How to make cold foam?

How to make cold foam? To a French coffee press, add heavy cream, milk, vanilla essence, and powdered sugar. Press and release the French press for 20 to 30 seconds, or until a thick, creamy consistency is reached. Pour cold brew into four (12-ounce) glasses filled with ice; top each with two ounces of cold sweet vanilla foam.

Cold foam

:small_blue_diamond:The ingredients for cold foam are exactly the same as sweet cream, minus the cream!

:small_blue_diamond: Milk: As I said, skim milk will froth better than whole milk. But whole milk will lend more creaminess. It’s up to you to decide which is right for you! Maple Syrup: Again, I prefer to use maple syrup to sweeten my cold foam. However, feel free to make the above sweetener substitutes. Vanilla Extract: Please use pure vanilla extract, not imitation vanilla flavoring!

:small_blue_diamond:The process for making cold foam is basically the same as for the sweet cream. Place all of the ingredients in a small glass or measuring cup. Using a handheld milk frother, whip this mixture until it increases in volume and gets nice and frothy. Immediately pour that over your iced coffee.

:small_blue_diamond:If you’ve hit up Starbucks at any point in the last few years, your curiosity might have been piqued by a novel addition to the menu. We’re talking about cold foam—the mysterious and relatively new beverage garnish that’s been making an appearance on iced lattes and coffees and, well, pretty much anything cold these days.

:small_blue_diamond:Now that we’ve caught you off-guard and groggy (and wondering whether your bare iced drink is inadequate) let’s get to the question at hand: What is cold foam anyway? Spoiler: it’s just nonfat milk that was frothed without heat.

What is cold foam?

:small_blue_diamond:It’s a major beverage trend right now (yes, that’s a thing), but if you’re late to the party, the ubiquity of cold foam on cafe menus might have you feeling dazed and confused—and not just because you’re under-caffeinated. Well, friends, let’s start from the beginning:

:small_blue_diamond:The birth of this popular new coffee topping can be explained by the fact that the microfoam found in hot beverages (i.e., the frothed milk used to make pretty pictures and impart a silky, creamy texture to lattes) just doesn’t work well with cold coffee. Obviously, this made the iced drinks feel pretty jealous…until cold foam came along.

:small_blue_diamond:So what is cold foam, exactly? Quite simply, cold foam is milk that has been frothed into a firm but oh-so fluffy foam (think: stiff peaks) without the use of steam or any other form of heat. What is this witchcraft,” you ask? Well, the science behind the cold foam and microfoam are similar in that both involve agitating the proteins that are naturally present in milk, such that they separate and form bubbles.

:small_blue_diamond:The key difference is that with cold foam, this is done by way of vigorous shaking and results in larger bubbles, whereas microfoam is created by aerating milk with steam until very tiny bubbles form. Needless to say, another distinction is that one is cold and the other hot.

What is the point of cold foam?

:small_blue_diamond:If you’re a fan of frothed milk, a simple experiment will quickly reveal the point of cold foam. Yep, just try adding that beautifully thick and creamy steamed milk to your cold brew and see what happens. (Hint: It’s not latte art.) Indeed, the microfoam of steamed milk will sink right into a cold beverage much like regular milk would, so the layering effect you enjoy in a latte or cappuccino will be completely lost.

:small_blue_diamond:Cold foam is the workaround that allows for a dollop of foam to sit pretty atop an iced drink. This creamy garnish won’t mix into the coffee but can be enjoyed on its own—and fans of the stuff will tell you it scores points for aesthetic and textural appeal alike.

What is the best milk for cold foam?

:small_blue_diamond:Since there’s no steam or heat involved in creating cold foam, you’ve probably already surmised that you can make this frothy topping for your iced coffee at home. There’s one big caveat, though: Whole milk won’t do.

:small_blue_diamond:Indeed, you can shake it like a polaroid picture, and still, that container of full-fat milk won’t cooperate. This is because whole milk has a higher ratio of fat to protein, and, as previously mentioned, the big bubbles in the cold foam are composed solely of milk proteins.

:small_blue_diamond:In whole milk, the fat molecules will weigh down the protein molecules, preventing them from expanding into the meringue-like froth you desire. As such, non-fat milk has a far more impressive capacity for heat-free frothing and is thus the milk of choice when it comes to making cold foam.

What does cold foam taste like?

:small_blue_diamond:If you swoon for the decadent creaminess of a perfectly frothed whole-milk latte, cold foam might be a bit of a letdown. For starters, the stuff doesn’t mix into cold beverages well—hence, the layered effect—so it won’t make for a milkier tasting beverage.

:small_blue_diamond:In fact, you probably won’t enjoy the stuff all that much unless you’re totally cool with nonfat milk, as it is similarly watery and flavorless (despite its luxurious appearance).

:small_blue_diamond:If you consider nonfat milk to be an abomination (raises hand), then you’re better off adding a splash of half and a half to your cold brew and calling it a day. Anyone can enjoy a whole milk iced latte with a cold foam dollop because the latter simply makes the drink look fancy.

:small_blue_diamond:As for those of you who prefer their coffee with a non-dairy alternative like soy or almond milk, we’re sorry to say there’s no cold foam for you.

Strawberry cold foam

  • Strawberry cold foam is a drink topping that’s made from frothing (without heat) cold cream, milk, and strawberry syrup together. Cold foam is smooth and velvety and can be used in iced drinks instead of milk to make it creamy.

  • Starbucks makes cold foam in a special blender, and to make it at home, you just need a French press.

  • Store-bought or homemade strawberry syrup or puree can be used to sweeten and flavor the cold foam.

  • This recipe makes 1 serving of cold strawberry foam using 3 ingredients in 2 minutes.

Method to make cold foam for coffee

We need the following things and methods to make cold foam :


  • Hand frother

  • A cup


  • ½ cup of milk


  1. Pour a half cup of cold milk into the milk frother.

  2. Most people claim to use fat-free or 1 percent milk because it foams better, but if you like sweet cream cold foam, you can just mix 2 percent milk with heavy cream to make it thinner.

  3. Froth milk until it becomes frothy.

  4. You’ll want to start on slow so you won’t splash the milk, then slowly increase the speed until the milk of fully foamed.

  5. Pour it on top of your coffee.

  6. You can choose to stir it into your coffee or drink it until it works its way down. If you like it sweeter, you can add other flavors to see what you want the best.


Cold foam is frothed nonfat milk that sits on top of your iced coffee. It not only enhances the flavor but adds a bit of texture. Unlike whipped topping used for hot drinks, cold foam is cold, so it doesn’t melt. Although the process is similar to cold foam, you skip heating the liquid before frothing.

How Do You Make Coffee Cold Foam?

:small_blue_diamond:On a hot summer day, it’s nice to cool yourself with an iced beverage or an iced coffee, but paying outrageous fees or being compelled to leave your air-conditioned home to find a Starbucks isn’t ideal. So what’s the answer? Learn how to produce your own cold foam at home!

Here’s How Do You Make Coffee Cold Foam:

  • Choose your equipment.

  • Make cold foam without equipment.

  • Choose the right milk.

  • Use cold foam in your coffee drinks.

:small_blue_diamond:Cold foam can be a great topping for cold brew, iced coffee, or even blended coffee. Read on if you want to learn the best ways to make cold foam. Let’s take a look.

1. Choose Your Equipment

:small_blue_diamond:If you’ve got the correct equipment, you can make some barista-standard cold foam. Here’s what you’ll need:

A milk frother:

:small_blue_diamond:These can vary in size and price, but if you’re on a budget, consider a handheld frother. They’re much cheaper but still do an excellent job. If you’ve got a bigger budget, then an automatic electric milk frother is going to be your best friend.

A small glass or jug:

:small_blue_diamond:If you’re using a handheld frother, use a small glass. The smaller the glass, the better, as it’ll mean less surface area for the frother, resulting in a quicker result.

Here’s how to use a frother to make cold foam:

  • For the best results, hold your frother at the top of your milk. This will incorporate the most amount of air, leaving you with the best and smoothest foam.

  • Keep your frother on the cold setting, and use a high speed for quicker results.

  • Pour into your espresso or cold brew and enjoy.

  • To clean your frother, run it through a cup of cold water for a few seconds. This will get rid of any milk stuck to the frother.

Here’s a great guide that will teach you how to froth your milk, step by step:

2. Make Cold Foam Without Equipment

:small_blue_diamond:If you don’t have any equipment, then don’t worry, as there are many different ways to make cold foam, and some require no equipment at all.

:small_blue_diamond:If you have a stick blender or even a full-sized blender, here’s an excellent method for you:

  • Pour your milk into a bowl or your blender’s container.

  • If you’re using a stick blender, submerge it into the milk and turn it on. If you’re using a full-sized blender, then simply put the lid on and blend.

  • Blend until you have your desired consistency. This shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes. If you want a frothier consistency, then increase the speed of your full-sized blender, or bring your stick blender to the surface of the milk.

  • A blender does pretty much the same job as a frother, which makes it a great substitute if you don’t have one. But, of course, the best way to make regular foam is to be with a high-quality frother.

  • However, your coffee will still taste great if you use this method.

3. Choose The Right Milk

:small_blue_diamond:Some kinds of milk will be better for foaming than others, which is due to the fat content in the milk and other factors such as consistency.

Here is a list of the best milk to use for your cold foam coffee:

Full-fat milk:

:small_blue_diamond:The high-fat content in whole fat milk makes it simply outstanding for foaming. You’ll get a creamy, thick foam that’s great for iced lattes. Non-fat milk is also great, but you’ll get the best results from full-fat.

Oat milk:

:small_blue_diamond:Oat milk is incredibly creamy in texture. Foaming oat milk will leave you with a smooth and creamy foam to create an outstanding brew.

Almond milk:

:small_blue_diamond:If you like a brew with a nutty texture, then almond milk might just be for you. Not only does it have a great flavor, but the texture is just perfect for foaming.

:small_blue_diamond:If you find that your milk isn’t sweet enough for you, try adding some sugar or syrup, as this will help to give you a really sweet cold foam. If you want a slightly more savory tone, add a pinch of salt.

This goes great with caramel syrup and can help take the edge off sweeter kinds of milk.

4. Use Cold Foam In Your Coffee Drinks

:small_blue_diamond:So, you’ve made your cold foam, and it’s looking delicious. But, what can you do with it:

Iced lattes:

:small_blue_diamond:A staple for coffee lovers, the latte just gets better when it’s iced. You’ll need some espresso, which you can make with an espresso machine. Simply combine the two ingredients, and you’ll have a lovely drink to sip on. You could even try some latte art or add some pumpkin cream for a twist.

Iced cappuccinos:

:small_blue_diamond:This coffee favors foam over smooth milk, so when you make your cold foam, make sure to foam it all the way through to get the perfect cappuccino. Pour the milk into your espresso in circular motions to ensure the coffee creamers rise to the top and you get even distribution.


:small_blue_diamond:Cold-brew has risen in popularity significantly over recent years, becoming one of the most popular of Starbucks ’ drinks. Using cold foam can take your cold brew to a whole new level. Some people have created simply fabulous recipes, like vanilla sweet cream cold brew.

:small_blue_diamond:Ultimately, the possibilities are endless. Cold foam is so versatile, so you’re only really limited by your imagination. Maybe you could try iced chocolate or a flat white. Now, Whatever you can think of, you’ll be able to make it with cold foam.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding How to make cold foam?

Q1: Can you make cold foam with a mixer or blender?

What alternatives to coconut cream can I use to produce vegan cold foam? To prepare a vegan cold foam without coconut milk, you will need to purchase a barista blend plant milk, such as Oatly or Califia Farms’ plant-based barista milk.

Q2: Is their dairy-free cold foam?

What can I use besides coconut cream to make vegan cold foam? If you’d like to make a vegan cold foam without coconut milk, you’ll need to purchase a barista blend plant milk such as Oatly or the plant-based barista milk from Califia Farms.

Q3: What is Starbucks substitute cold foam?

Evaporated milk is a healthier substitute for heavy cream. It is thicker and creamier than whole milk, making it the perfect ingredient for Starbucks vanilla sweet cream cold foam recipe. It has fewer calories, and saturated fat to is a healthier alternative to heavy cream.

Q4: How is cold foam made?

In a cold foam blender, vanilla syrup, 2 percent milk, and heavy cream are whisked to create sweet cream cold foam. This is what lies atop the iced beverages. Each sip is wonderful as the milk gently cascades into the drink and the sweetened, frothy cream floats on top.

Q5: Does almond milk have lactose?

Because almond milk is not made from animal products, it does not contain lactose. Since it doesn’t contain lactose, it’s ideal for lactose-intolerant persons. Any recipe that asks for animal milk may be adapted to utilize almond milk. Unsweetened almond milk has a lower sugar and carbohydrate content than animal milk.

Q6: How do I make almond milk foam?

Pour your almond milk into a small saucepan and leave it on the stovetop to heat gradually. Keep the heat low to prevent overheating, and use the hand frother on the surface to kick up the froth until you have delicious, foaming almond milk! You can also microwave almond milk if you’re in a rush.

Q7: What does Starbucks use for cold foam?

Using a sophisticated blender, Starbucks creates wonderfully smooth, textured foam that is made up of small bubbles in nonfat milk. What is this? Aside from regular cold foam, there are also flavored cold foams made using heavy cream.

Q8: Does almond milk creamer froth?

Yes! Almond milk froth is characterized above all by its creaminess and special taste. A real pleasure in combination with cappuccino or latte macchiato.

Q9: Can you use Coffee-Mate creamer in a frother?

For an even more indulgent coffee experience, you may use your favourite coffee creamer in the milk frother in lieu of regular milk if you prefer the taste and texture of frothed milk over plain milk.

Q10: Can you froth creamer like milk?

Yes, you can froth creamer in a milk frother in the same way you foam milk. Cold creamer froths much better than hot creamer. However, creamer concentrate can not be frothed, so you simply add it straight to your coffee.


:small_blue_diamond:There you have it: the simple process of making cold foam for coffee. If you drink a lot of iced coffee, you’ll enjoy this creamy topper. It’s a big improvement on combining hot foam and cold drinks, and it’s surprisingly easy to make. We hope you enjoy your refreshing, slightly sweet coffee!

:small_blue_diamond:Next time you want to go to your local coffee shop for an iced coffee, think again. Making cold foam at home couldn’t be easier, as it’s delicious, affordable, and highly satisfying. Experiment with different flavors and textures to find the perfect brew for you, and you’ll elevate your morning coffee instantly!

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