How to get cheap insurance in Florida

We all know that Florida car insurance is expensive because of many factors, such as the number of uninsured drivers, busy roads, bad weather, and high-risk drivers that visit the state. Many factors may affect your insurance policy. After knowing these factors, you may think about how to get cheap insurance in Florida?
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How to get cheap insurance in Florida?

Getting the cheapest insurance in Florida is a dream for everyone because of expensive things in the market. You must know the reason for this. The cars in Florida are costly, and auto insurance is also expensive. Now, moving towards the detail without delaying it.

Compare coverages:

Before purchasing the insurance, you must know the various insurance coverages then compare them. Florida law forces the drivers with a minimum coverage of personal damage liability (PDL) and personal injury protection (PIP). PDL recovers other’s property that is damaged by your car. At the same time, PIP covers the damage to the people sitting in your car.

So, before getting started, you must know these things and compare various companies to get cheap car insurance in Florida.

Multiple Policy discounts:

If you have multiple cars, then you are eligible for a considerable policy discount. Most of the companies offer discounts on multiple vehicles. The resident of Florida often gets multiple policy discounts. Many companies are offering multiple policy discounts to the resident of Florida.

| No |Name of Company |
|1|Liberty Mutual|
|2| Progressive |
|3| USAA |
|5| State Farm|

Online Courses:

You need to get the online traffic courses that give you complete detail of the driving. After becoming certified, you may get discounts. Florida driving school provides you the opportunity to get the classes and learn detail from there.

Keep your record clean:

Having a bad record is not a good thing because it will increase your premium or car insurance rate. If you have a clean record, then there is no increase in premium value. So always keep in mind that keep your record clean.

After getting the knowledge about techniques, you must know who gets cheap car insurance?

Who gets cheap car insurance?

You may think that who gets the cheap car insurance. People who have the best credit and live in less trafficked areas have high chances of getting cheap auto insurance. It would be best if you kept in mind that the best policy is the one who has the highest limit and low deductible. Moreover, there are many other factors, as well. The amount of coverage you choose may affect the amount of premium. Secondly, more reasonable policies tend to have high rates as compared to others. Most systems contain high deductibles.

The rates depend on personal factors as well, which we will discuss below.

What is full coverage auto insurance?

Above all this, you need to understand the full coverage auto insurance. You might think that what is full coverage auto insurance? Let’s get understand the meaning of full coverage auto insurance.

The full coverage auto insurance means that it contains liability, which is very essential. Moreover, it contains comprehensive and collision auto insurance as well.

Details of companies

State Farm:

Founded in 1922


As you can observe in the name of state farm that this is for farmers. In 1922, when the farming is not producing enough income, the Farmer created a State Farm. This company provides insurance to the automobile of farmers. The owner expands its business in many aspects. They add millions of insurance policies to the company policy. have a look at the pros and cons of the company, which is as follows.


  • Easy to file a claim.
  • Good customer service.


  • The insurance agent may vary.
  • Maybe high rates for poor credit.


Founded in 1936


This insurance company is for Government employees. Geico is for the civilians so they can get benefits from this company. In 1956, the student invested in the Geico. The primary purpose of the company is to gain people’s attention and get more users. This company also uses the famous slogan “15 minutes could save 15 percent or more”. This slogan means that life is important than anything else. Now have a look at the insurance rate according to the age of the person.


  • Easy to file a claim.
  • Good value for the money.
  • Rates are lower than average


  • Claim updates are slow.
  • It is sometimes challenging to connect the agent.


Founded in : 1868

Website URL:

Metlife is promoting equality among the people in the world. It also provides relief from Covid-19 issues. It provides the facilities for life insurance, automobile at low rates. It is part of the global community. It is the most famous company in the United States of America.


  • For all people
  • Provides auto acceptance
  • Online quoting tool
  • The customer complaint ratio is 0.13


  • Insurance is slim
  • Limited amount of information on MetLife

Direct Auto:

Founded in : 1991

Website URL:

With direct auto insurance, you are comfortable with their terms and condition. They are providing many things and financial aid. You can use auto insurance with some extra charges. It is at the forth on the list because of the customer’s complaint. It provides much financial aid and other things as well.


  • Medical benefits
  • Short and long term insurance
  • Employee discount package


  • Poor customer service
  • High complaint rates.


Founded in: 1931


Allstate was the first company that uses the age of the car to provide insurance. It aims to offer cheap car insurance to the people. People are pleased with its services because of its claim, but the company does not have the highest rank.
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In the survey, people gave it a few stars because of its performance. Nearly 80 percent of people recommend Allstate, and the rest of it didn’t like it. Ten percent of the people are not satisfied.

To understand the reason behind a bad reputation. Let’s have a look at the Pros and cons of the Allstate.


  • Great customer service.
  • Easy to claim


Price is not acceptable.

Popular car insurance companies in Florida:

No Name of Company Market share (%)
1 State Farm
2 Geico 28.58
3 Metlife 48
4 Direct auto 35
5 Allstate 8.36

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Florida?

No Name of Company Annual Amount
1 State Farm
2 Geico $1033
3 Metlife $1193
4 Direct auto $1301
5 Allstate $1502

How can I get the cheapest car insurance in Florida?

For cheap liability in car insurance, you must know the companies in Florida. The following are the companies as follows.

No Name of Company Annual Amount
1 State Farm
2 Geico $937
3 Metlife $1096
4 Direct auto $1200
5 Allstate $1253

What is the average cost of car insurance in Florida?

The average car insurance in Florida is $1878 per year. It is 31% more than the US average amount. This is because it involves many factors, such as the number of uninsured drivers, busy roads, bad weather, and high-risk drivers that visit the state.

Who has the cheapest car insurance for Seniors?

Allstate offers the cheapest car insurance for seniors. Seniors are having an age of 55 years or above. DairyLand offers the cheapest insurance for a senior person in Florida.

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