 thousand hours of the watch over the last twelve months

  • These needs are quite easy and can be worked on by providing amazing content and expanding your following.

  • The more active component of YPP membership and the region where YouTube spends time on your channel checks that YouTube complies with the guidelines and policies.

  • YouTube has become one of the world’s most popular websites, earning about US$5.5 billion in advertising revenues by 2020. Many of the problems include copyright, precision, and the speed of the content.

  • The brands that pay for YouTube ads do not want to be linked to low-quality content. Thus, this place is naturally committed to ensuring that the YouTube Partner Program members create distinctive, worthwhile films.

  • Whenever you submit content to YouTube, you will need to bear in mind, and it is recommended to study these entire documents if you wish to monetize your video.

  • Finally, set up a Google Ad-Sense account to keep track and pay for the advertising on YouTube.


The monetization restrictions on YouTube, which include YouTube’s rules, Terms and Conditions of service, and Ad-sense programming policies, are a crucial eligibility requirement for YPP. These policies apply to the whole Creator channel, not just single videos.

Other ways to monetize your YouTube videos

There are various ways to monetize your site; there are many ways to finance your YouTube videos.
Advertising revenue can be the obvious way to earn money, but this is not the only way to monetize your films, and different solutions fit unique artists.

For example, my YouTube channel receives over 7,000 million views per month, but I don’t pay for the YPP directly. I am interested in providing my material with a clean experience that brings people to my website, where I own all the medium.

Below are some other ways to monetize your youtube videos:

1. Ad revenue.

  • Announcement revenues can be the first thing people think of when they join the YouTube Partner Program and can be a major income stream.

  • If you can enter the YPP, you can switch to ads for all videos that fulfill the advertiser-friendly content instructions.

  • This allows ads to be placed on your job and divides your earnings paid for YouTube by advertisers.

  • Each ad on your channel receives a 45percentage cut from YouTube, and you get the other 55percent.

  • I subsequently paid This money to you through Google AdSense, where you can track all your analyses.

Steps for ad revenue:

1. Go to your studio on YouTube.

2. In the left sidebar, click “Content.”

3. Choose a video or more videos.

4. Click the left sidebar monetization button.

5. Choose the ad kind you want to run.

6. Save.

2. YouTube with a premium subscription

  • YouTube Premium is an additional revenue source for which you will be qualified if you participate in the YouTube Partner Program. It has the potential to help you boost your earnings.

  • YouTube Premium is now live, providing users with a more up-to-date experience across their YouTube accounts.

  • YouTube Premium’s main selling point is eliminating all advertisements, allowing fans to watch their favorite videos uninterrupted.

  • It runs the YouTube app in the background without any video interruptions. YouTube Premium is available for a monthly fee of $9.99.

  • As a creator and YPP member, each time a YouTube Premium member looks at your content, it may happen rather often, given the fact that there are more than 20 million Premium members.

  • Once you have been approved into the YouTube Premium program, you will not be required to update your account to use this service whenever a YouTube Premium member examines your video automatically.

3. Channel Membership

  • Channel subscriptions are quite similar to a membership program that you could use to monetize a website.

  • This allows your members to pay a membership fee, and you may utilize unique movies, live chats, emoticons, badges, and other elements to attract new members to your site.

  • Of course, you should focus on your free content to grow your channel, but it is beneficial to maximize your income on some of your most popular videos.

  • Channel subscriptions are a fantastic alternative for monetizing your videos, but as you would expect, there are additional requirements to meet to access this revenue stream.

  • It is necessary to have more than 30,000 subscribers. YouTube needs to be sure that you are providing value to prosecute individuals for confidential material.

  • One method to determine how many people subscribe to your channel is to look at the number of people who subscribe to your channel.

  • Once you have reached this milestone, you can activate this functionality and begin making use of it.

    How to get access to the channel membership database

1. To get started, sign up for YouTube Studio.

2. Choose “Monetization” from the drop-down menu on the left.

3. Send your rewards to the address on the application. 3.

4. Prepare the opener for your movie.

5. Decide on a payment method of your choice.

6. Place the “Join” button on your website.

4. Stickers, super-chatting, and other fun things

  • While watching a YouTube Livestream, you may have been curious how some individuals could have their comments highlighted during a live dialogue.

  • They have purchased a super chat or a super sticker to show their message, and they have also pinned their message at the top of the chat.

  • Engaging in super chat provides viewers with more access to their favorite brands while it provides content producers with a new income source to pursue.

  • The amount of money you may make from streaming video grows exponentially as the number of viewers increases.

  • Those that use super chat may spend as much as $500, and you’re approximately 70% of the way there. The remaining 30% is spent on YouTube.

  • There are some of my favorite techniques for engaging your audience to improve your profits for those who are new to life.

  • There are certain geographical restrictions for super chat and super stickers, so make sure you are in the right areas before you can take advantage of this fantastic income source.

How to turn on super chat and stickers?

1. “Monetization” may be found in the wing sidebar.

2. “Get Started” will appear when you choose “Live Chat” from the top menu.

3. Continue in the same manner until you see the message “Super Chat status on.”

5. Makes Sponsored Content

  • In addition to earning money on thYouTubebe platform, there are other ways to make money.

  • To earn excellent money, you may also generate money from your YouTube videos and sponsored material.

  • This is a generalization that can be used by brands and companies who provide films with their goods, which has a huge market.

  • A large audience for their brands is worth a lot of money to companies, which means that if your films receive many views, that option may become the main source of income for you.

  • A useful tool for finding companies to sponsor your YouTube video is YouTube BrandConnect, which utilizes an algorithm to connect prospective sponsors with your content.

  • The amount you get depends on the quality of the material and the number of visitors, just as with any other monetization technique. Still, it is an excellent approach to start experimenting with different options.

6. Crowdfund for Your Projects

  • You have likely heard of crowdsourcing for start-ups; however, the same concept may be used to finance the production of video content for YouTube channels.

  • Third-party apps, such as Gofundme, may help you discover individuals interested in supporting the same job you are doing monetarily in exchange for unique perks.

  • For example, you might offer immediate access to your new material in exchange for a $1-per-month membership.

  • Users choose how much their work is worth, and you have complete control over the rewards.

  • Also recently added on YouTube is a crowdfunding feature, enabling you to include a partner button on your videos.

  • You may give your audience incentives in exchange for financing on a month-to-month basis, similar to Patreon’s.

  • This option has already been implemented for gaming channels, but it will be expanded to include additional channels over time as the technology improves.

7. Selling Merchandise

  • Customers may be interested in purchasing products if you have established a strong brand via your content.

  • Upon reaching 10,000 subscribers, you may activate the YouTube commodities markets function, which will allow you to generate an additional income stream.

  • The fact that certain YouTuber accounts may earn significant revenue may not be appropriate for every channel.

  • Given that YouTube receives 1,000,000 views each month, a decent product shelf might cost somewhere between $4,100 and $21,460 per month, making it a worthwhile investment to investigate further.

How to turn on merchandise?

1. Navigate to YouTube Studio.

2. Select “Monetization” from the left-hand menu.

3. You may find the “Merchandise” tab by clicking on it (only if you are entitled).

4. Follow the on-screen steps to get your Teespring identification number.

8. John Brand’s Partner Program.

  • To monetize blogs and videos, affiliate programs have been around for quite some time now.

  • By becoming a member of the affiliate program, you will be able to select from a range of goods to sell, and you will get a percentage of the sales value for each thing you purchase via your unique link.

  • If you can discover relevant items to your content, affiliate marketing may be a lucrative income source. Affiliate programs vary widely, and there is a large selection to pick from.

  • There is a lot of talk about affiliate marketing online, but if you are looking for a few indications, here are some of my thoughts on making money via affiliate marketing.

  • When describing your material, you may increase the number of backlinks to your site.

  • You may, however, include them within the video material itself.

  • It’s important to remember that good content always adds value to the viewer’s experience, so any association connections you provide must be relevant and helpful to them.

  • The items you suggest reflect on you, therefore make sure that the affiliate links you use are of high quality to match the quality of your content recommendations.


There are various ways to monetize your site; there are many ways to finance your YouTube videos. Advertising revenue can be the obvious way to earn money, but this is not the only way to monetize your films, and different solutions fit unique artists.

Quick checklist for monetizing your YouTube channel

Your business can generate extra income by monetizing your YouTube channel or channel.
As an example, consider the following situation:

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program by creating a YouTube Partner Program account.

2. Find the monetization tab in the YouTube Studio.

3. A menu choice will show when you are eligible.

4. Comply with the standards of the YouTube platform. 3.

5. You must have obtained at least one thousand subscriptions or four thousand hours of viewing time in the previous 12 months.

6. You only buy sponsor goods, you are consistent, and you are aware of your target market.

Avoid copyright and monetization mistakes on YouTube

Avoid mistakes with copyright and YouTube monetization by following these guidelines:

  • YouTube rules and guidelines include a significant discussion of copyrighted material.

  • In essence, if you utilize other people’s labor, you are permitted to use copyrighted material without their permission.

  • YouTube, on the other hand, does not permit it.

  • Most likely, you will be demonized due to your actions, and youtube will bar you from participating in the YouTube Partner Program.

  • For the vast majority of you, this is the essential money-making policy.

Using someone else’s material, such as a response video, requires the following steps:

1. Make any third-party material more valuable by adding value to it

2. Make a unique remark, provide educational value, or make an editorial statement.

Important Notes:

  • YouTube should note that this may not be enough. Using the material of others in your videos consistently may cause YouTube deciding that your work is not monetizable.

  • In addition, YouTube certifies that if you do not modify the original work by adding a unique value for most or all of your channel to the repeated material, your channel will not be eligible to take part in the YouTube Partner Program.

  • To guarantee that YouTube continues to promote new and creative content, this guideline was developed.

  • It would also want to compensate the programmers who put a lot of effort into developing original content.

  • Let’s take a look at how some people interpret YouTube’s policy spirit as a justification to demonetize channels that they do not wish to participate in the monetization scheme.

  • In only a few days, hours, or minutes, you’ve created a fantastic piece of video that has gone viral on YouTube.

  • A dozen random video artists then take this material, post it, get millions of views, and profit from it in several different ways.

  • The real video material created by the creators is what youTube wants to safeguard.

  • For the most part, YouTube’s policy on recopying and copyrighting material is vague and inconsistent, and it is not usually clearly stated on the dashboard.

  • Several YouTube channels are found to be in flagrant violation of these guidelines. We have no way of knowing what has happened to any of them at this point. There is a chance that youtube will apprehend you if you utilize the material.

What to do when you are rejected from YouTube Partner Program?

  • The scenario in which you filed an application to the YouTube partner program but were denied participation.

  • You were at a loss for what to do. Was there anything more you could have done to make a difference?

  • YouTube will give you a general reason for their decision if they reject your application for the YouTube Partner Program.

  • Because you won’t be able to tell which movie or material is causing the problem, you’ll have to guess and change the channel on your own, which is a frustrating experience.

  • However, you have the option of applying for the program again within 30 days after your first application.

How much can you do after your channel has been monetized?

  • The click-through rate your ad gets, the length of your video where your viewers are located in the world, and of course, the amount of views you get on YouTube varies hugely depending on your niche.

  • One good thing to know is that for an ad view, the average YouTube pay rate is between $0.001-0.004.

  • A formed YouTuber can generate about $18 per thousand views for ads, usually between $3 and $4 per thousand views.

  • But a realistic expectation is that you will earn one to two dollars per 1,000 views.

  • You need to generate over a billion dollars views per month to replace your full-time revenue to give you some context.

  • That’s why so many designers don’t rely solely on Google AdSense monetization.

  • It should also be mentioned that pure video views without ads can generate revenue if YouTube Premium users provide views.

  • In this case, YouTube shares with the creators part of its subscription revenue. Just like with ad-generated revenue, YouTube reduces Premium earnings for a creator by 45%.

An additional way of earning money from Youtube

There are various ways to make money on your YouTube channel; some are linked directly to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), and others are not connected.

Let’s explore some of them.

1. Paid Content

  • Pay Content enables you to purchase access to a particular video. You can set the cost of the video, but with YouTube, you will have a split.

  • This may be ideal for corporate Channels on youtube that would like to sell a paid service. It could work for other personal channels, but it could not please your audience.

  • In this way, you must accept a ‘commerce addendum’ that goes beyond the terms and conditions.

2. Super Stickers & Chat

  • Super Chat and Super Stickers are money-making products introduced by YouTube to live stream. These features allow a chat participant to pay money to highlight their chat message.

  • This is more important when it comes to regular chat and gives you a greater reason to interact with it. Because if someone pays you money, you should certainly interact with them to send you a message.

  • These characteristics are great because they allow users to earn extra revenue and engage your audience simultaneously.

3. Crowdfunding

  • If you’re a longer-term objective or a dream to discover, your YouTube audience may want to take you along and offer to sponsor you.

  • You could dream of publishing a cookbook, making a short film, recording a music demonstration, or spending one year traveling around the world – one loyal fan base could help you.

  • There are many crowdfunding platforms, which show that power is real. Just remember to give your “backers” worthful rewards and lots of unbelievable content to sponsor a rough or wild idea.

Good things to keep in mind before your channel is monetized

  • If your YPP channel has been rejected, you have never ‘failed.’ You can apply again in 30 days, which is sufficient time to resolve any troubles on your channel.

  • YouTube will take around a month to evaluate your request.

  • You will earn 55% of any advertising profits when it does come to AdSense revenue, while YouTube takes another 45%.

  • Super Chats and Channel Membership’s revenue share is 70-30 split. You will receive 70%, while YouTube retains 30%.

  • You must consider making $100 before you send funds on your bank account to YouTube, and this money tends to take up to 60 days to arrive.

Finally, if you want to monetize music and soundtracked videos, that voyage begins with the music subscription. Why? If you use music, you are not permitted to use it; you can’t monetize. Register here for a free trial if you haven’t.

1. Set a higher monetization bar

  • In recent times, YouTube has made steps to enhance monetization standards so that spammers, fake accounts, and other malicious players cannot harm the ecosystem or profit from excellent creators producing high-quality videos.

  • To qualify for YPP membership, channels must comply with eligibility limits for time and subscribers. The review staff of YouTube guarantees that the channel has still not been affected by YouTube’s monetization, content, and copyright restrictions.

  • You will accept it in the program that only channels that fulfill eligibility limits and follow all of our standards will be eligible for advertisements and other monetization products.

  • You should be allowed to gain in any way if you make a video with over 700 million views on YouTube.

  • Now, you can not succeed with your material as Baby Shark poem (7 billion, which is a lot), but many options to pay for your YouTube videos are still available.

  • You have committed time and work to create amazing content, and then there’ll be the time you reap the rewards.


YouTube certifies that if you do not modify the original work by adding a unique value for most or all of your channel to the repeated material, your channel will not be eligible to take part in the YouTube Partner Program.

Frequently Asked Questions


Below are the steps to monetize your youtube videos.

• One thousand subscribers.

• 4,000 hours of a valid public watch in the last 12 months

• Access to your country

• Follow all monetization policies on YouTube

• Have an AdSense linked account

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How to earn money on YouTube?

By applying for and being accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, you can make money on YouTube. Without being a member of the YouTube Partner Program, you may be eligible for Shorts bonuses through the YouTube Shorts Fund.


We don’t have the authority to tell you what you can and can’t make on YouTube, but we do have a responsibility to our users, creators, and advertisers. You can make money on YouTube if you’re a member of the YouTube Partner Program. We hold you to a higher level when you join the YouTube Partner Program.

Ways to make money in the YouTube Partner Program

In addition to subscriber and view count criteria, each feature has its own set of eligibility requirements. Specific features may not be available if our reviewers decide your channel or video is ineligible. There are two key reasons for these additional thresholds. The most crucial is that in every place where the function is offered, we must comply with legal requirements.

YouTube Shorts Fund

The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100 million fund dedicated to rewarding producers who dedicate themselves to creating original, creative Shorts that thrill the YouTube community. Thousands of creators will be notified each month that they are eligible for a Shorts bonus from the fund.

Your YouTube earnings and tax liability

Earning money on YouTube or winning Shorts bonuses are both excellent ways to be rewarded for producing high-quality, interesting material. Keep in mind that any income earned from your monetized YouTube videos may be subject to taxation in your own country. For more information, contact your local tax authorities.

Monetization Policies

Acceptance into the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is a significant step forward in any Creator’s career. Creators can start selling their material with YPP, receive email and chat support, and use the Copyright Match Tool to secure their work. Following YouTube monetization standards, which include YouTube’s Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, and Google AdSense programme policies, is a fundamental condition for YPP eligibility. These guidelines apply to an entire Creator’s channel, not just individual videos.

Setting a higher bar for monetization

Over the last few years, YouTube has made steps to enhance the monetization criteria so that spammers, impersonators, and other bad actors can’t harm the ecosystem or exploit good Creators who create high-quality material. Channels must achieve eligibility standards relating to watch time and subscribers in order to apply for membership in YPP.

Is your channel ready to earn money?

What does it mean to be a member of the YPP? As a YouTube Partner, you can earn money from a variety of sources as long as you match the requirements and they’re available in your location. You can also get help from a creator and use the copyright match tool. Learn more about the programme, including how it works and how to apply.

Estimated time to finish: 15 minutes

Level: “This is my first time monetizing on YouTube.”

How do you qualify?

1,000 people have joined the mailing list

4,000 hours of valid public watch in the last 12 months

Your country’s availability

Adhere to all of YouTube’s monetization policies.

Have a Google AdSense account linked to it

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel?

This article will show you how to monetize your YouTube clip and start earning money. The following are the four golden rules for making money on YouTube:

Your YouTube channel must have 1,000 subscribers in order to be considered.

Over the previous 12 months, your films have created 4,000 Watch Time hours.

You follow all of YouTube’s rules and regulations.

You’ve set up an AdSense account.

Learn the YouTube Partner Program Requirements

Before your channel is accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, or YPP for short, you must meet all four standards (given above). Let’s begin with the 1,000-subscribers section. This one is simple in that it makes no difference how long it takes you to reach 1,000 subscribers. You’ll be able to cross it off your list once you’ve reached that goal. You’ll also need 4,000 hours of Watch Time in the last 12 months on your videos.

Track Your Progress Toward Meeting the YPP Requirements

Are you on the verge of using the YouTube Partner Program to monetize your channel? Here’s how to find out:

Go to the YouTube Studio after logging in to YouTube (click your profile image and select YouTube Studio).

In the left navigation menu, select Monetization.

Your progress toward 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of Watch Time will be tracked on the monetization page. You’ll notice a blue button inviting you to “apply now” after you reach both objectives.

Follow YouTube’s Rules for Monetization

YouTube monitors whether the program’s channels are adhering to YouTube’s policies and guidelines on a regular basis. Both are comprehensive and create a balance between creators’, viewers’, and advertisers’ interests. If you intend to monetize your material in the future, I strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with these policies and procedures.

Avoid Copyright and Monetization Mistakes on YouTube

The vast subject of copyrighted material is addressed in YouTube’s policies and guidelines. Essentially, if you utilize other people’s work without their permission, you may be using copyrighted content. You are not permitted to do so by YouTube. It will very probably result in your demonetization or disqualification from the YouTube Partner Program.

Link a Google AdSense Account With Your YouTube Channel

YouTube requires a means to pay you if you want to make money from your videos. This will be accomplished through the use of an AdSense account. You can use the same one if you already have one. If you don’t already have one, create one during the YouTube Partner Program application process. Note that you can link numerous AdSense accounts to one AdSense account.

Apply to the YouTube Partner Program

When you apply to the YouTube Partner Program, the platform may take up to a month to respond. This is due to the fact that your channel will be reviewed by real people. Some channels have been granted in a matter of days, so expect things to move swiftly. However, if it takes longer than a month, your channel will most likely be reviewed again. Unfortunately, when this happens, the wait times can be quite extensive - three, six, or even twelve months.

What to Do When If You’re Rejected From the YouTube Partner Program?

Let’s pretend you applied for the YouTube Partner Program but were turned down. What options do you have? YouTube will provide you a broad reason for your rejection from the YouTube Partner Program. Unfortunately, they won’t tell you which video or content is causing the problem, so you’ll have to alter your channel on your own. The good news is that you have 30 days to reapply for the programme.

Do you get paid for uploading videos on YouTube?

YouTube does not compensate content creators for the videos they upload. Videos aren’t monetized by default, either. You must enable monetization in your YouTube account settings in order to start making money on YouTube. You can join the YouTube Partner Program or have your content displayed on YouTube Premium from there.

How do you make money from YouTube?

Aside from the millions of money and subscribers garnered, there are a few takeaways from the Forbes list. First, even if a YouTube channel does not have millions of subscribers, it can be monetized. Your earning potential isn’t just decided by the number of subscribers and views you have, but also by the level of engagement you generate, the niche you cater to, and the revenue channels you pursue.

Understanding your audience on YouTube

You’ll be in a wonderful position to monetize content in a variety of ways once you’ve built your own audience. However, you’ll only be able to make the most of your opportunities if you know who your target audience is. The more narrow your channel is, the better position you’ll be in to work with marketers trying to target certain demographics, according to several YouTubers looking to monetize (more on that later).

How to make money on YouTube?

Your YouTube channel’s earning potential may be unlocked by your audience, as it is for Instagram influencers or bloggers, but it is the construction of numerous revenue streams, such as side hustles or enterprises, that allows you to make money.

Join the YouTube Partner Program

Ads will most likely be your first source of money. Joining the YouTube Partner Program and setting up monetization is critical whether you want to make money on YouTube without making videos or as a content creator. You must agree to abide by all of YouTube’s monetization regulations and reside in a nation or area that offers the YouTube Partner Program.

Why you should look beyond ads for revenue?

Due to its determination to be more upfront about advertising on the network and what qualifies as “advertiser friendly” material, YouTube has recently gotten a lot of controversy.
Many artists were concerned that, because of the nature of their content, they would miss out on ad money, which helps to fund their channel.

Sell products or merchandise

You may generate money with your YouTube channel by selling a variety of things. T-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, snapbacks, you name it—selling products provides a value beyond cash. You can also look into drop shipping possibilities if you don’t have the inclination or resources to make and distribute the products yourself.

Crowdfund your next creative project

Crowdfunding is a good approach to get an idea off the ground when money is the only thing standing in the way.

If your idea is attractive enough, you can enlist the aid of your own audience and the crowdfunding community to help you acquire better equipment, hire actors, or cover other production costs.

Many successful crowdfunded creative projects provide a sneak peek or “trailer” to pique people’s interest, so consider making a video introducing your project or giving a taste of what it’ll be like, like this popular Kickstarter for Kung Fury, a short film based on 1980s action movies.

Let your audience support your work through “fan funding”

You can set up “fan funding” streams to solicit donations from your audience, similar to how you can crowdfund a project. You’re adding your voice to the internet as a creative without requiring your audience to pay for entrance.

License your content to the media

You can licence your content in exchange for money if you create a viral video with mass appeal, such as a funny clip featuring your dog. If your videos go viral, TV news outlets, morning shows, internet news sites, and other creators may contact you about using them.

Work with brands as an influencer

Brands are increasingly engaging in influencer marketing, allocating substantial advertising budgets to influencers who have previously earned the trust of their audiences.

Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is the practice of earning a commission by advertising another company’s product or service. You can work as a brand’s affiliate marketer and include product placements, endorsements, and other sorts of content in your work. However, you must tell your audience about the relationships in your films. This is especially useful if you use your YouTube channel to review products.


Do you need 1000 subscribers on YouTube to get paid?

Creators must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous year to begin earning money directly from YouTube. They can apply for YouTube’s Partner Program after they achieve that threshold, which allows creators to start monetizing their channels through adverts, subscriptions, and channel memberships.

Can you monetize any YouTube video?

You can monetize content you created as long as you retain ownership of the video. You can commercialize such content, but the rights holder must offer you clear written consent allowing you commercial use rights at any time.

How many views do I need to monetize YouTube?

To make money, how many subscribers do you need? To be able to monetize your channel, you must have 1,000 or more subscribers, according to the YouTube Partner Program eligibility standards. You must also have 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months and a Google AdSense account that is current.

Can I watch my own YouTube video to get 4000 watch hours?

The good news is that you only need to obtain 4,000 hours once. You can apply for monetization after you meet the criteria. And once you’ve been approved, you’ve been approved. Example: If you got monetized one year ago but only have 1,000 hours of watch time during the last 365 days doesn’t matter.


You might be able to get money from Super Chats in your live streams as well. To be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program, channels must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours during the preceding 12 months. Do YouTubers Get Paid for Likes on Their Videos? – Likes are not compensated to YouTubers.