How To Change Igtv Cover

How To Change Igtv Cover? You might wonder how to change your Instagram video’s cover photo if you’ve just published one. You can easily alter the video’s thumbnail if you don’t like it. You must use the Instagram creative studio, accessible on your computer, to modify the cover image. You can select the cover photo you want to use after logging into your account.

How To Change Igtv Cover
Even after it has been published, you can still alter it. While the video is processing and uploading.

What is IGTV?

These points have detailed information about Igtv:

  • Instagram’s response to YouTube is IGTV, a mobile-friendly platform for watching videos for up to 60 minutes.

  • IGTV used to support only vertical (9:16) video. The platform has since changed to allow horizontal (16:9) video formats, giving creators who already share videos on YouTube new chances.

  • Users can post a 15-second teaser of a new video to their Instagram newsfeed. This is among the best ways to promote your IGTV clip and increase video views.

  • A new tab will also be made accessible on your Instagram profile once you’ve published a video, allowing users to find all of your IGTV series and films under one roof.

  • In addition, IGTV has a dedicated tab on the Instagram Explore page, which presents a significant chance to broaden your following and draw in new viewers.

  • The Instagram algorithm, in this case, chooses which IGTV videos to show users based on their prior interactions and engagements. The computer chooses which films to show depending on what it thinks a viewer will like.

Additional tools of IGTV

To assist companies and creators monetize their content on the network, IGTV has announced additional tools. Businesses may identify products within their video content with IGTV Shopping, enabling consumers to tap to shop while watching video content easily.IGTV Ads are indeed an additional revenue stream on Instagram for creators. Instagram’s COO, Justin Osofsky, claimed in an interview with The Verge that creators who have IGTV Ads enabled to receive an “industry standard” 55% share of all ads on IGTV, the same percentage as YouTube.

How to Make Videos for IGTV:

Unlike Instagram Reels, videos for IGTV are made and uploaded independently of the Instagram app.

Users should follow these technical requirements for the best results:

Technical Requirements:
1. The MP4 video format
2. Users must spend a minimum of one minute on each video. If you upload a video from a mobile device, it can only be 15 minutes long, whereas web-based uploads are limited to 60 minutes.
3. Size: 3.6GB for 60-minute videos; 650MB for videos under 10 minutes.
4. Position: either vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape)
5. Vertical IGTV clips should have a 9:16 aspect ratio, while horizontal clips should have a 16:9 aspect ratio, according to Instagram.

How To Change IGTV Cover?

As you may have observed, You cannot change the Instagram video thumbnail once an Instagram post has been made.

However, you can utilize the Preview App to ensure that your movie thumbnail and cover picture are displayed properly in your grid.

Several thumbnails and cover photos are available for upload.

Before posting on Instagram, you may observe which has the best appearance or attracts the most attention.


1. Upload a video to Instagram

Your initial action should be to upload a video to Preview.

You can post a regular video, an Instagram Reel, or an IGTV video.

How to upload a video

  • Click the “+” button.

  • “Library”

  • Pick your video; done!

  • Your Preview stream will show your video.

2. Open the captions

Press the video again to access your caption.

3. Click “Edit” to alter the Instagram video’s cover and thumbnail.

Click the “Edit” button next to your cover photo.

You can do this to alter the frame of your Instagram video cover.

4. Select “Set Cover Image.”

Next Select “Set Cover image.”

5. Change the thumbnail for an Instagram video

To select a video clip as the cover image, slide the slider.

6. Add a customized video thumbnail.

To add a cover photo from your camera roll, click “Upload image.”

This is where you can add a unique cover photo for your Instagram Reels and IGTV videos.

You can see that you have a variety of options:

  • Library: Add a picture from your gallery or camera roll
  • Take a Photo: Snap a picture.
  • Free Images: Lacking an image? Pick any of these lovely pictures without cost.
  • Repost: Repost an Instagram picture
  • Other: Submit a picture from Dropbox or Google Drive

7. Upload on Instagram.

You can upload your video to Instagram once you are satisfied with the thumbnail.

How to post is as follows:

On your video, click

Click the “Share” button.

Preview will instantly store your video and photo on your camera roll

Now Post on Instagram!

You’re done now!

Changing an IGTV cover after uploading is possible?

After publishing a video on Instagram, can you modify the cover? Okay, it’s doable! You can upload it if you haven’t already by going to the Settings menu. Next, choose Edit Cover from the menu.

After completing this, you can update your video’s cover image. On viewers’ phone displays, this will be seen at the beginning of your video.

You must keep in mind the aspect ratio when uploading your video. Images are shown differently on various devices. For instance, the aspect ratio of 1080x1680 pixels is almost 9:16, whereas that of 420x654 pixels is 1:1.55.

You’ll need to switch to a business or creator account to update the cover photo. By selecting the “Change Account” link from the settings menu, you can accomplish this for nothing.

After publishing a video to Instagram, You cannot change the cover, but the subtitles may. Log in to Instagram and select the video to complete this. The cropping of the thumbnails, however, cannot be changed.

Upload a 1:55 dimension ratio image if you want to utilize it as the IGTV cover photo. Choose the “Custom Size” option if you prefer a different aspect ratio.


Change Igtv Cover: How Do I? IGTV, a mobile-friendly platform that allows users to watch videos for up to 60 minutes, is Instagram’s answer to YouTube. If you’ve recently posted a video on Instagram, you might wonder how to modify the cover image. You may easily change the video’s thumbnail if you don’t like it. To change the cover image, you must utilize the Instagram creative studio available on your computer. After entering your account, you can choose the cover photo you want to use.


Instagram users also query about How To Change Igtv Cover. Following are some frequently asked questions:

1. Can you edit the IGTV covers?

Once you’ve decided to preview, you can tap Edit Profile Coverage to customize how your IGTV cover photo is displayed in your profile grid. You can also tap Edit Preview to customize how your IGTV video appears in the stream (you only have this option if the video is at 9:16 am.

2. Can you change the start page of a video on Instagram?

Unlike Facebook or YouTube, there is no way to change your cover photo after uploading your video to Instagram. After creating the video you want to post on Instagram (here’s how), upload it to Instagram and select NEXT. Look at the bottom of the screen.

3. You may also be wondering, can you change the IGTV description?

Yes, you can change the subtitles of IGTV videos. Log into the Instagram website, tap the IGTV icon on your profile and tap the video you want to edit. Then tap the three dots at the bottom of your video post and tap Edit video; you can now edit and save the caption.

4. Can you change the IGTV thumbnail here?

Worse still, Instagram doesn’t let you change the cropped area of ​​the thumbnail - you can only use the central part of the cropped image. Reduce the thumbnail to 1: 1.55 for IGTV. The initial action you must take is select Custom Size in the editing options for the canvas.

5. How do I change my Instagram cover photo?

To change coverage, press Change coverage and select the new marker. You can drag the image on the screen to move it. Tap Done to save the changes.

Cover photo, click Edit Cover.

6. Can you edit an Instagram post after publishing it?

Instagram allows users to edit the content after posting, but not all options are editable. For example, you can’t edit filters or add and remove content. Instagram allows you to add, edit, or remove captions or captions from a posted Instagram photo.

7. How do I change the reporting of my IGTV contribution?

Once you’ve decided to preview, you can tap Edit Profile Coverage to customize how your IGTV cover photo is displayed in your profile grid. You can also tap Edit Preview to customize how your IGTV video will look on the stream (you only have this option if the video is 9:16. If it’s 16: 9, the video will be displayed in full).

8. How can I edit an Instagram photo without deleting it?

The answer is YES. You can edit the photo without removing it from Instagram, but you don’t want to change its exact function, just a couple of other options. Follow these steps: Go to Instagram and open the post you want to edit. Click on the three horizontal dots at the top, and more options appear.

9. Can you edit the YouTube thumbnail after posting?

You can also edit it after it has been published. When you download the video, you should see three preview options at the bottom of the download screen as the video is downloaded and processed. To select one, click on it.

10. Why is my video black on Instagram?

Why are green lines being deleted or added to the bottom of my uploaded Instagram video? The Instagram version may not be compatible. So try to update or uninstall and then reinstall. Go to settings

11. How to put a cover on Instagram videos?

Click the plus symbol at the top of Instagram. Tap Next after choosing the video you wish to post. At the bottom right, select cover.

12. A cover can you upload to IGTV?

Press the Edit Cover button after adding a video’s title and description, choose Post from Camera Roll or Select Cover photo from video, and then select the image you wish to upload.

13. How can I change a picture that I uploaded on Instagram?

How to Change an Instagram Photo After Posting. By removing your post, you can replace your photo. To update an image that has already been submitted, you must first erase the entire screen and then reload the page with the modified image.

14. After uploading, can I edit the reel cover?

How to change your cover photo is as follows: Step 1: Click the “Reels” link on your profile to access the published Reel you want to update. Step 2: Tap on the ‘Edit’ button after selecting the three dots on the right-hand side of the screen. 3. Choose the “Cover” option.

15. What on Instagram is a cover?

Instagram Story covers come in handy here. These cover photos, sometimes called Instagram Highlight covers, offer visitors to your profile a preview of what they may expect from each Highlight. It is the picture you initially view when you hover your cursor over the Instagram Highlight bubble.


Instagram is a fantastic platform for sharing visuals with your followers, but once you’ve shared a video, it can be challenging to alter the cover. There are a couple of different ways to go about changing your Instagram video cover after posting. Either navigate to the post and select the Cover option, or you can go to your profile and choose Edit Profile Picture, depending on the app you use. Click Save after selecting your new cover image to make it live on your account!

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