How To Become a You tuber

Is it that you happen to have a Smartphone, with a rear and front camera? Wow, you’re surprisingly well equipped to be a video content creator if you replied ‘yes’ to the aforementioned question. ‘How to become a You tuber ?’ is a curiosity that has been exponentially on the rise, particularly during the last five years.


:small_red_triangle: How to become a You tuber?

Surely enough, you’d have come across YouTube videos where the vloggers simply is sharing with his/her viewers about ‘what the name of the park nearest to his/her house is and how much they enjoy eating roasted chicken served by one of the snack bars in that particular park’, and when you look at the view count of that particular vlog, you see a six-digit figure there (and many times, even more).

So, did you ever think that probably 850k people would be interested to know about what’s the name of the park nearest to your house?

Well, to be on the realistic side; it takes quite some extra miles to secure six-digit views on a vlog, where a vloggers is just mentioning ‘why is she having a desire to paint her room all orange’. Let’s think of those successful You tubers as ‘brands’.

When any new brand is launched, anywhere in the world, in whatever industry; whether that be a dairy product or engine oil, the general public mostly remains skeptical of the genuineness of that brand until the brand establishes itself to the point where its name suffices for the success of any product that gets launched under its name.

The key factors in achieving such success are:

  1. the time, which is spent in building rapport with the public; and
  2. the satisfaction, which is constantly delivered to the public

The same factors apply to the success of a YouTube channel. All of the booming You tubers took their time in developing a connection with their audience and worked towards constantly delivering satisfaction by providing good informational or entertainment value to the viewers in exchange for their time.

Summary: :writing_hand: How to become a You tuber? Is for achieving six-figure views on a vlog that contains customary subject matter doesn’t come overnight. Such vloggers invested their time in establishing themselves as ‘brands’ i.e. they started with attention-catching videos, kept their audience intrigued for their upcoming content, and frequently fulfilled their viewers’ expectations until there came a point where their subscribers became willing to watch and like even the most routine content.

:small_red_triangle_down: How does technology enable video content creators to go above and beyond

From gimbals to drones, video content creators have lately been utilizing technology to their best advantage. Moreover, professional video editing software had never been more in demand than today.

Yet, certainly, it’s not just the equipment and software; but most important is the skill and dedication to deploying such machinery to one’s ideas. Video editing is one of the background factors which consumes an enormous amount of time from a full-time vloggers daily routine.

Learning to operate a video editing software is an essential aspect for any You tubers who intends to spice up his/her vlog’s; whether that be by the inclusion of dramatic music to the most sensational parts of a video, cropping off the scenes which seem unfit for the vlog’s flow, or even adding some funny emoticons to it.

Summary: :writing_hand: You tubers today are making the most of technology with types of equipment such as gimbals and drones, and with high-end video editing software

:diamonds: What variety of content do You tubers bring?

Just to mention about a drop in the ocean, the range of content which you may view on YouTube includes world travel, cooking advice, teaching a language, renovating an apartment with a minimal budget, review of a newly launched vehicle, and an inconceivable variety of numerous other subjects.

How to tie a necktie? How to make paper boats? How to play tic-tac-toe?
From simplicity to complexity, every aspect of life can be found on YouTube today.

Thus, your primary step should be the selection of your niche i.e. which topics shall you be recording your videos about. By doing so, you shall be able to stay focused and target the right audience. Also, researching and developing content on a particular topic shall make you specialized over time.

For instance, if a You Tuber has decided to create content about workout routines; he/she would have to conduct some authentic background research regarding correct gym practices before coming up with a video that would seem authentic to the viewers. Doing so, eventually, shall make that You Tuber truly skilled and knowledgeable about workout routines.

As creativity knows no boundaries; so the question of, how shall you be presenting your ideas, has an unlimited variety of responses. Brainstorm the themes and styles that suit you best.

Summary: :writing_hand: An inconceivable variety of content can be found on YouTube which includes topics ranging from cooking advice to world travel.
Deciding on your niche is a key step in staying focused and targeting the right audience. Conducting authentic research and creating content about a particular subject makes a You Tuber specialized in his/her selected niche.

:large_orange_diamond: Building blocks of being a dedicated video content creator

:small_orange_diamond::Initiative: As in every area of life; the significance of an ‘initiative’, when it comes to the creation of video content, cannot be overemphasized. As and when an idea about a vlog emerges in the mind, immediate action must be taken to bring that idea to life (before it disappears into the air). That initiative could be as simple as writing a couple of phrases on how you’d present that idea to your viewers; it may be your script or just a brief guideline regarding the flow of your video.

:small_orange_diamond::Determination: By the time you launch your YouTube channel, you must be having substantial determination on keeping the channel active with regular uploads of new content. Uploading a video once in a blue moon would never bring any desirable results. Make your audience expect your vlogs frequently, and be at your best to fulfill that expectation.

:small_orange_diamond::Being mindful of the audience’s feedback: Although it is very much true that we can’t get everyone to like us; but when it comes to being a You Tuber, one’s success significantly depends upon the number of ‘likes’ their uploads are getting. Therefore, being considerate towards your viewers’ comments and trying to probe about what they’d like to watch on your upcoming vlogs is extremely important. Provide them with opportunities to like and share your content, and they’d do that gladly.

:large_blue_diamond: Your video titles and descriptions

Surely, you want your content to be found when it is being searched for. Therefore, adequate attention is required while deciding on the titles of your YouTube videos. If you have uploaded a video about, let’s say, digital marketing; make sure that your title includes the keywords which people, who are looking for content about digital marketing, would type in search engines. After all, those people are your target audience and your content is meant primarily for them.

Also, the description of your video should be well thought about. Mention as correct and complete information about your video as possible. The description of your video should be considered a ‘blog’ for your vlog. Include the keywords related to your content which people shall be searching for.

Summary: As and when an idea about a vlog emerges in the mind, immediate action must be taken to bring that idea to life. It is vital to keep your audience connected with you by regularly uploading new content.
Look into the feedback received from your viewers and try to explore what they’d like to watch on your upcoming vlogs.
Mention the keywords related to the subject matter of your videos in the titles and descriptions of your videos, so that your content can be found when people are looking for it through a search engine.

:question: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

:white_check_mark: 1. Is it worth the time and effort of how to become a You Tuber?

It surely is. As in the case of any business or self-employment in the world, being a You Tuber also requires a certain period of persistence before one’s channel gets monetized and begins to generate revenue; and once it does, it may generate more income for you than most of the traditional occupations.

:white_check_mark: 2. How long should my initial vlogs be?

Although it purely depends upon the content you create i.e. your niche, your ideas, and your presentation; however, a general recommendation would be to upload 8 – 10 minutes videos.

:white_check_mark: 3. What’s the best way to keep my subscribers engaged with my channel and to secure more subscribers?

Be very consistent in bringing new content to your channel. For example, if you can upload a vlog every Tuesday at 07:00 PM, then stick to this routine. If you’re able to do it every Wednesday and Friday at 04:30 PM, follow that schedule. The point here is to keep your subscribers connected with you, and not to have prolonged ■■■■ air on your channel.

:white_check_mark: 4. What is the YouTube partner program (YPP) and how do I become eligible for it?

To monetize your uploaded video content on YouTube, you need to join the YouTube partner program. YPP allows You tubers to earn money from the ads which appear while their videos are being watched.
To become eligible for YPP, your uploaded videos should have at least 4,000 public watch hours within the past 12 months and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to your channel.

:writing_hand: Conclusion

Wrapping up our article on hot topic in games now is How to become a you tuber During the past decade, the world has witnessed a distinctive profession emerging and widening; and a good one it indeed is. You tubers, as they are called, have brought to the access of any common person, information, and knowledge ranging from cuisine recipes to C++ programming.

So, whether you can explain about black holes, or would just like to share a tour of your newly renovated apartment; YouTube provides you welcoming opportunities for doing so.

Becoming a You Tuber, most importantly, requires dedication and consistency. Once you’ve decided on the topics you wish to present, and have outlined how you’re going to shoot your content; formulate a definite plan as to when and with what frequency should you be uploading your videos. Be consistent with your schedule of uploads.

Getting well versed with video editing software and various vlogging equipment is of utmost importance. Technology is by your side, add drama and vibrancy to your videos with the use of it.

Once your subscribers get tuned with you to realize their information or entertainment needs, you’d need to constantly keep yourself updated with the advancements in your selected niche. Your videos should never convey the impression that you lack the latest information, or are running out of ideas to create new content about your niche.

Whenever an idea inspires you, initiate an action in response to it. Any thought could be a lead for an amazing video. After all, that’s how artworks.

Optimum utilization of your videos’ titles and descriptions is greatly important. People interested in your selected niche shall be searching for content through search engines; therefore, mention as complete and as correct information about your videos as possible, so that your content can be found when it is being searched for.

Actively look into the feedback received from your viewers, analyze it, and put your best efforts to incorporate their requests and expectations in your upcoming videos.

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