How To Guard Your Kids Against CyberBullies

Man has been victimized by his fellow beings since forever. It’s all about the unequal distribution of power and the usual tension between weaker and stronger parties. With time and age, the ways of this power abuse have been changed and modified. Now people have found out new ways and methods to target the weaker community in any way possible. Action and reactions evolved and apart from the methods and ways nothing has changed. Man is still in the process of finding out ways to cope up with this behavior and nature of fellow beings.

But with time the outcome result of any unfair treatment has drastic effects. So coping and controlling methods must be in are also modernized thanks to advanced technology thus society can withhold the pressure. For example in the modern world, there are hundreds of kinds of cyberbullies and harassment issues that can lead to severe outcomes. To save ourselves and our children it is now the need of an hour to keep a thorough monitoring check on the online activities. Teenagers are especially obsessed with online social media platforms and are excessive users. So it is now the mere responsibility of the parents to keep a strict monitoring eye on the screen activities of their teenagers. Otherwise with the rapid increase in the cybercrime rate anybody can be a victim of online stalking, harassment, and many other issues. One of the simplest and most efficient ways to keep things under control is the Monitoring app. Monitoring software or a spy app can be your partner in taking good care of your teenager and can help in assuring their online safety and wellbeing. One of the best monitoring apps is The OgyMogy spy app that offers parental control features for the users.

Screen Monitoring:

The first and foremost thing to mention here is that as a parent you must know about the screen activities and interest of your teenage kid. For this purpose, it offers a screen recording feature that allows the user to watch the screen of the target person in real-time. So make a surprise visit to your kid’s laptop, tablet, or smartphone and keep a strict eye on the online screen activities of your kid. You can even check that with the screenshots and short videos recorded by the screen recording feature of the spy app. The feature records every activity details with a timestamp, so in case of any online threat or issue, it will notify you immediately.

WhatsApp And Other Instant Messaging Monitoring:

It gives remote access to the instant messaging chat details to the users. Thus know about who they are in contact with, what are the topic of their discussions, and many more with the instant messaging recording feature. Features like WhatsApp screen recorder, Line screen recorder, Viber screen recorder, and many more are meant for this purpose. So keep an eye on the group chats, audio, and video call record, etc, and detect any bully right away.

Social Media Monitoring:

Teenagers of this age are in huge love with social media platforms. There are different kinds of social media platforms and major users belong to the teenage group. It offers several features that allow the user to keep an eye on the social media platform activities of the target person. For example, FaceBook screen recorder, Instagram screen recorder, Kik spy app and many more save the timeline /newsfeed activities of the target person. So It let you know all about the inbox chat detail and voice book record as well. Thus if anyone will contact your teenager with an evil plan or will bully or harras your kid online you can simply detect that beforehand and take timely action immediately.

OgyMogy offers features in bundle form. Thus the user is free to select the bundle of their choice that contains the desired features. All you need to do after selection is installation. The installation process is simple and easy to follow. It offers Mac and Windows spy app version for laptop or tablet monitoring. You can even monitor the online activities of your kid through their smartphone as well. Just try the android spy app version of this app. So make sure your teenager enjoys a healthy and toxic-free online world.