How To Crack Your Back

How To Crack Your Back? Cracking your back is easy just lie on the floor bent your knees
and keep your shoulders up. Hold like this position for 20 seconds and also hold your breath repeat this process 3 to 4 times and relax
. A cracking sound will appear from your spine.

How to Crack your back

How To Crack Your Back With Easy Steps

Whenever you think to give relief to your back and it can also cause injuries in muscles, in this way you should know the safety rules. If you did not follow safety rules then it can cause injuries and pain to the body. In fact, while not following safety rules the back pain can be increased. With the following safety and precautions, you can know how to use the procedure. Furthermore, you can tell these methods to pop your back:

How to Self Pop Your WHOLE BACK for Instant Pain Relief - YouTube)

1. Apply gentle pressure

Press your back gently you have seen professionals pressing the upper, middle and lower back and buttocks and make sure that you are pressing your spine gently and feel comfortable. During this method, you can feel like stretching your back as professionals do.

2. Lie on your stomach

Find a flat and smooth surface. If you lie on a smooth table as physiotherapists use then press the whole back gently in a circular motion. Use this process for a few seconds remember if you don’t feel comfortable then don’t do it. Remember pressing it hard can feel pain so avoid it.

3. Press on the back while raising and lowering their legs

Lie on your back and lift up your legs and put them down again. And press your back gently. Repeat this process 10 to 15 times and lift your legs up in a rocking motion.

4. Press on the upper back

With your hands give pressure with your hands and feel comfortable. With putting pressure inhale and exhale deep breathes and now you will hear popping sound from your back. The cracking sound will make you feel comfortable.

5. Try a partner stretch

This method can help to give relief in the back. Sit on the ground and look at each other, then put your legs up in a V position and give pressure to your back. With your legs grip your hands and slowly go backward and your partner comes forward. Make sure to open your arms while doing this method and stay in position for 30 to 35 seconds and relax. You can feel a crack in your back.

6. Follow Proper Guidance

While following these methods make sure not to feel pain and assure that you are feeling comfortable. If you feel any abnormal pain then stop immediately and if you are cracking the back of someone else ask them whether you are comfortable or feeling pain. Stop as soon as possible when feeling pain as it can cause injury.

7. Take safety precautions

Whenever someone asks to crack their back ask for pain. If a person is feeling pain then don’t crack their back. This method can cause serious injury ad pain. Make sure to ask the person for feeling comfortable.

8. Never use bear hugs or ways involving lifting

Never as your friend or partner to walk on your back. Hugging and lifting can also pain your back. In fact, if you don’t know the amount of pressure it can also cause serious injury and the muscles will need proper treatment from an expert.

9. Seek medical attention if they need to crack their back often

Whenever you try to crack your back again and again it can cause medical issues. In this way, the person can have issues related to their bones and muscles. If a person can cracks his back daily this can increase the back pain.

Cracking Your Back with Different Methods

Cracking your back means you are adjusting or manipulating your spine, but it is also important how to crack your back on your own. So, it is not necessary that cracking or popping sounds come while cracking your back.

Also remember do not force or do these actions again and again.

Here we will share 10 methods that are helpful and crack your back the gentle moves will help warm up your body and which also lose the tight muscles.

1. Back of chair stretch

To crack your back with the help of a chair is done when you sit on a chair and press your shoulders on the top. Now interlock the fingers and put your arms on your back and now bring your arms towards your head and relax. Continue this motion until your back cracks and this experiments with different heights. In the end, you can feel the stretch in your back.

2. Twisting on Chair

In this method, you have to sit on the chair and push your right arm across the body to reach the left side of the chair. So, put your right hand on the chair seat or it must be placed on the left leg. Now lift your arm over the back of the chair. In the end, carefully start twisting your body keep your legs and hips moving forward. After all, repeat the moves on the left side. Now you will feel stretched in the middle back.

3. Back extension

In this move, you don’t have to use a chair, now wrap your hand at the end of your spine. Then push your spine upward to reach the upward angle, lean back with pressure to crack your back. Now, move your hands overall on the spine and stretch your back with pressure.

4. Standing lumbar extension

In this method first, stand and put your arms on your back or at your hips and press your fingers on your spine with gentle pressure. Do this practice for 10 to 20 seconds and take deep breathes in between. This way you can feel relaxed and the spine stretches.

5. Upward stretch

Stand straight put your fingers behind your head. Now slowly and gently hold your body upward and push yourself backward and press your head with your hands. In the end, stand in this position for 20 seconds and remember to breathe slowly.

6. Standing spinal rotation

Stand and open your arms in front and slowly turn your whole body up to the right side and bring your feet forward. Then come back to the center and again start twisting your body. Now do this method on the left side of your body. Continue with this method until your back cracks and you feel relaxed stretching your body.

7. Sit and Twist on the Floor

In this method sit on the floor and bring your leg in front and bend your right leg, lifting your knee up. Now again bent your right leg and bring your foot outside of your knee. Stand straight and make your spine straight and stretched. Now put your hand on the ground behind you and keep your elbow outside your knee, turn your head towards your shoulder.

8. Supine way to stretch your back

In the method of supine lie on your back and bend your knees placing foam under your shoulders and putting your hands under your head. With your feet roll the foam up and down putting pressure on your spine. Roll all way up to your neck and do this method 10 times and you will feel relaxed.

9. Supine twist

This is a twisted method lying on the floor and one leg must be straight and the other must be bent. Then extend your arms and twist your head. Now twist your body and imagine like you are touching the ground with your shoulders and stretching your knees. Now bring your shoulders up from the ground and your head is also up, hold like this. You can also keep a pillow under your left shoulder if it is not easily touching the ground in a twisting position. Take deep breathes and press your knees on the ground, repeat this also on the opposite side.

10. Supine shoulder blade stretch

Lie on the ground and open your arms and make them straight to the ceiling. Now cross your arms and bring them to your chest and hold your shoulder blades oppositely. Now sit and lie again on the ground feeling stretched to the body till it cracks.You can do these simple moves all day by yourself and add them to your routine knowing how to crack your back. Be gentle while stretching your body do not pressurize your body doing sharp moves.

When Not To Crack Your Back

  1. It is safe to crack your back gently but if you think you cannot do it on your own then do it from a professional and ask them to train you, if you do not know how to crack your back then don’t do it.

  2. With the wrong adjustment, the muscles become painful and harm your muscles. If you have pain in your back or muscles then don’t crack your back.

  3. Having pain in your back, swelling in your body or injuries then do not crack your back. If you recover completely go to a physical therapist and if they allow then again start exercising.

It’s essential to pay attention and see your body when regulating your back. Be gentle and hold back from pushing your body to do movements or into a position. These stretches shouldn’t make you uneasy, discomfort, or lack of feeling.

Exercises to catch which elasticities work the finest for you, since it’s possible that not all of these stretches will suit your requirements. If you feel severe soreness or if your indications become poorer, stop the exercise and contact a chiropractor, physical therapist, or osteopath.

Adoption of Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Future Pain

  1. Do exercise daily and stretch your body and eat a healthy diet and follow a healthy lifestyle. This way you can release back pain and do not find pain in the future.
  2. Whenever you eat a healthy and balanced diet the muscles get strong and healthy. Consume food that is rich in fiber and eat fruits and plenty of vegetables. Avoid oily food, soda, and ice-creams.
  3. Daily stretching and exercising can keep your joints and muscles healthy. When you exercise and lose weight there is less chance of back pain
  4. Smoking can disturb the flow of blood to blood. Quit smoking to make your muscles healthy.

Some Other Exercises to Release Back Pain

There are some other exercises that can release pain and bring improvement in your life. The simple exercises are helpful to add to your daily routine to forget pack pain in the future.

1. Knee to chest

Lie on the floor place back on the ground and pull your knees bringing up to your chest. Repeat and relax and pull your arms. Repeat this procedure 3 or 4 times. Try this method every day with some different exercises. Put your hand on your knee or below your kneecap, then hold your thighs and touch your leg to your forearm.

2. Lower back rotation

Lie on the floor and raise your knees and bent them. Keep your shoulder free and lift your knees to bend them. Now keep you’re in the same position and start moving your hips to one position and touch the floor. Repeat this move 4 to 5 times and hold in every move hold your breath for 10 seconds and do this practice 2 times a day.

3. Bridge stretch

In bridge stretch again lie on the floor and bring your knees to your hips and keep your shoulders up and then again press your feet on the ground. Then start lifting your pelvis that your body becomes straight.

3. Seated lower back rotation.

Sit down and keep your right leg on your left leg. Then put your elbow on your knee and start moving the upper part of your body to the left side. Moreover, keep your right elbow on your left leg and your left elbow on your right leg. Hold for 10 seconds and take do it in 2 or 4 breaths. Repeat this process and you will feel relaxed.

Whenever you crack your back, it is important to know the requirements of your body. Do the exercises patiently and do these exercises that you must not face back pain in the future. If your muscles are swelling then do not do crack your back. Stretching exercises are important to remove pain in the back.

How to crack your upper back

Whenever you crack your joints it is known as ■■■■■ cavitation and it can lower your back pain. If the standard of cracking your muscles is followed then it is good and keeps your spine healthy. But don’t give more pressure and be relaxed it can cause pain. Whenever you rotate your spinal, the cracking sound occurs from small joints at the backbone. The following methods can crack your upper back:

  1. Chair stretch
  2. Chair twist
  3. Back Extension
  4. Standing position
  5. Upward stretch
  6. Rotation in the spine
  7. Seated and Twist

These methods will help you to crack your back and don’t crack your back often and don’t put more pressure.


How to crack your back? There are different techniques to crack your back it can be doing it yourself or contact to physiotherapists. But if you want to do it yourself then simply lie on a smooth surface, bent your knees and lift your shoulders up, hold for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat the procedure 2 or 3 times. If you feel pain then stop cracking your back, it can damage your soft tissues. Do it gently and don’t give too much pressure it can damage your muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequent questions and answers people often ask how to crack your back. The questions and answers will enhance your knowledge quickly and solve your issues. The answers are very helpful and solve your problems

1. Why does cracking back feel good?

The cracking releases the endorphin in the affected area. Moreover, endorphins are hormones released by the glands which control the pain in the body and make you feel better.

• Lie on a smooth surface
• Lift your legs and bent them
• Keep your shoulder ad move your hip to touch the ground
• Hold like this for 20 seconds
• Slowly come in back in normal position and repeat again.

2. How to crack someone’s back?

• Stick to gentle methods used by chiropractors.
• Have the person lie on a flat surface.
• Push on the person’s back and buttocks.
• Pull the pelvic bones while pushing the back.
• Press on the back while raising and lowering the person’s legs.
• Press on the lower back.
• Talk to the person throughout the procedure.

3. How to crack lower back tailbone?

  • Lie on the ground and keep yourself straight
  • Bend your knees towards your chest
  • Bend your knees and pull it gently towards the chest
  • Hold for 25 seconds and repeat this process.

4. How to pop upper back?

  • Sit on a chair that has a short back
  • Slide your hips to the edge of the chair
  • Lean back to touch the chair
  • Put your palms on your forehead and breathe slowly
  • This will make you feel comfortable
  • You will hear a crack sound
  • Remember if you are feeling pain stop cracking your back it can cause serious injury.

5. What occurs when you crack your back?

Cracking the capsules and the edges of the spine are known as facet joints. Whenever you stretch the capsules there is a synovial fluid inside them and there is space to move around, and the pressure is applied on the facet joints.

6. Is popping your back bad?

Popping your back is not bad but make sure not to hurt yourself, whenever you apply more pressure and crack your back or daily add this practice daily in your life can be harmful to your muscles and joints. Whenever you have back pain, pain in joints, or swelling in muscles then avoid cracking your back as it can damage the soft tissues in the body. Do it gently it will not hurt you.

7. How to crack your upper back?

The easiest way to pop up your back is by stretching your muscles. Some experts suggest doing yoga techniques and stretching exercises by professionals and there will be best results if you do it gently.

8. How to crack someone’s back?

• Use gentle ways as experts use
• Make the person lie on a flat surface
• Push the back of the person with your fingers gently as experts do.
• Pull the pelvic bone
• Press the back of the person and lower person back
• Ask the person about the whole process.

8. Why can’t I crack my back?

An expert knows the adjustments and sometimes you do not hear the popping sound. So, do not worry if you do not hear the popping sound it is due to the adjustment in the specific area. There is a need of twisting your body and stretch your back.

9. How often should I crack my back?

It is fine to crack your back one time a week, but don’t add this practice to your daily routine. This can come with different issues. Remember, whenever you try to crack your back potently then you need to do it daily multiple times you cannot feel better.


How to crack your back? There are several techniques to crack your back it can be doing it yourself or contact to physiotherapists. But if you want to do it yourself then simply lie on a smooth surface, bent your knees and lift your shoulders up, hold for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat the procedure 2 or 3 times. If you feel pain then stop cracking your back, it can damage your soft tissues. Do it gently and don’t give too much pressure it can damage your muscles.

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